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Why is Iceland known as the land of Ice and Fire?

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Iceland is one of the exceptional countries which didn’t need to build huge structural monuments to grab the attention of the explorers. The significant nature and its legacy of people where enough to surprise the globe. Geologically confusing irony exists and is reflected in its name too! Iceland is truly so much more than just Ice! A land that was born through the volcanic eruptions, has so many perfectly crafted natural beauty that you won’t believe that its sculptor was no other than the volcano! Iceland is ironically shaped by the fire of the lava and famed for its natural treasures. When the land is made because of fire and the ethnically draped glaciers and snow make it even more iconic and intriguing aspect of Iceland. Some of the landscapes that were created by these volcanoes are so unbelievably lunar-like. There’s a joke that caught attention on this aspect of this kingdom that when Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon in 1969, he thought he was in Iceland!

Moon Like

If you happen to imagine and frame the idea of the birth of this isolated Scandinavian land, you’ll observe a unique symphony that will play the time lapsed idea of how this land of fire and ice came to existence. The cultural aspect of the unique land of ice and fire is something that is very peculiar. The country is rich with the cultural heritage of Norse mythology and Icelandic sagas. Blended with modern outlook and lifestyle, the touch of their culture and tradition is observed in almost every Icelander. The Viking legacy has left such a legendary mark that the cinematographers, writers and the artists cannot stop talking about it! Movies like Die Another Day: James Bond and Batman Begins are some of the Hollywood reference and the popular Shahrukh Khan movie Dilwale was shot here too! The country’s whole aura was lifted all over again when the famous TV series ‘Game of Thrones’ shot various scenes on the remarkable locations of Iceland! It comes as no surprise that winter came to Iceland! The title of 'The land of Ice and Fire' started making even more literary sense after being flashed in Game of Thrones.

Icelandic sagas
Bring your dragons!

The land of Ice and Fire that grasped the curious minds of many is a whole treasure of undeniably most intriguing facts that will make you even more eager to unfold and experience the beauty all by yourself. Discover some of the most interesting facts that will set you to your journey of the land of ice and fire!

Interesting facts about Iceland:

  • The land of Ice and Fire, Iceland is a country that is located on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. The country that exists as the largest portion exposed above sea level of this submerged Mid-Atlantic ridge.
  • The Mid Atlantic Ridge is the longest and the most extensive chain of mountains on earth with over 65,000 km in length is located in the midst of the Atlantic Ocean.
Mid Atlantic Ridge
Photo Courtesy:
  • Iceland is a land of ice and fire with the irony being its reality. More than 125 volcanic mountains out of which handful are still very active. Most being the land of volcanoes and draped in the glacier is everything else that isn’t shaped by magma and earthquakes.
  • Geology of such a unique terrain acquires lesser scope for growing trees and the once existed forests were taken down by the Vikings. With a lesser chance to trace forests and trees, the reforestation movement has been recognised as the need of this country and is being discussed in various panels.
  • Þingvellir National Park is where the first Parliament met and became the very first parliament grounds in Europe in the year 930 AD.
  • Þingvellir National Park is where you can see two of the earth's tectonic plates, the North American and Eurasian, meeting above the earth's surface. This can be observed in only two places in the entire world, other being Africa.
  • No doubt it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site because of its cultural, historical and geographical significance.

    • Thingvellir National Park is the place where the Mid-Atlantic Ridge is best visible with both the tectonic plates!
    • Icelandic HorseIcelanders prefer horse over dogs! They love their horses and they have been their companions ever since the sagas came into the picture. Icelandic Horse is the purest breed in the world as in last 1000 years, there was no crossbreeding took place. Some Icelandic horses can change colour by season. Iceland has banned the importation of horses. This is one of the reasons why Icelandic Horse is the purest breed.
    • Reykjavik, the northernmost capital in the world is one of the safest places in the World! With the crime rate that is so rare the police in Reykjavik don’t even carry weapons. Reykjavik also has a man-made beach which is known as the Nauthólsvík beach and it's Geothermal!


    Now that your mind is curious enough, let’s shed some light on the best season to explore Iceland! Explore Iceland with the beautiful aspect of summer, when the sun paints the land in beautiful shades. The warmest month of Iceland in July and it stays in beautiful weather till August.

    Iceland Ice And Fire

    The summer of Iceland brings a whole new shade to the country! The entire country starts taking its true colours and its raw forms. The landscapes are repainted back to life and making it even more exciting for exploration of Iceland. Witness everything that’s beyond just Ice of Iceland!


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    Challenge your thrill of exploration, let nature make it even more magical to reveal Iceland to just like the saga and the victorious stories that reverberate in every corner of this country! The peaceful Nordic island country of Iceland will amaze you with its remarkable scenery and cultural differences and its nature that is extremely welcoming and life changing! The legends and the myths attached to this country of beautiful charms are still singing their victorious saga at every corner. Yet the silence and the tranquillity on this land will only surprise you!

    July 05, 2018


    Priyanka Tawde
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