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Dipped in the hues of Blue Lagoon – Iceland’s most visited attraction!

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Due to the geological aspects of Iceland, this country is blessed with most unique natural features unlike any other in the world. Blue Lagoon is one of the most interesting and the most favoured attraction of Iceland. Simply being the tourist magnet, Blue Lagoon Geothermal Spa has managed to give a perfect solace of rejuvenation to every soul that takes a dip inside the elixir of minerals. Located in a lava field in Grindavík, quite at a distance from the capital city of Iceland, Reykjavik. The Blue Lagoon is known to help some people which were suffering from skin diseases such as psoriasis. This is because of it being enriched with minerals like silica, sulphur and algae. A research and development facility is made operational to help find cures for the other skin ailments using the mineral-rich water for the benefits and healing.

Blue Lagoon Geothermal Spa is well equipped with amenities like most other day spas you find around the globe. There are exceptional provisions of accommodation, sauna, restaurants, cafes, lockers, showers and the Blue Lagoon shop. Experiencing this along with the Icelandic tour is something that’s a must and shouldn’t be missed. Find out for yourself what truly defines leisure and luxury draped in unrivalled relaxation therapy, all built on nature’s elements!

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One of the most amazing spa facilities in the world, Blue Lagoon is absolute revitalization. The Icelandic fresh breezy air adorned with the relaxing minerals set to bring extreme peace to your body and mind. The metaphor of being land of Ice and Fire attached as Iceland’s synonym can truly be witnessed in this attraction. Here the water blessed with a temperature of over 37-40°C (98-104°F) is known to soothe your body and release the stress in the warmth of it. With complete relaxation running through your nerves, you will feel the body rebooting its entire system and slowly become stress-free. Along with a welcome drink, face masks & towels you can set yourself for an exceptional experience waiting for you in Iceland. The minerals of the Blue Lagoon will benefit your skin to the optimum. Because of these features of the minerals fit for the skin, products entirely dedicated to the skincare range are being made available for the people to buy. The unique blend of Blue Lagoon geothermal seawater active ingredients has made these products a hype and main reason that the experience of the Blue Lagoon extraordinarily popular.

Blue Lagoon Spa
Blue Lagoon Spa


The steamy water that will soak your body into complete relaxation and will make you feel extremely fresh awaits you here with the beautiful shades of the lagoons. The complete ambience gets painted in the hues of blue and white, bringing the lagoon to a life-size masterpiece which depicts pure luxurious leisure. With these beautiful hues, photographers wait for their perfectly crafted photo which looks extremely stunning with the steam that endorses the photo like a magical mist. The traveller cluster marks the Blue Lagoon as their prominent attraction to be lived and experienced from their bucket list. Blue Lagoon has managed to bamboozle every individual that walked in here, to write about it, create videos and content about it and also the filmmakers which made these phenomena a huge inspiration for movie names, concepts and sets! This place surely promises you to set a benchmark for your luxury experiences in life.


Facts about Blue Lagoon:

  • Blue Lagoon was a human discovery made by an accident!

Geothermal plant next to the Blue Lagoon, Svartsengi was built first. The plant uses this land’s volcanic landscapes to produce heat energy. The drilling was done to create electricity and extract hot water for nearby communities.  The Blue Lagoon was originally an accidental by-product of this process.

  • The true source of the steamy therapeutic water is the result of the runoff which gets filtered straight into the Blue Lagoon, which is the true reason that heats the water and keeps it perfectly set with a temperature of over 37-40°C (98-104°F) all over the year.
  • Water in the Blue Lagoon is not actually blue!

The water is actually milky white in colour. The sunlight makes it appear blue. You can see the water’s true milky white colour if you pour it in the transparent cup.

  • There are different sections of the Blue Lagoon. Make sure you explore them all. The variations of the temperatures can be experienced too. Especially do not miss the silica mud and the swim up bar section.
  • The silica mud is easily deposited in these pools. You will observe people using it as a face and body masks. The gooey silica mud masks help the skin to get purified and cleanses impurities.

Blue Lagoon

Tips to remember for your rejuvenation:

  • You are required to shower before entering the Blue Lagoon. It is implied on every individual entering the lagoon. This is done to maintain the purity of the lagoon.
  • Enjoy a smoothie or a soft drink while you take a dip into the ultimate relaxation. It completes the feeling of complete rejuvenation and peace.
  • Make sure you avoid letting the water touch your hair. The minerals tend to react to the hair and may affect the hair moisture. This may react differently to different individuals. Some people have no after issues of the water and its minerals on the hair.
  • If you plan to capture your luxury leisure moments do not forget to carry a phone or camera protector to avoid the water to spoil your equipment.
  • Do not wear jewellery in the water. They may corrode or become stained.
  • The Blue Lagoon has allotted a sauna and steam room, along with an exclusive section. Provisions are made to get a varied choice of spa treatments which includes massages on a float, right in the midst of the Blue Lagoon!


Set in the middle of the black lava field, the Blue Lagoon Geothermal Spa will leave you in no doubt of why it’s one of the most desired destinations in Iceland. With a stubborn ambition to soothe your senses and let you feel true nirvana of relaxation, these natural minerals imbibed in the lagoon give you a perfect experience of luxurious leisure. Make sure you plan your trip based on the idea of what drove most travellers to the Land of Ice and Fire! It is so rightly said that discover more and more experiences than tourist locations, and this one, in particular, is one of the must-haves in the world! So, when are you planning the ultimate reviving solace for your soul?

June 21, 2018


Priyanka Tawde
Priyanka Tawde

A tripping traveller with twisted brains and a passion to express. Words may seem her forte but they are just tools for her art of expression. Pretty much a good weirdo sprinkled with stardust and space love. Mystery is what she follows and Curiosity is where you'll find her.

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