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The largest state in India in terms of geographical area, Rajasthan is a breathtakingly beautiful place, where tourists from all over the world visit. Today, honeymoon in Rajasthan has also become very popular as the state has magnificent deserts, alluring lakes, gorgeous forts, and palaces that make it even more attractive to tourists. In addition to this, the state houses a hill station and National Park as well that give options to those looking for spending quality time in the embrace of serenity. 

All this together makes Rajasthan a perfect destination for honeymoon trips as well. Newly-wed couples in India can look for Rajasthan honeymoon packages and plan their romantic getaways to the state easily. From going for romantics walks, exploring the forts and palaces together to going for boat rides, safaris, and candle-light dinners – couples can have a lot of fun and adventurous activities in the state. Rajasthan is a state that still boasts of the rich and varied traditions from the bygone era. Its cultural heritage is preserved exceptionally well by the tourism department and that is something, which allures the eyes of many tourists. If you are planning for a honeymoon trip to Rajasthan, check for the best Rajasthan tour package for couples online. 


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Rajasthan Highlights

We recently completed Rajasthan Tour with Veena World group.It was a great experience throughout the tour.It was fantastically managed by our tour managers :-) Mr Sagar and Mr Omkar. There is no single error that can be pointed out in the entire tour arrangement. We were given a world class experience. Thanks Veena World for all the arrangements.

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MR. Navinchandra Sawant
Jul 14, 2019

Rajasthan Highlights

It was our first family tour with Veena World group. It was a great experience throughout the tour. Our :-) Tour managers Mr Sagar and Mr Omkar were on their toes to serve us and they made our tour more memorable. We didnt even realise how our 7 days came to end. Would like to join Veena World tours in future also.

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Jul 14, 2019

Rajasthan Highlights

Feeling very happy to share, our tour was very nice and comfortable. I appreciate the arrangements, support, hospitality as well as cooperation extended by Sagar and Omkar :-) was excellent. Even everybody's participation was very good so we enjoyed it. We will be happy to see you in future

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MR. Nishikant Bhoomkar
Jul 14, 2019

About the Destination

Located in the North-West region of India, Rajasthan houses some of the most spectacular attractions that can please your eyes effortlessly. The state is known as the ‘Land of Kings’ and has numerous palaces and forts that belonged to the royal families residing in Rajasthan. The state welcomes a lot of visitors throughout the year from across the world and whether you book a price-friendly vacation package or honeymoon package, Rajasthan offers the best time to the visitors. It is said that the oldest reference to the state’s name was found in a stone inscription that predates the 625 CE. In addition to this, the overall history of Rajasthan is quite intriguing as well. It is believed that some parts of the state were once a part of the Vedic Civilisation and Indus Valley Civilisation. Kalibangan located in the Hanumangarh district happens to be a part of the Indus Valley Civilisation and was a major provincial capital for the same. An archaeological excavation at the Balathal site in Udaipur shows a settlement that is associated with the Harappa Civilisation and dates back to 3000-1500 BCE. 

Rajasthan covers an area of 342,239 square kilometres, which is almost 10.4% of the total geographical area of India. It is the largest state in the country in terms of area and seventh largest in terms of population. Rajasthan houses one of the well-known deserts in the world i.e. the Thar Desert, also known as the Great Indian Desert. In addition to this, the state shares borders with a few provinces of Pakistan namely, Punjab to the northwest and Sindh to the west that falls along the Sutlej-Indus river valley. Rajasthan is surrounded by five other Indian states namely Punjab to the north, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh to the northeast, Madhya Pradesh in the southeast, and Gujarat along its southwest boundary. Rajasthan is one of the most beautiful places that India houses and there are a lot of tourist attractions that the state offers.

Experience: Rajasthan and Honeymoon - The Perfect Combination

The state comprises of places that are unique in it. The royal aura of the state and alluring views that it offers serves as a perfect setup for romantic getaways as well. Today, a lot of newly-wed couples consider Rajasthan as their honeymoon destination, not only to explore the royalty of the state but also to live as royals for a while. With the availability of cost-effective honeymoon tour packages for Rajasthan, planning a trip to the state has become easier. In addition to this, the state also offers an exquisite time amidst the embrace of the greenery, spectacular times in the backdrop of lakes, and adventurous times in the form of desert safari. The hotels and resorts in the state ensure that the honeymoon couples are offered the best of services that make them feel regal. Apart from this, Rajasthani cuisine also contributes to enhancing your honeymoon. The state houses ample vegetarian and non-vegetarian restaurants, giving the visitors a plethora of choices to choose from. It is said that the Rajasthani cooking is influenced by the war-like lifestyles of the inhabitants as well as the availability of the ingredients as the state falls in the arid region. Some of the most famous and lip-smacking dishes are Mirchi Bada, Dal-Baati Churma, Pyaaj Kachori, and Ghevar, which honeymoon couples must try during their Rajasthan honeymoon tour. Rajasthan is a state that is very rich in its culture and tradition. Till today, the authenticity of the state is maintained to the best extent, and during your honeymoon in Rajasthan; you will see the efficiency of the tourism department for the same. Folk songs and dance are a huge part of the state’s culture and a lot of tourist attractions offer cultural shows for the same. Couples on a honeymoon trip to the city should attend these cultural extravaganzas for a gala of a time. In addition to this, Rajasthan’s colourful art is also very famous. Block prints, tie, and dye prints, Bagaru prints, Gota Patti, Zari embroidery are some of the traditional art that the state is known for to date. Book a price-friendly Rajasthan honeymoon package and plan a vacation to enjoy a time filled with romance and royalty. 

Places to Visit

Following are some of the places to visit in Rajasthan for a marvellous honeymoon trip –

  • Jaipur

Known as the pink city of India, Jaipur serves as one of the most perfect choices for a honeymoon destination. From magnificent desert views to ancient forts, the city offers tourist attractions that should never be missed. Nahargarh Fort, Hawa Mahal, Sisodia Rani Garden, Sheesha Restaurant, and the famous Ram Mandir, where you can watch a Bollywood flick, are some of the places that should be on the list. For better deals, look for online Rajasthan honeymoon packages from Mumbai, Delhi, etc.

  • Udaipur

Surrounded by palaces, forts, and lakes – Udaipur is your destination if you want to spend time in a romantic setup and serene ambience. Right from going boating in the Fateh Sagar Lake, having a filling lunch on a shikara ride to enjoying a walk at the Gulab Bagh, or spending time alone at the Jaisamand Lake; there are a lot of activities that couples can do during their honeymoon trip to Udaipur in Rajasthan. The Monsoon Palace, City Palace, and Lake Palace are the must-visit places for couples.

  • Mount Abu

If you are looking for some time in the tranquillity of mountains, then visit Mount Abu. It is the only hill station in the state and offers a wonderful time to the visitors. Hot air balloon ride with your spouse, easy treks for stunning views, watching the sunset over the ridge while the hues of orange take over the sky are some of the things that you can do in Mount Abu. Book a Rajasthan honeymoon package that includes a Mount Abu trip and enjoy a time like no other. In addition to this, the places that couples must visit are Nakki Lake, Trevor’s Crocodile Park, Guru Shikar (Aravalli mountain’s highest peak), and the Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary.

Other than these places, you can also look for Rajasthan tour packages for couples that include other cities like Jodhpur, Ranthambore National Park, Pushkar, Jaisalmer, and so on for a splendid time with your loved one.


Best Time to Visit

Before you book any of the Rajasthan honeymoon tour packages and plan the itinerary, knowing the best time to visit Rajasthan is important as the state can be too humid at times. It is said that the best time to be in the state is from October to March as the days are not very humid and the nights are cooler. From April to June, the temperature is very high in the state, and from July to September, it is the monsoon season. Rajasthan experiences rainfall but not extremely heavy downpour, unlike its neighbouring states. Therefore, you can also book special couple packages for Rajasthan trip in the monsoon. Although the safaris and boat rides may be cancelled during the monsoon season, couples can still enjoy exploring the city forts and palaces as well as spend quality time together in the cozy weather.

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