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7 Mind-Blowing Festivals in Germany that You Need to Witness

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Known as the “Land of Festivals”, Germany is a country that is superior in intellect and opulent culture. One of the favourite destinations of travellers, the country offers vacation time like no other. From places where you can relax and rejuvenate to places where you can let go and dance, Germany is a complete package that you need to visit at least once in your lifetime. The weather is always pleasant. If you visit Germany in the fall or winter, the sight is serenely appealing with sites covered in snow. If you visit the country in the spring or summer, Germany blooms in effervescent colours. With beautiful architecture, magnificent heritage, and a history that can intrigue you to your core, Germany is the home to some of the most incredible festivals that the world has seen.

Let’s talk about them, shall we?

1. Oktoberfest, Munich

When the Oktoberfest event started in Munich, it was more of a royal wedding celebration. But as the years passed by, it became a people’s festival. Today, Oktoberfest, Germany, is the largest folk festival in the world. Wondering how is it so famous? This fest is basically the beer festival in Germany with approximately 7 million people consuming nearly 8 million litres of beer. This beer fest in Germany takes place in the Bavarian capital of Munich, which is one of the most amazing tourist attractions in the country. Filled with castles, monuments, and royal palaces that reflect the spectacular architecture, the Bavarian capital is a city to fall in love with. Coming back to the Oktoberfest, it is the most famous traditional German festival, held for two weeks. The entire city is donned in dirndl and lederhosen with huge crowds joining the extravaganza of drinking, eating, and having fun at the game stalls, rides, etc. Germany’s beer festival is not to be missed if you are visiting the country anywhere between September-October.

2. Karneval, Fasching or Fastnacht, Cologne

If you are a fan of costume parties, the Karneval is for you. In Germany, the carnival has three names – Karneval, Fasching, and Fastnacht. Interestingly, each one has a different tradition and culture, depending on the region where the festival is celebrated. The most vivacious celebration takes place in Franconia, located in Nothern Bavaria.

On Carnival Thursday, ladies take the charge, cut the ties around the men, and give them a kiss. Sounds bizarre but it’s a part of Germany’s age-old tradition. The Carneval is larger than life festival in Germany. The celebrations go on for six days and the crowd cheers out loud the phrase “Kölle Alaaf”. It is celebrated in February, complemented by Kölsch (local beer) and Krapfen (doughnuts). It doesn’t matter which part of the country you are in, Carneval, the famous festival of Germany, will blow your mind off with loads and loads of fun.

3. DFB Pokal, Berlin

Germans are one of the craziest football lovers with a deep-seated loyalty for their regional team. The DFB Pokal is a knockout tournament for Germany’s top 64 qualified football teams. This event is held annually and is more of a festival celebrated in Germany than a football match. It takes in Berlin’s Olympic Stadium during the summer season and is equivalent to IPL is to Indians. Face paintings, banners, cheering, open weeping, and the occasional strikers make the DFB Pokal one of the most emotional and slightly wild annual festivals in Germany.

4. Berlinale, Berlin

Possibly the largest international film festival in the world, Berlinale was first held in 1978. This film and music festival in Germany shows some of the most elite cinematic talents of the world in every genre. It is one of the most hyped red-carpet events in entire Europe. However, Berlinale is slightly different from the other film festivals. Most film festivals allow invite-only guests or require purchasing of an access badge; Berlinale, on the other hand, sells tickets for the public for single screenings, allowing everyone to enjoy this charismatic film festival. With more than 400 films screened; all competing for 20 prizes called the Gold or Silver Bears, the Berlinale Film Festival is a festival in Germany that you cannot skip.

5. Wurstmarkt, Bad Dürkheim

Every year, in the month of September, Germany’s Bad Dürkheim town attracts a crowd of more than 600,000 people – Wurstmarkt predates to 1417. The world’s largest wine festival and a traditional festival in Germany, there are 36 wineries in the region that participate in this extraordinary event. The vineyards primarily cultivate Pinot, Gewurztraminer, and Riesling; however, there are a lot more types of wines that you can taste. The wine tasting is accompanied by delicious sausages, making the wine festival an even more amazing affair. According to the locals, there are only two seasons in Bad Dürkheim i.e., before and after Wurstmarkt. If you are a wine lover, make sure to include this in your Germany tour itinerary.

6. Frankfurt Book Fair, Frankfurt

For those who love books, consider them as their best friends, the Frankfurt Book Fair awaits your presence. One of the oldest book events in the world, the Frankfurt Book Fair attracts the publishing industry and book lovers from all over the world. The book fair is a famous festival in Germany, running for the last 500 years and takes place in October every year. It is also known as Frankfurter Buchmesse that began in 1454 when Frankfurt was declared the capital of the European publishing industry. Every year, the book fair has a theme. In 2021, the theme focused on Canadian Literature, which they titled “Singular Plurality”. The Frankfurt Book Fair, the book festival celebrated in Germany, stands as one of the landmark events for authors, publishers, and readers.

7. Unity Day, Berlin

The main and largest national festival of Germany, Unity Day is celebrated on October 3rd every year to commemorate the 1989 reunification of the West and East Germany. The reunification took place after the fall of the Berlin Wall. Every state, every city in Germany, celebrates Unity Day with full fervour and enthusiasm. However, the one celebrated in the capital is the most vibrant one with the effects of the walls felt intensely. Fairgrounds are put in place with open-air concerts that take place at the Brandenburg Gate; a parade marches across the downtown, art and history exhibits are installed along the remains of the Berlin Wall, and much more is done to make this holiday in Germany enthralling. Even after years, the memory of the Wall, the separation, and the unity remain fresh. With the annual celebrations in Berlin, the entire region takes on an unparalleled curve of pride and happiness. When in Germany in October, make sure to witness the celebrations of this gala.

Apart from these, the other festivals that you need to witness and experience are Germany’s Pumpkin Festival, Asparagusfest and Onionfest, Reeperbahn, Walpurgisnacht, and so on. That said, if you want to experience Diwali in Germany, make sure to go to the Hafengeburtstag Fest; trust us, you will be amazed.


November 27, 2021


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