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12 Best Stays in Pangong

9 mins. read

Soak up the surreal experience when you visit Ladakh. The mornings in Pangong are so dreamy; the sun comes up and makes the water of the Pangong Lake glitter with its light. And when the night falls, it appears as though a canopy of stars has been spread over this chilly desert.

At 4,225 metres above sea level, Pangong Lake, also known as Pangong Tso, is the highest saltwater lake in the world. Travellers from all around the world visit here to discover some of the best places to stay in and around Pangong Lake. The best part about Pangong Lake is that most of the hotels or camps encircle the lake, making you feel like you are living in a dream! So why are you still waiting? Book a leh ladakh tour package and witness the most beautiful landscapes of your life. Here are the 12 best stays in and around Pangong Lake:

 1. Pangong Heritage Camp

Located at a distance of 100 metres from Pangong Lake, the Pangong Heritage Camp is one of the closest camps to the lake in Pangong. Every camp has an attached veranda where you can sit and have a deep conversation with a friend over a cup of hot beverage. This camp is equipped with top-grade amenities such as hot running water, a charging facility, comfortable bedding, and an attached washroom.

Address: Pangong lake, Spangmik, Ladakh 194201

2. The Pangong Hotel

The Pangong Hotel, which opened its doors in 1852, is located close to the main market, banks, a taxi stop, and an airline office. With its top-class hospitality and unrestricted selection of Chinese, Continental, Italian, Tibetan, Ladakhi, and Indian food, it provides you with the luxury of 5-star hotels.

Here, you can spend the day relaxing indoors while reading a book and taking in the gorgeous scenery outside your window or exploring the stunning Pangong Lake.

Address: Chulung, Leh, Ladakh 194101

3. Fana Resort

You can avoid the crowds at the popular Pangong Lake while still enjoying the breathtaking views by staying at the Fana Resort. You can relax for a few days at this resort, which is tucked away among the verdant meadows far from the hubbub of Leh town. The traditional Ladakhi architecture has commendable European standards, featuring individual balconies that offer the best views of Mother Nature. You will have access to free Wi-Fi, 24-hour solar hot water, cultural activities, and private car-hire services around the clock.

Address: 47 kilometres from Leh city, towards Pangong Lake Rd, Sakti, Ladakh 194201

4. Pangong Inn Hotel

Pangong Lake

If you want an unhindered view of the magnificent Pangong Lake, then the Pangong Inn Hotel is one of the best hotels for you. The hotel offers a 24-hour front desk facility, laundry, an attached bathroom, television, luggage storage, a kids’ play area, and a coffee shop to enjoy your favourite beverage with a view. Each room has a large window to enjoy the scenery outside, earning it recognition as one of the best hotels near Pangong Lake.

Address: Lukung, Pangong Lake Lukung Jammu and Kashmir, 194101

5. Namtso Wooden Cottage

To capture the true essence of nature, check out the Namtso Wooden Cottage. These wooden camps at Pangong Lake offer a glorious view of the lake just outside your window! You can enjoy a full breakfast for free and other meals at affordable rates. The cottage provides amenities such as a parking lot, English-speaking staff, family rooms, room service, and a fully equipped bathroom.

Address: Pangong Lake,Pangong Leh- Ladakh-194101

6. Misty Hills Cabins

Make your trip more memorable and luxurious by staying at Misty Hills Cabins in Pangong. The property has 12 cabins near Pangong Lake that have traditional heating systems and intercom facilities for a comfortable stay. Every cabin has access to 24-hour hot water, room service, luggage storage, electrical sockets, and solar-powered electricity. Along with that, their restaurant offers lip-smacking dishes that include Indian, Continental, Chinese, and Italian dishes.

Address: Pangong Lake, near Jio Tower, Spangmik, Ladakh 194101

7. LG Resort

Next time you plan to visit Pangong, instead of booking a hotel, stay at the LG Resort. In just 150 metres, this resort offers first-rate lodging with incredible views of Pangong Lake. There are 12 premium cottages and 5 super deluxe rooms that have an attached bathroom with hot and cold water, 24-hour room service, and much more. This premium resort is the best among hotels, homestays, and campgrounds surrounding Pangong Lake thanks to its well-trained staff, which makes your stay more comfortable.

Address: Maan Village Pangong Lake, Ladakh 194201

8. The Merak

Right across the foothills is a dreamlike destination where this hotel, The Merak, is located. It has a heated solar building composed of modern materials, making it one of the best hotels near Pangong Lake. From every angle of this hotel, you can witness the sun rise over the arid mountains and set behind them. The opulent rooms have built-in skylights that allow you to lie down and admire the starry nights. Additionally, this hotel in Pangong offers 24 hours hot water supply, heated rooms that withstand extreme weather conditions, oxygen concentrators in case of emergency, Wi-Fi to operate the infotainment system, a bonfire for family bonding, and more.

Address: Merak, Ladakh 194201

9. Pangong Tso Eco Resort

For your next vacation, make a leh ladakh trip plan that is packed with adventure and picturesque views at the Pangong Tso Eco Resort. Located on the banks of the Pangong Tso, this property has a little bit of nature in every corner. You can take part in nature-related activities such as bird watching, mountain trail tracking, stargazing, and other outdoor activities. The accommodation comes with a bunch of amenities, including an attached bathroom, room service, food, an oxygen cylinder, etc. Because of its close proximity to the Line of Actual Control, this is one of the most thrilling camps in Pangong.

Address: RH3V+984, Merak Pangong Lake, Leh, 194101

10. Gongma Residency

Only a select few hotels have managed to capture the simplicity and beauty of Pangong Lake, and the Gongma Residency is one of them. All the rooms in this hotel have a welcoming ambience with wooden flooring and large windows that allow you to peek outside. What makes it one of the best hotels in Pangong Lake are the amenities that come along with it. You can eat delectable food at the café, park your vehicle at the on-site parking, and enjoy all the comfort of round-the-clock housekeeping.

Address: pangong spangmik, Leh, 194101

11. Pangong Sarai

Explorers come all the way to discover the camps at Pangong Lake. Among these camps in Pangong is the Pangong Sarai, a beautiful lodging for all the nature lovers out there. Resting on the laps of the beautiful Pangong Lake, these camps are equipped with private bathrooms, comfortable beds, ceiling fans, fireplaces, etc. The accommodation also offers a free breakfast buffet, a parking area, a meeting room, a 24-hour front desk, daily housekeeping, and more.

Address: VG5H+P78, Pangong Lake Rd, Man, Ladakh 194201

12. Polaris Cottage

Listen to the serene sounds of the water while enjoying exquisite vistas of Pangong Lake at the Polaris Cottage. While staying at this lovely Pangong cottage, you will have access to room service, luggage assistance, power backup, home-grown food, an on-site parking area, housekeeping, etc. Additionally, each room boasts a picture-perfect view of the lake, where you can enjoy your leisure time.

Address: Pangong Lake, near 3 Idiots Shooting Point, Spangmik, Ladakh 194201

Whether you like the luxury of hotels or the thrill of living in a camp, in Pangong you can get it all! All these hotels, cottages, camps, and homestays offer the best views of Pangong Lake that you can enjoy even while staying in. May through September are the ideal months to visit Pangong, as the weather is great.

May 03, 2023


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