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If an escape from crowded cities and bustling towns is what you seek, then this quaint little town of Bomdila is a place you will certainly like. Perched amidst the scenic settings of lordly eastern Himalayan ranges, Bomdila is a remote destination in the state of Arunachal Pradesh. Having escaped invasion by tourists for a pretty long time, the town is slowly picking pace when it comes to tourism in Bomdila.

A nature lover’s haven and a photographer’s delight, the town of Bomdila is just the place to be in for enjoying the essence of nature in various forms. Boasting of rich history and culture, Bomdila has a lot to offer to both thrill-seekers and tourists in general.

To help you plan your tour effectively, here’s a list of some of the top places to visit in Bomdila that you must not miss out on: –

Bomdila Monastery

Top among the places for sightseeing in Bomdila, this monastery is said to be a replica of the Tsona Gontse Monastery in Tibet. Inaugurated in the year 1965, this monastery in Bomdila is dedicated to Mahayana Buddhism. The monastery has three sections, namely Upper Gompa, Middle Gompa, and Lower Gompa. It also has a large prayer hall that has been recently added to the structure. The Buddha Temple within the monastery complex is the main attraction here.

These two structures are located in the Upper Gompa which also houses a school for young monks. The Lower Gompa which is located at the centre of the town is where you shall notice prominent Tibetan influence in the architecture. The Middle Gompa stands close to the main market in the town and happens to be the oldest among the three gompas.

Another popular belief attached to this monastery is that it was constructed by the 12th incarnate of Tsona Gontse Rinpoche.

Eaglenest Wildlife Sanctuary

Also known as Eagle’s Nest Wildlife Sanctuary, this is a protected area at the foothills of the Himalayas that conjoins the Sessa Orchid Sanctuary in the northeast and Pakhui Tiger Reserve in the east. A part of the Kameng Elephant Reserve, Eaglenest is another among the top places to visit in Bomdila. Owing to the amazing variety, numbers, and availability of species, this sanctuary serves as a significant birding site. Some of the exquisite bird species that you can spot here include oriental white Ibis, black stork, hornbills, black-necked crane, drongos, munia, fairy bluebirds, rollers, hoopoes, kingfishers, starlings, accentors, herons, hawks, eagles, and martins, among others. This wildlife sanctuary is home to more than 400 bird species and over 100 butterfly species.

Besides these, you will also come across exotic animals like Asiatic bear, red panda, Asiatic golden cat, clouded leopard, gaur, Arunachal macaque, agamids, geckos, and so on.

Tipi Orchid Reserve

Orchids grow abundantly in different parts of Arunachal Pradesh. If you happen to be someone who appreciates the intricacies that nature has, visiting an orchid is definitely one of the things to do in Bomdila.

Located close to the banks of Bharali River in west Kameng district, Tipi Orchidarium houses over 50,000 orchids under cultivation, of which 315 have been classified as exotic. Also popular for being an Orchid Research and Development Centre, this is where scientists produce new hybrid varieties of orchids by utilizing new techniques in the field of biotechnology.

Although developed for the conservation, research, and promotion of orchids and orchid industry, this Orchidarium is still one of the best places to see in Bomdila. The Orchidarium has been divided into a reserved area and a natural forest. The entrance to the museum declares the place to be a “temple of orchids”. There are labels and charts in place to help visitors with a variety of information regarding what they are seeing.

Apple Orchards

The town is well-known for its apple orchards that also happen to be among some of the best places to visit in Bomdila. Spreading across large tracts of land, the apple orchards with their huge trees laden with apples make for a great attraction to visitors. Winter season is the best time to visit Bomdila’s apple orchards as apples grow at that time. Besides taking a refreshing stroll in the orchards, you will also be tempted to purchase some of the produce!

Bomdila View Point

Another location that is ideal for sightseeing in Bomdila is the Bomdila View Point; it is the point where the clouds can be seen meeting the ground. The Bomdila Viewpoint presents a panoramic view of the West Kameng Valley and the massive Himalayas towering over it. Reaching the highest point here, you will get to see breathtaking views of the landscape spreading before your eyes, including that of the Nechipu Pass.

Dirang Valley

Lying between Bomdila and Tawang, Dirang is a magnificently charming valley that houses a town with the same name. Donning pleasant weather, the town makes for a comfortable stay for tourists, making it one of the top places to visit near Bomdila. The valley is especially popular with trekkers who go to the highest points in Dirang to revel in the natural elegance that the place has to offer.

Other than trekking, you can also visit one of the apple orchards in Dirang or take a dip in the hot springs located here to rejuvenate. Trekkers and bird watchers heading to Mandla use this cozy town as their base camp.

Bomdila enjoys pleasant weather all year round. While the summers (lasting from April to June) are short and mild, the winter months (November to February) are considerably chilly. The region experiences frequent showers during monsoon, which is usually between July and September. So, whether it is about planning a trip or buying a tour package to Bomdila, make sure to do so in a season that suits you the best.

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