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Travel Katta - A Marathi Podcast by Veena World

#TravelKatta, a Marathi podcast by Veena World, is here to take you on a virtual tour around the world. Every episode, our host Sunila will be joined by expert travellers with years of experience in the Travel and Tourism industry. They’ll share their personal journeys and stories that you’ve probably never heard of before. A new guest, a new experience. New episode every Friday. Join us to Celebrate Life.

43.8K views 79 videos
79 videos
Ep 1: प्रवासातील गप्पागोष्टी ft. Rahul Desai | Marathi Podcast | Veena World
9 Jul, 2132:37 min2.7K views
Ep 30 The Holy Land of Kailash and Manasarovar with Prashant Save
11 Feb, 2224:15 min2K views
Ep 20 The jewels of East India - Sikkim Darjeeling with Chetan Surve | Veena World marathi podcast
19 Nov, 2144:07 min1.4K views
Ep 56 Beautiful Bali | Travel Podcasts | Veena World
2 Sep, 2234:26 min1.4K views
Ep 3: चाकोरी बाहेरचा प्रवास आणि त्याच्या मनमुराद गप्पा ft. Mehul Ghosalkar | Veena World
23 Jul, 2129:27 min1.3K views
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