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Nainital Lake: Revel in the Lap of Nature

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Located in the embrace of Uttarakhand’s mountainous ranges, Nainital is the gem of the state. Known as the City of Lakes, it is an alluring and enchanting hill station that is perched away in the green foothills of the majestic Kumaon ranges. The city is elevated at a height of 1938 metres and happens to be one of the most preferred getaways in India’s northern region.

Nainital is said to have founded by the British during their rule in India and it resembles the Cumbrian Lake District. The city houses brilliant colonial structures that speak of the architectural beauty of the bygone years; the structures enhance the beauty of the city, even more, making your Nainital tour package worth the price for its stunning views. Adding to this, the pleasant weather that the city experiences throughout the year makes your trip to Nainital extremely cosy and amazing. Because of the same reason, the city is also an outstanding location for honeymooners. You know… the cool breeze, picturesque views, quality time – they make your love even more magnificent.

Naini Lake, Nainital – Where Peace meets Beauty

Also known as the Naini Lake, it is situated in the centre of the city and is an exceptionally gorgeous natural fresh body lake. The shape of the lake is crest or kidney-shaped, which allures the tourists even more. Because of its shape, another name of the Nainital Lake is the ‘Mango Lake’. This lake is one of the most famous and highly visited tourist attractions in the entire Kumaon region. The Naini Lake is surrounded by the Tiffin Point on the South West, Naini Peak in its North West region, and majestic snow-clad peaks on the North. In addition to this, it is surrounded by seven different peaks namely,

  • Ayarpata
  • Deopata
  • Handi Bandi
  • Cheena Peak
  • Alma
  • Laria Kanta
  • Sher Ka Danda

The Naini Lake offers a mesmeric view to the visitors that please their eyes. Especially, during the sunrise and sunset, the view of the lake is simply breathtaking. The lake is divided into two sections namely, the northern part, which is called the Mallital and the southern part, which is called the Tallital. Mallital is also regarded as the lake view-point of the Nainital Lake.

The Nainital or Mango Lake is an alluring beauty that amplifies the beauty of the city and offers a time like no other. The lake is quite popular for picnics and evening walks, and also offers activities like boating, etc. It is surrounded by beautiful Coniferous trees that cover the hillside, adding more charm to the existing gorgeousness of the lake. The lake also houses a temple that is known as the Naini Devi Temple on the shores, where you can pay your tributes.

The Fascinating Legend of the Nainital Lake

Indian tourist attractions and intriguing legends go hand-in-hand (like, literally!!). So, the legend about the Nainital Lake is that there was a powerful king named Daksha, who had a beautiful daughter named Sati. When Sati grew up to the age of getting married, King Daksha started looking for a groom for her; however, Sati was attracted to Lord Shiva, whom the King detested. Nevertheless, Lord Shiva and Sati got married, which was unacceptable by the King. Consequently, King Daksha organised the ritual of fire sacrifice where he did not invite Sati and Lord Shiva. Despite that, Sati decided to attend the same and once they reached the venue, King Daksha vehemently opposed and insulted both of them. Sati could not stand the humiliation, so she jumped into the fire.

Lord Shiva, upon learning of Sati’s demise, was furious and started performing the celestial dance of destruction i.e. the Tandav. He performed the Tandav at the site of Naini Lake, Nainital as well, which further led to the way of apocalyptic destruction on the Earth. It is said that the pleas of the Gods went unheard by Lord Shiva as he danced through the area with Sati’s dead body over his shoulder. Having no option left to stop and calm Lord Shiva – Lord Vishnu used his Sudarshan Chakra on Sati’s dead body that cut her lifeless body into 52 different parts. It is believed that each of the parts of Sati’s body fell on different parts of the country, leading to the emerging of temples in those areas. Sati’s eyes or the “Nayan” had fallen on the Naini Lake site that led to the creation of the Naini Devi Temple.

Other Famous Lakes in Nainital that you must Visit

Apart from the Nainital Lake, there are a lot of other lakes that the city houses. Some of the must-visit ones are as follows –

Khurpatal Lake, Nainital

Sitting at an amazing height of 1600 metres from sea level, the Khurpatal Lake, Nainital is one of the greenest, most unexplored lakes in the city. Surrounded by dense but gorgeous deodars, pines, and cedar forests, this Nainital Lake offers a stunning view to the visitors. It also offers various activities like fishing, boating, and so on that makes your trip much more fun and adventurous. The Khurpatal Lake, Nainital offers several natural trails for trekking that you can explore.

Bhimtal Lake, Nainital

The Bhimtal Lake is one of the most famous and largest lakes in Nainital after Naini. Scattered across a vast area of about 48 hectares, the lake has emerald green waters that magnificently complements the stunning greens of the surrounding valley. This lake is situated near Nainital in a small town named Bhimtal. As per the legends, the Bhimtal Lake is named after Bhīma from the epic, Mahabharata. Numerous species of migratory birds can be spotted near the lake, especially during the winter season.

There are a lot of places to visit in Nainital that will please your eyes and make your trip memorable. However, the lakes in the city are the tourist attractions that earned Nainital its sobriquet. Besides the ones mentioned above, you have Garudtal, Kamaltal, Naukuchiatal, and Sattal as well which are worth a visit. Enchant your eyes and relax in the lap of nature.

April 16, 2021


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