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Greece Honeymoon Packages

Start of a new life? Filled with olive gardens, wonderful beaches, curving hills, and saturated with the lovely Mediterranean weather year-round, a Greece honeymoon package takes you to a picture-perfect location for your honeymoon.

Greece, the country where the god of love was born! The land is blessed with a rich culture and tradition spanning back hundreds and thousands of years. It is the land of the greatest emperors, philosophers, and artists of the ancient world; the cradle of Western civilization; and the home of the many powerful myths that still capture the imagination of millions of people around the world. 

With its amazing food, gorgeous beaches, and wonderful properties, the Greek islands is an excellent destination for couples who are looking to enjoy gorgeous beaches, delicious culinary dishes and exploring ancient ruins. Veena World offers the best Greece honeymoon packages that are designed in such a way so that couples can have the best local and cultural experiences.

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Get to know more about Greece before booking your honeymoon packages

Greece, the southernmost of the countries of the Balkan Peninsula, Geography has greatly influenced the country’s development. Mountains historically restricted internal communications, but the sea opened up wider horizons. Greece is home to 2,000 islands, out of which 160 are known to be inhabited; some of the easternmost Aegean islands lie just a few miles off the Turkish coast. The country’s capital, Athens, has seen rapid expansion in the second half of the 20th century. Attikí (ancient Greek: Attica), the area around the capital, is now home to about one-third of the country’s entire population.

Experience Greece

Greece is an iconic country that is well-known for its rich cultural heritage, colourful festivals, and glorious history. Its ever-charming beauty is something you can experience on a Greece couple package which is marked by pristine beaches, picturesque islands, spectacular mountains, intriguing ancient ruins, and magnificent monuments.

Greece is home to a plethora of interesting places to visit that have always formed the prime attractions of tourism here. Gaze at the architectural brilliance of Santorini, laze at the spectacular beaches of Mykonos, and witness the archaeological sites of Athens and the breathtaking gorges of Crete; this peninsular country has got many exciting sightseeing destinations that you will enjoy visiting on your honeymoon trip to Greece.

The super luxury hotels here and the soothing white sand beaches can offer you a relaxing vacation with your better half. At the same time, the adventure seekers can go indulge in a plethora of exhilarating activities, such as watersports, caving, hiking, cable riding, and food touring. The most well-planned Greece packages for couples will have these covered, and then some.

There are also a lot of open street markets that host popular local and international brands, Greece also offers the tourists an excellent scope to enjoy shopping like never before. Furthermore, the elegant and swanky clubs and restaurants add to the flamboyant nightlife culture of the country, letting you enjoy evening activities like partying, boozing, fine dining, and pub crawling.

The country experiences a Mediterranean climate with mild temperatures and usually dry summers and wet winters. While winters are sometimes marked by snowfall, it remains sunny all year round, thus favouring tourist activities on a Greece honeymoon package.

Things to Do in Greece

Your chosen spot can any place between the deep blue or turquoise waters of the Aegean Sea and the white mountains of the Pindus range; the breathtaking natural beauty and the countless options on offer make the cost of a honeymoon in Greece well worth the expense!

Here’s what you can do here: -

  • A boating trip in Lake Kerkini:

Opt for an unforgettable boating trip in the arms of nature, in the calm waters of Lake Kerkini. This man-made lake is situated only 35 km NW of Serres town, amidst amazing natural surroundings, and it offers a view of Mt. Beles and the valley of Rodopi. Flocks of rare bird species will keep you company while you enjoy your outing!

  • Swim under the moonlight:

Have a great time swimming with your better half under the moonlight in the tranquil waters of Schinias beach. A standout tourism attraction in Greece, you can have a unique night swim experience here, 50 km away from the centre of Athens.

  • Natural spa on the Canal D’ Amour beach:

Visit the well-known Canal D’ Amour beach in Sidari, Corfu island. Explore the strange geological formations, swim in the cool waters, and treat your body with the singular grey mud of its rocks: feel all the goodness of a natural spa by the seashore.

  • A carriage ride on Spetses Island:

A quintessential part of any Greece honeymoon package, take a trip to lordly Spetses Island and enjoy your ride on a horse-driven carriage along the coastline. Wonder at the island's mansions and the Old Seaport area. Make a stop at Poseidonio square; taste the local amygdalota [almond sweets] -traditionally offered in weddings and other happy occasions – against the historic Poseidonion Hotel.

  • Skiing under a starlit sky:

If adventure is what both of you are after during your Greece vacation, then why not try your ski routines under the starlight? Every Saturday you can go for night skiing at Vasilitsa ski resort right in the heart of the Pindus range. Ski down the lighted pistes in the company of your loved one and feel the adrenaline rush in your body!

With so many romantic activities to pick from, Greece could be rated as the perfect choice of place to pop the question to spend your honeymoon. Next to the amazing Greek countryside, you will be accommodated in traditional guesthouses, rural tourist lodgings, youth hostels, luxury hotels, tourist resorts and mansions, offering you and your partner the opportunity to spend the perfect holidays in Greece! Check out Veena World’s website for Greece honeymoon packages from India. They promise to design the best Greece tours. All the Greece packages for couples are listed online and all you have to do is select and book a Greece Honeymoon package that suits you the best.

Best Time to Visit Greece

Whilst Greece is home to some of the best beaches and most romantic sunsets on the planet there are many things to see and do year-round when you visit this country on a Greece honeymoon package. With Veena World, you cannot only customize your tour itinerary but also avail of the best deals which keep the cost of a honeymoon in Greece budget-friendly.

Summer in Greece is over June, July and August and is the ideal time to spend at the beaches and waterfalls while Spring and Autumn are excellent for hiking and exploring Ancient Ruins, Caves and Archaeological sites. August is also the busiest and most expensive month of the year whilst many islands close their tourist ‘season’ down between late October until Easter each year. We’d say that May – June and September are the best times to visit Greece when the weather is great and so are the prices and the crowds.

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