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Cross off 5 Destinations this year in just 2.5 Lakhs!

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‘Travel is a rich man’s hobby.’ Age of saying that is long gone. Now it is time where more and more people from different stages of life set to travel at least once a year. Based on this, the travel world adjusted itself with more flights, more destinations, more hospitability and more options. The world was set to welcome literally anyone who wants to travel, setting on a mission to make it affordable.

Veena World’s idea of making tours something for everyone and making it even more affordable with all-inclusive tours became a budget traveller’s dream come true. Most travellers are busy being in a delusion of that one can only afford one trip in a year because it is a costly affair. This write up is exactly for those people! Cross off five destinations which include 3 international and 2 Indian trips within the budget of 2.5 Lakhs. Seems unreal? Here’s how you can make it possible.


5 Destinations in just 2.5 Lakhs

Make it every year thing, start saying #IssSaalPakka to your travel plans and make it happen. Because, there’s so much to see in the world and with it getting affordable, it is indeed our responsibility to witness it all. These 5 destinations are something that you must cross off this year without harming your pocket. Each one is unique in its own way and every one of them comes with experiences that are absolutely priceless.


1. Vietnam

The rising travel star flaunting its culture and its unique landscapes have lured more and more people to travel here. Feast your eyes on the lush green rice terraces of Vietnam and witness the serene treasure of Asia.

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2. Cambodia

Cambodia is the sacred treasure of Asia with landmarks of the past that remind you of ancient times. It connects you to the stories that you haven’t lived and yet feel homely. That’s the magic of Cambodia, it is something that will shake you to your roots.

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 Vietnam + Cambodia Starting from: 1, 16,400

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3. Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is the true Jewel of the Indian Ocean giving life to the ancient texts, this land is everything that a paradise needs. Literally! Gods have set their foot on it, there are perfect sets of tranquil beaches, scenic tea plantations, colourful Hindu & Buddhist temples and rich local culture. Explore it all, right in the arms of our neighbouring land!

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Starting from: 55,795

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4. Orissa

A divine journey that will take you through the ‘Golden Triangle’ of East India! The temple town of Bhubaneswar along with the religious & architectural heritage sites of Puri is something that will remind of the Golden era of India. The true richness and the classic proof of the expert designs that has puzzled researches from across the world is definitely something one must witness for themselves.

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Starting from: 30,000

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5. Luxurious Andaman

While all of your previous trips are something out of legends, every year trip plan deserves a private getaway near blue waters and absolute luxury! And, if that gets affordable then it is indeed something every travel enthusiasts deserve. Andaman is that spectacular beauty that will remind you of the lesser known richness of Indian destinations. Make Andaman a private affair with some customization that suits your pocket!

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Starting from: 27,000

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All the 5 trips are something of a kind that is something far beyond the journey. They not only show that they are affordable and possible for a tight budget but also breaks the prejudice that one must be rich to embrace the passion of travel! After all, if your calling of the exploration is strong enough you will find your way. This year, give up on your excuses and say #IssSaalPakka to your travel goals!



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