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Top 7 places to visit in Turkey – Wander across the borders!

9 mins. read

“Standing proud of two continents, Turkey narrates history that surprises time!”

As the Turkish proverb says; “A small key opens big doors,” Turkey acts like a door to the world of two realms. The land blending the worlds in a whole new creation which reflects everything that stayed back in the time from its rulers and influencers. Architecture that soothes multiple cultures around the globe and celebrates the art of design is exactly what Turkey awaits to give you along with our Turkey holiday packages. Rediscover the gem that caught the heart of many and stayed in the minds of each. This land celebrates harmony of creation built on the base of cultural diversity which can be experienced along with Istanbul Turkey tour packages. Expressing each culture taking a whole new shape in this land which will make you fall in love with this nation with all your heart! With so much to offer and so many landscapes to capture in all Turkey tour packages, here are our top 7 places in Turkey that you cannot afford to miss!


1. Istanbul – Beyond Minarets and Domes

About the land: Often considered as the capital city of Turkey, Istanbul is a name that immediately is spelt out after it. With the perfectly crafted domes setting a beautiful imagery of this city Istanbul is so much more than Hagia Sofia and Blue Mosque Istanbul. Here, Blue Mosque Istanbul acts a perfect specimen of how colours set to endorse the architectural structures which are set to create masterpieces which are often being the reasons or inspirations behind literature.

Istanbul – Beyond Minarets and Domes

Landmarks: Hippodrome square also known as Atmeydani (Horse Square) in Turkish. Sultan Ahmet Tsami is popularly known as Blue Mosque Istanbul for the blue tiles adorning their interior walls. Hagia Sofia Museum – once a church, later a mosque and now a museum. The most scenic and beautiful Bosphorous strait through a Cruise which takes you around the city wherein you can see the European as well Asian lifestyle altogether. The famous flavoured Turkish tea, Turkish Ceramics, Carpets, textiles, Glass lamps and designer wares to decorate your house from the Famous Grand Bazaar – largest and oldest covered markets in the world.


2. Cappadocia – The Bronze Fairy Land

About the land: The land with early traces of human history and a landscape which seems out of a fairy tale book can be experienced along with our specially crafted Turkey tour packages. Stepping in this little jewel of Turkey, you feel as if the time slows down on a pace that can take you on a different planet. Popular for its cone-shaped rock formations called as fairy chimneys. Explore this place on a dreamy balloon ride and feel in the nerves within you that fiction was inspired by reality always!

Cappadocia – The Bronze Fairy Land

Landmarks: Whirling dervish show. The UNESCO World Heritage site – Goreme open air museum. The first sight to be visited by any traveller in Cappadocia as its Cave churches containing beautiful frescoes and finest rock-cut churches. The famous valleys of Cappadocia like Devrent Valley – also known as Imagination Valley as there are lots of Fair Chimneys and Pasabag Valley – also known as Monk Valley portraying Mushroom shaped fairy chimneys. The widest Underground city is known as Kaymakli.


3. Ephesus – Architectural Gem Built on History

About the land: Home to the shrines of the legends that lived on this land, Ephesus will surely make you travel back in time. Witness the traces of history that will make you question the prejudices of the medieval lives of humans of the previous era along with the Turkey holiday packages from India.

Ephesus Architectural Gem Built On History
Image Courtesy:

Landmarks: Greco-Roman city reflecting the strong pillars depicting its rich culture. The Temple of Artemis, a pilgrimage centre built in worship of the mother goddess. The mammoth library is known for being the 3rd largest in the ancient world along with well-preserved theatre and the Temple of Hadrian. Ephesus Museum, Basilica of St. John, Meryemana and Ayasuluk Fortress.


4. Pamukkale – The Antique Land of Pools

About the land: Blessed with natural bounty which defines relaxation for you, Pamukkale is the beautiful snow-white ‘Cotton Castle’ land of Turkey. Pamukkale’s unique attributes made it so popular that missing it out on Turkey holiday packages from India is nearly impossible. Experience the soothing mineral-rich thermal waters flowing down the hillside white travertine terraces that will make your travel a beautiful getaway for your mind and body both.

Pamukkale – The Antique Land of Pools
Image Courtesy:

Landmarks: The beautiful snow white ‘Cotton Castle’, the ancient city of Hierapolis, including the magnificently preserved Necropolis, the main Street and Gates, the thermal Baths, the devil’s hole, and Masterpiece Theatre. Pamukkale’s terraces are made of travertine, a sedimentary rock deposited by water from the hot springs.


5. Antalya – Gateway to Southern Mediterranean

About the land: Entitled for being the pearl city of the Mediterranean land flaunting to be the crown jewel of what is called the Turkish Riviera. Explore diverse nature, varied local life and astounding history altogether in this one land of Antalya along with our Turkey holiday packages. This gateway to Southern Mediterranean land is everything that you seek to complete your Turkey tour packages. By being one of the most visited city, Antalya has been the favourite pick for so many travellers around the globe.

Antalya – Gateway to Southern Mediterranean

Landmarks: Hadrian’s Gate - built to honour the Roman emperor. Düden Waterfalls. Konyaaltı Beach. The Alaaddin Mosque or Yivli Minare Mosque. The Kurşunlu Waterfall Nature Park. Antalya Museum featuring Roman & Phrygian archaeological remains along with the peculiar Byzantine mosaics. Hıdırlık Tower popular tower of tawny stone of Antalya. Köprülü Canyon known for being a spectacular Canyon National Park located in the heart of the Province of Antalya.


6. Ankara – The True Timeless Capital

About the land: Ankara is the capital of Turkey and its youthful unrivalled history being alive in the modernity walking along with traditions, will make its mark on your mind. Experience landscapes and landmarks that can inspire writers and motivate photographers along with our Turkey tour packages. Enjoy the timeless beauty with your trip to Turkey. Don’t miss the local diverse touch of traditional cultural amalgamation living together along with Turkey holiday packages from India.

Ankara – The True Timeless Capital
Image Courtesy: Wikipedia

Landmarks: Museum of Anatolian Civilisations is a walk to the past of Turkey’s most intriguing legends and tales. Anıt Kabir – the monumental mausoleum of the founder of modern Turkey as we know. Citadel of history to give you the panorama of the present city. Erimtan Archaeology & Arts Museum, Rahmi M Koç Industrial Museum and Vakıf Eserleri Müzesi. Ethnography Museum embraces the history love within you. Hacı Bayram Camii – Ankara’s old mosque.


7. Çanakkale – Bringing the Fables to Life

About the land: The Gallipoli WWI battlefields, Çanakkale holds abundance in history. This land of the city of Troy is something that brought the fables and sagas to life. The tales that caught the world’s attention and also became an inspiration behind the legendary movie based on the city of Troy narrating the Trojan horse story, Çanakkale is a land that one must explore when in Turkey. Explore the historic legacy and the glorious victory tales come to life in front of you as you traverse through this land of Çanakkale.

Çanakkale – Bringing the Fables to Life
Image Courtesy:

Landmarks: The actual version of what embarked the history of Trojan horse story - Trojan Statue. Kilitbahir Castle – a majestic fortress towards the glorious history. Mirror bazar. The UNESCO World Heritage Site of Troy VII, in Hisarlik. It is an archaeological layout of the famous legendary city of Troy that chronologically spans from the 1300 century to 950 century BC, coinciding with the collapse of the Bronze Age. Çanakkale Deniz Müzesi and Canakkale City Museum & Archive.


Walk through modernity and history narrated in pride in every corner as you traverse through the mystery with Istanbul Turkey tour packages. Witness everything beyond the usual and a skyline with architecture determined to redefine design to the world! Turkey holiday packages are something that collects best of Europe and the best of Asia to offer you a trip that everyone can afford. Experience so much more in just one destination that no doubt it is referred to as best of both the worlds!

July 18, 2018


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