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Marine Drive, Mumbai: History, Nightlife & Directions

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Cover Photo by Bishnu Sarangi

Mumbai, formally known as Bombay, is the capital of Maharashtra. This city of dream inspires every resident to dream big and work towards achieving it. Listing down its many credentials, it has India’s largest port of foreign trade and is the hub of cinema being the center of the Bollywood Film Industry, one of the biggest film industries in the world. Adding to all this are the innumerable tourist spots and attractions that the city is home to. If there is one place that the residents love going to after the sun sets on the city, it is the Marine Drive in Mumbai.

If you stay in Mumbai but still haven’t been there, well, you ought to whenever the time allows. In the meantime, let us get you acquainted with Marine Drive Mumbai.

About Marine Drive

Officially known as Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Road, Marine Drive in Mumbai is a concrete road of 3 kilometres, located in the southern part of the city. It stretches towards the north and forms a bay. Located at the foothills of the Malabar range, this beautiful road attains a ‘C’ shape and connects Babulnath to Nariman Point.

Also known as Sonarpur, it is the pride of the city of dreams, so much so that the city will feel incomplete without its mesmerizing spot. In fact, the Marine Drive beach is among the first places that tourists visit as soon as they arrive in Mumbai; it provides the kind of hearty welcome that every traveller loves.

History of Marine Drive

The construction of the Marine Drive was basically one of the multiple parts of the Back Bay Reclamation Scheme of the British Government. The main plan was to dredge the water body and dump boulders into it in order to obtain more land for the westward expansion of the city. The history of Marine Drive dates back to 1915 when the construction was started at Girgaum Chowpatty, which was earlier known as Kennedy Sea Face. The several Art Deco buildings in the vicinity came up later between 1930 and 1940 as the stretch extended across five miles.

Things to do in Marine Drive

Marine Drive is among the most easily recognizable landmarks in Mumbai. Its beautiful sunset isn’t something that you should miss if you are in the city. If you have booked yourself a Mumbai tour package, then Marine Drive is most likely to be included in it; that’s the level of popularity it has. The best time to visit Marine Drive is in the evening as it affords the perfect opportunity to take a long walk across the coast. Many young couples in Mumbai like to sit and watch the sea and express their affection in this setting. If you had to sketch an idyllic picture, the night view of Marine Drive certainly fits the bill – you can sit and watch the sunset as the populace moves around you.

The most likeable aspect of Marine Drive is the spacious seaside pedestrian walk which is very clean and tidy. The diversity is wonderful too; you’ll see people from all ages and walks of life sitting here as they gaze at the vast sea and dream about all the good things that life has to offer. Such moments of perspective and nonchalance with the gentle sea breeze caressing you make Marine Drive one of the best places to visit in Mumbai.

Attractions near Marine Drive

If you are at Marine Drive, you should really explore the places nearby. Let’s look out for the places where you can spend your time.

Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus

It is India’s most beautiful railway station, a masterpiece in itself. This railway station has a touch of gothic architecture with stained glass windows, towering spires, and pillars with animal images covered in them. We wouldn’t be surprised if you mistake it for a castle from the heydays.

Bhikha Behram Well

This well was dug by Paris Bhikaji Behram who travelled to Mumbai on foot all the way from Bharuch. The area around maidan had brackish water due to its proximity to the Arabian Sea but the water from the well was sweet. The pavilion, screen and stained glass was added in the 1950s. Every month on Ava Roz (the day of water), there is community praying or Humbandagi. The Parsis hold the well sacred and light lamps around it.

Churchgate Railway Station

This is one of the oldest stations in Mumbai. This is situated at the heart of the city. Churchgate, a railroad station on the western railway route in South Mumbai has many places to see. it's the primary station where the local trains start from. It got the name ‘Church Gate’ in the 1860s about a gateway built on a flowing water body to succeed in Saint Thomas Church. Now been referred to as one word, ‘Churchgate’, this location of the city is among the oldest business hubs and has multiple education institutes and places as well as customary attractions like the Gateway of India, Mantralaya, Nariman Point Sea Face, Flora Fountain, Elephanta caves, and Fashion Street, among others.

Wankhede Stadium

Wankhede stadium is an awesome place to visit in Mumbai. The heartbeat of cricket lovers in Mumbai, this place lights up with patriotic pride when there are World Cups or IPL matches out here. The electrifying aura during cricket matches sets this place abuzz.

Gateway of India

Built in 1911 to welcome the King and Queen of England, this stone archway in Colaba is now a historic landmark. Whether you are visiting it in the morning or during the evening, a selfie here is a must! Whether it is a portrait, a landscape or a panoramic one, we leave that up to you J

Among the top places to visit in Mumbai, Marine Drive is sure to make its place in your heart.

June 27, 2021


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