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The Best Time To Visit Egypt: A Month-by-Month Guide

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Egypt, with its stunning pyramids, rich history, and everyday sunshine, is one of the most fascinating tourist destinations. From the iconic Pyramids of Giza to the enchanting temples along the Nile, Egypt offers a tapestry of experiences. Beyond the historical marvels, Egypt gives a unique culinary adventure where you can indulge your taste buds in the diverse and flavorful world of Egypt's food. But to experience the country in its full glory, you have to look for the best time to visit Egypt from India. Egypt is different in different seasons, with each season offering a unique experience, and that’s why we have curated this detailed guide to help you decide the best season to visit Egypt.

When is the best time to visit Egypt?

The best time to visit Egypt is between October to March. In these months, the weather in Egypt is quite pleasant and comfortable, with temperatures ranging from 20 °C to 30 °C. During these months, the weather is pleasantly cool in the evenings, creating the best atmosphere for exploring iconic landmarks such as the Great Pyramids and navigating the bustling streets of Cairo. Choosing to visit Egypt in these months allows you to beat the heat of the scorching summers when the temperature rises to 40 °C, with little to no rain.

While October to March is the best time to go to Egypt, during these months, popular destinations in Egypt are crowded, and the airfare price is also a little higher.

Egypt in winter (October to February)

Winter is considered the best time to travel to Egypt. The temperature is milder, ranging from 20 °C to 30°C during the day, with cool nights. The weather makes it comfortable to explore historical sites and enjoy outdoor activities. Winters are also an excellent time for sightseeing, cruising on the Nile, and exploring the deserts without the scorching heat of summer. However, winters are a peak tourist season, so popular attractions become crowded, making it advisable to book accommodations and tours in advance.


The weather turns a little chilly in October, making October the best month to visit Egypt, with pleasant weather and fewer tourists. You can also enjoy festivals like the Abu Simbel Sun Festival on October 21 and the Cairo Jazz Festival.


In November, the weather becomes more manageable, with temperatures ranging between 15 °C to 23 °C. Tourism starts to pick up in November as it’s easy to explore historical places and roam the streets of Cairo without breaking a sweat. If you are into music, then November is a good time to go to Egypt as you participate in the Cairo International Film Festival and the Arab Music Festival.


December is the busiest month of the year in Egypt because of Christmas and New Year. The temperature also goes down to around 20 °C in the morning and 6 °C at night, providing a comfortable environment for outdoor activities and exploration. Overall, December is a good time to visit Egypt to enjoy the lively atmosphere buzzing with holiday vibes.


January marks the coolest month, although the temperature barely falls to 9 °C, making it one of the best times to travel to Egypt. The month also brings hordes of travellers and is considered a peak season. You might also get to experience some rain in Luxor, Cairo, Alexandria, and Aswan, but if you prefer tropical weather, then you can head to Red Sea Resort, Hurghada, and Dahab. And if you didn't get the most out of Christmas in December, then January in Egypt is the best time to visit, as the Coptics of Egypt celebrate Coptic Christmas on 7 January.


February in Egypt is lovely. The weather is cool, around 20-25°C, making it the best time to visit Egypt to explore historical sites like the Pyramids. If timed right, you might catch the Abu Simbel Sun Festival on February 22, a unique event celebrating ancient architecture with Nubian dance, street food, and music.

Egypt in spring (March to April)


Spring in Egypt is characterized by mild and gradually warming weather and khamaseen (a hot, dry wind). This season is less crowded as most people want to avoid the sand dust storm. However, spring is the best time to go to Egypt as you can get hotels at reasonable prices in spring compared to the winter.


March is a pleasant springtime in Egypt with the temperature heating a little. March in Egypt is the best time to go to the beaches and spot dolphins in the Dahab coral reef. Although the Khamassen wind starts blowing at the march end, the weather is still perfect for experiencing all that Egypt has to offer.


While April is still spring in Egypt, the weather starts to heat up with the temperature rising to 30 °C. The Khamassen wind is more intense this month, making the crowd thin out. April month in Egypt is the best time to visit Dahab’s beaches and indulge in activities such as snorkelling and scuba diving. You might also get to experience Egypt’s festival called Sham el Nassim, in which locals gather to celebrate the arrival of spring by feasting on salted fishes, painting games, and playing games.

Egypt in summer (May to August)

Summer is hot in Egypt, with temperatures often exceeding 40 degrees Celsius. The heat can be intense, especially in desert areas. It is also a low tourist season due to the extreme heat. However, it's a good time to visit Egypt for budget travellers as prices for accommodations and tours may be lower. Coastal areas such as the Red Sea are popular in summer for water activities like snorkelling and diving. Desert excursions are best planned for early mornings or evenings to avoid the peak heat.


May signals the onset of summer, with temperatures rising steadily. While it's not as hot as later months, visitors should still prepare for warm weather. May in Egypt is the best time to visit Aswan, a southernmost city, and explore the beautiful Temple of Isis, dedicated to the Goddess of health, marriage, and wisdom. The month also marks the end of Egypt's tourist season, providing good deals, but stick to the northern region for a comfortable travel experience.


Planning a trip to Egypt in June requires preparation for the intense heat. While the Red Sea beaches are vibrant and inviting, cities like Cairo can be quite hot. Southern destinations may reach temperatures of 34°C during the day, so avoid these areas if you're not a fan of high temperatures. June is the best time to travel to Egypt if you want to explore without crowds.

July and August

July and August are the peak of summer, bringing the hottest temperatures. It's essential to take precautions against the scorching sun, such as using sunscreen and dressing appropriately. Coastal areas thrive with visitors enjoying water activities, providing a refreshing escape from the inland heat. Take advantage of the summer mornings when historic temples and tombs typically open at 6, allowing you to enjoy the sites before the day heats up.

Egypt in autumn (September)

September marks the transition from the low tourist season to the more popular months. It's a good time to visit Egypt before the peak season begins, making it a shoulder month, which means there will be fewer crowds and better prices. The weather is still warm but not scorching hot, making it an ideal time to head to Red Sea Marine Park in Hurghada and take part in snorkelling and diving.

Ultimately, choosing the best time to go to Egypt hinges on your preferences, with each season offering a unique experience in this captivating destination. October stands out with fewer tourists and festivals, while November to February constitutes the peak season with cooler weather. Spring (March to April) offers mild conditions, while summer (May to August) is scorching and less crowded, suitable for budget travellers. September marks the transition to the peak season, providing warmth and fewer crowds. Overall, when booking your Egypt tour package, consider factors such as preferences, budget, and tolerance for weather conditions to get the most out of your Egypt trip.

January 27, 2024


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