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Best Places To Visit In Hassan

6 mins. read

Love to visit historical places? You are on the right blog!

Not only is Hassan considered as the architectural capital of Karnataka, but it also has a very rich history associated with it. The city was named after the local deity “Hasanamba”, hence the name Hassan, and established by Channa Krishnappa Naik, the local chieftain in the 11th century. Part of this rich heritage dates back to the reign of Hoysala dynasty, during the 11th and 14th century. This explains the prominence of the Hoysala culture and architecture in the current times.

Today, the ruins of the dynasty make for one of the most famous places to see in Hassan. The city, otherwise too, has several more noteworthy places, a few of which are in this list of ours:

Bisle Ghat

If you are indecisive about the places to visit in Hassan, start with Bisle Ghat. The sprawling reserved forest, spread over 40-hectare of land, is a sight to behold! It has been identified as one of the distinguished forest regions in Asia. You’ll find the forest stretching across the Hassan, Dakshina, and Kodagu districts of Karnataka. What really makes this a top spot in Hassan tourism is the diverse flora and fauna found here. In fact, you will find Teak, Alexandrian laurel, rosewood, Indian copal, Malabar kino, and tulips in copious amounts here! Even animals like elephants, the sambar, bison, wild boars, and a host of other wild animals can be found in abundance. No wonder Bisle Ghat is amongst Hassan’s best sightseeing attractions!

And that’s not it. What is going to leave you moved is seeing the people of Bisle Ghat and their efforts of protecting their forests and everything in it! You will see how wildfire is immediately put off by the villagers to ensure that the forest stays unharmed, and how the villagers are continuously vigilant to keep the thugs and thieves away in order to ensure that none of the animals were harmed or the trees stolen; it is sure to make you smile.


 Among the most visited tourist places near Hassan and also a major sightseeing attraction within the Hassan district, the Kaginari Hills are as beautiful as they come. To that end, trekking in the Kaginari hills is one of the famous things to do in Hassan, and with good reason! There are several routes and tracks that visitors love to explore. Besides, it is said that there is a secret route made by Tipu Sultan leading to the Majirabad fort. Now wouldn’t you like to discover that! Apart from that, Tipu Sultan had also built a fort in the hills.

Apart from its majestic layout, Kaginari is famous for spices; particularly pepper, coffee, and cardamom.

Rosary Church

The historic Rosary Church in Shetti Halli is one of those places you need to visit when in Hassan. Looks straight out of a Hollywood movie! The church is also included in most Hassan tour packages because of the scenic beauty of the church in its entirety. Constructed in 1860 by French Missionaries, the church sadly drowned in the backwaters in 1976 owing to the dams built across the Hemavati River in 1960. Ever since then, the church has been one of the top tourist places in Hassan and can be witnessed in its full glory during the summers.


Halebid to Hassan is what Eiffel Tower is to Paris. There is so much to Halebid that you would surely need a guide to help you explore it. Previously known as Drwarasamudra because of the Yadavas that came from Dwaraka and settled here, this place finally rose to popularity as the “Capital of Hoysalas” after Vishnuvardhana of the Hoysala dynasty rose to power. After two major attacks occurring in 1314 and 1320, the place was given the name Halebid.

Halibed has an architecture which is awe-inspiring, to say the least! All of the infrastructure, the beautiful Shiv temple, the 108 pillars inside the Sri Hoysaleshwara temple, statues of Hoysaleshwara and Shataleshwara and the Lord Kedareshwara can all be drawn back to significant historical events.
All of this makes Halibed a definite inclusion in places to visit in Hassan as well as Hassan tour packages.

The Manjirabad Fort

One of the best things about Hassan as a tourist place is that it is home to many splendid villages and towns within the same district. One such place near Hassan city is the Manjirabad Fort in Sakaleshpur. One of the most prominent ‘taluk’ headquarters in the whole of the Hassan district, Sakaleshpur is one of the most famous places to visit near Hassan due to the picturesque natural abode and the exquisite art and architecture courtesy of the Manjirabad Fort. The taluk is endowed with hills, dense forests, waterfalls, rivers, streams, and valleys that make it one of the finest tourist attractions.

Tip: Interact with the locals here. The tales you’ll hear will leave you astonished!

As far as tourist locations go, Hassan scores big in terms of historical presence, scenic environment, and fun places to be at! When you add to that the interesting tourist places that you can visit in Hassan, you know you are in for a fabulous trip!

July 07, 2019


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