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Top 10 Festivals of Assam

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Assam is the northeastern state of India that is famous for its unique culture, festivals, and diversity. You can witness the majestic beauty of nature in its full glory. Well-known for tea plantations and covered by dense forests, Assam is a place that allures many tourists throughout the year. The festivals of Assam are as beautiful and vibrant as the state that celebrates a true sense of unity. There are many famous festivals in Assam that are celebrated at different times of the year.

The people of this state are full of zeal and enthusiasm to participate in the festivities and celebrations. The spiritual energy during the festival season is high, and spectators can see it in the level of enjoyment. There are three categories of popular festivals in Assam: agricultural, folk, and religious. Let’s see the different popular festivals in Assam:

Karam Puja

Karam Puja is one of the main agricultural festivals in Assam. The tea tribe community of the state celebrates this festival to worship the goddess of creation. This festival is celebrated on the night of "Bhado Ekadasi" in the month of August. One can witness the pride in the folk community in celebrating the means of livelihood. Local people believe that the blessings of Lord "Karam" protect them from evil and give better crop yields. If you plan a trip to Assam in the month of August, you can surely feel the festival vibe and witness this ancient celebration that pays respect to the agricultural land.

Bihu Festival

Bihu is the most famous festival in Assam and is celebrated three times a year in three different forms: Bohag Bihu, Magh Bihu, and Kati Bihu. This is the harvest festival where people pay gratitude to the God Brai Shibrai. Local folks of the Assamese community believe this festival brings peace and prosperity.

The Bihu festival of Assam is celebrated with full vigour. People dress up in traditional Assamese attire and gather at one place for the feast. You may call it the national festival of Assam as people from different parts of the country visit Assam to have a glimpse of the celebration. Beautiful rangoli, folk songs, and buffalo fights are some of the key highlights of the Bihu celebration.

Ambubachi Festival

Ambubachi Festival

This traditional festival of Assam is celebrated for four days in the month of June when people worship Goddess Kamakhya. It is rather interesting to know that, according to ancient stories, on the first three days of the festival, the goddess goes through a mensuration cycle. On the fourth day, there is a consecration ceremony followed by some rituals. This festival of Assam is celebrated in the Kamakhya Devi temple. If you visit this beautiful state during this festival, you can experience Assamese culture in the most glorious way. Explore the Ambubachi Mela at the Kamakhya Devi temple to make your trip memorable. Assam is surely one of the best places to visit in north east India because it has so much to offer visitors.

Baishagu Festival

Next on the Assam festival list is the Baishagu festival, which is celebrated by the Bodo Kacharis. This traditional festival of Assam is full of positivity. On this day, cows are bathed and worshipped by people. Other than this, the younger generation takes blessings from the elders on the next day of this festival. One of the highlights of the celebration is the Bagurumba dance by professional dancers. Local folks also like to join in the dancing and enjoy this charming festival. The closing ritual is done by conducting prayers at Garja Sali.

Dehing Patkai Festival

Dehing Patkai is one of the most joyous festivals in Assam and is held at Lekhapani in Tinsukia district. If you are planning a trip to Assam in the month of January, don’t miss this grand celebration organised by the government. You can spend time trying some of the sports activities like parasailing and kayaking, shopping at Assamese community fairs, and taking tea tours. There are many other attractions at this festival, such as an elephant safari. Good food and all the beautiful elements of a colourful festival make it one of the most celebrated festivals in Assam. This can be an excellent addition to your north east tour package that will give you the memory of a lifetime.

Majuli Festival

The land of Assam is blessed with a rich culture and diversity. The Majuli festival is a beautiful addition to the Assamese festival list. Traditional attire, local talent, and mouthwatering cuisine capture the essence of this festival. You can witness the beauty of traditional customs in an exhibition where people showcase their talent through artefacts, authentic cuisine, and local handicrafts.

The best part of this festival is that local and international citizens come together to bring diverse talent under one roof. It is a delightful experience to see such distinct talent. Make sure to attend this marvellous festival if you are in this state during the celebration. Also, take some beautiful handcrafted gifts for your family and relatives that not only give you joy but also support the local talent of the country.

Tea Festival

Assam is world-famous for its highest quality of tea production. This extravagant festival is celebrated to acknowledge the significance of tea to the state. People from different parts of the world come to witness this amazing festival organised by the tourism department of Assam. This festival is celebrated to promote tourism in the state and showcase the diverse culture and warm hospitality of Assam to tourists.

This famous festival of Assam has many activities lined up for the visitors, like strolling in the picturesque tea garden, thrilling jungle safari, delicious Assamese food, and golfing. You will be surprised at the cultural entertainment and the wide variety of options for shopping. Local folks add sparkle to this mesmerising cultural feast by performing the traditional songs. You must visit Assam to attend the tea festival that brings the best of this place.

Saraswati Puja

Saraswati Puja is one of the auspicious festivals of Assam that is conducted on Vasant Panchmi. On this day, people pray to the goddess Lakshmi. According to Hindu mythology, the goddess Lakshmi is blessed with knowledge and wisdom. This festival is famous not only in Assam but across the nation. Also known as Basant Panchmi, Saraswati Puja is celebrated with much vigour in the state. You can also see cultural programmes and various activities in different parts of Assam. Most colleges and schools celebrate this festival to worship the goddess Lakshmi.

Chomangkan and Rongkar

This festival is celebrated by the local tribe living in the Karbi Enlong District of Assam. The Rongkar festival is celebrated in the spring season and signifies a rainbow of colours. The main objective of this celebration is to prevent any natural disease during the year and have a healthy life. The ethnic group of Assam believes that celebrating Rongkar gives a bounteous yield of crops. This festival is a beautiful example of harmony and unity among the people of Assam. Villagers contribute in cash to meet the expenses for this celebration.

Chomangkan is a festival that honours the dead and where people pray for a peaceful afterlife for the deceased. This ceremony is conducted for four days and four nights continuously.

Ras Lila

The people of Majuli are firm believers in Lord Krishna. They perform spiritual plays depicting the life of Lord Krishna. This celebration is popular for its dances, songs, and spiritual significance. This five-day celebration showcases the culture of the Maujli people and is full of colour and joy. Visit this festival to see the enthralling plays and learn about the northeastern culture.

Assam is a place where you will be mesmerised by the festivals, culture, and biodiversity. There are lots of things that you can do during your visit to this captivating place. Plan a trip to Assam to explore a whole new world of beauty, grace, and diversity.

May 06, 2022


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