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Rohtang Pass Tour Packages

Offering unparalleled beauty, awe-inspiring landscapes, and adrenaline-filled activities, Rohtang Pass is the destination of your dreams.

Nestled 51 kilometres away from the bustling town of Manali, Rohtang Pass emerges as a serene sanctuary, adorned with unparalleled beauty and awe-inspiring landscapes. Serving as the gateway to the magnificent valleys of Himachal Pradesh, Lahaul and Spiti Valley, this picturesque destination casts a spellbinding allure on all who venture into its midst. 

Besides its scenic beauty, a trip to Rohtang Pass stands as a haven for thrill-seekers, offering an array of exhilarating snow activities ranging from skiing and sledging to paragliding. The place is also an ideal destination for trekking, offering magnificent trails speckled with cascading waterfalls, beautiful glaciers, imposing mountain peaks, and majestic views of surrounding nature.

So, whether you are someone who wants to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and curl up with a steaming cup of coffee surrounded by stunning scenery or an adventure seeker looking for a place to get their fill of adrenaline, a tour to Rohtang Pass promises an unforgettable experience. For a hassle-free and memorable trip, book a Rohtang pass tour package from Veena World. Our tour packages are curated with your needs in mind and are perfect for travellers like you to witness the beauty of Rohtang Pass.

Rohtang Pass Travel Packages

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Shimla Manali8 Days₹60,000

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About Rohtang Pass

Situated at an altitude of 3,978 meters above sea level at the Manali – Keylong road, Rohtang Pass is a sight for the eyes and soul. The drive up to the Rohtang Pass, although a little dangerous, offers some of the best views as you pass by the picturesque landscapes draped in a blanket of snow, leaving you breathless by the mesmerizing natural beauty of nature. In fact, the beauty of Rohtang Pass is so spectacular that the place has been featured in many popular Bollywood films, including the movies Jab We Met and Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani.

Due to unpredictable avalanches and weather conditions, the destination has taken many lives in past, owning to its name “Rohtang”, which means “ground of corpses”. Yet every year, thousands of travellers go on a trip to Rohtang Pass, beckoned by its breathtaking beauty. Given the weather conditions and landslides, the Rohtang Pass is closed for the most part of the year, opening only from May to November. So be sure to book your Rohtang pass package accordingly. 

To book the perfect Rohtang pass holiday package that suits your needs and preferences, you can explore the various packages offered by Veena World.

Best Time to Visit Rohtang Pass

It is always a good idea to know the best time to visit a place as it can help you decide on the right itinerary for your Rohtang pass package. The best time to plan your trip to Rohtang Pass is from the second week of September to the second week of October. This duration falls between the time when the Pass opens just after monsoons and before it closes for winter, making it the best time to go sightseeing in pleasant weather. 

During the summer months, there is an increased tourist activity in Rohtang Pass, resulting in not only increased traffic jams but also higher prices for accommodation and transportation. Hence, if you want to enjoy the Pass to the fullest and want to get a cost-effectively priced Rohtang Pass tour package, the duration between the second week of September and the second week of October will be perfect for you.

Things to do in Rohtang Pass

Besides being the perfect destination for sightseeing, Rohtang Pass offers an array of other activities that you can indulge in. Here are the best things to do in Rohtang Pass:

  1. Paragliding

Rohtang Pass offers a thrilling paragliding experience, offering breathtaking views of the Himalayas from above as you soar through the sky. Being one of the few places in India that offers paragliding, this is an activity that you don’t want to miss. 

  1. Skiing

As Rohtang Pass is covered with snow for most of the year, skiing is a popular and thrilling activity. The joy of skiing on the snow-covered slopes of Rohtang Pass, while experiencing the adrenaline rush and beauty of the surroundings, is something that you should definitely try.  For an unforgettable skiing adventure, consider booking a Rohtang tour package during the winter season.

  1. Trekking

If trekking is what you enjoy the most, then you will be happy to know that Rohtang Pass boast many challenging trails, making it a paradise for trekkers. The most popular trekking route here is the Manali-Lahaul Pass, offering a picturesque view of the Bhrigu Lake and Sulphur Springs. Some other trails for trekking are the Gulaba to Bhrigu Lake, Batal to Rohtang and Jalori Pass. 

  1. Mountain Biking

For the most thrilling and adventurous experience, make sure to include mountain biking in your Rohtang tour. During the summer months, when the snow melts, mountain biking becomes a popular activity in Rohtang Pass. The challenging trails offer stunning views of the surrounding landscape, offering you an unforgettable experience.

Places to Visit Near Rohtang Pass

Along with the Rohtang Pass, some other nearby places one can add to their Rohtang tour package include:

  1. Solang Valley

Known for its ropeway and ski centre, Solang Valley offers a range of adventure activities and stunning views, making it a popular addition to a Rohtang pass holiday package. During the summer months, the destination becomes a hot spot for activities such as paragliding, horse riding, parachuting, and zorbing.

  1. Rahala Waterfalls

Located around 16 km from Manali, Rahala Waterfalls is a picturesque spot near Rohtang Pass, offering breathtaking scenery and a refreshing stop during the Rohtang tour. Apart from offering a beautiful scenic view, the waterfall is the best place to spend some quality time with friends and family or to spend some alone and peaceful time.

  1. Gulaba

Located on the Leh-Manali Highway, Gulaba is a small village tucked amidst the picturesque snow-covered mountains and lush green meadows. The village is perfect for spending some quiet time on your way to Rohtang Pass, making it a must-add to your Rohtang Pass travel package. You can also set up a tent in the meadows of Gulaba and enjoy the stunning sunsets.

  1. Dashir Lake

Nestled amidst the towering peaks near Rohtang, Dashir Lake is a picturesque alpine lake, captivating visitors with its crystal-clear waters and breathtaking surroundings. The lake provides a tranquil retreat for those seeking solace amidst nature's splendour, making it the best place to visit on your way to Rohtang Pass.

Book The Best Rohtang Pass Tour Package With Veena World

At Veena World, we offer an extensive range of all-inclusive, cost-effective Rohtang pass travel packages to suit your every preference and needs. Whether you are aiming for a relaxing trip surrounded by breathtaking scenery or a trip filled with adrenaline-filled activities, we have got you covered. All our Rohtang tour packages have been designed to cater to the different requirements of different types of travellers. And, if you don’t want to choose from any pre-designed packages, we also offer an option for customized holidays [AJ1] to Rohtang Pass. With customized holidays, you get the flexibility to plan a trip as per you. Other than this, you can also book a group tour of and explore the city with other like-minded people. 

Overall, no matter which Rohtang pass holiday package you choose, we will ensure a wholesome and joyful travel experience for you!

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