How to Plan a Group Travel?

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Travelling is one of the most relaxing yet adventurous things you can do. It can bring peace to your soul as well as rejuvenate your mind from all the hassle of work and chaos of daily life. While solo travel is the recent trend nowadays, travelling with your gang can take the travel experience to a whole new level!

Group travel has its own set of fun and advantages. For example, if you get stuck at a tourist attraction while exploring around, you can at least call someone you know and find out where they are. Apart from this, you can get amazing group discounts at hotels, and the biggest benefit – you can click a lot of photographs. However, the ‘planning’ part of group travel is a task in itself.

To start with, there are a lot of aspects that you have to keep in mind when you start planning – the first being convincing the group to agree upon things. Such group trips can pan out great, only and only if the planning is sound. If you and your friends are thinking of such a trip but not sure about how to plan group travel, here are some group travel tips that will certainly help: –

1. Delegate the travel planning responsibilities

If every responsibility is on one set of shoulders, it might end up being a mess. Of course, in a quintessential world, leaders can handle anything but when it comes to travel, especially group trips, compatibility, and co-operation are the best policies. So to avoid any road blocks in your plan, it is advisable to allocate the tasks amongst everyone in the group. With everyone involved, each member of the group is in the know-how. And if you are one who is taking the lead on this, you can help out other members within the group with their responsibilities, as and when required.

2. Set your budget

Once you are done assigning or choosing the tasks amongst the group, sit down and identify the expenses for your trip. This is one important aspect of group travel; many a time, you may tend to go overboard with your shopping and purchases while travelling, which, in turn, may result in overshooting the budget. Hence, it is advisable that you allocate a budget keeping in mind the expense of your conveyance, stay, food, and shopping before moving further with your group travel planning.

3. Pick the destination of your group travel

Did you notice the Easter egg in the point above? Don’t worry, in a few lines, you will!

Picking up a travel destination can be a conundrum because different folks, different strokes. Each one in your group may have a different pick but to close on a destination that everyone agrees to, the budget becomes your saviour. For instance, if you are planning group travel in India, you can, broadly speaking, go for the unexplored cities of the Seven Sisters, nature’s lap of South India or the mountains of North India. If you guys have an international destination in mind for your group travel, you can plan for places like Seychelles, Cambodia, and Maldives, or even a group tour to Europe.

4. A plan that your trip needs

One of the most important group travel tips is that you will have to keep a tab on how much expenses you are incurring on conveyance. If you want to save your budget, try to cut down on your local conveyance. Instead of taking the cab, you can opt for buses, local transport, or go walking, if the distance is short. If you are the group trip planner, intervene when you have to for this.

5. Let the experts do it

If you are in no mood to plan out anything related to your group travel, you can always rely on tour packages. These packages are available in abundance, literally! They are very much practical and come with a detailed itinerary of the trips. Comparatively, it is easy to plan out for smaller places as you can pretty much explore almost all the famous as well as undiscovered attractions within a place.

The real challenge is with bigger places. Here’s when you really need these packages. You will find some amazing group tour packages for India which are curated in such a way that they are expansive yet budget-friendly. Since the options are many, you can select the one that best suits your requirements. These packages are not limited to India only. You will find a plethora of these options for places abroad too.

Travelling in groups doesn’t always mean having to go someplace for weeks. Travelling with your friends on a weekend or going for a group ride can also bring in the happiness you have been searching for. So, what are you waiting for? Gather around and plan your next trip with these helpful group travel tips.

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