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Top Offbeat Tourist Places in Europe That Are Worth The Visit

9 mins. read

Planning a Europe trip from India usually brings to mind some of the most popular and well-known destinations like Italy, France, Spain, and Germany. However, Europe has so much more to offer that one trip might just not seem like enough to explore all the hidden gems that you can come across at this treasure trove of tourist places. Europe is home to numerous destinations that can suit the preferences of every kind of traveller, each with something unique to offer in terms of experiences, which is one of the main reasons why the continent is such a star on almost every travel bucket list.

Top Offbeat Destinations for Your Next Trip to Europe

Whether it is your first trip to Europe or if you know the best spots in Europe like the back of your hand by now, there are so many off-the-beaten-track, lesser-known spots in the continent that you should definitely consider visiting, if you haven’t already. Rich in history and local culture, and offering immersive experiences, here are the top places that deserve their own spot on the list of famous places in Europe:

  1. Turkey
  2. Cyprus
  3. Republic of Malta
  4. Estonia
  5. Croatia
  6. Romania
  7. Slovakia
  8. Latvia
  9. Bulgaria
  10. Albania


Turkey is still relatively well-known among the famous places in Europe even if it is because of their delectable cuisine and the world-famous Turkish Baths. However, the country has so much more to offer visitors on a trip to Europe. Full of mesmerising beaches with crystal clear waters, the tallest mountains, idyllic villages, huge cities that boast of cosmopolitan lifestyle, and much more. Having witnessed numerous empires rise and fall over the centuries, Turkey also has multiple archaeological sites spread across its expanse that make for some of the most famous places in Europe for history buffs. In Turkey, you can check out the ruins of the medieval city of Ani, visit the ancient tomb of a king at Mount Nemrut, laze around at the stunning beaches of Bodrum, and do much more.


Housing some of the most historical sites in the world and boasting of a vibrant Mediterranean Culture, the charming island of Cyprus is one of the best places to visit in Europe. The island has one of the oldest histories, which can be traced back to 1100 BC, and is home to several ancient churches, museums, and monuments. The beautiful sandy beaches of Cyprus have also been labelled as the cleanest beaches in Europe by the European Environment Agency. Aphrodite’s Beach, Tomb of the Kings, Blue Lagoon, the Ancient Kourion, Sanctuary of Apollo, Kolossi Castle, and Paphos are some of the best tourist attractions in Europe that you should consider visiting.

Republic of Malta

When it comes to sightseeing in Europe, there’s no better place than the Republic of Malta. This small island nation is thousands of years old and is chockful of architectural wonders and historical sites for you to explore. The island boasts of some of the most mesmerising natural vistas, like the picturesque countryside, blue waters, serene coves, and dramatically rising cliffs. If you are planning to spend a tranquil time on your trip to Europe, you should make a beeline towards the coastal villages of Malta. Exuding a timeless natural beauty, these villages offer mesmerising views of the Mediterranean, colourful fishing harbours, and the perfect peaceful retreat.


There are more than 2000 small islands in Estonia, most of them, uninhabited, which has helped in preserving the traditions and lifestyle of Estonia to date. Estonia has been under occupancy by the Germans, Swedes, and Russians, the evidence of which can be witnessed in the rich and unique history and architecture of the country. In fact, the capital city of Tallinn is one of the most well-preserved medieval cities of Northern Europe, which is another reason why Estonia is one of the best places to travel to in Europe for history buffs. Some of the places in Estonia that you can visit include Lahemaa National Park, Saaremaa, Tartu, Narva Castle, Parnu, Rakvere Castle, Hiiumaa, Viljandi, and Lake Peipus.



Croatia has something on offer for everyone and is one of the best places to visit in Europe. You can enjoy some water sports or enjoy a lazy beach vacation, as Croatia is home to some of the most incredible coastlines and boasts of cool crystal-clear waters and stunning beaches. Croatia is also home to amazing natural vistas across its many waterfalls, greenery, and verdant national parks. Croatia undeniably has some of the top tourist attractions in Europe including the fortified city of Dubrovnik, Fortica, pastel-hued Rovinj, Vis, and many more.


Romania is home to some of the most well-known castles that are famous all over the world, where you can visit the castle of Vlad the Impaler, who is the historical inspiration behind Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Maintaining its ties to its cultural past, Romania has numerous well-preserved regions that tend to take you back in time. Another reason why Romania is one of the best places to visit in Europe are its astonishing landscapes that vary from the seashore and lakes to deltas and abundant greenery. Top places to visit include Peleș Castle, the Palace of Parliament, Old Town, Big Square, Muzeul Astra, and Dracula’s Bran Castle.


Another must-visit place for your next trip to Europe is Slovakia, a country deeply rooted in its unique traditions and history. Slovakia has a delectable cuisine, high mountain peaks that tower more than 2000 metres above, magical castles of old, adventure sports, beautiful natural landscapes, and thermal spas where you can soak in warm mineral springs that boast of curative properties. Steam engine trains are yet another experience that awaits you in Slovakia. You will have several opportunities here to ride steam locomotives, which take you across some of the most brilliant natural vistas you have ever seen.


Latvia is not one of those tourist places in Europe that people tend to think of first while planning their Euro trip, but it is the place that people end up visiting sooner or later. Latvia as a destination tends to leave quite an impression on you, with its historical castles and manors, bountiful nature, the Baltic seacoasts, and much more. If you too plan to visit this small nation soon, make sure you add a visit to Riga, Kemeri National Park, Riga Motor Museum, Dzintari Forest Park, Ventspils Beach, Zanis Lipke Memorial, and Veranes Garden to your Europe tour packages for an unforgettable trip!



The culture and history of the country form some of the most interesting reasons why you should definitely add Bulgaria to your must-visit list of tourist places in Europe. Whether you are exploring the city, or the coast, or headed for the mountains; Bulgaria is sure to surprise you with its awe-inspiring landscapes and natural vistas. The country also houses some of the most interesting ancient sites that you can plan to check out, including the Hisarya Complex, St George Rotunda, Ancient Stadium of Philippopolis, Basilica Mosaics, Thracian Tombs, and many more. Bulgaria has warm summers and cold winters, so the best time to visit Europe for a Bulgarian soiree would be during the spring (April to June).


From the 13th-century castle of Berat and Butrint, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, to the collapse of the Ottoman Empire and the rise of communism, Albania is a country that has experienced a lot and boasts of a rather colourful history. The country, from its wild north to the mysterious south, presents some of the most amazing landscapes that you have ever seen, including stunning national parks, forested regions, and glistening turquoise waters of the Adriatic. Some of the top destinations in Albania that you must visit include Berat, Butrint, Himare, Kruje, Gjirokaster, Shkodra, Tirane, Sarande, Vlore, and Durres.

So, what are you waiting for? Don’t limit yourself to only the best-known destinations in Europe, for the continent truly has some of the most amazing gems that you should visit at least once in your life. Shortlist the top lesser-known countries you plan to visit on your next Euro trip and choose the best time to visit Europe accordingly. A vacation of a lifetime awaits you amidst these small nations that sit hidden away within the reaches of Europe.

August 30, 2023


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