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9 Places You Must Visit On Your Vacation to Portugal

9 mins. read

Portugal, being among the oldest nations in Europe, is home to many historic places that will surely impress all history buffs. The places to visit in Portugal are not just limited to historical destinations but also include pristine beaches, stunning national parks, exotic islands, interesting art galleries, and much more. You can plan a trip according to your preferences or book Portugal tour packages for stress-free travel to this beautiful European destination.

The favourable positioning of this exquisite destination, which shares a border with Spain and a stunning coastline with the Atlantic Ocean, leads to glittering beaches that are a must-visit. Additionally, the people of Portugal are really kind and warm-hearted, which makes this country all the more desirable for travellers.

Best Places to Visit in Portugal

Whenever you search for beautiful places in Portugal, the following will for sure come up on the result page, so make sure you check them out.

  • Taste wine at Porto
  • Explore Lisbon
  • Visit Sintra
  • Relax at the beaches of Algarve
  • Know the history of Évora
  • Witness nature in Madeira
  • Visit the Postcard City of Obidos
  • See the Coast at Nazare
  • View historical sites in Coimbra

1.    Indulge in the World of Wine at Porto

Enjoy a glass of wine while witnessing the extremely scenic views of the coastal city of Portugal, Porto. It is one of the most famous places in Portugal, as it is a city where you will find the Duoro River, landmark bridges, centuries-old port wineries, modern architecture, etc. This city in Portugal has many tourist places such as the Duoro Valley, colourful towns, Ribeira, Torre dos Clérigos, and more. The meandering waterway around the verdant Duoro Valley is a sought-after sightseeing option for travellers.

Experience: wine tasting at Duoro Valley, purchasing books at the magical bookshop, and taking a stroll around the Jardins do Palacio de Cristal.

2.    Enjoy the Warmth of Lisbon

You will lose track of time while roaming around the capital city of Portugal, Lisbon. It is one of the world’s oldest cities and one of the best places to visit in Portugal. The banks of the Tagus River, along with the historic landmarks, enhance the beauty of this city. You will also find the Jeronimos Monastery here, which is one of Portugal’s most visited destinations, as it makes you witness the rustic architecture of this place. You can also visit the world-class museums of Lisbon to dive deeper into the cultural heritage of this ancient city.

Experience: Flea market strolling at the Feira da Larda, enjoying art and culture at the Immersivus Gallery, and enjoying the famous delicacy of Lisbon at pastéis de Belém.

3.    Escape the Rush at Sintra

Escape the Rush at Sintra

Situated under the wooded Serra da Sintra hills, Sintra is a hillside township that has some of the best tourist places in Portugal. At the top of the highest hill is the Palácio da Pena, a summer retreat house of the 19th-century Portuguese royal family. This is one of the most famous places in Portugal and offers a postcard-worthy photograph to whoever visits this site. You can take a stroll around Sintra’s mystical gardens, which look no less than a fairy tale come true, and visit the old monasteries that have multiple layers of history attached to them.

Experience: Witness opulence at its best at Quinta da Regaleira, visit the Pena Palace, and take a leisurely walk at the Pena Park.

4.    Get Tanned at the Beaches of Algarve

Beach cities are the best places to visit in Portugal, and one of them is the Algarve. This beachy paradise usually has a sunny climate, which complements its crystal-clear beaches. Situated in Portugal’s southernmost region, the Algarve features breathtaking views of the olive groves, traditional white villages, and flower-clad hills. Here, you can experience the hustle and bustle of the city and the quaintness of little towns alike. Lagos is a famous region of the Algarve, as it has some of the prettiest beaches in Europe and unique rocky formations that you can cover on a boat tour.

Experience: Capture the best sunsets at Falesia Beach, take a party yacht at Vilamoura Marina, and enjoy various water activities at Oura Beach.

5.    Dig Deeper in the Past at Évora

Évora is among the popular cities to visit in Portugal, where you can find well-preserved monuments at their best. This UNESCO World Heritage Site's unspoiled architectural treasures dating back to the second century make this place a must-visit for history nerds. You visit the age-old mediaeval buildings like the Templo Romano, Sé Cathedral, Igreja de São Francisco, and more for a quick peek into the past. In addition to this, Giraldo Square, the University of Evora, a chapel decorated with human bones, and the ruins of a Roman temple are some of the places to visit in Portugal.

Experience: Visit the famous Chapel of Bones, appreciate the Roman temples, and gather information about Evora’s history at the Museu de Évora.

6.    Witness Nature at its Best in Madeira

Take a ferry ride from European ports and reach the beautiful destination of Madeira, where you will find a safe haven for a vacation. This city in Portugal has destinations that are close to the Atlantic Ocean due to which it is called the Floating Garden of the Atlantic. The black sand beaches, clear, blue water, giant rocky cliffs, and lush mountainside scenery make this place worth the visit. Additionally, the scenic places to visit in this city in Portugal have attracted a lot of tourists from around the world.

Experience: Hike the Vereda do Areeiro trail, witness the beauty of flora at Madeira Botanical Garden, and watch the sunset at Ponta do Pargo Lighthouse.

7.    Obidos - The Postcard City

The whitewashed walls of the town, cafes, and other buildings make Obidos one of the best-looking places to visit in Portugal. You can walk around this beautiful town, looking at its old churches such as St. Peter’s and Santa Maria. Their hand-painted construction makes these churches must-visit places when you come to Portugal. Additionally, you can get to know the ancient Portuguese culture by attending the annual Mediaeval Festival. Here, you can witness a wide variety of performances that are really fun to attend.

Experience: Capture the beauty of Porta da Vila, go back in time at the Óbidos Castle, and shop your heart’s desire near Rua Direita.

best looking places to visit in Portugal

8.    Get Closer to the Coast at Nazare

If you want a relaxing time by the sea, then a holiday at Nazare is the best option for you! This coastal town is one of the best places to visit in Portugal if you want to try surfing. Here you can witness the world’s biggest waves that make adventure sports more thrilling. The seafood of Nazare is also very famous as the town is located near the coastal region.

Experience: Enjoy the waves at Praia do Norte, check out the ancient tradition of drying fishes at the Sun-Dried Fish Museum, and learn about fishing boats at the Traditional Boats Museum.

9.    Enjoy the Best of Both Worlds at Coimbra

Another city in Portugal where you can find many historical places to visit is Coimbra. Located near the Mondego River in central Portugal, Coimbra is home to many interesting historic buildings, such as the Igreja de Santa Cruz. The reason why Coimbra is among the best cities to visit in Portugal is because it has scenic views, historical sites, and cultural heritage that make your trip a hit.

Experience: Look at the tiny versions of iconic sites of the country at Portugal dos Pequenitos, admire the Roman architecture of Velha Cathedral, and pay a visit to Santa Cruz Church.

There are a lot of places to see in Portugal, from historical sites to natural wonders. You will get it all. In order to enjoy a safe and stress-free journey, make sure you prepare ahead and seek advice from travel experts if you are considering travelling to this European country.

May 24, 2023


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