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9 Exciting Things To Do In China For Thrill Seekers

7 mins. read

Counted among the greatest ancient civilizations of the world, China is an East Asian country known for its deep-rooted culture and inspiring cuisine. And how can one forget the stupendous scenery of the country that urban travellers, backpackers, and hikers keep raving about. Be it a walk along the crumbling sections of the Great Wall of China or the ancient desert forts, China offers the perfect setting for a fulfilling holiday for fun-seekers. The water towns, the forgotten villages, and the distinctive mountains are only the tip of the iceberg as there are many hidden trails that lead to many rewarding parts of the country and invite a lot of fun and adventure at the same time. If you plan on visiting China for a fun-filled vacation, here is a list of top things to do in China: -

1. Boating On River Li

For all the water babies looking for fun things to do in China, going for a boating tour in the serene waters of Li River will make for a soulful getaway. There are immaculate surroundings to admire as move across the 83 km long river. There is also an option of cruise boat that you can choose for a convenient boating experience. If ‘challenging’ is the norm for you, then you can also opt for a Kayak from Yangshuo or go for bamboo rafting on the calm blue waters of the river.

2. Interact With Pandas

Yes, you read it right! You can interact with pandas on your China trip. One of the most fun things to do in China, visiting the Giant Panda Breeding Research Base will plaster a big smile on your face! These adorable and extremely cute creatures instantly lift your mood with their cute little movements. You can see them hanging or climbing and going about their day in the most adorable manner. Take out a day to visit the base if you are looking for the top things to do in China during your trip.

3. Hike The Floating Mountains

If you are on the lookout for some crazy things to do in China, then an arduous hike to the Zhangjiajie National Forest Park is what you should go for. The mountains here inspired the floating mountains in ‘Avatar’. During the hike, you walk along with the clouds along and have the breathtaking view of the surroundings that look straight out of a painting.

The extraordinary formations in the park will intrigue you as you have never been intrigued before, etching a visual in your mind that you’ll remember forever.

4. Try the Hot Pot Of Sichuan

We have a confession to make here. We had the mental picture of Chatur ‘Silencer’ Ramalingam from 3 Idiots shouting “Hai Himmat?” while including this in the list.

The local delicacies of the Province of Sichuan have long been known for their fiery flavors, and the hot pot of Sichuan is no exception. One of the things that you must do in China is to try the hot pot of Sichuan. The broth is a test of ‘how spicy you can eat’. We’ll go as far as saying that this is one of those crazy things to do in China that many would skip out on. Would you too give this a pass or take this challenge head-on? We’ll be eager to read the comments on this blog.

5. Experience the Best Kite Flying

While you tour the city of Beijing, the capital of China, you can catch the local people practicing Tai Chi or the young women and men playing Xiangqi. You also get glimpses of several experts flying kites. The sheer sight of seeing the kites fly in their multi-hued textures and interesting shapes makes for a unique, exciting time in the city.

6. Visit Kashgar’s Sunday Market

Being one of the most fun things to do in China, shopping in the street shops can be alluring for the shopaholics and tourists alike. Travellers make it a point to visit Kashgar’s Sunday Market for some self-indulgent shopping in the streets of China. Stocked up with the most interesting items, the shops require a good amount of time to fully explore them.

There are two markets that you can head to. First is the Yengi Bazaar where the shops are lined up with vibrant fabrics, interesting hats, and countless knives. After exploring Yengi Bazaar, you can head to the Ulak market, a place that is extremely popular for selling livestock.

7. Eat Some Bamboo Tube Rice

Leafy food, anyone?!

A part of your trip to China must include a visit to the Longsheng Longji rice terraces. You can’t help but admire the hard work of the farmers here. Plus, when the hunger pangs come calling, you can try the delicious bamboo tube rice delicacy which is one of the popular dishes in these parts. The dish is made of dry meat, peanuts, and rice concealed together in a bamboo tub prepared over the fire. This, in the proverbial sense of the world, is soul food and one of the top things to do in China.

8. Check Out Ancient Art at Mogao Grottoes

If history and art interests you, one of the things you must do in China is to visit Mogao Grottoes. Upon reaching the place, you will find over 700 caves lined up with fascinating Buddhist artwork. An interesting thing to note here is that all the caves are not open on a particular day so you will have to plan your trip to the caves accordingly.

9. Taste the Xiaol
ongbao In Shanghai

The ‘oh so’ popular momos have a rather traditional origin.

A traditional dish, Xiaolongbao are soup dumplings that are prepared in bamboo steamers with pork as an ingredient. This street food is extremely popular and is something that many savor on their trip while looking for a delicious snack. Trying it out should form a part of your list of things that you must do in China.

Be it the scrumptious cuisine or the striking scenery, China promises the perfect fun-filled vacation. So that you get to experience all the must-do things in China without any hassle, choose a China tour package that offers a planned tour.

Traversing through China is an adventure in itself – you have amazing places to visit, delicious food to savour, and challenging activities to partake in. At the end of it all, you get ‘that sense of being complete’. Isn’t that what we all travel for?!

August 12, 2019


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