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Emirates Palace Abu Dhabi: Location, Cost & Architecture

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Boasting stunning architecture and Arabian Style decor, the Emirates Palace Abu Dhabi is truly a sight to behold. The luxurious hotel is hailed as one of the best 5-star hotels in the world. The palace offers a magical experience of luxurious relaxation and local culture to its visitors. Located in the heart of Abu Dhabi, the Emirates Palace is close to some of the major tourist attractions and significant city business centres. The palace officially opened its doors in 2005 and is one of the prominent properties in the United Arab Emirates. The palace is built at the cost of a whopping $3bn; the hotel is undoubtedly the most expensive hotel ever built in the world. The palace is frequently visited by renowned celebrities, diplomats, and important persons of the UAE.

Located on the shores of the Arabian Gulf, the palace has its own stretch of private beach, landscaped pools, a private marina overlooking the city’s skyline, a luxe spa offering the best treatments, including 24-carat gold facial, and some of the best restaurants serving fine Emirati signature dishes. One of the capital’s most well-known landmarks, the Emirates Palace is a traveller’s paradise and is one of the best places to visit in Abu Dhabi.

Emirates Palace 1


The Emirates Palace Hotel is situated at the city’s heart and is a 25-minute drive from the Abu Dhabi International Airport and the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center. The shopper’s paradise Marina Mall and all the major tourist attractions are also within walking distance from the hotel. The Emirates Palace is conveniently situated for both leisure and business visitors. There is no best time to visit the Emirates Palace. Travellers throughout the year frequent the lavish property. It’s a perfect blend of culture and heritage, quintessential landmarks and shimmering turquoise waters, and so much more.

The Palace Architecture - Beautifully Gold and Irresistibly Magnificent

Emirates Palace Interior

The spectacular palace building was designed by British architect John Elliot. Walk into the grand entrance of the palace, and you will notice a distinctive gold touch that continues throughout the hallways and grand halls of the beautiful interior. The gold used in the architecture pays tribute to the golden sands of the Arabian deserts. The palace features 114 breathtaking domes, with the central dome being the largest dome in the world crafted with gold, crystals, and mother of pearls. The most exquisite part of it is the 22-carat gold leaf that covers the inside of it. The palace also boasts around 1,002 chandeliers with other picturesque handmade walls that portray the palace’s beauty. The gold blends perfectly with the lush surrounding greenery, clear blue sky, and silvery water fountains during the daytime.  At night, the lighting changes subtly, giving an eternal rainbow effect on the palace’s dome. The Emirates Palace is one of the prominent places for Abu Dhabi sightseeing as visitors can take a walk around the private beach and enjoy nature while watching the sunset.

Other Reasons to fall in Love with This Palace

Emirates Palace 2

The hotel has the highest luxury to stun everyone visiting from inside or outside Abu Dhabi. After a day spent relaxing on the property, visitors and in-house members can experience an array of leisure and sporting activities at the Beach Club. The Emirates is the perfect place for a once-in-a-lifetime holiday, a perfectly magical wedding, or unique corporate events. The property has one of the world’s largest conference and meeting rooms. Drawing inspiration from the United Arab’s rich cultural heritage, the palace, visitors can enjoy everything from a manicure to Moroccan Hamam treatment in their luxurious spa. There is something to offer to anyone who is booking their stay at the Emirates Palace Hotel. Sarab Land inside the property is a perfect place for your children to enjoy their space and play fun-filled games and activities. The hotel staff will be happy to take care of your children while you enjoy other amenities of the palace.

The Emirates Palace Abu Dhabi is a beautiful vacation destination with your family and friends. It provides the best services with excellent restaurants to make your stay luxurious and comfortable. Visiting the Emirates Palace is a must-go-to place while you plan your Abu Dhabi tour package. The beautiful interior and world-class amenities will surely leave you in awe.


September 28, 2021


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