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Delve into the Culture of Germany

9 mins. read

Whether you talk about the best cars, aerospace or electric technologies, you must have probably heard it's Germany-made. Well, that’s the beauty of this fourth-largest European country after France, Spain and Sweden. The country of Germany has way more to offer than just futuristic cars, cosy Biergartens and picturesque monuments. This beautiful country in the heart of Europe was once an important part of the Holy Roman Empire and later became one of the most stable economies in the world. The country boasts a high quality of life and metropolitan cities such as Berlin and Munich, which generally appear in the world's ten most livable cities. Germany is home to over 800 million people and takes pride in having diverse religions, customs and traditions that make the country stand apart.

When we talk about Germans, the culture of Germany is something which should not be missed. The German culture, traditions, language and people make the country unique in its own way. One less known yet important fact is that English speakers call Germany by its name, but the native Germans call it Deutschland. German culture and traditions reflect much from the country’s love for their language. The country is known for its long and rich history, which has put the story of Germany at the forefront of the European thought, politics and art for over 1,000 years. The history of Germany has shaped a culture that combines predominantly Christian values with literature, philosophy, art, reason, logic and the love for their delectable staple food. To read in-depth about the culture of Germany, consider this blog post as your handy guide when you decide to visit this part of the country anytime soon.

Germans Are Very Punctual

Lesser known fact, but Germans tend to prioritise punctuality. Hence, if you are in Germany, you will notice that German trains often run perfectly on time. It is almost impossible to speak about the culture of Germany and not mention punctuality. If you visit Germany and do not come on time to visit anyone or a formal meeting, it means you’re disrespecting one’s time. Due to this particular reason, the work culture in Germany is very different from other countries.

Literature Is The Life Blood Of Germany

Germany is known as the land of thinkers and poets for all the right reasons. Germans value literature so much that the country is known as Das Land der Dichter und Denker, the country of poets and thinkers. The country has enormously contributed to philosophy, music, learning, architecture and independent thought. The natives of Germany are obsessed with literature. Albert Einstein, Beethoven, Robert Kooch and Johann Wolfgang von Goethe are some of the world-known artists and scientists that Germany has produced.

Almost 95% of the Residents Speak German

Another interesting fact about Germany is that almost 95% of the population speaks German, but it’s not just one language; it’s a group of several language varieties. There are around 50 different German dialects. The people of Germany value their language so much that they dub all foreign movies in their local language when released in Germany. Whether a tourist, student or professional travelling to Germany, learning the German culture and traditions can greatly benefit you.

Soccer and Hiking are the National Sports

Throughout the country, you can spot countless hiking spots, and the natives of the country take advantage of them by going on hiking year-round. One of the staple cultures and traditions Germans like to follow. The hiking trails in Germany range from easy to difficult so choose as per your preferred intensity level. Travelling to Germany and adding hiking as one of the itineraries can be a great way to experience the country’s diverse landscape.

Coming to Soccer, the sport is bar far the most loved and popular in Germany. Speaking about its love for the sport, the German national soccer team is one of the best in the world and has bagged the World Cup four times. One less-known fact is that one-third of all German people are part of a sports club or an organisation.

Germans Absolutely Love Their Bread

German Breads

Germans take their bread just as seriously as they do other cultures. The people of Germany take pride in their long history of bread-baking. You can find almost any kind of bread possible in Germany with different names and tastes. Sweet, soft, crunchy and cheesy, you name it, and the country is filled with all the possibilities. One less-known culture of people of Germany is that most of them have a meal time known as Abendbrot, which means “Evening Bread”. Contrary to other countries, which involve spicy and complex spices, most Germans prefer their food to be simple and cold in the evening.

Not to Forget Oktoberfest

Though every festival in Germany is important, Oktoberfest is the most popular fest in the entire Germany. Taking part in Oktoberfest is one of the most popular things to do in Germany if you’re in Munich between the months of the festival. Oktoberfest is a beer festival which is organised in Munich for almost fourteen to eighteen days, from late September to early October. Oktoberfest is so popular that over six billion people frequent the festival, where everybody dresses up and has a ball with tonnes of beer, mouthwatering water, amusement rides and dance to Bavarian music. One less-known fact about the country is that Germany has the world’s oldest brewery, which still exists. Weihenstephan Abbey Brewery was opened way back in 1,040. There are over 1,500 breweries in Germany, and the famous German beer is exported to almost every possible part of the world.

Sausages, Pork, Beef and Potatoes are Staples

Sausages Pork Beef and Potatoes

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the culture and food of Germany go hand in hand. If you are in Germany and ask anybody what Germans like to consume, the probable answers would be sausages, pork, beef, mashed potatoes and tonnes of beer, of course. Though German cuisine differs from region to region, the traditional German food stays true wherever you visit Germany. As a result of which, the techniques of preserving the food culture of Germany are still practised through salting, currying, smoking or pickling. Some of the most popular dishes in Germany are Currywurst, Brot and Brötchen, Brezel, and Käsespätzle, to name a few.

Germany is Home to One of the Biggest Rock Festivals

Germany is well known for its music worldwide, and the evolution of German music has been an influential part of the world and culture of Germany. To highlight German music, some of the world’s most famous composers and singers who marked the birth of Western classical music came from Germany, including the legendary Bach, Beethoven and Wager. The music of Germany has been highly influenced by the country’s many regions and traditions. In present-day Germany, rock music and pop are some of the sought-after genres in Germany. In fact, Germany is home to one of the biggest rock festivals in the world, Rock am Ring Rock im Park.

Everything is Closed on Sundays

No Work Sundays have been already regulated in Germany for almost 125 years. In 1892, the Workers’ Protection Act came into effect in Germany, which resulted in a ban on Sundays for workers for most sectors, especially eCommerce. Now, the work culture in Germany is more than a secular tradition. On Sundays, the people of Germany take time out for their families or hobbies to make it more than just a lazy day. So, if you are planning a shopping trip on a Sunday in Germany, you must change your plan. All stores in Germany are closed, except for pharmacies, gas stations and bakeries on Sundays.

The unique culture of Germany takes many people by surprise. From rich interest in music, art and food to dedicating a week-long festival to celebrate their love for beer, a trip to journey will totally amaze you. And often, it’s more exciting and memorable than the country seems at first sight. Plan a trip to Germany and explore the various Germany tour packages on Veena World. If you want to plan your own travel itinerary to Germany, explore the customised holiday section on the website for more tailored itineraries.

February 26, 2023


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