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10 Weekend Resorts Near Kolkata For A Day Out

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Kolkata has earned the title ‘The City of Joy’ for its friendliness and warmth but it’s still a city and the city’s hubbub often gets to your head. That’s when you need to pack your bags for the weekend and head out to a welcoming resort near Kolkata. You may go with your friends or you may not - what is important here is that you need a break and you’re going to get it. For a good weekend getaway from Kolkata, you might be looking for the best resorts around. In this regard, the City of Joy truly lives up to its name as you’ll find all sorts of weekend resorts near Kolkata. For those who want to relax, there are picnic resorts near Kolkata; for those who want some adventure and thrill, there are jungle resorts near Kolkata as well.

Let us help you simplify your search:

1. Vedic Village Spa Resort

If a break from the hectic city life is what you are looking for, you might want to try Vedic Village Spa Resort. Located 20 mins away from Netaji Subash Chandra Bose International Airport, it is situated in the Shikharpur village in Bagu in the midst of natural beauty. This village resort near Kolkata offers world-class luxury in the middle of Bengal villages. It is surrounded by coconut groves, sparkling lakes and a tremendous amount of greenery. Here, you can have fine dining as well as an ayurvedic spa to relieve the stress that you have brought with you. The resort also has space for recreation and sports. If all you want to do for a day out of the city is relax and do nothing, Vedic Village is a good resort near Kolkata.

2. Swissotel

For a day of indulgence in luxury, Swissotel in Rajarhat is one of the best resorts near Kolkata that’s located next to the IT hub. Part of a Swiss chain of hotels, Swissotel is part-business, part-luxury. Because it’s a business hotel and working officials from around the world visit it, you get to experience the global standard of luxury. Enjoy jacuzzi, infinity pools, spa, and fitness bar. The world-class services offered here will leave you mesmerised, so much so that you’ll wish it was a longer sojourn.

3. Sundarban Gateway Resort

If you are up for going on a little drive, you should consider Sundarban Gateway Resort as your weekend resort near Kolkata. The resort is located exactly where the name suggests: in the Sundarbans. It is near the border so you won’t have to be going deep into the forests. What you certainly will experience is the calm and peace that you are looking for in your day outing resort near Kolkata. Once at the resort, you can use its shuttle and bike hire services if you would like to explore around.

If luxurious indulgence is not your goal and you want to rest amidst the mangrove trees, Sundarban Gateway Resort is what you should be eyeing.

4. Floatel

It is understandable that you would want to get away from the city and look for resorts around Kolkata, but if you are okay spending it in the city, then you have Floatel as a good option. Its name is a contraction of the words Floating Hotel and it is indeed a floating hotel. You can find it floating in the Hooghly river near the Eden Gardens and Howrah Bridge. It is a 4-star hotel that offers a panoramic view of the sunrise and the sunset from all rooms. And being a 4-star hotel, you will find the best quality of luxuries, including massage, swimming pool and Jacuzzi.

5. The Rajbari Bawali

If luxury with cultural history is what you are looking for, there are many Rajbari resorts near Kolkata. One of them is the Rajbari Bawali. Located about an hour and a half away from Kolkata, the Rajbari Bawali is a 300-year-old property that has been preserved and turned into a luxury heritage resort near Kolkata. Once you visit, the beauty of the resort is sure to mesmerise you and its architecture will sweep you off your feet. Staying even a day here will be an experience of the memorable kind. It is one of the best Rajbari resorts near Kolkata and a must-visit if you haven’t yet.

6. Solitary Nook

Solitary Nook in the Sunderbans is often visited by couples because it is known to be a couple-friendly resort near Kolkata. Not that the other resorts in the list aren’t couple-friendly but this one is a bit special because it offers the simplicity and beauty of Bengal and the Sunderbans just as it is supposed to. At the resort, you can even book a Sunderban package to explore a part of the vast forest and learn what makes it a UNESCO world heritage site. And since the Sunderbans is also home to many people, Solitary Nook serves the purpose of giving them livelihood, preserving the forest, and offering an authentic experience of the Sunderbans with the locals. All this makes the Solitary Nook a good day outing resort near Kolkata.

7. Mathanguri Forest Lodge

This is a jungle resort near Kolkata for those interested in wildlife. It is located in the Manas National Park in Mathanguri, Assam, and is a definite inclusion when you go for a Kolkata tour package.

The national park is a protected tiger reserve which means you’ll be watching protected tigers in their natural habitat in all their regal glory. One of the best things about this lodge, other than the jungle and wildlife is that you get to see beyond the Indian boundaries at the Inspection Bungalow in Bhutan which is amidst the beautiful Bhutan mountains. You can also get a view of the summer house of the King of Bhutan which is said to be haunted by a golden langur. What really enhances your experience and makes the journey here worthwhile is that you get to have your meals in the glassed-in dining room that has stunning views. As a jungle resort near Kolkata, it is one of the best that you can go to for a weekend.

8. Palm Village Resort

A village resort near Kolkata, this is where people come to embrace the scenic natural beauty as they leave their worries behind. Besides the natural beauty that encompasses the place, at Palm Village Resort, you also get to partake in indoor games and enjoy the swimming pool. And if you have a child, the children’s area of the resort will keep your little one(s) busy so you can enjoy some time by yourself. When you return home after the day-long outing, you are sure to feel refreshed. For families, this is one of the best picnic resorts near Kolkata where the children and adults alike can enjoy to their heart’s content.

9. The Ffort Raichak

Another beautiful picnic spot near Kolkata is The Ffort Raichak. Located 52 kms from Kolkata, it is a fort on the shore of Ganga where you are greeted by lush green surroundings and the sparkling Ganga against the backdrop of deep blue sky. You will reach here by taking a 15-minute ferry ride from the Raichak Ferry Ghat. And once you reach, the beauty of the fort will take your breath away as you discover the mysteries of the fort.

10. Burul Riverside

This list concludes with one of the best resorts near Kolkata that you must visit if you haven’t already. It’s located in a small riverside village named Budge Budge on the bank of the Hooghly river. For anyone looking for a resort near Kolkata for a day out, it is difficult to better this one. What Burul Riverside offers but is not limited to is swimming pools, family get-togethers and adventure activities. You’ll remember the resort’s hospitality long after you have returned home – take that from us.

With this exhaustive list at hand, now you won’t need to look for recommendations for the best resorts near Kolkata every time you want to make plans for a day out. Go take a break!

December 17, 2020


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