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Ooty Sightseeing - 10 Best Places to Visit in the Queen of the Hills

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A break from the monotonous life is a must for rejuvenation and relaxing the mind, body and soul. This is where the breathtaking hill stations come in to make you disconnect from the boring lifestyle and enjoy sightseeing amidst the beauty of nature. Udagamandalam, popularly known as Ooty, is one such hill station in the Tamil Nadu state of India that is replete with immense beauty and plenty of tourist places to visit in and near Ooty, which will keep you coming back to this town for more. From getting recognised as a quaint little town in Tamil Nadu to becoming an industrially important city, Ooty has become one of the most popular destinations that promote South India tourism. Factually, one interesting fact about this place is that Ooty didn’t exist on the Indian map for over two centuries. Coming back to the current times, Ooty is preferred by Bollywood movie directors, honeymooners, solo travellers, backpacking enthusiasts and families alike for its verdant beauty.

Here is another interesting fact about the Nilgiris, where the town of Ooty is situated. The striking blue colour of the Nilgiris is because the mountain range is home to a mass-flowering species known as Strobilanthes Kunthiana, which means Neela Kurinji in the Tamil language. Hence, the name, the Nilgiris. If you are looking for sightseeing options in Ooty, read the blog post till the end, as we have mentioned the ten best places to visit in Ooty to make your trip worth planning.

Doddabetta Peak

Almost no Ooty itinerary is complete without adding Doddabetta Peak to the list. The beauty of the tourist spot in Ooty is such that it attracts a majority of travellers from all over the world. Doddabetta Peak in Ooty is a sightseeing destination that is situated approximately 10 km away from the town and is perched at a height of 8,606 metres above sea level. A visit to the peak is a surreal experience in itself, as you will be welcomed by a panoramic view of the valley, surrounded by lush tea estates and misty mountains. The charming beauty of Doddabetta Peak makes for a perfect holiday destination for every kind of traveller. If you are an adventure enthusiast, Doddabetta Peak has several activities, such as hiking, biking, trekking etc., for you. The best time to visit the peak is during the early morning hours as you will find less crowd, and the view is also beautiful at the given time frame.

Pykara Falls

Another equally beautiful tourist place near Ooty, Pykara Falls, is situated approximately 20 km from the main town. The surrounding area of the falls is famous for its Toda settlement. The Pykara Falls is one of the few tourist spots in Ooty, where you will see one of the indigenous tribes in their natural habitat. Pykara Falls is surrounded by dense eucalyptus trees and grassy meadows, which enhances the beauty of the place even more. If you plan to visit the place with your family or friends, Pykara Falls also has added facilities, such as boathouses, restaurants and cafes.

Pro-tip: If you are visiting Ooty during the monsoon season and Pykara Falls is on your itinerary, we suggest not taking a dip in the water to avoid any unforeseen circumstances.

Ooty Lake

Ooty Lake

Like Doddabetta Peak, no Ooty tourism package is complete without Ooty Lake as one of the places to visit. Ooty Lake is one of the top-rated tourist spots in Ooty, which is open for tourists from 9 AM to 6 PM every day. You can enjoy boating in the lake or enjoy a picnic with your loved ones around the lake. You can even hire a bicycle to ride during the early morning and evening hours and enjoy the breathtaking view of the lake and its surrounding beauty. Other than boating, you can even enjoy other fun-filled tourist activities, such as horseback riding around the lake.

Pro-tip: The best time to visit Ooty Lake is between October to May, as the sky remains clear most of the time, which allows you to enjoy your trip even more.

Elk Hill Murugan Temple

Known as one of the prominent temples in Ooty, the Elk Hills Murugan Temple is also a popular sightseeing place in Ooty. The architectural gem Elk Hill Murugan Temple in Ooty is dedicated to Lord Murugan, the revered warrior lord. The temple is situated amidst the stunning backdrop of the Nilgiris, where you can enjoy the valley's splendid view and take Lord Murugan's blessings. The highlight of the Elk Hill Murugan Temple is the 40 ft. tall statue of Lord Murugan, which attracts tourists and devotees alike from far and wide. In addition to this, the temple also houses several idols of Lord Ganesha, Goddess Shakthi, Lord Shiva, Navgrahas etc. Besides the natural beauty the temple in Ooty holds, the hills around the Murugan Temple also boast rich wildlife.

Pro-tip: Visit the temple around January month, as the most famous religious festival, Thaipusam, is celebrated around the duration. The temple during that time is a sight to behold as the entire premises gets lit up during the festival.

Mudumalai National Park

Mudumalai National Park

Joining the Eastern and Western Ghats, located on the banks of river Moyar, Mudumalai National Park in Ooty is a sightseeing paradise for nature lovers and birdwatchers alike. The national park is considered one of the popular tourist destinations in Ooty, which is also a popular Tiger Reserve in Ooty. Mudumalai National Park consists of about 50 rare species of fish, 34 reptile species, 21 species of amphibians, 50 species of mammals and 200 species of birds. Some of the most common birds that you can spot in the national park include falcons, brown doves, king vultures and black woodpeckers. Apart from these, you will also be able to spot elephants, mouse deer, sambhar deers and reptiles, such as crocodiles and snakes, in abundance here. And if you’re lucky, you might spot tigers as well, which are told to be in good numbers here.

Rose Garden

Originally known as Jayalalitha Rose Garden or Cenetary Rose Park, the Rose Garden is one of the top sightseeing places in Ooty. Originally home to less than 2,000 species of roses, the Rose Garden now has over 20,000 species of roses, some of which are very uncommon and unknown. The collection of roses in the garden is so huge and vibrant that it is considered the largest collection of roses in India. The Rose Garden was built in 1995 to commemorate the Cenetary Flower Show. Currently, the garden is maintained by the Horticulture Department of the Tamil Nadu Government.

Pro-tip: Visit the Rose Garden during the annual festival, which is held in May, as you will be able to see a multitude of rose species which may even surprise you.

Wenlock Downs

Have you watched Bollywood movies where the actor and actress are shown dancing amidst huge expanses of lush greenery and beautiful valley? Chances are that the location might be Wenlock Downs in Ooty. Apart from being a popular spot for movie directors, Wenlock Downs in Ooty is a popular sightseeing tourist destination with prolific greenery and verdant surroundings. The tranquillity of the tourist attraction in Ooty is such that you can disconnect from the hustle and bustle of monotonous life and enjoy a laid-back holiday amidst nature. Wenlock Downs is a popular spot for golf lovers as well. Other than that, hiking and trekking are other popular activities here.

Pine Forests

Pine Forests

You might not find Pine Forests as one of the itineraries in most Ooty travel packages. For nature lovers who want to take a walk where nature is at its best, visiting the Pine Forests of Ooty is a must. The region in Ooty lures you with its charm and makes you admire the beauty of the forest. Speaking of beauty and scenic canvas, the trees present in Pine Forest, the region is also one of the popular film locations for Bollywood movie production houses. Most pine trees in the forest, such as the Ponderosa and Siberian Dwarf, are over 1,000 years old, and many have crossed the even 4,000-year mark.

Tea Estate View Point

One cannot leave Ooty without relishing the beauty of the expansive tea estates the town of Ooty has to offer. If you are an avid tea drinker or admire nature’s beauty, the tea estate viewpoint in Ooty won’t disappoint you. Adding to this, Ooty is also home to a Tea Factory and Museum, another sightseeing place in Ooty, where you can learn the basics of tea making and come across different varieties of teas, which you can even take back as souvenirs for yourself and your tea lover friends. The place is a popular hiking spot as well, where you can learn more about the history and cultivation process of tea production by getting in touch with the locals in the area.

Dolphin’s Nose Viewpoint

Last but not least, Dolphin’s Nose Viewpoint is another tourist attraction spot in Ooty where tourists go to admire nature’s beauty. The place got its name due to a protruding rock that resembles Dolphin’s nose. Dolphin’s Nose Viewpoint is also a popular trekking destination as well, where you can capture the stunning vistas of the valley and take stunning pictures from the tip of the Dolphin’s nose. From this viewpoint, you can even see another natural marvel, Catherine Falls, which makes Dolphin’s Nose Viewpoint even more beautiful and must visit.

Pro-tip: You can hire a car at Conoor and drive to the Dolphin’s Viewpoint, rewarding you with stunning views of tea gardens and misty-clad mountains. If you are not fond of driving, you can hire a taxi as well, which will charge you a nominal fee to drop you at the Dolphin’s Nose Viewpoint.

Did you like what you read? Then it's time to revive yourself and plan a trip to Ooty, which will allow you to relish the nuances of nature at its best. Explore the various Ooty travel packages that are listed on Veena World. All the packages are carefully crafted to offer you only the best of the Queen of the Hills, Ooty. When you choose Veena World as your travel partner, you can customise your holiday according to your preferences as well. Explore the Customised Holiday section of Veena World for more information. Be it the heritage toy train of Ooty or the pristine waters of Ooty Lake, the sightseeing places in Ooty will promise you nothing but an unforgettable and cherished experience for a lifetime.

August 01, 2023


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