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Great Travel Take-Alongs for Women: Be Travel-Ready & Trip-Happy!

5 mins. read

As in life, so in travel - women have different needs and wants, which merit some consideration before they can go up, up and away. So, ladies get trip-happy with these amazingly helpful items on your journey!


1.) Clothing

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It might seem obvious but women tend to wear more clothes - starting from undergarments and moving outwards. Dress for the weather you'll be travelling in and pack more separates than single pieces. Definitely pack one little black dress or something you feel pretty in, to make an evening special. Take along pants, shorts and skirts, along with a variety of tops so you can mix and match. Plan to air out clothing between wears or choose hotels or homestays with laundry facilities so you can travel light and yet wear things you like. Also, make sure you pack everything you need for any activities you're planning!


2.) Footwear

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We may all scream for and in heels - but they're not practical for travelling. Take along flats, sandals and sports shoes for warmer climes. If you're travelling to colder places and you don't have boots, we recommend you buy them there, but expect to pay a fair bit. Take socks and thermals along for icy temperatures. Pack lightweight shoes and wear a heavier pair while transiting.


3.) Universal Power Adapter with USB Port

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We've all got a million things to charge now! A universal power adapter saves you money and if it has a USB port, it will allow you to charge two or three devices at a time. Don't forget charging cords - try to take along devices that can be charged by the same cord.


4.) Water Purifier

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If you're travelling to areas where drinking water is not easily available, consider taking along a handheld water purifier. You'll save money buying water as well as travel eco-friendly.


5.) Menstrual Care

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From tampons to menstrual cups, there are many options for women today. If you can manage with a menstrual cup rather than disposable tampons or pads, carrying one along saves you money in every country. Carrying along toilet paper is also a good idea when you're travelling to countries where this is unavailable on the road.


6.) Mini Emergency Kit

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We highly recommend a kit that comprises items like a warm scarf or shawl, pain relievers and basic medication, mints, a nail file, lip balm and sunscreen. If you can fit in a travel umbrella or poncho, you just might be grateful.


7.) Sleep Kit

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This should contain earplugs, an eye mask and a neck pillow, inflatable or otherwise. They're a blessing when travelling in planes or trains, and also help if your room faces a noisy road or you plain can't sleep.


8.) Apps

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Travel Maps, tourist apps and security apps help you travel easily and safely, without missing out on the major sites. Preload them before you take off and you won't be dependent on free wi-fi. And do buy a local SIM abroad.


9.) Beauty Aids

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A dual-voltage hair dryer or iron, face cream, eye cream and deodorants are essential. For make-up, take along basic eye make-up as well as lip colours - the lip colours can double up as blush or eye shadow in a pinch. Throw in a pack of make-up removers and cold cream, which help clean off make-up and moisturize. Hair ties are great for keeping hair off your face and for bundling make-up products together.


So ladies, pack your essentials according to your trip and remember to be travel-ready and trip-happy!

Words By: Akhila Vijaykumar

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February 20, 2019


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