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Kanha Tour Packages

The Kanha region has a fascinating story to tell.

Spanning an area of over 94 sq. km, the reserve is home to over 1000 species of flowering plants and over 300 species of birds. There are several endangered and rare species as well, such as the blackbuck and the barasingha, that find safety in the reserve. Located in the southwestern region of Madhya Pradesh, Kanha is wildly famous for the Kanha Tiger Reserve. The reserve boasts of having the largest population of tigers in India, with over 125 tigers in the reserve as of 2018. Generally, the price of Kanha tour packages includes a visit to the reserve as well.

Kanha tour packages ideally also include Safaris, where one can go through the scenic canopies of towering bamboo and Sal woods. As you tour the Kanha forest and traverse through the wild, you may come across several species of flora and fauna to marvel upon. The plateau on which the reserve is situated experiences a moderate tropical climate throughout the year, which is one of the reasons as to why the region is an epicenter for wildlife to flourish.

You can check out the prices and costs of various Kanha tour packages online at Veena World and choose one according to your preferences. You can also conveniently book the Kanha National Park tour package online.

Kanha Travel Packages

Kanha PackagesDay/NightPrice
Kashmir to Kanyakumari Road Trip40 Days₹2,00,000

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Kashmir to Kanyakumari Road Trip

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Tour includes

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Get to know more about Kanha before booking your tour packages

The Kanha Reserve has been at the helm of wildlife conservation in the sub-continent of India and is significantly responsible for the growth of the population of the blackbucks, tigers, and the hard ground swamp deer (barasingha). Among other species, the reserve has played an instrumental role in reviving the barasingha from its status of being endangered and today is their last refuge.

The reserve was established as a national park in the year 1955 and has ever since played an important role in preserving the native wildlife of the region. The forest was taken under Project Tiger in the year 1974 to ensure efforts were focused on the preservation of the Great Bengal Tiger.

On your Kanha Forest tour packages, you are sure to come across several diverse species of birds as well, such as the black ibis, the bee-eaters, the cattle egret, pond herons, the grey hornbill, and many more.

Experience Kanha

The Kanha Reserve is divided into two regions to function as an isolated wildlife preservation zone. The outer region is known as the buffer zone. This zone acts as a barrier between the wildlife and the other regions of the district. All the accommodation options that are available in the Kanha reserve are located in this region as the presence of wildlife is less dense.

The other region of the reserve is the Core. The Core is inhabited by the animals that are being preserved in the park. The tigers of the park reside specifically in this region as the wildlife requires an untouched ecosystem to thrive.

With Kanha tour packages you will get to experience the raw beauty of the area when you include Kanha Forest tour packages in the deal as well, where you will get to enter a realm of the wild and can relish the scenic beauty of the reserve.

Most accommodation is located in the exterior limits of the reserve and at reasonable prices can be booked online with Kanha tour packages. There is a limit set upon the number of vehicles that are allowed into the reserve area to protect the habitat from being disturbed.

Kanha National Park tour packages allow for a tourist to get a peek into the true nature of the Indian wild. It is also regarded as one of the most likely reserves where one can spot a tiger.

Things to Do in Kanha

The reserve is a delight for nature lovers and has a new experience to offer for everybody. The national park houses several activities that are included in most Kanha Tour packages online. Here are some of the best things to do when you visit:

1. Safari in Kanha:

The safari experience of the reserve is without a doubt the highlight of any Kanha National Park tour package. On the safari, as you take a Kanha Forest tour, you are very likely to have an encounter with a Great Bengal Tiger, as there are more than 125 in the reserve region itself. Other endangered species such as the blackbuck and the hard-ground swamp deer (barasingha) can also be spotted in the core region during your safari. The other animals that can be spotted on a safari include the Gaur, which is a sub-species of the Indian bison. It is also the largest animal present in the forest reserve.

2. Bird watching in Kanha:

On your Kanha forest tour, you can come across as many as 300 species of birds. The birds in Kanha are some of the finest species of the Indian subcontinent and range right from the pond heron to Malabar pied hornbill. Some of the species of birds present in the sanctuary include the Indian peafowl, the red jungle-fowl, the steppe eagle, and even the white-breasted kingfisher. On average, during Kanha sightseeing, one will come across several species of birds. An intent birdwatcher can easily find 15-20 species of birds in the span of an hour. Many times, the price of Kanha tour packages includes bird watching with guides as a special activity.

Best time to visit Kanha

The southwestern region of Madhya Pradesh, where the Kanha Reserve is located, experiences extreme temperatures. The temperatures can spark up to 43 degree Celsius in the summers and in the winters, the temperatures can fall as low as 0 degree Celsius.

During the monsoon season, from the month of July to October, the roads in the interior of the park are not navigable, thus entries are restricted only to forest officials and research scientists. To enjoy some great sightseeing in Kanha, you should consider the period from mid-October to February as ideal for your Kanha tour.

This period falls right after the monsoons, thus giving the traveller an opportunity to see the lush and serene Kanha reserve in its prime. Tours of Kanha forest are the most popular during this time.

Since daily entries to the park are limited, you must book your access well in advance.

Check out the prices/ costs for various tours that include a tour of the Kanha National Park as well.

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