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Find Your Best Time and Season to Visit Finland – A Nature’s Symphony

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Finland is the world’s only place to witness a surreal interplay of contrast. This diverse and complex country is a paradise of contrasting nature. The lake you swam at in the summer will become your playground in the winter for ice sports. The Sun you know since birth, that sets at dusk, never sets in Finland for two months at a stretch. The entire human habitation is in the South (Lakeland), while the other end of the country (Lapland) has vast forest coverage. It is not all. Despite being geographically closest to the Arctic Circle, summers in Finland are relatively warmer, and even winters are not so cold that every single lake freezes. Thanks to the North Atlantic Drift and Baltic Sea, it keeps the landscape warm and cherishable.

Plus, the country is blessed by the 4 distinct seasons; each paints a masterpiece on nature’s canvas. The landscapes transform beautifully as if you are living in a 5-dimensional postcard that keeps changing its view every few months. And the showstopper, you wonder, the dance of the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis), is just one breathtaking aspect of Finland.

However, questions are adamant and come knocking on every traveller’s mind. Like: What is the best time to visit Finland? Are the weather conditions suitable for everyone? Does it snow all the time? Is it easy to explore the cities and towns? What are some things to do at specific times of the year? So, in this blog, you can find a detailed overview of the season-wise things you should know about Finland that will answer your burning questions.

Seasons of Finland

  • Summer: The Land of the Midnight Sun
  • Autumn: A Tapestry of Colours
  • Winter: A Wonderland of Snow and Ice
  • Spring: A Season of Renewal

Summer in Finland: The Land of the Midnight Sun

Summers (June, July, and August) illuminate the days and nights of Finland in an enchanting way. Paddle your way in turquoise waters or kayak across mirror-like lakes where the water reflects cotton-ball clouds drifting lazily across the azure sky. The balmy sunrays warm your skin as the cool breeze rejects it simultaneously, creating a refreshing embrace. As the day passes and you anticipate dusk and night, the Sun smiles and stretches the day further, painting the night sky with a soft, ethereal glow. This magical phenomenon, known as ‘the Midnight Sun’ gives a golden glow to the land, perfect for late-night kayaking, leisure strolls, or hiking a nature’s trail under the never-ending twilight.

Temperature - It stays between 12°C to 20°C; pleasant with clear skies and 20+ hours of sunlight throughout the day.

What makes summer the best time to visit Finland?

June brings the most pleasant and inviting temperature to explore the outdoors in all its glory, while late July and August offer to reap nature’s bounty. Savour plump, juicy berries plucked straight from the bushes and bite into the freshest fish pulled from the chilly lake water. Plus, in summer, you can immerse yourself in energetic music festivals like The Flow Festival (in August), hosted by the capital city Helsinki, or a 10-day Naantali Festival (starts in June), and the Organ and Aria Festival at Espoo till August.

Due to being a symphony of endless days, with vibrant traditions and breathtaking landscapes to reconnect with nature, summers are seen as the best time and season to visit Finland.

Autumn in Finland: A Tapestry of Colours

Autumn in Finland is a dramatic and colourful story that will lead you to dreamy affairs. September arrives like a gentle nudge, dipping the average minimum temperature. The days become shorter, and the sky becomes a canvas of fiery hues of orange, amber, and pink. This is not all. The Finns and visitors from across the globe get ready to witness a surreal phenomenon of colour-changing leaves. Known as ‘ruska’, it is a captivating display of yellow, red, and brown hues colouring Finland's entire forests and woodlands. October intensifies this drama with the advent of the Northern Lights, taking the ‘ruska’ to a level of jaw-dropping aesthetics and winning the best month to visit Finland for the same. November brings the final act with the temperature dropping further, and a layer of snow appears in the morning with a message of the arrival of winter.

Temperature – It hovers between 5°C to 15°C as the average minimum and maximum in most parts of the country; expect frequent rains in September and October.

What makes autumn the best time to visit Finland?

Despite an unusually long season coupled with bouts of rain, autumn draws visitors to Finland from all corners of the globe to witness the marriage of natural beauty in ‘Ruska’ and supernatural ‘Northern Lights’. Not only this, you can enjoy a lovely time with your friends and family over a steaming cup of mulled wine, sitting across a crackling fire in the night and experiencing traditional sauna sessions in the day as the temperature keeps falling.

Many, many travellers consider autumn as the best time to travel to Finland. Wonder how it feels to inhale the crisp and freshest air on the planet, the earth beneath your feet soften with golden brown leaves, and introspect nature’s subtle and constant cycle of renewal.

Winter in Finland: A Wonderland of Snow and Ice

The winter brings with it heavy snow and ice in Finland, a bit too much! The harshest season brings you warmth in its jubilant festive mood across the country. December arrives with a flurry of snowflakes amidst the Christmas bells. The days get shorter, and the nights glimmer with the twinkling lights of Christmas markets as the country gets ready to witness the arrival of Santa Claus. January, the best month to visit Finland for all things snow, intensifies the winter with a steep drop of 10°C below the freezing point. The white landscapes totally transform from familiar to dreamscape and become a haven for ski enthusiasts who throng to various ski resorts. February comes whispering a clue of spring and another magical phenomenon in Finland – The Polar Nights.

Temperature – Fluctuates between -10°C to 5°C. Expect only 3-4 hours of light in peak winters.

What makes winter the best time to visit Finland?

For the lovers of skiing and snowboarding, for people who like to experience magic and mystery, for thrill-seekers who want to embrace nature’s quietness – the winter season is the best time to go to Finland. Experience snow sports, get the warmth of community gatherings around bonfires as the aroma of stews simmered to perfection swells, dance with the celestial dance of lights above, and spend a night in an igloo – the winter in Finland is an invitation to unfold madness and merriment. Additionally, mesmerise yourself by visiting the gateway to the Arctic Circle and Santa Claus village – Rovaniemi in Lapland, one of the best places to visit in Finland in February. And not to forget, testify ‘Polar Nights’ of February; nights nowhere else to be seen in the world; nights that blend blank white landscapes with deep warm colours of midday skies; nights that start at 2 in the afternoon, and when you wake up in the morning, it's still dark!

Spring in Finland: A Season of Renewal

Spring wakes up the slumbering land with the warmth of hope. March arrives with thawing as snow begins to melt. Nature tiptoes back into existence and gets testified by the chirping of birds and the blooming of wildflowers. April further bursts life into the country by raising the temperature. The days lengthen, and people start taking up outdoor activities like cycling tours, picnics, and birdwatching. The Sun shines the brightest in May, keeping a pleasant temperature around 13°C and waterfalls start making noise to inform of their revival. At this time, Easter celebrations also fill the air with joy; families gather for traditional meals, children’s laughter echoes, and the sunny terrace fills with more people. Life finds its way back to normal.

Temperature – The air temperature in spring fluctuates between 0°C to 10°C

What makes the spring season the best time to visit Finland?

As one of the shoulder seasons, visiting Finland in spring is quite promising and pocket-friendly. Not only do the hotel prices see a drop, but the footfall at iconic castles and informative museums is less, making you navigate through historic places with ease. This is the best time to visit and explore the charming cities in Finland – from the gorgeous capital city Helinski to the tourist-favourite Tampere to the capital city of Lapland, Rovaniemi, which houses the iconic Santa Claus village.

Did the seasons of Finland pique your interest? If yes, then time to experience it by booking a Finland tour with Veena World!

February 16, 2024


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