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Here’s How You Can Plan a Ha Long Bay Cruise

7 mins. read

Vietnam, a beautiful country in Southeast Asia, has recently emerged as a tourist magnet. With a unique, refreshing cuisine, interesting colonial history, and friendly locals, this place has a lot to offer, which makes it popular among travellers from all over the world. Another important reason behind Vietnam’s increasing popularity is that it has been blessed with an abundance of natural beauty. With pristine soft-sand beaches, majestic mountain ranges, and crystalline rivers, this country is the perfect example of natural diversity. Among its many treasures, Ha Long Bay stands out as a must-visit destination for travellers. Featuring several thousand-year-old limestone karsts rising up from emerald waters, it has also been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

An Introduction to Ha Long Bay

Located in the Gulf of Tonkin, this magnificent bay offers a perfect combination of natural beauty and rich history. In ancient Vietnamese language, Ha Long means ‘descending dragons’ which refers to the dragons that were sent down to protect the Vietnamese people from the Northern invaders in ancient times. This magnificent bay contains approximately 1,969 islands and islets, covering a total area of around 1,500 km2. All these islets and islands are believed to be the remains of the ancient defensive walls created by those dragons. Apart from having great historical significance, Ha Long Bay is also known for the unique and majestic seascapes it offers. In addition to this, there are several outdoor activities that you can enjoy here, such as snorkelling, kayaking, hiking, etc.

Best Places to Visit

There are several places to visit in Ha Long Bay. Some of the most popular ones are:

Sung Sot Cave

Also known as Surprise Cave, this is one of the largest and most beautiful caves in Ha Long Bay. It features stunning stalactite formations and offers breathtaking views of the bay from its entrance. If you want to add a touch of adventure to your trip, this cave is a must-visit place for you.

Ti Top Island

Located in the heart of Ha Long Bay, this beautiful island is known for its white-sand beaches and crystal-clear waters. Here, you can enjoy activities like swimming, sunbathing, etc. Or, you can also choose to hike up to the highest viewpoint of the island, which offers breathtaking panoramic views of the bay.

Cat Ba Island

This is the largest island in Ha Long Bay and is known for the beautiful landscapes it offers. Here, you can visit Cat Ba National Park, which has been named after the island itself. This national park is home to 32 species of mammals, including the golden-headed langur. This is the most endangered primate in the world, and the majority of them are found here. Other than this, you can also find more than a thousand species of plants, of which 160 are known to have great medicinal value.

Explore the Enchanting Ha Long Bay on a Cruise

Taking a cruise in Ha Long Bay is definitely one of the best ways to explore the beauty of this remarkable natural wonder. Here are a few things you can do to make the most of your cruise experience:

Admire the Natural Beauty

Exploring Ha Long Bay, the popular Vietnamese natural wonder, on a cruise guarantees an awe-inspiring experience. There are several picturesque beaches and floating fishing villages, which contribute to the magical aura of this area. As you cruise through the bay, you'll get a chance to witness all that beauty. Book a Ha Long Bay day cruise that includes activities like water sports, fishing, etc. and ensure that you don’t miss the fun!

Ha Long Bay

Enjoy Breathtaking Sunset/Sunrise Views

Another way to elevate your experience is to enjoy stunning sunrises and sunsets over the serene waters. Viewing the setting sun while on a cruise is one of the best things you can do in Ha Long Bay. When the bright daylight starts fading away and the Sun takes a dip, that is definitely a sight to behold. Or. If you are someone who prefers sunrises over sunsets, you can book an overnight Ha Long Bay cruise. Witnessing the beautiful morning sun emerge amidst the towering limestone formations with a beautiful red hue in the sky is an experience of a lifetime. It will leave you in awe and create memories that you will always remember.

Exploring Hidden Caves and Grottoes

Ha Long Bay is home to several hidden caves and grottoes. They are known for their intricate stalactite formations and awe-inspiring chambers, which give them a unique rustic charm. These huge, dark caves are not only a testament to the geological history of the area but also offer a glimpse into its fascinating past. Some of the most popular ones that you can visit as a part of your cruise include Sung Sot Cave, Thien Cung Cave, Dau Go Cave, etc.

Immerse Yourself in Local Culture

The best part of going on a trip is experiencing the local culture of that particular place. Interacting with the locals and learning about their traditions adds a unique dimension to the overall travel experience. Especially in Vietnam, a country known for its vibrant and diverse culture, this is definitely the best thing you can do. There are many cruise packages that offer visits to floating fishing villages, where you can witness the daily lives of the local fishermen and learn about their traditional way of life. Or, to add a fun element to your trip, you can also try your hand at activities like squid fishing or kayaking through the karsts.

Add a Touch of Luxury

When it comes to booking a cruise package in Ha Long Bay, you have a large number of options, from budget-friendly to luxurious. If you want to enjoy a more refined onboard experience, you can go for an ultra-modern luxury cruise liner. There are several cruise operators offering the most luxurious Ha Long Bay cruise packages with five-star accommodations, exceptional service, and several other inclusions. Some of the luxury Ha Long Bay cruise packages offer onboard activities such as cooking classes, Tai Chi sessions, and spa treatments. This is to ensure that your time on the cruise is as enjoyable and relaxing as possible. You can explore all the options and choose the Ha Long Bay cruise that is best for you.

If you are planning a fun-filled vacation in Vietnam, Ha Long Bay is a place that you shouldn’t miss! To avoid all the hassle that comes with trip planning, you can explore Veena World’s wide range of Vietnam tour packages and choose the one that suits your requirements.

June 27, 2023


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