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Trans Siberian Tour Packages

Experience an unforgettable train journey that unites landscapes and worlds far apart, spanning across the continents and cultures of Asia.

Renowned across the world as the longest train journey that one could take, the Tran-Siberian tour spans a massive 8000 kilometers long journey that takes you across the entirety of Asia. A Trans-Siberian trip can be included in a Siberia tour or can be enjoyed as a separate entity as well. The journey from Beijing to Moscow on your Trans-Siberian trip is an experience of a lifetime that is second to none other with regards to the splendor and grandeur it has to offer. It takes you across the vivid life and culture of East Asia to the farthest Western expanse of the great country of Russia - Moscow. 

Siberia tour packages from India that include a Trans-Siberian tour generally begin from the capital of China, Beijing. A Trans-Siberian trip is the world’s grandest train journey and is all about the views, cuisines, culture, and most importantly, it is about going the distance to visit lands far away. On Tran Siberian railway tours, one can experience first-hand the unique and varied cultures of China, Mongolia, and Russia. Although a major part of the journey included in Tran Siberian railway tours is spent covering the great expanses of Russia, there is plenty to see and experience. The train journey in itself is a marvelous experience, which, paired with the best of destinations on the way, becomes an unparalleled experience. For an amazing Trans-Siberian trip, you can choose from the various cost-effectively priced Siberia tour packages from India, which include a Trans-Siberian trip, online from Veena World!

Trans Siberian Travel Packages

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About the Destination

Trans-Siberian railway tours are the most sought-after tours in both Asia and Europe. There are cultural differences that separate each continent, but they are also united by the curiosity and desire to experience the other.

The destinations included in Trans-Siberian railway tours can be divided into 3 countries: China, Mongolia, and Russia. Beijing is the only Chinese destination covered in Trans-Siberian packages, which is also the starting point of the tour. The capital city of China is a unique blend of a culture that is thousands of years old, along with the fast pace of life in the modern global city that it has become today. Beijing strikes the right balance between old and new as you get to experience traditional Chinese culture along with their modern outlook and approach to daily life. The culture, art, and cuisine of China is an unmissable experience as you travel through the city that has seen it all.

On your Siberia tour package that takes you aboard the Trans-Siberian, you will also have the chance to visit Mongolia. Mongolian culture is deeply rooted in ancient nomadic practices, and thus, when you stop in Mongolia on your Siberia tour packages, you will be able to observe a few traditional practices that are unique to Mongolia. If you're lucky enough, you might even get to experience the unique throat singing of Mongolia which is an integral part of their music.

On your Trans-Siberian packages, you will also come across several Russian destinations that resonate with the traditional Russian way of life and some destinations will even exhibit the most urban and modern lifestyles of Russian cities. When booking Siberia tour packages for an experience of the Trans-Siberian, there are a lot of destinations that you will be able to explore, so make sure you plan your vacation accordingly.

Experience the Trans-Siberian

As you leave China with your Trans-Siberian tour packages, you will be able to witness the stunning natural landscape that spreads across the expanse of the country. The Gobi Desert is one such wonder that is a treat for shutterbugs and nature lovers. Many great views and sceneries can be seen through the entire railway trip. On your way to Moscow and your Siberia tour, destinations such as Ulan Bator from Mongolia, Ulan Ude, Lake Baikal, Irkutsk, Yekaterinburg, and Kazan from Russia can be experienced.

Ulan Bator, which would be your first and only stop in Mongolia, is a quaint town that exuberates the calm spirit of Mongolia. Within this town, you can visit the Buddhist monasteries that have been part of the Mongolian culture for centuries now.

On the way to the country of Russia, you would be able to witness crossing the largest river of Mongolia, which then culminates into the largest lake in the world – Lake Baikal. Lake Baikal, the next stop in Russia is a sight to behold. Spanning over a massive 31000 square kilometers, it is the largest and oldest freshwater lake in the world. One can witness the sheer size of the lake as the railway tracks take you around the massive lake. It is also near Lake Baikal that one would get to experience the rural life of the Russian folk. You can experience traditional fishing, sift through the markets, or indulge in the national drink of Russia. Lake Baikal brings out the flavors of Russia and you can indulge in the same with a cost-effectively priced Siberia tour packages from India booked online from Veena World.

You can also simply choose cost-effectively priced Trans-Siberian tour packages online to just enjoy the train journey.

Things to Do on a Trans-Siberian Tour

  • Visit the Forbidden City: 

    Beijing, for several centuries, was known as the Forbidden City, as only royalty and nobility had access to it. In the city, there are several places to visit and destinations to explore. The historical temples and common halls built in the city are perfect examples of traditional Chinese architecture. The Great Wall of China, which is one of the world's most famous monuments can also be visited in Beijing. The Wall that was built with decades of labour to protect the Chinese from the Mongol hordes is about 8800 kilometers long and reaches across the expanse of China.
  • Experience Local Cuisine: 

    Since booking Trans-Siberian tour packages involves visiting several countries and cultures, you will come across a vast variety of cuisine options to choose from as well. The Chinese foods available in Beijing, to begin with, involve traditional Chinese food preparations of Kung pao, Ma po Tofu, and Wantons. The Mongolian foods that one must not miss on their stop in Ulan Bator are Buuz, which is a Mongolian variation of dumplings and Khorkhog, which is traditionally barbequed foods with added typical East Asian spices. Russian cuisine too is a unique experience and sees influence from Europe and Asia. Borscht is a famous Russian dish that is made with stew and veggies. Borscht is a typical meal in Russia, being easy to prepare and quite flavorful, thanks to the east Asian spices.
  • Swim in Lake Baikal: 

    Lake Baikal is the single largest freshwater body in the world. It is also the oldest lake on planet earth as it was formed about 25-30 million years ago. A boat ride or a swim in the lake would be a great experience for you. Other activities, such as fishing and sailing, are also carried out in the lake. The sheer size of Lake Baikal can be intimidating, and although the lake is perennially cold, even a few moments in this grand lake are quite priceless. Lake Baikal is one of the destinations included in your Trans-Siberian trip that is truly mesmerizing and must not be missed.
  • Explore Moscow: 

    Moscow is both the political and cultural capital of Russia. When in Moscow, you would come across a number of enticing opportunities to explore Russian culture. The orthodox catholic churches and mosques, the notorious KGB office, and the White House are some of the destinations that one can visit here.

Best Time to Book a Trans-Siberian Trip

A Siberia tour is infamous for its harsh cold winters. The temperatures in North China, Mongolia, and East Russia can swoop down to as low as -40 degree Celsius. Thus, taking the train journey or booking your Siberia tour anywhere close to the winters is not recommended.

Although in the spring season i.e. April to June, the weather at all the destinations included in a Trans-Siberian trip is comfortable and cool. These are the months when you could truly enjoy all the destinations with ease and get a complete experience.

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