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Why does Mumbai airport have a crisscross runway?

2 mins. read
A crisscross runway is a type of runway configuration that involves two runways that intersect at some point, forming an X-shaped pattern. This type of runway configuration is sometimes used at airports that have a high volume of traffic and need to be able to accommodate multiple takeoffs and landings at the same time.
The main advantage of a crisscross runway is that it allows planes to take off and land in any direction, regardless of the wind conditions. This can be particularly useful at airports that are located in areas with variable wind patterns, as it allows planes to use either runway regardless of which direction the wind is coming from.
Crisscross runways are also useful at airports that have a high volume of traffic, as they allow planes to take off and land at the same time on different runways. This can help to reduce delays and increase the efficiency of the airport.
However, crisscross runways also have some drawbacks. They can be more complex and costly to build and maintain than traditional runways, as they require additional infrastructure, such as taxiways and lighting systems. They also require pilots to be more aware of their surroundings and to pay closer attention to their position on the runway, as there is a higher risk of collisions with other planes.
Is crisscross runways are inefficient, what is the solution? Bring in parallel runways.
Parallel runways are two or more runways that are located side by side and parallel to each other. This type of runway configuration is commonly used at airports that have a moderate volume of traffic and can accommodate planes taking off and landing in the same direction. Parallel runways are relatively simple and inexpensive to build and maintain, and they are easy for pilots to use, as they do not have to worry about intersecting with other planes.
June 08, 2023


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Ankita Joshi

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