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Kolad River Rafting - A Guide to Enjoying the Most Exciting Offbeat Adventure

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One of the most beautiful villages in Maharashtra, Kolad, is located on Mumbai-Goa highway in the Raigad district. Situated in the picturesque backdrop of Sahyadris, Kolad is an ideal place for those looking for an escape from the chaotic city life. Also called the Rishikesh of Maharashtra, this quaint village is home to scenic valleys, mist-laden hills, and dense forests. Kolad also features the Kundalika River, the fastest-flowing river in Maharashtra, making it ideal for water-based adventures. It is one of the few sites in Maharashtra where rafting is available throughout the year. There are many scenic waterfalls, forts, and dams that make Kolad one of the best places to visit in Maharashtra. While the region of Sahayadri ranges offers many adventure activities like kayaking, rappelling, rock climbing, etc., white water rafting in Kundalika River in Kolad has become the most popular activity for adventure lovers. Here is everything to know about Kolad River rafting.

River Rafting Adventure in Kolad – What Makes it Special?

Kolad is a less-explored destination for tourists and river rafting enthusiasts. While Kolad is a major attraction, the Kundalika River, flowing through the verdant Sahyadri Hills, makes the journey a picturesque setting for adventure lovers. Rafting in Kolad is one of the most popular adventure activities for many tourists. The level of the flow depends mainly on the water released from the Bhira dam, providing a rafting experience across a 12 to 13 km long downstream. A regular River rafting ride in Kolad, Maharashtra, lasts 2 to 3 hours.

The icing on the cake of Kolad river rafting is that you can combine it with other water sports activities, such as zip-lining, kayaking, etc. There is the thrill of heavy undercurrent or rapid water rise, so rafting in Kolad is extremely popular among adventure lovers.

Kolad River Rafting Location

Kolad is located 60 km from Lonavala, with an abundance of natural beauty, especially during the monsoons. The majestic Sahyadri range and picturesque backdrops make this tiny village a visual treat for nature lovers. The Kolad River Rafting will take you through gorgeous locations consisting of lush forests under the Bhira and Mulshi dams.

Best time for River Rafting in Kolad

While Kolad has pleasant weather throughout the year, monsoon is the best time to enjoy the river rafting here. This is because the streams are stronger, and water levels are higher during the monsoon. Moreover, the beauty of lush greenery in the surroundings and waterfalls are at their peak at this time of the year, offering a whole new level of adventurous experience.

Summer is the season when you can enjoy a peaceful vacation with fewer crowds. Though the summer season between March and May is extremely hot, the rafting adventure would not be affected by the scorching heat because of the multiple rafting options for the morning sessions.

The winter season in Kolad lasts for 6 months, from October to March, offering a pleasant environment without rainfall. This season is also considered ideal for those who do not prefer river rafting during the rainfall season. November to February is the time when you can enjoy adventure activities and cool nights in Kolad, lighting a campfire and spending time with your friends and family.

Kolad River Rafting Price

The price starts from 800 - 2000, depending on service to service. The cost also varies for the selected route, the season, the number of people, other activities combined with rafting, etc. There are many rafting operators that provide River Rafting services with other adventure activities, including River Crossing, Kayaking, and Zipline and Lunch (Veg & Non Veg). The price of Kolad River rafting can go up to 3000 or above.

Kolad River Rafting Starting Point - How to Reach There?

Kolad is easily accessible from Maharashtra’s two biggest cities, Mumbai and Pune. It takes around 3 to 4 hours to reach here from these cities.

Getting there From Pune


There are no direct routes for trains to Kolad. So, you can board a train from Pune to Roha or Lonavala Railway Station and hire a taxi from there to reach Kolad.

By Road

Kolad is just 136 kilometres away from Pune, and it takes around 3 hours to reach through the Mumbai-Pune Expressway. Travelling by a private taxi or own car is the most convenient way to reach Kolad. Moreover, it is a lovely road trip as the route to Kolad is full of scenic views of mountains, lakes, waterfalls, and lush greenery.

Getting there From Mumbai


The distance from Mumbai to Kolad is around 135 km. Kolad's railway station is connected to all major cities of Maharashtra and other cities in India. There are 2-3 direct passenger trains, running on a regular basis to Kolad. While this is the cheapest mode to reach Kolad from Mumbai, the train route is filled with incredible natural beauty.

By Road

The distance from Mumbai to Kolad via road trip is just 120 km. You can simply hire a private taxi or drive your own car to reach Kolad via the road. Travelling by road mode is perfect when you are with friends and families having children and senior citizens. The route between Mumbai and Kolad is also striking, with picturesque sights of waterfalls, ponds, and lakes.

For road trips, there are two routes to reach Kolad from Mumbai

Route 1: Mumbai - Panvel - Mumbai Pune Express Way - Khapoli Exit - Khapoli Road - Khapoli Pali Road - NH66(Mumbai - Goa Road) - Kolad.

Route 2: Mumbai - Vashi - Kalamboli - Panvel Bypass – Karnala - Pen - Vadkhal Naka - Nagaothane – Kolad.

Rapid Grades

Kolad River rafting offers adventure lovers a nerve-wracking experience by carrying them through different grade levels. So, before you include Kolad River rafting in your Maharashtra tour packages, you must have an idea of the rapid types in Kundalika River. Here are 4 rapid grades in Kolad river rafting:

Grade 1 – The first grade is about the light rapids with low intensity and easy navigation. Since these are easy rapids, they are ideal for beginners and families with children.

Grade 2 – The next grade has moderate rapids, a little more stimulating than the first one. Grade 2 has a higher turbulence level due to stronger currents. This level is perfect for intermediate rafters who want to experience a bit more excitement.

Grade 3 – In this grade, rapids get more challenging and need more experience to navigate. Grade 3 is the most popular for rafting lovers who look forward to feeling the thrill without risks.

Grade 4 – It is about high and expert level. These rapids happen during the monsoon when the river is overflowing and is swift. Grade 4 is recommended only for experienced rafters who know the skills to keep the raft floating in the ferocious river. The ultimate thrill in grade 4 is what makes Kolad River rafting more exciting and appealing for adventure enthusiasts.

Safety Measures for Rafting Adventure in Kolad

  • Wearing a life jacket is compulsory
  • Please follow the instructions carefully for the rafting journey
  • The minimum age for rafting is 14
  • Alcohol consumption during the rafting is strictly prohibited
  • It is advised for people with any health concerns, like heart ailments or physical disability, to consult their doctor before participating in any such activity that needs energy.
  • Do not carry your mobile phone
  • Wear light clothes

Things to Carry for Kolad River Rafting

  • A towel and an extra pair of comfortable clothes
  • Good sunscreen lotion
  • Prescribed medications, if any
  • Dry snacks, water bottles, and energy bar
  • Wear sturdy sandals or shoes
  • A pair of warm clothes for protection if the temperature drops
  • An extra bag to keep all your wet clothes

Kolad River Rafting is an ultimate adventurous experience that takes you through the mesmerising landscapes of the Western Ghats of Maharashtra. It is a must-do activity when you book a Maharashtra honeymoon package or plan a trip with family and friends.

January 08, 2024


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