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Amarnath: The Abode of Lord Shiva in the Himalayas

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Amarnath is a Hindu pilgrimage site located in the union territory of Jammu and Kashmir that is a true wonder of Mother Nature. The devotees of Lord Shiva gather from different parts of the country to witness the magnificent Shivaling created by the formation of ice inside the cave. In fact, such is the level of devotion that many pilgrims trek through the mountainous terrain to reach the cave. Access to the shrine is open to devotees during the month of Shravan in July and August. It takes almost 3-5 days for the devotees to reach the cave of Amarnath. The two routes taken by the pilgrims for the Amarnath Yatra are Baltal and Pahalgam. In most cases, devotees choose the Pahalgam route since it is less arduous in comparison to Baltal. Devotees can also book a helicopter for their pilgrimage to the Holy Amarnath Temple.

Due to the security concerns in the region, the cave is constantly guarded by the Indian Army, CRPF and paramilitary forces. Hence, visitors need to acquire permission before visiting the Amarnath Cave temple.

The Legend of Amarnath

According to legends, Goddess Parvati, the consort of Lord Shiva, requested him to reveal the secrets to immortality. Lord Shiva took Goddess Parvati to a secluded place in the Himalayas for said reason. It is often said that Lord Shiva destroyed all the living creatures inside the cave except the two pigeons that can still be seen in the Shriamarnathji shrine.  It is believed that the two pigeons heard lord Shiva narrate the secrets to Goddess Parvati and therefore became immortal themselves. The accounts of Shriamarnath Cave Temple can be found in the Nilamata Purana dating back to the 6th century. The scriptures provide a deep insight into the lifestyle of the ancient Hindus living in this particular region.  Apart from the Nilamata Purana, the Amarnathyatra is also mentioned in the Rajatanrangini texts.

Shriamarnath Yatra Shrine Board

This is a key entity that helps organize this auspicious event and makes sure that people have access to telecommunication and electricity. The journey to ShriAmarnath can be difficult for pilgrims where several of them might face some health-related issues during the pilgrimage. Even though both the government and private bodies have made all the necessary arrangements such as health checkups for the pilgrims, the journey can still prove difficult. Despite of this, the number of pilgrims just keeps on increasing every year with more enthusiasm than ever before! Both young and old can be seen chanting the name of Lord Shiva as they make their way through to the Amarnathdham. The helicopter booking for the Amarnath yatra needs to be done in advance so that there aren’t any last-minute hassles.

Popular Tourist Attractions in Amarnath

Popular Tourist Attractions in Amarnath

Apart from being a sacred pilgrimage site,Amarnath is also a popular tourist destination with several attractions near the shrine. Here are some of the famous ones:

1. Baltal

Situated at the high altitude of 2743 metres, Baltal is located at a distance of 14 kilometres from the shrine, making it an ideal destination for the pilgrims to rest and gather up the strength to finish the Amarnathki yatra. Baltal is known for its picturesque landscape and awe-inspiring natural beauty. Srinagar and Sonamarg which happen to be nearby are also quite popular among tourists.

2. Pahalgam

Pahalgam is a popular hill station located in the Anantnag district of Jammu and Kashmir. It serves as a starting point for the Amarnath Ji ki yatra. Pilgrims can look forward to enjoying sledging on the frozen glaciers on top of the mountains. The nearby Liddar river is a perfect spot to spend some time fishing or just relaxing.

3. Sonamarg


Sonamarg is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Kashmir. The snow-covered mountains offer a surreal view to the visitors. Sonamarg also serves as a base camp for the pilgrims to the ShriAmarnath Yatra. Tourists can also look forward to taking a refreshing dip in the pristine waters of the famous Gangabal and Gadsar Lakes in Sonamarg.

4. Sheshnag Lake

Another holy pilgrimage site is the Sheshnag Lake that’s located 20kilometres from Amarnath. The lake is named after the snake of Lord Vishnu and is believed to be his throne. According to legends, the snake still rests underneath the lake which remains frozen for most of the year except in summers.

If you are planning to visit Amarnath, then make sure you book an Amarnath Yatra package for a memorable travel experience.

July 04, 2022


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