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10 Best Resorts in Ponmudi for a Cozy and Memorable Stay

8 mins. read

Ponmudi is one of the most beautiful hill stations in Kerala that attracts travellers with its stunning views and unexplored wilderness. Take a trip to a place where time gets frozen when you travel through the winding roads, surrounded by greenery. The hill station reveals its charm, with meadows, tea plantations, and waterfalls that create a sense of mystery. The resorts in Ponmudi are like precious gems that offer comfort and tranquility in the middle of nature's beauty. They blend seamlessly with the landscape, from cosy cottages in tea gardens to luxurious villas on misty cliffs. Enjoy mesmerizing views while drinking your tea on your balcony and taking a walk through the hills. Feast on local delicacies and give your taste buds a treat.

Top 10 Resorts in Ponmudi

Here are the 10 best resorts in Ponmudi for a welcoming stay: -

  1. Jijis Castle
  2. Vintage Hillton
  3. Abhirami
  4. Hill View Stay Inn
  5. River County Resort
  6. Duke's Forest Lodge
  7. Golden Valley Resort
  8. Saaral Resort
  9. INDIMASI - The Healing Village
  10. Windsor Rajadhani

Jijis Castle

A popular resort in Ponmudi, Jijis Castle is known for its distinctive amenities. In addition to promoting an organic way of life, it is an eco-friendly resort that has a strong appreciation for Indian traditional and cultural values. Ponmudi's resort is situated in serene surroundings with a lot of greenery. You will get a great view of the picturesque countryside while staying here.

Vintage Hillton

This is the finest location if you're searching for a spot to relax in comfort. This resort provides a variety of contemporary facilities up to worldwide standards in its completely air-conditioned rooms and suites.

From the private balconies of this accommodation, you may enjoy the breathtaking panoramic splendour of the surrounding landscape. The well-appointed theater rooms at this Ponmudi resort, which are intended to hold live video events, are among its finest features. In tastefully decorated wellness centers, you may also enjoy receiving a variety of therapeutic treatments.


A luxurious resort called Abhirami may be found not far from Kattakada. The international airport is only approximately 20 kilometres away, and the main train station is only about 18 kilometres away. For those who want to relax and engage in leisure activities, this location is a delight. This luxurious resort in Ponmudi Hills, which has excellent amenities, welcomes a variety of visitors, from family vacationers to corporate organizations. The Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary, Kovalam Beach, Kottur Elephant Rehabilitation Centre, Kanyakumari, Thenmala Ecotourism, Poovar Boating, Ponmudi, and city tours are just a few of the natural excursions you may do.

Hill View Stay Inn

One of the top resorts in Ponmudi, Hill View Stay Inn offers a variety of gorgeous lodgings, from conventional rooms to well-modernized cottages, to give you a distinctive and out-of-the-ordinary experience.

Depending on your needs, you can opt to stay in deluxe rooms, single cottages, or a dormitory at Sleepwell throughout your trip. The finest aspect of this resort close to Ponmudi is that you will be able to spend some time in a peaceful atmosphere in addition to using all kinds of contemporary conveniences in each of the rooms.

River County Resort

During your visit to Ponmudi, River County Ponmudi Resorts is a fantastic location that provides you with the ideal escape. It is not much more than an hour's drive from Trivandrum. It is possible to think of this resort in Ponmudi Hill Station as a delicate bridge that unites a getaway to enchantment with a modern way of life. At this location, you may enjoy a wide range of contemporary conveniences and adventure activities like hiking, swimming, and rope climbing. Tourists like this location for its tranquil settings as well as the therapeutic services offered in the thoughtfully constructed fitness centers.

Duke's Forest Lodge

One of the best resorts in Ponmudi if you want to enjoy a completely different experience is Duke's Forest Lodge. This resort is situated next to the Peppara Wildlife Sanctuary. It may be regarded as one of the ideal retreats for nature enthusiasts who want to enjoy a wonderful time with Mother Nature as well as wanderlust visitors. The resort provides visitors and tourists with incredible adventure activities, including trekking and bird viewing.

Golden Valley Resort

The Golden Valley Resort is situated near Ponmudi's natural coastline. Because of its meandering walkways and verdant gardens, Ponmudi is a fascinating place to stay. It is the home of some of the most lovely mountain springs, rivulets, and butterflies. When you stay here, you will have the opportunity to spend time in the midst of a fragrant spice and tea plantation that is once again jam-packed with flowing waterfalls and wildlife walks.

Saaral Resort

Saaral Ponmudi Resort gives those who want to get away from the rush of city life a homelike ambience. This property allows you to spend time amidst gently sloping hills and a verdant environment. The resort is situated in a prime area, making it easy for visitors to get there. The amazing business center and wellness center make it one of the best resorts and hotels in Ponmudi, as it allows you to both work and rest.

INDIMASI - The Healing Village

The healing and therapeutic methods used at Indimasi are widely renowned. The well-curated research facilities for Kalaripayattu, meditation, and outdoor theater are available at this contemporary resort in Ponmudi Hills that upholds all traditional traditions. All the components used in the cooking come from our own dairy farms as well as organic farms, so you can have a nutritious meal that will enhance your quality of life. You will have a once-in-a-lifetime experience if you spend some time at this eccentric Ponmudi resort.

Windsor Rajadhani

One of the most well-liked luxury resorts, Windsor Rajadhani provides visitors with relaxing and enjoyable stays with a hint of history and majesty. This resort has provided carefully designed services with the assistance of incredibly welcoming employees ever since it opened. This resort in Ponmudi, Trivandrum, is well known for its business center, which enables corporate organizations to plan their ceremonies and events.

In conclusion, Ponmudi stands as a captivating destination for nature enthusiasts seeking a rejuvenating retreat. With their lush greenery, breathtaking landscapes, and serene ambience, the resorts in Ponmudi offer an idyllic escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. Indulge in the beauty of this hill station and create unforgettable memories amidst nature's embrace.

If you are a nature enthusiast and seek a retreat, Ponmudi is definitely a destination meant for you. Pack your bags and take a trip to this hill station that will captivate you with its mesmerizing beauty, awesome landscapes, and peaceful ambience. To make your trip more memorable and safer, you can check out the Kerala tour packages by Veena World. Our expertise lies in customized holidays and group tours. We also offer the assistance of a tour manager throughout your trip. So, stop waiting, as the Ponmudi awaits to welcome you.

June 14, 2023


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