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Sakal Newspaper Article English Translation - Date: 7 July 2024

7 mins. read

Veena World Travel Mission
World 360 Degrees! 

Just like we have a routine while working, after retirement, we unknowingly get into yet another routine as well. Then, we also get bored. But we, Mrs. Ujjwala Kelkar and Mr. Vinay Kelkar, have found a solid solution for that. We have been associated with Veena World since 2016. Since joining Veena World, the world has opened up to us, from the states of India like Gujarat, the Seven Sisters, Rajasthan, Kashmir, and Kerala to America, Europe, Australia, and even Iceland and Antarctica. In the last nine years, we have visited 16 countries around the world. Our tour calendar for this year is also out: February– South Africa, March-April Japan, Scandinavia in June, and New Zealand in October. 

In this journey, Japan has satisfied our eyes and minds. We've visited Japan twice, once in the autumn season for Autumn and once for Cherry Blossom – Sakura. I can never forget the ‘Sakura’ I saw, especially in Japan. Those cherry trees that bloomed in every street and park gave me eternal happiness. 

I admire Veena World for having something for everyone in the house. Along with Group Family Tours, there are Ladies Special Tours and Senior Special Tours. Veena World's affectionate service is evident right from the moment we visit their office to book a tour, and then the tour manager helps us with every detail during the trip. Thanks to the perfect itineraries, we get to see the important attractions and places in the countries we visit, learn about the culture, history, and food items, all guided by the tour manager.  

There are luxury hotels equipped with all the comforts for eight-to-ten-day foreign trips, but the convenience of enjoying Indian food abroad along with local cuisine is a unique feature of Veena World. Additionally, one can enjoy different experiences on Veena World's tours, sometimes a gondola ride and sometimes a bullet train ride. Because of all this, we have a special relationship with Veena World, so much so that we want to change the tagline of Veena World a little: 

Chalo, Bag Bharo, Nikal Pado! Come, fall in love with the world!  

  • Mr. Vinay Kelkar and Mrs. Ujjwala Kelkar  

Australia Became Affordable! 


‘America Minus Violence is Australia’. At some point, someone said this, and I get it. Both these countries are relatively recent in history. They do not have a tradition of five thousand years like some other civilizations. The USA, as a country, is only two hundred years old, while Australia is six hundred years old. Of course, there were Native Americans in America and Aborigines in Australia, with thirty thousand and sixty thousand years old colonies, respectively. With British rule, it was easier for them to reinvent themselves as new countries, and both the USA and Australia became nations of rapid progress, attracting people from all over the world, especially migrants. 

Even today, the USA is the first choice for students worldwide, while many consider Australia as a second option. Tourists also rank Australia among the top ten countries or the top three continents in their travel plans. Tourists typically visit Europe first, then the USA, and then Australia in this order. If you consider the distance to the USA or Australia, traveling there and experiencing all the attractions can be costly. 

Whenever possible, we offer Veena World trips that include the maximum number of destinations at minimal cost. For example, a trip to Australia costs only two lakhs. This package includes a wonderful trip to Sydney, Melbourne, and Canberra—three main cities in Australia. Australia is often seen alongside New Zealand in various tours covering three, five, or seven cities. These tours are available, but if time is short, this seven-day tour of Australia is a great option to celebrate your visit to the Australian continent on your travel mission. So let's go, pack your bags, and get ready—it's time to explore Australia!  

Unseen South East Asia
with Veena World Customized Holidays

For many, South East Asia is often the first destination for an international holiday. The region's climate, culture, and cuisine offer a familiarity that appeals to Indian tourists, making places like Thailand, Singapore, Bali, and Malaysia popular choices. While well-trodden paths such as Bangkok, Pattaya, Kuala Lumpur-Batu Caves-Genting Highlands, and Ubud-Kuta-Kintamani in Bali are well-known, there is much more to discover in South East Asia. 

In Thailand, near Phuket, lies the enchanting Khao Sok National Park. This area, with its dense rainforest and picturesque lakes, is a hidden gem. Cheow Lan Lake, in particular, is renowned for its breath-taking beauty and unique floating bungalows. Here, you can stay in traditional-style floating accommodations made of bamboo, offering a unique experience amidst a lush forest teeming with wildlife and birds. For a combination of natural splendour and luxurious comfort, visit Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai in Northern Thailand, where you can indulge in a Thai massage, stay in private villas with infinity pools, and enjoy spa facilities. 

Vietnam, known as the ‘Nation of Rivers’, offers its own set of wonders. The Halong Bay beach, famous for its coffee, captivates visitors with its stunning landscapes. You can take a seaplane tour to gain an unforgettable aerial view of the bay’s mountain cones, islands, and dense forests. Additionally, the Mekong Delta in Southern Vietnam is celebrated for its natural beauty. Enhance your holiday with a river cruise on the Mekong River, with options ranging from a one-day excursion to a luxurious 3-4-day tour. 

Indonesia’s Bali, an island nation made up of thousands of islands, is a global favorite for tourists. In Bali, the Nusa Dua region, known as the ‘Islands of the Gods’, is famous for its luxurious resorts where you can experience unique dining options such as ‘cave dining’. For an authentic Balinese dining experience, visit the Bale Puputan restaurant at Tugu Resort, where you can enjoy meals at an 18th-century marble table. For a special treat, a private helicopter ride offers stunning views of active volcanoes, sea beaches, and verdant forests. 

A range of experiences awaits you in South East Asia, from the Sunrise Hot Air Balloon Ride in Chiang Rai, Thailand, to the Luxurious Over Water Villa on Phu Quoc Island, and a Private Yacht Ride in the Philippines. Veena World’s customized holiday team is here to help you choose your ideal experience. So, select your adventure and let’s explore South East Asia together! 

July 06, 2024


Veena World
Veena World

We are an Indian travel company founded in 2013 and excel at domestic and international tour packages including guided group tours, specialty tours, customized holidays, corporate MICE travel, inbound travel and destination weddings.

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