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7 Best Castles in Edinburgh You Don't Want to Miss

8 mins. read

The one place in the world that’s globally renowned for its castles is the city of Edinburgh in Scotland. The rich history of Edinburgh goes as far back as the Neolithic age. Not only are these castles beautiful pieces of architecture that stand tall to this date, but each of them has a history attached to it. If you are a person who is into architecture or history, the castles of Edinburgh are what you should be visiting. On a more lighthearted note, it is said that if you buy a 1 square inch of land in Scotland, you can practically call yourself a Lord!

Book your Scotland tour package to visit these beauties as soon as possible. Here are the 7 best castles in Edinburgh that you must visit: -

1. Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle

The most popular castle in Edinburgh is, you guessed it, the Edinburg Castle. Sitting atop Castle Rock, the castle reflects why it is the crown castle of the capital. Many parts of the castle date as far back as the 12th century. Edinburgh Castle has been besieged more times than any other castle in Great Britain. Because of its rich history, Edinburgh Castle in Scotland attracts lakhs of visitors every year.

The insides of the Edinburgh Castle show how this castle, which was used as a fortress, military residence, and a prison of war, stands strong even after 1100 years and being besieged nearly 26 times. The Castle Rock in Edinburgh has been inhabited by humans since at least the Iron Age. For those who want to visit the castle, they can easily buy tickets for Edinburgh Castle from the official website. The price for a children’s ticket (5-15 years) is £9.30 and for an adult’s ticket (16-64 years) is £15.50. There is a concession for people above the age of 64, and the price of their ticket is 12.40. The ticket for children below the age of 5 years and senior citizens accompanied by a caregiver is free of cost. There are also family tickets available, starting from £31 that you can check out. If you are visiting Edinburgh, this castle is the one place that you must visit.

2. Craigcrook Castle

One of the castles near Edinburgh, a few miles west of it, is the Craigcrook Castle. It is currently one of the most cared-for castles in the country. This castle has had various residents since it was building. The one that stands out the most is Archibald Constable who was, at one time, the custodian of the castle. The Craigrook Castle has caught the fancy of many admirers over the years, including Charles Dickens, Christian Anderson, and Alfred Lord Tennyson. The castle blends an array of styles and stands tall as a beautiful castle to this date.

3. Borthwick Castle

A twin tower castle, Borthwick Castle gets its name from being the ancestral seat of the Borthwick Family. Barring the years from 1650 until 1810, it has been the seat of the Borthwick family for the last 600 years. It was built by Sir William Borthwick after it was licensed as a gift to him by King James I. Borthwick Castle is one of the largest and most-preserved Scottish architecture. Although the castle is mostly used to organise events, it is open to the public on specific days. If you want to visit the castle, it’s recommended that you book your ticket in advance. The opulence of the castle and how well it has been maintained will sweep the floor from beneath your feet.

4. Rosslyn Castle

Rosslyn Castle has been always a popular castle in Scotland. Its name is synonymous with artistic musings and romanticism after regular visits from Scotland’s national bard Robert Burns, and Alexander Nasmyth. But the castle gained global popularity when it became one of the key filming locations for The Da Vinci Code in 2006, starring Tom Hanks. The movie was adapted from the 2003 novel of the same name by Dan Brown. Over the years, it has been a place for several conspiracies as well. Now the castle has been properly renovated. It is open to the public daily. Visit it whenever you find yourself roaming the streets of Scotland.

5. Crichton Castle

Crichton Castle has a history that includes a fall from grace as well as witchcraft, which is why the castle was neglected for a long time and became a ruin. Now its ruins are preserved. The castle was constructed in the 14th century as a tower house for the Crichton family, but the castle was passed to the Earls of Bothwell after the Crichtons fell from grace. Soon afterwards, Francis Stewart, the 5th Earl of Bothwell, was accused of witchcraft, and even a dinner that inspired the popular Red Wedding from Games of Thrones, and the castle quickly fell into neglect. The castle now stands alone on River Tyne, only a mile from the Borthwick Castle.

6. Craigmillar Castle

Craigmillar Castle is located deep into the Scottish highlands. It is popular for being associated with Mary, Queen of Scots. She fell ill following the birth of her son and was sent to the Craigmillar Castle on 20th November 1566 to convalesce. Sometime before she departed from the castle on 7th December of the same year, Craigmillar Bond was signed (with or without her consent) to dispose of her husband. The castle was built by the Preston Family of Craigmillar in the 14th Century and it was later bought by Sir John Gilmour. After he and his family to a more modern accommodation, the castle became neglected. Its maze-like structure is known across the globe. Much of these maze-like structures are now in ruins, only the castle remains.

7. Dalhousie Castle

The history of the Dalhousie Castle goes as far back as mid-1100. This was when Sir Simundus of Ramsey erected a castle in the honour of the newly-crowned King David I. It is now a hotel with a spa. Visit it for its picturesque value and to delve into a luxurious stay. The castle has been lived in by Oliver Cromwell, who used it as a base of the invasion of Scotland, and King Henry IV, and King Edward I.

Scotland is the country of castles, forts, and fortresses. The moment you set foot on Scottish land, you will feel like royalty. Continue on your royal journey as you visit one castle from another. Other than the castles, travelling on Scottish highlands is an experience to be had. You will feel like you have entered into another world altogether. Its fresh air, cold breeze, and scenic views will keep you in Scotland for a long time. And once you return home, Scotland and the castles of Edinburgh will always live in your heart.

September 17, 2021


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