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Raising you high above the world, our little neighbour has this reputation of Hiker’s Paradise!

The holy, mystical land of Nepal that holds the mysteries of nature, mankind and mountains is a land-locked nation between Tibet and India. The birthplace of Buddha and the shrine of holy temples build a significant aura around this country. Encompassing the amalgamation of the cultures of its neighbour, Nepal is easily the most heart throbbing experiences awaiting right next to India. The perfect Nepal tour packages include all the flavours of this country! Be it the snow-capped mountain peaks of the Himalayas or the centuries-old ancient Hindu temples, the lush green rainforests or the quaint Buddhist monasteries, Nepal is a travel experience for anyone and everyone. Here at Veena World, we trace the Nepal holiday packages based on the experiences that this country holds to offer. Abode of Mt. Everest is here where life begins and comes to a full circle. The trails of Everest, a mountaineers dream and a trekker’s goal, all welcome the energetic travellers to explore our Nepal travel packages to find their match to quench their adventure thirst. We use our passionate unrivalled knowledge to design your perfect mystical vacation!

Nepal Holiday Packages

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Nepal Pokhara Chitwan - Ifly
Nepal Pokhara Chitwan - Ifly
Nepal Pokhara Chitwan - Ifly
8 Days|3 Cities
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Kathmandu (1N) | Chitwan (2N) | Pokhara (2N) | Kathmandu (2N)
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Buddha’s birthplace holds the mysteries of nature, mankind and mountains. Nepal is an untapped gem, right next to our country. Exploring the different shades which give you the insight of natural beauty and divinity synchronised together awaits in your Nepal tour. The vibrant beauty of Nepal leaves every visitor surprised of what this land has to offer. Nepal is a distinctive choice and a preferred destination for all kinds of travellers. Nepal travel packages from India reflect its identity which is known by many wonderful names such as ‘Devbhoomi’, ‘Abode of Mt. Everest’, ‘Roof of the World’, ‘Hiker’s Paradise’ and ‘Birthplace of Gautama Buddha’ among a few. Each of these names have a profound meaning that truly describe the essence of Nepal. Here at Veena World, we encompass these ideologies to frame handcrafted affordably priced Nepal holiday packages for every traveller. Be it the snow-capped mountain peaks of Himalayas or the centuries old ancient Hindu temples, the lush green rainforests or the quaint Buddhist monasteries, Nepal tour packages available online include travel experiences for anyone and everyone. Your choice stands as our priority, may it be for adventure or for leisure, for some special reason like honeymoon or just a short escape travel, for a desire to travel alone or with family and all of it is made possible with Veena World!

The Geography and Seasons

The land of Nepal is landlocked between India and Tibet, two of its strongest cultural influences and inspirations. Our Nepal tour packages available online are all season friendly. The seasons of Nepal include a joyous spring, vibrant summer, beautiful monsoon, sun kissed autumn and chilling winter. Our affordably priced Nepal tour packages from India lets you experience these seasons which are distributed throughout the year. Spring is observed to be from March till May, summer rises in Nepal from June till August, and monsoon heads to Nepal from August to September, autumn sets in from September to November and winter follows from December to February. Experiencing the land’s beauty in the different shades of the seasons is possible with our Nepal travel packages.

The Culture

Inspired by its neighbours and especially with a strong influence of Tibet, the culture of Nepal is purely divine which can be explored with Veena World’s affordably priced Nepal travel packages from India. The icy breeze yet equally warm hearted people is the true charm of the destination. The smiling faces of the locals lift up the aura of the Himalayan land to its summit. Our online Nepal tour packages are framed with the professional expertise, reflect the accuracy of adding up the land’s culture as the tour’s main highlights. Our Nepal travel packages give you a true glimpse of the ethnic culture of Nepal.

The Experience

Nepal tour packages include activities like Rope way Ride and thrilling experiences such as elephant ride and canoe ride. Nepal is known to be mountaineers favourite as well as the personal pick of most adventurers. Nepal holiday packages available online include the true essence of this Himalayan land with the empyrean of the Tibetan Monasteries. Indeed the land of Nepal has a very unique culture! The experiences here are one of kind and feature among the multiple options of our Nepal tour packages from India. The cultural and traditional mark is left in the minds of the travellers with their graceful Nepali Folk dance. A trip with any of our Nepal vacation packages to medieval cities & sacred sites, right at the shrine of Himalayas, offers so many experiences that it makes you witness what makes this land a multi flavoured destination.

The Highlights

The highlights of Nepal holiday packages from India lie in the main cities like Kathmandu, Chitwan and Pokhra. Visiting the Manakamana Devi Temple and Kathmandu’s Pashupatinath Temple which is known as the holiest Hindu pilgrimage destination in Nepal gives the divine vibes. Visiting the Swayambhunath Stupa, also known for being one of the most glorious stupas in the world whose establishment is linked to the creation of Kathmandu valley, is also a one of a kind attraction that is a part of our online Nepal tour packages. Witnessing the lively wildlife in Chitwan National Park which is well known for 'One Horned Rhinoceros' and Elephant Farm, soaking in the natural beauty along with a pleasant boat ride in Phewa Lake, witnessing the panoramic views of Mt. Fishtail, visiting Barahi Temple located on an island in Phewa Lake and paying respects at Vindyabasini Temple are among the many choicest experiences of Nepal. Veena World’s Nepal tour packages also includes a one of a kind experience at the International mountaineering museum, that reflects an ethnic mosaic of western Nepal, making it a hard to miss part of the itineraries. Enjoying a Nepali Folk dance in the dusk of the day is a memorable aspect of the Nepal holiday packages. Witness the beautiful scenery of riverbanks, Annapurna Ranges and Mt. Fishtail along with Devi's Fall and Gupteshwar Caves. Our Nepal holiday packages from India lets you explore the monuments of Kathmandu like, Budhanilkantha also known as 'Sleeping Vishnu' and Bhaktapur Darbar Square - a UNESCO World Heritage Site. All these highlights and attractions of Nepal, list out so many aspects to be covered from an adventurers’ bucket list.

Abode of Mt. Everest is where life begins and comes to a full circle. The trails of Everest, a mountaineers dream and a trekker’s goal, all welcome the energetic travellers to explore our Nepal travel packages to find their match to quench their adventure thirst. Its aesthetic synchronization of art, history and culture has given birth to incredible heritage and immortal people. The region full of picturesque, popular and yet offbeat places lie in this mystical land, full of flawless natural treasures can make your honeymoon extra special when combined with our Nepal honeymoon packages. The world of new experiences await you in this land of surprises. This land will never disappoint you with its remarkable scenery and iconic cultural significances. Veena World has a focus of innovating and building unrivalled tours. We bring together everything best available for every Nepal tour booking, to give you a one of a kind memory and travel story that can be shared with your loved ones. Travelling is known to bring people together as we grow with every tour. The idea of travel, explore and celebrate is reflected in every tour that we undertake for Nepal!

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