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Top 6 Places In & Around Malshej Ghat That You Can Not Miss

8 mins. read

Malshej Ghat is often called a traveller’s abode, especially for those who love rain. Malshej Ghat is one of the best places to visit in the monsoon season because of the wonderful waterfall, dams and lakes nearby. It is located on the borders of Pune and Than in the mountain ranges of western ghats and is a famous hill station in Maharashtra. People often come here to watch pink flamingos that migrate every year during the months of July and September. Malshej Ghat has picturesque views of waterfalls, mesmerising mountains, lakes, and flora and fauna. Whether you are a trekker or hiker, or just love nature, you definitely will fall in love with this place in the rainy season. People who live in Pune or Mumbai often come here by road as it is not that far away and takes only a few hours of drive by car. It is best to visit Malshej Ghat during the months of October and March for sightseeing and trekking. To visit Malshej Ghat and other nearby places you can book a train to Kalyan or Kasara Railway station or book a flight to Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport. You can also get a ride from state-run buses from Mumbai, Pune and Panvel.

Best Places to Visit Near Malshej Ghat

1. Kalu Waterfall

Kalu Waterfall

It is known to be the largest and the highest waterfall in the Malshej Ghat Region of Junnar Taluka.  Kalu Waterfall Trek is a mesmerizing jungle trek which originates from the Harishchandragad Mountains and flows through the Khireshwar village. It is a seasonal waterfall of Malshej Ghat, so during the monsoon season, it flows vigorously whereas in the summer season, it gets completely dry. There are two ways to go to Kalu water waterfall, one is from Khireshwar village another from Thitbi village. If you opt for the trek route via Khireshwar village, it will be around 4-5 kilometres of flat trail. It will take you approximately 1 hour to 1.5 hours to complete this trek. Whereas if you opt for the trek route via Thitabi village jungle trail you can even do camping near the base of the waterfall.

2. The Harishchandragad Fort

Harishchandragad Fort is one of the famous hill forts in Maharashtra said to be established in the 6th century. It is a popular tourist spot and a favourite among trekkers for its amazing trekking trail. It also has other famous attractions like temples, caves, and a lake which makes it an ideal place to visit in Malshej Ghat. When you visit this place you will get to see Kedareshwar cave which has marvellous sculptures carved out of stones. It also has Konkan Kada nearby which offers a wonderful view of sunset. One of the famous caves that people come to see here is Kedareshwar Cave. Here you will see Shivlinga surrounded by ice-cold water. It is tough to reach there during the rainy season because of the accumulation of access water in the surrounding area. Another well-known place that lies near Harishchandragad Fort is Taramati Peak. It is also called Taramanchi by the locals. Taramati Peak is the 2nd highest peak in the state of Maharashtra. Be careful if you go there because if you go beyond this peak, you will get to see Leopards in the forests.

4. Ajoba Hill Fort

The Ajoba Hill where this fort is situated is recognised as the highest peak in the Sahyadri range. Ajoba Fort situated in Malshej Ghat is sacred to Hindus as it was known as Goddess Sita’s abode according to some local folklore. It is said that when Goddess Sita separated from her husband Lord Rama, she found this place to be her new home and lived there with her sons Luv and Kush. Even old carvings on the walls of this fort depict the same story. One of the interesting things to do in Malshej Ghat is rock climbing, which many adventure seekers do in Ajoba Hill Fort. Darkoba Peak which is situated near the fort is another fascinating place to go for trekking. If you plan to go to Ajoba Hill Fort for trekking, do not forget to carry water bottles, some snacks & biscuits, a camera, personal medicines, and trekking shoes.

4. Bhandardara


Located along the river of Pravara, Bhandardara is one of the popular hill stations near Malshej Ghat. This hill town is surrounded by majestic mountains and has wonderful picnic spots. Bhandardara is the perfect choice for a relaxing holiday as well as an adventure getaway. It is also a favourite stopover spot for tourists travelling to Nashik or Shirdi. To witness the sheer beauty of this place, it is best to visit here during the monsoon seasons. Arthur Lake and Wilson Dam are nearby hotspots to visit near Bhandardara. If you are searching for a holiday package in Maharashtra, find the one which has this place added to the itinerary too or get it customized. Arthur Lake is an ideal picnic spot for families and groups of friends. You can go on boating in this beautiful lake and get some amazing views for your selfies. As many exotic birds flock to the lake every year during the migratory season.

5. Lenyadri Caves

Another famous place to visit near Malshej Ghat is Lenyadri Caves. The literal meaning of Lenyadri is mountain cave. It is even mentioned in the Ganesha Purana and Sthala Purana because of its relation with Lord Ganesha. The legends say that Goddess Parvati meditated for many years to attain a boon from Lord Ganesha. Pleased with her dedication and devotion Ganesha blessed her and took birth as her son. Ganesha’s idol in Lenyadri cave’s temple is called ‘Girijatmaj’ which means ‘born to Girija’ (Girija is another name of Parvati). Girijatmaj Temple is a part of Ashtavinayak temples and one of the holiest places for the Hindus.

6. Matheran


Another amazing place to visit near Malshej Ghat with spectacular views is Matheran. It is known for its colonial architecture and mild temperatures. You can also go for a toy train ride in this hill town and experience the beauty of mountains all around the track. Amidst majestic mountains and valleys lies the Chanderi Caves in Matheran. Many nature lovers visit these caves quite often to experience the panoramic views of the beautiful valley. To have a look at the breathtaking views of the Sahyadri Ranges, you should most definitely visit here Matheran in Maharashtra.

Listed above are some of the best places that you can put on your wishlist for a weekend getaway. Not only do they have mesmerising views to click amazing pictures but also have historical significance that you will be thrilled to learn. So what are you waiting for? To soak up the tranquillity of nature in Malshej Ghat book your package today! Check for the Maharashtra tour package today and do not forget to add Malshej Ghat and other nearby locations to your itinerary.

July 14, 2023


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