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Tour Packages From Chandigarh

The best tour packages from Chandigarh are here. Book, travel and soak in wonderful travel experiences!

Following the same routine can become tedious, even if your job is not that hard or physically exhausting. When this happens, it's time to pack your bags and head to a destination that can bring you joy. With Veena World, you can book a tour package from Chandigarh and go to places like Johannesburg, the beautiful city of South Africa or the artistic Amsterdam in the Netherlands. Whether you want to go on a domestic or international trip you can choose all sorts of holiday packages from Chandigarh. So what are you waiting for? Get ready to backpack, trek, and paraglide in some of your favourite destinations in the world with the Veena World. Give yourself a break, you deserve it!

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Please try exploring our other available options by checking out trending destinations. Our dedicated Travel Experts are on hand to offer you an expert guidance and support throughout the entirety of your trip.

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From Chandigarh Frequently Asked Questions

We help you prepare for your trip and ensure an effortless and enjoyable travel experience.

Planning a tour can be exciting but can also make you anxious. Below are a few guidelines to follow: - 

a.    Check if you need a visa. That’s because you would have to wait for most probably a week to 15 days to get your visa. Apply it a month prior to your date of departure.

b.    Try to have a budget to avoid being extravagant.

c.    Check out the flights accordingly for a fair price.

d.    Make an itinerary of the places you want to visit so that you can book your tour packages from Chandigarh accordingly. 

There are many popular domestic destinations to visit with Veena World’s travel packages from Chandigarh. The destinations will differ from the packages you select so you can go through our official website and see whether the destinations that you want to be in are included in the packages or not. If not, then you can customize your holiday packages as per your preferences for the destinations that you want to be in and the activities that you want to do while you are in Chandigarh.

Veena World offers a wide range of holiday packages from Chandigarh to abroad. Mentioned below are the names few packages that Veena World offers:

a.    Kuala Lumpur with Genting Highlands: This 4-day travel package includes 2 cities where you will spend 2 nights in Kuala Lumpur. 

b.    Prague City Break: Here, you will be spending 3 days in the Czech Republic where you will be sightseeing most of the time. 

c.    Milan (2N) Post tour holiday - The 3-day travel package allows you to explore the city of Milan in Italy.

Additionally, you can also customize your holiday according to the places you want to visit and the activities you want to take part in.

Here are four reasons why you should consider group tours from Chandigarh:

a. Convenience: Group tours can be convenient as logistics such as transportation, accommodations and itinerary planning are taken care of beforehand. This can save you time and effort.

b. Socializing: Group tours often allow you to meet and socialize with fellow travellers which can enhance your overall experience.

c. Tour Guidance: Veena World group tours are fully managed by our professional tour managers who can give you valuable insights about the places you are visiting. 

d. Cost & Flexibility: Group tours offer cost savings compared to individual and the itineraries are designed to let you explore the best places and the most of your group tour.

Thanks to its modern architecture, Chandigarh is admired by all tourists who frequently visit Chandigarh to appreciate the gardens, lakes and architecture. Moreover, tours from Chandigarh also allow you to visit nearby hill stations that are located in Himachal Pradesh. 

There are many options on the website to choose from tour packages. You can browse them at your home and choose according to your budget and preferences. Veena World offers domestic as well as international vacation trips from Chandigarh at affordable prices.

You can plan your tour by choosing the destination first. After choosing your destination you must list down the places you wish to visit and browse the packages according to your preferred itinerary. Also, make sure you choose the package according to your budget and you can talk to our travel experts for more guidance. This way you can plan your long or short tour packages from Chandigarh.

Veena World offers many best tours from Chandigarh that will be perfect for your vacation. From domestic to international places, there are all kinds of tour packages from Chandigarh available at Veena World. You can choose from an array of packages according to your budget, places you wish to visit, accommodation, transportation and much more.

Yes, Veena World offers tailor-made travel packages from Chandigarh, which is perfect for families. Our packages are thoughtfully designed, keeping in mind your vacation sentiments. With the experience we offer, you are sure to create everlasting memories.

Yes, Veena World offers a wide range of customized holidays from Chandigarh according to your preference. With our customized holidays, you can have a worthwhile experience during your journey without missing out on any essential destinations. Not only that, you can enjoy scenic views and captivating places which will further make your tour memorable and happy. Contact our travel experts for more details about the options for Customized Holidays.

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Get to know more about Travel packages from Chandigarh

For inspiration or to even enjoy your life to the fullest you should travel and explore some beautiful verdant landscapes and views of the ocean. On vacations, you can explore wine tours, go on a sightseeing trip or backpacking, enjoy river rafting and much more. These activities can fill your gleeful moments with adventure for a lifetime. With Veena World, you can find some of the best travel packages from Chandigarh and let the world inspire you in different forms of its natural beauty. 

As travellers you can explore abundant cultures and events of people from different parts of the world that you could never have imagined. Give yourself a chance to break free from the monotony and make travel plans with your friends and family. Don’t worry if you have already made up your mind about where to go but don’t know how. Leave that to us, we will curate customised itineraries for your trip and take care of your transportation, accommodations, sightseeing tours, and other activities.

Places to Visit on Your Holiday Tour Packages from Chandigarh

Our travel advisors have curated and added all the destinations here that will make your adventurous or romantic trip unforgettable.


Travel planners at Veena World have especially curated this travel package for nature lovers. On this special tour package from Chandigarh, travellers who visit Australia will get to see 12 Apostles, Shipwreck Coast, and Port Campbell National Park with a breathtaking helicopter ride. With this, they will also get to enjoy the amazing landscapes and endless sea views. Cricket fans will have their own cherishable moment here when they see the 160-year-old cricket stadium in Melbourne. In this historic and iconic Melbourne Cricket Ground, the fans can also have a tour to experience more than 150 years of Australia’s sporting history. Moreover, they can even explore the stadium's inner sanctum and walk on the divine turf. 

But don’t worry, Melbourne is not all about cricket stadiums. Do you want to see cute little penguins? Of course you do, then you will have to visit Philip Island which lies just off of Australia’s southern coast. Many animal lovers gather there time and again to see the penguins come ashore during the time of sunset. What can be better than watching fairy penguins in their natural habitat? So, what are you waiting for? At Veena World, you can find such amazing holiday packages from Chandigarh and explore this incredible place.


If you are a lover of history you may want to visit Hydra Island for its museums where you can see relics of the Greek War, the Balkan Wars, and the First and Second World Wars exhibited at its premises. Other than this, Hydra Island also has some astonishing beaches that people all over the world wish to visit at least once in their lifetime. These beaches include Vlichos Beach, Mandraki Beach, Spilia Beach, Hydronetta Beach, etc. 

Our travel experts can create such international packages for you if you wish to see what it feels like lying on the beaches of Greece and take a sunbathe or play with the sand. To see one of the biggest beaches on the Athens Riveria, you can come to Varkiza Beach. The people here are very welcoming and it is also most popular with water sport enthusiasts as they come here for activities such as water skiing, windsurfing etc. If you love partying and have an exotic taste in food you can choose to go to a large selection of restaurants and clubs on the beaches of Athens Riviera. The beaches on the southern coast near Athens, such as Vouliagmeni Beach, Aster Beach, Thalassa Beach etc., offer the most picturesque views in Greece. So, do not miss your chance and book your very own customised tour package from Chandigarh to Greece.

South Africa

Have you ever wondered what it is like to go on a safari? Did you always wish to see how elephants, African buffaloes, rhinoceros, lions and leopards looked in real life? Wish no more because all your wishes are going to come true in no time with this tour package from Chandigarh. Get ready to be mystified and make some amazing memories with these group tour packages from Chandigarh to South Africa. Once you land in Johannesburg, your group will be guided to tour Pilanesberg National Park where you will get a close encounter with animal species native to southern Africa. 

Once you opt for this holiday package from Chandigarh, you cannot miss the group tour to watch the beautiful colourful buildings of Bo-Kaap. Also, witness the African penguin colony at Boulders Beach. Moreover, there are astounding amusement parks for kids to enjoy such as Gold Reef City. It is a gold rush themed park located in Johannesburg where you can go to have a thrilling experience.

Check Out the Best Group Tour Packages from Chandigarh for Your Friends at Veena World

Whether you want to go for a domestic or international package, travel experts at Veena World will create specially customised packages for you, considering all your requirements. Whether you need to book train or bus tickets, book hotels, food, or transport services you can leave everything on us. So, sit back and relax and enjoy the process of getting closer to nature through travelling. At Veena World, you can choose from a wide range of tour packages from Chandigarh, to go to some of the most amazing destinations.

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