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Peru Tour Packages

Peru takes you to the beginning of time, traversing the trail of human civilization, of ancient rites and rituals, the thousands of years old Amazon and a culture that still hides many secrets in its bosom.

Words fall short while describing tours to Peru and justifiably so. How can few packages for Peru tours assemble all the nuggets of a 5000-year-old history? We can only go speechless at the sight of Machu Picchu, gape at the majestic peaks, fall in love with the rugged terrain or simply give in to the warm hospitality of the people of a unique culture. Holiday packages to Peru are a Holy Grail for travellers from all around the world. Tours to Peru throw surprises at you at every corner, the best you can do is get totally mesmerized by them. 

Like millions of others, if Peru has been lingering on your mind for long, Veena World will be the perfect partner for you. There are scores of online Peru packages from India available at cost-effective prices. The best thing about these Peru tour packages is that they are completely customizable and include only the best Peru sightseeing attractions. Browse for the price and cost of these Peru holiday packages from India and conveniently book them online. And you are all set for a great Peruvian expedition.

Peru Travel Packages

Peru PackagesDay/NightPrice
Brazil Argentina Peru14 Days₹8,75,000
Best of South America21 Days₹11,90,000

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Brazil Argentina Peru

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*Except for joining/leaving, To & fro economy class air is included for all departure city.
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Tour Includes

*Except for joining/leaving, To & fro economy class air is included for all departure city.
Travel hassle-free with Veena World tour manager.
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3 Countries
7 Cities
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Brazil Argentina Peru

Get to know more about Peru before booking your tour packages

The South American country of Peru is officially known as the Republic of Peru. It is bordered in the north by Ecuador and Colombia, in the east by Brazil, in the southeast by Bolivia, in the south by Chile, and in the west by the Pacific Ocean. Peru enjoys the status of being a megadiverse country which means it has a wide variety of terrain, including arid plains, mountains, a rainforest, and river basins and that’s what makes Peru trip packages so popular.

The first human settlements in Peru began as early as the 32nd century BC and were known as the Norte Chico civilization. Norte Chico civilization is regarded as one of the five cradles of human civilization. After the Spanish invaded the country in the 16th century what ensued was a tumultuous struggle for Peru for independence which it finally gained in 1821. The capital of Peru is Lima.

Experience Peru

The ancient traditions and rituals run so deeply embedded in Peruvian culture that tours of Peru come as a revelation. Known as ‘the richest country in the world’ for its megadiverse landscape, culture, and wildlife, holiday packages to Peru enrich the visitors with some unique and thoroughly enjoyable experiences. Whether it is the hauntingly beautiful ruins of Machu Picchu, the spectacular architecture of Lima, the mysterious line figures in Ica or the unbelievable gorgeousness of the Colca Valley, Peru sightseeing tours encapsulate the true essence of this country.

Allowing you to explore this country that has many landmarks to its name, from the world’s highest navigable lake to some of the deepest valleys, tours to Peru are pure delight. Peru holiday packages include some of the most sought-after destinations for sightseeing tours to Peru. The warm and genuine hospitality of the Peruvian people brings a smile to your lips long after your trip is over, and you can experience that through our Peru vacation packages. Apart from the unrivalled appeal of sightseeing in Peru, another major draw for tourists availing Peru travel packages from India is the culinary delights of this country. Try to sample authentic Peruvian dishes when you arrive through Peru honeymoon packages or Peru travel packages from India as some of the products and techniques go back thousands of years.

Peru is not just a destination; it is a love affair that won’t fade anytime soon. And if you want to start yours, Veena World can help you with the best Peru honeymoon packages and Peru packages from India. All you have to do is browse for Peru travel packages that suit you the best in terms of cost and conveniently book them online.

Things to Do in Peru

The best thing about Veena World’s Peru tour packages from India is that tours to Peru are completely customizable and you get to decide what to include or exclude from your packages for Peru tours. And unlike some countries where only some parts are pretty, here, the whole country of Peru is incredible.

Here are a few recommendations to look for in Peru travel packages: -

  • Machu Picchu:
    This UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the New Seven Wonders of the World is perhaps the best known Peruvian landmark. Machu Picchu means ‘ancient mountains’ in the Quechuan language. Surrounded by the Urubamba River, this ancient Incan city sits majestically atop a ridge and is the top attraction in Peru tour packages from India. It can either be explored via the 26-mile (43 kilometres) Inca Trail hike or via a train from Cusco. Whatever be your mode, we guarantee that you will be amazed by the journey to the top. Steep valleys, lush forests line the trail that the ancient Incans used to take. As spellbinding as the ruins itself, the breathtaking views from the top are unparalleled and visitors can’t seem to have enough on their Peru vacation packages. Hiram Bingham is believed to have discovered the site in 1911.
  • The Inca Trail:
    The Inca Trail is like the ultimate trophy for hikers all around the world who arrive here through Peru trip packages. It usually takes four days to complete this 26-mile (43 kilometres) path. The usual starting point for the hike is km 82 of the Cusco - Aguas Calientes rail line. No doubt it is a challenging part but it also a part of the charm. As you cross numerous ruins, jungles, steep ascends and jaw-dropping scenery extends to as far as your sight can go.
  • Cusco:
    Nestled amidst the Andes Mountains, Cusco is yet another must-visit Peru sightseeing destination. Walking through the streets of Cusco is like starring in a silent-era movie with gems upon gems of architectural marvels fleeting by. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the speciality of this city is that the present has been built on the foundations of the future and quite literally. Many of the old colonial buildings were built upon ancient Incan ruins. It is said Cusco lives in its streets with every nook and corner teasing visitors with reflections of a glorious past. The town square is Plaza de Armas where two of Cusco’s major attractions are located-the Cathedral and La Compania.
  • Lake Titicaca:
    On the way to Lake Titicaca, the moment you have the first glimpse of the emerald waters of the lake, you are hooked. Not only is this lake the highest navigable lake in the world, but it also has one of the most picturesque surroundings and is a great inclusion in Peru holiday packages. Do not forget to visit the Uros Floating Islands (Islas Flotantes) which are manmade islands made of reed. The islands are inhabited by Uros Indians who have lived more or less the same way since the Incans.
  • Nazca Lines in Ica:
    Mystery enthusiasts and conspiracy theorists throng here to have a look at the Nazca lines on packages for Peru tours. The Nazca Lines are humongous 70 different plant and animal drawings on the desert floor and are so huge that they are visible only aerially. The exact origins of these lines are not known but that doesn’t stop tourists from getting attracted to them. While here, try visiting the Cemetery of Chauchilla, which contains Nazca remains and mummies.
  • Puerto Maldonado and the Amazon:
    Peru holiday packages from India are incomplete without visiting the Amazon to understand why Peru is regarded as one of the world’s most ecologically diverse countries. Puerto Maldonado serves as the gateway for Amazon tours which includes some of the most spectacular variety of wildlife in the world. Stay a couple of days or weeks, there isn’t enough time to explore the jungles fully. Reserva Nacional Tambopata and the Parque Nacional Bahuaja Sonene are the main attractions here.

Best Time to Visit Peru

Peru has a diverse geography and hence different climates. The months of April to October are generally a good time to plan packages for Peru tours and book them online.

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