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Kullu Tour Packages

For the next trip to Kullu, get ready to trek through the rough terrains, immerse yourself in the charm of the vibrant city and create lasting memories with Veena World.

A dream destination for vacationers, Kullu is one of the most amazing getaway destinations for people seeking solitude amidst the delights of nature. This scenic town situated in Himachal Pradesh is spread out on the banks of River Beas. 

Surrounded by the Dhauladhar ranges, the Prashar Lake, made of serene blue waters in Kullu Valley is one of the best places for sightseeing at Kullu. This sparsely populated region is a slice of heaven for those who want to escape the doldrums of city life.

Known as the ‘Valley of Gods’, every village in Kullu has its own deity, adhering to its different set of rituals. Some of the famous temples here are Bijli Mahadev, Adi Brahma Temple, Trijugi Narayan Temple[AJ1] , Bajaura Temple, and Raghunath Temple. Another interesting fact about Kullu is that it is originally known as the Kul-anti-peetha, which means it is the farthest point in the inhabitable world. It also finds mention in Indian epics like the Mahabharata, the Ramayana, and Vishnu Purana. Moreover, if you are looking for a place to do adventure sports like trekking, rafting, mountaineering, and paragliding, Kullu is a must-visit place for you. Whether you are a seasoned or a novice trekker, you can go up to Beas Kund region, Hanuman Tibba and Deo Tibba, among many other places. The best way to explore the beautiful town is to choose one of the Kullu tour packages online for your vacation. 

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Kullu is a beautiful summer destination encircled by steep hills, rivers, deodar forests, and apple orchards. It is one of the most preferred and sought-after summer retreat destinations, with picturesque views. It offers some stunning panoramic views that you can explore with Veena World Kullu tour packages. These packages include spectacular sightseeing spots that are bound to bestow you with a thrilling experience. This magnificent region in Himachal Pradesh is brimming with attractions, and Kullu holiday packages cover amazing places like ancient forts, religious sites, and wildlife sanctuaries that you will surely love to visit. With Veena World’s all-inclusive Kullu tour packages, you can discover all the worth-visiting places that it hosts. To make the most out of your trip to Kullu, here are some things that you must do:

Things to Do in Kullu

  1. Mountaineering

One of the best places for mountaineering in Kullu, Deo Tibba, is the second-highest peak of the Pir Panjal Range. Situated at a height of 6001 meters above the ground, it is famous among people who love doing adventurous activities like mountaineering. Besides this, Kullu has numerous virgin peaks and base camps that novice trekkers can easily reach. Some of these are Beas Kund and Hanuman Tibba. If you are an expert mountaineer, you can go to Chandratal, Beas Kund and Malana Glaciers for a challenging trek. If you want any help with mountaineering equipment, you can get in touch with the Himalayan Institute of Mountaineering, located in Aleo, Manali. They also provide training sessions and courses on mountaineering, which can be quite helpful for your tour to the hills of Kullu.

  1. Rafting

When seeking things to do to include in your Kullu trip package, make river rafting a top priority. Kullu is one of the best spots for river rafting in India. This thrill-filled activity is done along the 14 Km stretch of the mighty River Beas and can be done by both experts and amateur rafters. Whitewater rafting in Kullu is a one-of-a-kind experience. It starts from Piri and ends at Jhiri. 

  1. Visit The Great Himalayan National Park

You can add a visit to the Great Himalayan Park to your itinerary at a very low price and see some of the animals that you may have never seen before. It is one of the prominent tourist sites in Kullu, home to a wide variety of flora and fauna. It hosts over 30 species of mammals and more than 300 species of birds. This park is bestowed with a variety of wildlife species, having approximately 375 types of fauna, including blue sheep, Himalayan brown bear, goral, snow leopard, Himalayan tahr, musk deer, and others. The vegetation in this park includes a canopy forest, an oak forest, alpine scrubs, sub-alpine communities, and alpine meadows.

  1. Paragliding

With aero-sports like paragliding, you get a chance to fly like a bird and experience free fall gliding from high above the sky. It gives you a bird’s eye view of the scenic beauty of the green and snowy plains of Kullu. The cost of paragliding in Kullu is 2000-3000 rupees per person. If you are visiting Kullu for the first time, do not miss this activity, which will literally sweep your feet off the ground. Remember to add this adventure to your trip to make it full of thrilling adventures meant for an unforgettable experience. 

Best Time To Visit Kullu

The summer season is considered the best time to visit Kullu for a vacation to get away from the scorching heat in the city. It is known as the ideal summer destination because of its pleasant weather. However, if you want to experience snowfall, you can visit Kullu during the winter season in December and January. It is the perfect time for enjoying adventure sports like snow skiing and ziplining. Also, if you wish to do activities such as river rafting, sightseeing, rock climbing, hiking and trekking, then you must visit this place during the months of February, October and November. Opt for the Kullu tour package according to the best time to visit so you can have a great time during your trip.

Get the Best Kullu Tour Packages at Veena World

Veena World offers a range of Kullu travel packages to suit customers' different requirements and budgets. Some of the most exciting packages for the Kullu trip include group tours, honeymoon packages, women-only specials, etc. Moreover, there are customized holidays [AJ1] where you can decide everything from day-to-day itinerary, hotels, meal preferences, trip duration, and places to visit. So book your Kullu tour with us and get ready to embark on a journey that you have never seen before. 

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