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KLMG-301217 Pravin More
KLJW-I-281217 Hudson Francis
KLGR-271217 Atharva Bapat
KLHL-I-271217 Nishikant Raul
KLJW-I-261217 Kishor Tawde
KLHL-I-251217 Siddharth Kore
KLMG-IP-251217 Ajay Gharat
KLJW-251217 Sameer Jadhav
KLHL-241217 Pravin More
KLJW-241217 Ashish Bhosale
KLGR-231217 Jayesh Khot
KLGR-I-231217 Upendra Sawant
KLJW-231217 Mandar Bhave
KLJW-I-231217 Nitin Narkar
KLMG-I-161217 Siddharth Kore
KLJW-I-091217 Sohail Shaikh
KLMG-IP-091217 Tanmay Naik
KLJW-I-071217 Pravin More
KlJW-I-021217 Tanmay Naik
KLHB-I-011217 Sohail Shaikh
KLHB-I-261117 Mandar Bhave
KLJW-I-181117 Ajay Gharat
KLMG-IP-181117 Ashish Bhosale
KLMG-IP-111117 Sohail Shaikh
KLJW-I-091117 Ajay Gharat
KLGR-041117 Rohit Nilekar
KLJW-I-041117 Jitendra Mhashilkar
KLMG-IP-041117 Aniket Patne
KLJW-021117 Jayesh Khot
KLJW-I-281017 Siddharth Kore
KLJW-271017 Pravin More
KLMG-IP-261017 Aniket Patne
KLJW-261017 Rohit Nilekar
KLMG-IP-251017 Jitendra Mhashilkar
KLJW-251017 Jitendra Nichite
KLMG-IP-241017 Hudson Francis
KLJW-241017 Nimikesh Patil
KLJW-I-231017 Nitin Narkar
KLJW-I-231017 Ashish Bhosale
KLJW-I-221017 Sohail Shaikh
KLGR-221017 Upendra Sawant
KLHL-I-221017 Tushar Shinde
KLMG-IP-211017 Tanmay Naik
KLJW-I-201017 Siddharth Kore
KLMG-IP-201017 Ajay Gharat
KLJW-191017 Pravin More
KLJW-I-181017 Jitendra Mhashilkar
KLJW-171017 Rohit Nilekar
KLMG-I-171017 Tejas Dnyane
KLJW-I-161017 Hudson Francis
KLJW-161017 Jayesh Khot
KLHL-I-151017 Rahul Patil
KLHL-I-151017 Tanmay Naik
KLJW-141017 Upendra Sawant
KLJW-I-141017 Tushar Shinde
KLGR-I-131017 Sohail Shaikh
KLJW-I-131017 Ajay Gharat
KLMG-IP-300917 Jitendra Mhashilkar
KLGR-300917 Santosh Ardalkar
KLHL-290917 Pravin More
KLHL-I-240917 Jitendra Mhashilkar
KLJW-020917 Upendra Sawant
KLHL-270817 Upendra Sawant
KLHL-130817 Upendra Sawant
KLMG-IP-120817 Ajay Gharat
KLHL-I-300717 Jitendra Mhashilkar
KLJW-I-220717 Jitendra Mhashilkar
KLHB-281215 Tushar Shinde
KLGR-271215 Sohail Shaikh
KLHB-261215 Jitesh Vaijapurkar
KLMG-251215 Vinod Deshmukh
KLJW-241215 Nilesh Ghosalkar
KLHB-221215 Tushar Shinde
KLHB-161215 Tushar Shinde
KLJW-161215 Nilesh Ghosalkar
KLHB-141215 Jitesh Vaijapurkar
KLMG-121215 Jitesh Vaijapurkar
KLHB-101215 Tushar Shinde
KLHB-081215 Jitesh Vaijapurkar
KLJW-081215 Nilesh Ghosalkar
KLHB-041215 Tushar Shinde
KLHB-021215 Jitesh Vaijapurkar
KLJW-301115 Akshay Pachpute
KLMG-181115 Sohail Shaikh
KLGR-181115 Upendra Sawant
KLJW-171115 Sachin Mangaonkar
KLGR-161115 Ajay Mhadke
KLJW-151115 Tushar Shinde
KLGR-151115 Vinod Deshmukh
KLGR-141115 Bhavesh Vichare
KLMG-141115 Siddharth Kore
KLJW-141115 Nilesh Ghosalkar
KLMG-101115 Upendra Sawant
KLJW-091115 Ajay Mhadke
KLGR-071115 Sachin Mangaonkar
KLJW-071115 Mahesh Katke
KLJW-011115 Ajay Mhadke
KLGR-301015 Upendra Sawant
KLJW-241015 Ajay Mhadke
KLGR-201015 Upendra Sawant
KLJW-220315 Upendra Sawant
KLGR-150315 Arvind Jadhav
KLJW-150315 Upendra Sawant
KLHB-140315 Nikhil Surve
KLJW-080315 Upendra Sawant
KLHB-070315 Nikhil Surve
KLGR-050315 Arvind Jadhav
KLJW-010315 Mahesh Katke
KLHB-280215 Nikhil Surve
KLJW-240215 Ajay Madke
KLGR-230215 Arvind Jadhav
KLJW-220215 Mahesh Katke
KLHB-210215 Nikhil Surve
KLJW-150215 Ajay Madke
KLHB-140215 Mahesh Katke
KLHB-140215 Nikhil Surve
KLJW-080215 Akshay Gaikwad
KLHB-070215 Sandeep Patil
KLJW-010215 Akshay Gaikwad
KLHB-310115 Sandeep Patil
KLJW-250115 Akshay Gaikwad
KLGR-240115 Nilesh Ghosalkar
KLHB-240115 Sandeep Patil
KLJW-200115 Satish Jadhav
KLHB-170115 Sagar Bhosale
KLGR-140115 Nilesh Ghosalkar
KLJW-110115 Sumit Jadhav
KLHB-100115 Sagar Bhosale
KLGR-040115 Nilesh Ghosalkar
KLHB-030115 Sagar Bhosale
KLJW-301214 Sahil Patil
KLJW-291214 Ajay Madke
KLJW-291214 Mahesh Katke
KLJW-281214 Sachin Mangaonkar
KLGR-271214 Amit Nandosakar
KLHB-271214 Nikhil Surve
KLJW-271214 Nilesh Ghosalkar
KLJW-271214 Tushar Shinde
KLJW-261214 Jigar Vora
KLJW-261214 Kunal Shinde
KLJW-251214 Bhavesh Vichare
KLJW-251214 Sagar Bhosale
KLJW-241214 Akshay Gaikwad
KLGR-231214 Satish Jadhav
KLGR-231214 Sumit Jadhav
KLJW-231214 Sahil Patil
KLHB-221214 Sachin Mangaonkar
KLJW-221214 Ajay Madke
KLJW-211214 Arvind Jadhav
KLHB-201214 Nikhil Surve
KLJW-191214 Swapnil Kadam
KLHB-151214 Sachin Mangaonkar
KLJW-151214 Ajay Madke
KLJW-141214 Arvind Jadhav
KLHB-131214 Nikhil Surve
KLHB-081214 Sachin Mangaonkar
KLJW-071214 Arvind Jadhav
KLGR-051214 Yogesh Nichite
KLJW-031214 Nilesh Ghosalkar
KLJW-301114 Arvind Jadhav
KLJW-231114 Arvind Jadhav
KLJW-161114 Arvind Jadhav
KLJW-021114 Sumit Jadhav
KLJW-311014 Sandeep patil
KLJW-301014 Sahil Patil
KLGR-301014 Nilesh Ghosalkar
KLJW-291014 Swapnil Kadam
KLJW-281014 Arvind Jadhav
KLGR-281014 Nikhil Surve
KLGR-281014 Bhavesh vichare
KLJW-281014 Akshay Gaikwad
KLJW-271014 Subodh Jadhav
KLJW-271014 Ajay Madke
KLJW(I)-261014 Jigar Vora
KLGR-261014 Upendra sawant
KLJW-261014 Sumit Jadhav
KLJW-231014 Sahil Patil
KLJW-221014 Swapnil Kadam
KLJW-211014 Arvind Jadhav
KLJW-201014 Ajay Madke
KLJW-191014 Sumit Jadhav
KLJW-191014 Subodh Jadhav
KLJW-161014 Sahil Patil
KLJW-141014 Arvind Jadhav
KLJW-280914 Upendra Sawant
KLJW-210914 Upendra Sawant
KLJW-140914 Upendra Sawant
KLJW-070914 Upendra Sawant
KLJW-170814 Sagar Bhosale
KLJW-100814 Mahesh katke
KLJW-270714 Sachin Mangaonkar
KLJW-210314 Arvind Jadhav
KLJW-100314 Arvind Jadhav


Upendra Sawant

Pleasant, soft spoken, polite are just a few words that can be used to describe Upendra Sawant. He has an experience of 10 years in conducting tours at destinations like Kerala, Kashmir and Leh Ladakh. He has thorough knowledge of the sectors that he handles. He is poised and the graciousness in his overall conduct has made him a favourite with Guests. When not on tour, you will find him at the Gym working out.

Nikhil Surve

Joyful and mischievous, Nikhil has been conducting tours to Himachal, Kerala, Kashmir, Chardham and Rajasthan since the past 6 years. He has good communication skills and handles the group of guests very well. He is very much fond of sports and also loves dancing & acting. When not on tour, he assists in office

Ajay Madke

Having 6 years of experience as a tour manager, Ajay handles Kashmir, Kerala, Amarnath, & Chardham sectors. He has good entertaining skills and good coordination skills. He has adapted well to the responsibility of leading a group and it is really appreciable since he has mainly been an assistant tour manager. He loves swimming & playing cricket. To quote him, I think my future is bright in this organization. It feels good to work with Veena Tai.

Arvind Jadhav

Arvind has been in the industry for around 8 years. Soft spoken but with good communication skills, Guests always have good things to say about him. He has excellent knowledge about the destinations and is also a good orator, attributes that make him a good tour manager. He conducts tours to Nainital, Chardham, Kerala & South East Asia sectors. He is fond of trekking & photography. A good mimicry artist and entertainer, people have a gala time with him on tour.

Akshay Gaikwad

Rough and tough, Akshay has been conducting tours to Kashmir and Kerala since the past 3 years. He is good at tackling tricky situations and keeping the guests happy no matter what. He is a talented singer & dancer and is very much fond of cricket. He is happy working with Veena World as it gives him an opportunity to explore world and also make people happy who travel with Veena World.

Viraj Desai

Viraj handles Veena World tours to Darjeeling, Kerala, Bengaluru and Ooty sectors. He has an experience of 4 years and is quite seasoned in conducting tours in these destinations. He is a favourite with his Guests and how can he not be with his funny antics and endearing nature. He loves trekking & playing cricket. He is a hardworking boy who will surely go a long way in his career. He takes pride in working with an organisation like Veena World, which is setting a benchmark in the tourism industry.

Sahil Patil

Sincere and always smiling, Sahil has been conducting tours to Himachal, Uttaranchal, Chardham and Kerala since the past 4 years. He has good knowledge of the sectors that he handles. He loves listening to music and singing. He feels happy to be a member of the team Veena World that gives him a chance to interact with all kinds of people.

Swapnil Kadam

Caring and sincere, Swapnil has been conducting tours to Himachal, Sikkim Darjeeling and Kerala since the past 4 years. Good interpersonal skills, thorough destination knowledge & good sense of humour are a few of his strengths. He is very fond of trekking & traveling. He feels proud to be working with Veena World.


I Ajay Mogre would like to give feedback about Kerala tour which was from 30 March to 6 April 2017.
My parents, Mr Anant Mogre and Mrs Archana Mogre went to above trip. It was awesome experience. The hotel, food, transport and literary was excellent.
I would like give special thanks to the Tour Managers Mr.Magesh Mane and Mr. Akshay for their kind help which they provide to my parents as both are senior citizens. They both took lot of care of my parents.
Overall it was a good experience.

Anant Mogre KLJW-(I-fly ) 30 March 2017

Hello Veena Madam,Namskar.Happy Gudi Padwa. Y'day we returned. Our tour ended with no any untoword incident.I appreciate your entire Veena World Team as wel Shreya Ghatkoper branch, group leader Swapnil Kadam & Akshya Mayekar.Both were so polite, helpful, wel cultured & taking care of everyone.Thank u very much.I wish all the very best & SALUTE U. Dumbre Asstt Commr of Police (Retd).

Narayan Dumbre KLJW-(I-fly ) 20 march 2017

The tour was very enjoyable & memorable. Reception was warm. Intro to tour members was friendly. Hotel stay was comfortable & food was excellent. The tour bus was luxurious. All tourist places were shown in a smooth manner. Farewell and bdays bash were great. I think the entire credit of conducting the tour goes to Tour Manager Amit and guide Sheryas. They were patient, warm & took individual care. Thank you and keep in up !! NARESH KUMAR SONI Colonel ( retired )

Naresh Kumar Soni KLJW 18 march 2017

केरळ टूरच्या, कुटुंबातली मी एक .माझी ही पहिलीच टुर .पहिल्या साऱ्याच गोष्टीच वेगळं कौतुक असत .तसंच त्या पहिल्या गोष्टीला न्याय मिळणंही महत्वाचं .अन तो मिळाला वीणावर्ल्ड मुळे... जे आम्हाला ,अवघड वाटत होत ,ते सोप्प अन आनंददायी करण्याचं काम तुम्ही केलय.

विमान प्रवासा पासून ते ,राहणं, जेवण ,ते ,फिरताना फार गरजेचं, वॉश रूम पर्यतचा विचार आमचा साराच प्रवास खूप समाधानाचा झाला .या शारीरिक गरजाबरोबर मानसिक आनंद कसा द्विगुणित होईल हा प्रयत्न तर स्तुत्य आहे .असा की पैसे भरावेत अन स्वतःला "वीणा वर्ल्ड "वर सोपहून द्यावे .अन मग आपण फक्त टूरचा पुरेपूर आनंद लुटायचा ....नो टेन्शन...केवळ मजा ..नकळत त्या मजेबरोबर स्वतःचाच शोध लागतो .आपण आपल्याला इथं भेटतो .मग फक्त आनंदाच्या डोही ,आनंद तरंग......

आता आमची काळजी घेणारे ,मंगशे अन अक्षय ...ते म्हणाले ,आम्ही तुमची आई ,वडीलाप्रमाणे काळजी घेतली .पण ते तर कधी प्रवासात बापा प्रमाणे वागत .तर कधी आई प्रमाणे काळजी घेत .त्यांच्या मूळे आमची सारी टूर एक्दम मस्त ,हलकी फुलकी ,सुखद.झाली .
आता आमचे सोबती ...ती सर्व चांगली माणसं आहेत .म्हणून आम्ही एकत्रित मजा करू शकलो अन एक कुटुंब झालो ...अगदी केवळ आठ दिवसात .अन हि किमया" वीणा वर्ल्ड" मुळे ...... आभार ...वीणा ताई ....."वीणा वर्ल्ड".........संजीवनी गजरमल....

Shivram Gajarmal KLJW-(I-fly ) 15 march 2017

प्रिय वीणा ताई .. केरळ टूरच्या, कुटुंबातली मी एक .माझी ही पहिलीच टुर .पहिल्या साऱ्याच गोष्टीच वेगळं कौतुक असत .तसंच त्या पहिल्या गोष्टीला न्याय मिळणंही महत्वाचं .अन तो मिळाला वीणावर्ल्ड मुळे... जे आम्हाला ,अवघड वाटत होत ,ते सोप्प अन आनंददायी करण्याचं काम तुम्ही केलय. विमान प्रवासा पासून ते ,राहणं, जेवण ,ते ,फिरताना फार गरजेचं, वॉश रूम पर्यतचा विचार आमचा साराच प्रवास खूप समाधानाचा झाला .या शारीरिक गरजाबरोबर मानसिक आनंद कसा द्विगुणित होईल हा प्रयत्न तर स्तुत्य आहे .असा की पैसे भरावेत अन स्वतःला "वीणा वर्ल्ड "वर सोपहून द्यावे .अन मग आपण फक्त टूरचा पुरेपूर आनंद लुटायचा ....नो टेन्शन...केवळ मजा ..नकळत त्या मजेबरोबर स्वतःचाच शोध लागतो .आपण आपल्याला इथं भेटतो .मग फक्त आनंदाच्या डोही ,आनंद तरंग...... आता आमची काळजी घेणारे ,मंगशे अन अक्षय ...ते म्हणाले ,आम्ही तुमची आई ,वडीलाप्रमाणे काळजी घेतली .पण ते तर कधी प्रवासात बापा प्रमाणे वागत .तर कधी आई प्रमाणे काळजी घेत .त्यांच्या मूळे आमची सारी टूर एक्दम मस्त ,हलकी फुलकी ,सुखद.झाली . आता आमचे सोबती ...ती सर्व चांगली माणसं आहेत .म्हणून आम्ही एकत्रित मजा करू शकलो अन एक कुटुंब झालो ...अगदी केवळ आठ दिवसात .अन हि किमया" वीणा वर्ल्ड" मुळे ...... आभार ...वीणा ताई ....."वीणा वर्ल्ड".........संजीवनी गजरमल..

Sanjivani Gajarmal KLJW-(I-fly ) 15 march 2017

I would love to share my experience with you and veena world.I will not give detailed description of everthing 😜 but yes it was such a beatiful journey. Kerala is indeed a beautiful place.And it made more beautiful when we all strangers were together and later become so good friends. It all happened mainly because of our tour leaders "Mangesh and Akshay". They were so dedicated in their work.They made us feel we all are one family and made us laugh every moment.When we are enjoying they were planning for our next plans, next happy day.They never made us wait or kept us tired anywhere.We wished something and they fulfilled it then and there 🙂 They made my parents and all family friends feel like a family. In fact we all were strangers day 1. And now we are a family on watsapp and planning and wishing for a next tour. 🙂

Last day in airport with teary eyes , proved the satisfaction and happiness of the journey. We appreciated the love given to us by veena world. and it showed in our eyes.
I truly believe that "Place doesnt matter when you have a good company of people". I am glad it happened with me and all of us.

Vinod Mhalsekar KLJW-(I-fly ) 15 march 2017

KLJW - (I) 200317/A Tour (Kerala Kanyakumari - 20March to 27March 2017). Hats off to Swapnil Kadam and Akshaya Mayekar. They have done a very good job! Fantastic! Three generations (age grp 13 to 78) were brought together. Ofcourse the credit goes to you too. You have trained them accordingly. Thanks a lot to all of you. Would be delighted to get a response from your side. God bless you all. With warm regards, -- Rohini, Chandrakant Dekhane (grandparents). -- Shubhankar Dekhane (grandson)

Rohini Dekhane KLJW-(I-fly ) 20 March 2017

Recently we had Booked a Tour To KERAL With You.From 19th To 26th FEB as I Fly Keral Jewels. Our Tour Was a Great Success in All Respect.Good Food , Great Sight Seeing with Your Best Tour Manager Mandar Bhave and Vaibhav. Under their Expertise Tour Management we All Enjoyed the Tour Like our own Family Tour

Ramesh Hasabnis KLJW-(I-fly ) 19 February 2017

Dear Veena World Team,

The purpose of this communication is to appreciate & share fantastic experience I had for my Honeymoon to Kerala from 12th March. A very well planned and organized tour with good hotel accommodation, food arrangement till the transport service was absolutely spot on. Thanks a Lot to Aniket Patne (tour manager) for making this Tour a grand success.
I wish you all to continue with the same standards since there is no more room for improvement, as per my opinion.

Harshad Kamble KLHB-(I-fly ) 12 March 2017

We really enjoyed Kerala tour from 19th to 26th Feb. Hotels, food, transportation, was very good. Mandar and vaibhav were very attentive and friendly. Both took all efforts to make our trip joyful. I give 10 out of 10 marks to Mandar Bhawe and vaibhav. Pradeep korhale. Aurangabad. Hope next trip with you to Europe in 2018

Pradeep Korhale KLJW-(I-fly ) 19 February 2017

This is Kamlesh Wankhede from Jalgaon.
I just want to give my feedback about Kerala tour.
This is the Most memorable tour my Life.

Our tour manager Mr Sachin Mangaonkar and Mr Devendra Vetal is very cooperative very helpful and well knowledgeable person. They gives most valuable information about Kerala. They gives all smalls information, day to day and time to time schedule about tour very perfectly.
All hotels and foods are too good and good quality. All staff of veena worlds is too good and very cooperative. Veena worlds just make my honey moon special.

Kamlesh Wankhede KLHB 05 March 2017

I have no words to appreciate your efforts and the whole arrangement and special care taken of my family members during their visit to Kerala (Ref - KLJW - I 250217 M/A/7). My father, Shri Vitthal Patil & Mother Smt. Suman Patil, who are above 70 yrs in age are very happy and I sincerely thanks your team leaders Mr. Sachin Mangaonkar & Mr. Devendra Vetal for their kind hearted care. Even my Sister, her husband & their two princess are very happy to take their trip with Veena World.

The direct ring & a phone call (while group was on tour & after completing the tour) from Ms. Veena Madam was a great surprise for all of us....
All these shows your dedication towards the customer....
I really appreciate this and my special thanks to you Mam...
In future wherever I need to go....I will prefer Veena World only....
Thanks a lot again.

Vitthal Patil & Suman Patil KLJW-(I-fly ) 25 Febraury 2017

We just came from Kerala trip and would like to share feedback. It was an amazing experience for us which is simply unforgettable. Veena world simply fantastic in terms of management. Service and support is good with proper help. Food arrangement was best ever. Special thanks to Mr. Mandar & Mr. Vaibhav. Overall Veena World is awesome i can say. Thanks for your co-operation Mandar & Vaibhav. Wish you good luck for your future.

Seema Bhujbal KLJW-(I-fly ) 19 FEBRUARY 2017

We just came from Kerala trip and would like to share feedback. It was an amazing experience for us which is simply unforgettable. Veena world simply fantastic in terms of management. Service and support is good with proper help. Food arrangement was best ever. Special thanks to Mr. Mandar & Mr. Vaibhav. Overall Veena World is awesome i can say.Thanks for your co-operation Mandar & Vaibhav. Wish you good luck for your future

Seema Bhujbal KLJW-(I-fly ) 19 February 2017

We had great experience as usual with Veena world ! Our tour managers Nilesh Ghosalkar, Rahul and Nishikant were too cooperative, caring and they were entreating us with humorous dialogues and arranging nice events. Hotels and food was very nice as usual. we tour mates were as a family together for 10 days ! Credit goes to Tour managers for that family like togetherness.

Shirish Mali KLJW 18 February 2017

Me and my Mrs were participants in the above tour. I am very happy to inform that all the arrangements such as commutation,stay,food,sight seeing,group activities etc were very good.The total tour was managed very effectively and efficiently by your representatives, Mr Ajay and Mr Sanket.Both of them were taking care of each participant who are almost the senior citizens.They were informing the next programme or activity from time to time .I thank both of them.

I thank Veena World and hope to join another tour in the due course.

Dilip Ratnaparkhi KLMG -(I-fly Pune ) 11 February 2017

I would like to say thanks for such a memorable tour had with Veena World.
The tour was organised beautifully and the tour managers – Mr. Mandar Bahve and Viabhav were one of the best, both of them were really hard worker for the tourist. They did their best to make the our tour special and beautiful. The credit goes to their cheerful and joyful behavior.

Time management and food quality was really very good, accomodation provided was very pleasant and transportation was also good.
We had very wonderful experience with Veena world . This was our first tour and Veenaworld has made it very memorable. I would say it was right choice and I would to travel again with Veena World. Thnak U Veena World for the wonderful magic Kerala.
Thanks & Best Regards

Ravindra Kokje KLJW-(I-fly) 19 February 2017

We travelled to Kerala through Veena World on 11th February 2017.We were kind of nervous as this was the first time we were travelling so far from our home and we were flying for the first time as well. We met Mr.Sumit Jadhav at Mumbai airport where he accompanied us till Trivandrum.After reaching Trivandrum we met Mr.Mandar Bhave and Mr.Vaibhav.All your executives treated us so well that we were overwhelmed.They were always their for us to serve all our needs.It felt like family.Pillars of any organization are the people working with the organization and with people like Sumit,Mandar and Vaibhav no one can stop Veena World from becoming one of the top travel company. We thank you for making our Kerala trip memorable.And we would be glad to travel with Veena world in future as wel

Suvarna Kambli KLJW-(I-fly ) 11February 2017

It was a long pending wish for me and my mother to visit Kerala. So when I saw one such holiday package available on Veena World, I immediately decided to go for it and thus began our amazing trip to God's own country. Before the trip, Veena World was very helpful to notify us with important information and reminders. Departure for the trip from Mumbai was hassle free as well. On reaching Trivandrum, we were greeted by the amazing team of

Nilesh, Nishikant
& Rahul. Throughout the journey, they were always available for any assistance necessary
. They were more
like our fellow
group members than tour managers.
The entire group had a great time with them onboard.
Hotels and transport were great as well. Arrangements for providing local cuisine were good too.
All in all it was a fun journey with Nilesh and team as well as the fellow group members.
A big thank you to the entire team of Veena World
for a memorable holiday. Looking forward to another in the future... :)

Vrushank Desai KLJW-(I-fly ) 18 February 2017

I really appreciate efforts taken by Mr. Tushar and Mr. Ashish both are fabulous tour guide and make our journey memorable for rest of life. I didn't understand how I spend my last 7 days with all of yours tourist, tour guide and others yours management was really awesome

Mandar Kulkarni KLHB-(I-FLY) 19 February 2017

Had a wonderful trip. Fully packed with a fantastic itinerary, we managed to pack so much into the time we had. The tour guide was amazing and really made our holiday. He was knowledgeable about the sights, gave us an insight into Indian culture, took us to some lovely places. The main reason for the success of this tour was the management, knowledge ,friendliness & helpfulness of our tour guide Mr. Jayesh Khot & Mr. Prathmesh

Smruti Parab KLHL (I-fly) 17 FEBRUARY 2017

I am Sagar Tanpure and my wife Ashvini we enjoyed a lot in tour.
Specially Mr ashish bhosle and tushar shinde give full support, love and care for each and every couple. We feel like family members. Tour manager tushar and ashish have good team,as well as understanding.
Best tour we had in our life.we would like to come again and again with veena world. And we also like to having tushar and ashish as our tour manager with us..

Sagar Tanpure KLHB-(I-fly) 19 February 2017

Kerala tour was amazing .Arrangements made by Jayesh and Prathamesh were really good.Tour managers have really taken great efforts to make our tour a great success.They both were very kind and helpful to all tour members as there were two pregnant females and few senior citizen members .I would really like to appreciate VeenaWorld's efforts towards their guests . Thank you Mrs Sangeeta S Panvalkar.

Sangeeta Panvalkar KLHL (I-fly ) 17 February 2017

We were extremely satisfied with Veena World. Mr. Tushar shinde and Mr. Ashish Bhosale, tour managers, has proven to be very courteous and helpful from the very beginning, trying to organize at the best our trip to Kerala in seven days available. Driver and his assistant was very professional and done their job very well. the accomodations/Hotels/Food were simply superb. We enjoy every movement of our trip. ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ Rating for Veena world from us. Thank you Verna world for such amazing experience.

Vaibhav Patil KLHB-(I-fly) 12 February 2017

Firstly, thanks a tonne for best in class arrangement and coordination of all 14 couples by veena world team. Thanks to tour managers advait & itesh to guide us and support us throughout the tour. Both of you advised & suggested us for all 8 days and never let the excitement go down. Thanks for all the best service provided from 1st till the last minute. Hotel, food, activities & transport which are most important factors also were simply superb.

Hemant Sawant KLJW-(I-fly ) 19 Febraury 2017 0217

It was superb Kerala tour which was well managed by both of your 2 truly gems Yagnesh and Upendra. The support, care taking, any every kind of help provided by them cannot be expressed in words (EXCELLENT ).Thanks Veena World for making our New year simply great. Hoping same kind of hospitality in future also.

Prasad Narvekar KLHL (I-fly ) 04 February 2017

We have just completed Cochin, Munnar, Periyar tour. (incidentally our fifth Veena World Tour). This was very satisfying tour. It was very professionally conducted with great personal touch by Upendra Sawant and Yadnesh Vaidya. We whole hearted commend the boys. They are well seeped in traditions and culture of Veena world. They provide adequate information. They were on their toes to help the members of the group in every possible way. They made tour interesting and enjoyable. Hotels were very good. Food was excellent. Visit sites were well selected. The experience was enriching. Group jelled well. ** we may add a statutory warning: 'Veena World tours are ADDICTING' We will continue to do more tours with Veena World.

Abhaykumar Shukla KLHL (I-fly) 04 February 2017

Honeymoon Special Tour to Kerala on 5th Feb to 11 Feb 2017. Coach:
1.Comfortable and good bus.
2. Nice and Comfortable driving by driver.
1. Very nice hotels which maintains the standard of Veena World.
2. Nice ambience in Hotel as well as in room too.
3. Food was again awesome. Especially food of Hotel Elysium Garden in Munnar, and Room of Hotel Abad Atrium in Cochin
4. Hotel service was attentive in all three hotels.
Tour Manager:
1. Its very much positive feedback for Tour manager and his assistant who managed the tour very well as well as made sure it will be comfortable to us in every aspects.
2. Would like to give special feedback of Mr. Sohil Shaikh, as he is being tour manager was very much attentive, knowledgeable about local sites, local foods etc.
Very nice voice modulation. He made us comfortable in unknown state. His suggestions and recommendations helped us in shopping from local stores. He is multilingual too.
3. Nitish Patil along with Sohil, was with us to take care, starting from timely wake up call, food and other small small things were nicely taken care by him.
4. Both the faces of Veena world have driven this Honeymoon tour very nicely. Even till reaching back to home land Sohil was in touch with us to make sure we reach safely.
Would like to appreciate both Sohil and Nitish.
Yess !! We being Honeymoon couple, started new life happily with Veena World, and would like to prefer Veena World again..
Jai Bharat..!

Look at the sky, We are not alone. The whole universe is friendly to us and conspires only to give the best to those who dream and work" - Dr. Abdul Kalam.

Vivek Vedak KLHB 05 February 2017

Recently myself & misses had been to senior special Kerala 2017. We had very nice 😊 experience of the tour. Hotels excellent, tour iteniery very well planned, good food &to be specifically mentioned very caring tour managers, Jitendra &Kishor. Last day evening event was very well planned & full of enjoyment. This was our second tour with Veena world & got all privilege of repeat guests. We hope All The Best 😊 For Veena World in their future.

Digambar Deshpande KLZA 20 January 2017

Namaskar we have just completed our kerala tour on 20 jan to 27 jan. The tour was fantastic well organized and managed. As we were travelling first time by veena world had a best experience of travelling with you and your all services were wisely managed. The key points which we had experienced of your full tour are time punctuality , taking care as a family there are so many like this , specially the tour manager Ajay Madke and Yadnesh Vaidya were awesome at their place, they took a care of us as my child takes. we have enjoyed a lot with all the members of veena world as well as co-members of our tour. The food we had was also an awesome specially Mirchi Pakoda at ECHO point and Dal wada at TRIVENDRUM . we had an extraoridanary experience of travelling with veenaworld. The last day of tour was really amezing with a DJ night with so many activities. HI i am daughter of Mr Suresh Niwaskar as i really cant stop myself by sharing this view on your tour. we were so relax as we heard first day experience of my parents that all the facilities and peoples (tour manager) are such a good and humble were took a proper care as their own child do of all senior citizens in the tour. when we saw the videos of senior peoples who all are 60+ and dancing like a young sweet 16 guys was really awesome thing which i noticed in your tour that there is no age limit to enjoy any moments. after watching all the videos and photos one line came in my mind that ''UMMAR CHHAE KITNI BHI HO PAR DIL JAWAA HONA CHIYE'' i have never seen my parents even all my aunts and uncle who was in same tour they were so young before this. Thank you so much for giving such a awesome expericence to our parents. The only thing i will say about your tour which i have experienced with my parents view with only three BBB as B- BEAUTIFUL , B- BEST And last But not Least B- BLISSFUL Tour experince of the tour. SPECIAL THANKS TO ALL (MR &MRS SURESH NIWASKAR)

Suresh Niwaskar KLZA(I-fly ) 20 January 2017

I have written this mail to say thanks to Ajay Gharat & Sanket Jolekar , our Tour Managers for Kerala Jewels Tour. As this was our first trip with Veena World, we were unaware about things to do and should take care of while travelling and at the time of tour. But I must tell you, Ajay & Sanket both of them have made things very easy and simple for us which helps to make this trip a Memorable Trip for my Family.

You were so kind, helpful and concern about small small things while trip was undergoing. You planned and managed things very well which helps to get this trip a successful one. The Hotels were we are staying for seven days was excellent especially food.

Also, I would like to thanks Whole Veena World Team who were involved in this trip right from booking of tour till end of journey. Lastly, again A Big Thanks to Ajay Gharat & Sanket Jolekar both of them and hope to See You Soon in next Veena World Trip. Thanks & Regards,

Vijay Gawade KLJW-(I-fly) 21 January 2017

I am Hemant Deshpande, was a part of Kerala senior citizen trip in month of January 2017. I would like to thank Veena Worlds entire team for making this trip really wonderful. Entire trip was well planned. All the hotels for accommodation were clean full comfortable, full of facilities and food quality was very good. I would personally like to say thanks to Mr Jitesh Vaijapurkar and Mr Hudson for taking care of all of us throughout the journey, for giving details of the each place/spots in Kerala. As a senior citizen , all my expectations were fulfilled by you guys. Cheers to Veena World!!!! I would love to get associated with Veena World for my next Tours as well. Thanks you all!!!!

Mr.Hemamt Hari Deshpande KLZA-(I-Fly Pune) 20 Jnauary 2017

My self Arvind Zaware...( Son Of Shri Raosaheb Zaware) Its glad to say that My Father and Mom, Tripped to Kerala on ur assignment from Dated 21st January to 28 th January... Ur support Team, Mr Ajay & Mr Sanket,Give Their 100% To Success fully & Well organised trip.. Your loading location, picnic spot, lunch and Dinner was very Delicious.... My Mom & Dad running with 62 years... But These Above Two representative really supports caretaking.... Last but not least, on the half of My Dad and Mom, really pleased with ur service... Definitely we will come back with you, with ur Next assignment.

Raosaheb zaware KLJW-(I-fly ) 21 January 2017

I am highly impressed by the way Veena world boys took care of my parents and in laws. The celebration .. mood.. songs and dances.. it's not easy to make old people do all this ...Who are more used to silence.

Nature and site seeing is same but it is the memorable moments which makes it an experience. I will definitely travel with Veena world again. I specially want to thank Jitesh and his team who have been on their toes

Narendra Kanchankoti KLZA-(I-Fly Pune ) 20 January 2017

This was our first long tour with a Travel Company. In the beginning we both were a little doubtful about the comforts during the travel & tour because of our physical abilities due to age (both are more than 72). But after first & second day we felt very much confident when we observed Veena World staff most cooperative and care taking. We really enjoyed every moment while in Hotel, Bus Travel and also the events/shows arranged by Veena World and also the sumptuous & tasty food items during the whole tour. We also enjoyed the company & moments spent with Veena Patil.
We are grateful to Veena World and specially both dear -Jitesh Vaijapurkar & Hudson Francis (fantastic DANCER).

Vilas Nakil & Sou. Vanita Nakil KLZA-(I-Fly Pune ) 20 Janaury 2017

Thank you Veena World for such a wonderful, memorable and an amazing experience. We really enjoyed the tour. It has definitely become an experience to share.

Tour was planned very well and we had to nothing but just to enjoy every moment of it. Special thanks to our tour managers Mr ANIKET PATNE and Mr NITIN NARKAR.

Both of them were very caring and sincere in their efforts to make our tour a memorable one. They looked after all our needs personally and did not give us single chance to complain. We would like to go for other Veena World Tours in future and we will be more happy if we have Mr Aniket and Mr Nitin with us. Thank you VEENA WORLD once again.

Tukaram Dolare KLGR-(I-fly ) 25 December 2016

Thank you very much for superb arrangement of my Kerala trip.

Our Team Managers Mr. Kishor Tawade & Mr. Adwait Naik was very energetic , co-operative persons with us for 10 days. They are now our family friends too. I would like to visit Darjeeling, Sikkim Area this May-June season & Rajasthan in Dec17-jan 18 season.
Once again thank you

Manoj Kulkarni KLGR-(I-fly ) 27 December 2016

We have completed our Kerela tour KLGR from 23rd December 2016 to 1st January 2017 . The tour was very fantastic and well organized and managed . The tour manager Pravin More is a very cooperative and compatible person. His management and communication skills are very nice. His assistant Dhurvesh Oroskar is also good. Thank you for such an awesome experience with veena world!!

Satish Bagal KLGR-(I-fly )23 December 2016

Recently we have enjoyed Kerala Jewel trip (27 Dec to 3rd Jan) through Veena world and its fabulous. Our Tour Manager Ajay Gharat and Durgesh Mandalik has taken care of all of us very very well. They managed each event / travel very nicely, they have taken care of very small tiny things. Really they deserve to appreciate. Even they are taking meal after the meal of all of us. Separately they have organized new year celebration for our enjoyment, we enjoyed a lot. Thanks Veena World for this beautiful well-organized planned trip.

Vaishali Chaudhari KLJW-(I-fLY) 27 December 2016

My father in law opted for this Kerala tour package and we were initially skeptical on whether he would enjoy the tour as most of the companions were couple and he is single. However . i must say , he returned from the tour as a fully satisfied and happy man. He thoroughly enjoyed the tour, the arrangements, food, sightseeing everything.

Would like to have a special mention of the tour guides, Ajay Madke and Shreyas sawant.They did a awesome job and took personnel care. My father in law had done 2 tours from Veena world until now, and i must say he is a very happy man now.
Bye until we book the next tour from Veena world

Amit Arabatti KLGR(IfLY) 09 December 2016

myself dr rushikesh nalawade,i was a part of wonderful experience of trip to kerala(KLHB901216) started on 9th december upto 15th december.first i congratulate the team of veenaworld who made most memorable tour for all of us in group.especially thanks to our tour manager mr tushar shinde and mr devendra vetal who did such fabulous job.our hotels were nice and comfy beyond our expectations and arrangements for sightseeing were impeccable. both the guys were efficient that made every day schedule great. lastly the surprise cruise ride with music and dance floor was really fun and memorable.i think you should make it part of your regular itinerary.

Rushikesh Nalawade KLHB 90 December 2016

It is pleasure to go with Veena World.We went to kerala honeymoon tour and our tour managers were Tushar Shinde and Devendra Vetal and now they are my good overall experience is very nice.It was awesome trip.Full relaxation and no tension at all because Devendra and Tushar used to take care of everything starting from wake up call.

I liked Munnar spot mostly.refreshment was good.i will never forget 'mirchi pakode' which we had at echo point.travelling and food most imp things during trip which were managed well.surprises which we got in tour were awesome..we played games,they arranged candal light dinner for us.DJ on cruise.. wow enjoed a lot...

I would like to again go with veena world.I hope veena world satisfy there customer going forward as well providing great facilities,taking care of them and make us proud because we chose and helped others to choose Veena world.

Madhuri Dumane KLHB 02 December 2016

On behalf of 7 guests - my parents – (Jogdand’s x 2 pax,) my in-laws (Sathe’s x 2 pax) & relatives (Shintre’s x 2 pax). & (Sarpotdar x 1 pax), I take pleasure to give an excellent feedback regarding the recently concluded Kerela tour (6th Dec – 13th Dec’16) organized by your esteemed organization “Veena World”.

Firstly both the tour managers Sachin Mangaonkar & had conducted the tour extremely well throughout all the days. They were very courteous to all of us. Both of them were very helpful & had a very good knowledge & information about the places we visited as per the tour itinerary.

Both the tour manager’s supported us in all possible manner & also managed to resolve our problems / queries. They were really helpful at time of few minor difficulties that we encountered. They use to pay personalized attention to all the guests. Daily briefing was also done to have an idea about the daily plan. Time management was very well done by the tour managers.

Lastly we would like to specifically mention that we shall be eager to go for a tour with your company once again in near future & would prefer to have Sachin with us to conduct the tour as main tour leader. We wish your company & both the TM’s “all the very best”.

Mrs. & Mr. Jogdand / Mrs & Mr. Sathe / Mrs. Sarpotdar / Mrs. & Mr. Shintre KLJW(I-Fly ) 06 December 2016

I am Sayali Vishwanath Londhe, We travelled in Kerala magic, KLMG, from 4th to 12th November, with my family, that was an awesome experience. And a very nice management of our tour manager Ajay and Vaibhav. Veena world is really magical world, I was never wanted to come back home again from the tour. Simply awesome tour and hats off to whole Veena World. And special thanks to Ajay and Vaibhav, though there was currency problem, they completed the tour Finally loved Veena World and I will choose it again and again for further tours. Wish you all the best for your all tours .....

Sayali Londhe KLMG 4 November 2016

I would like to thank you very much for our tour to Kerala which we have enjoyed to our fullest satisfaction. This was my first experience with Veena World. We received a very warm welcome at Trivandrum Airport by Mandar Bhave (Tour Manager) and Ninad Mangale (Assistant Tour Manager). Entire tour from Trivandrum, Kanyakumari, Periyar, Munnar and Cochin was very much well organized by the Mandar and Ninad. Though there was more of travelling, we did not felt any uncomfortable as Mandar and Ninad along with entire group of families entertained us during the travel.

Due to demonetization, there was panic everywhere and fear of skipping few sightseeing points. But Mandar and Ninad with the help of Veena World backoffice did managed it very well and we were able to visit all the sight seeeing sites. I appreciate the people management skill and knowledge of Mandar Bhave.

He had all the answers to our queries. Hospitality at all the hotels was also good with few plus-minus, but overall very good. Overall a very good experience with Veena World. As we all know first impression is the last impression. I am looking forward to many more tours with Veena World in the future.

Chirag Mayani KLJW-(I-Fly ) 04 November 2016

We were part of the tour for Kerala (KLJW-(I)221016). It was our first trip as a group, and the experience has been one of the best in our life. The tour was exceptionally well organised & the real hero who deserves the kudos is our tour leader Mr. Nikhil Surve & Mr. Sagar Surve.

We would rate to tour 10/10 for well organised, proper time management, food quality, lodging arrangements, and also the special Veena World treats, and the way the tour managers care about the guests. For my next tours Veena World will always be the first choice & if Nikhil & Sagar is going to be the tour leader it?s a certainty. I wish him best luck in his future life. Wonderful person bravo!

KLJW-(I-Fly ) 22 October 2016

We recently arrived from our tour in Kerala KLJW130816. The tour was very well planned and on time and we thoroughly enjoyed it. I went with my parents and my daughter and we all enjoyed it. The tour managers, Mr. Sachin Mangaonkar and Tejas Dnyane were both cheerful, respectful and enthusiastic.

Madhu Nesarikar KLJW 13 August 2016

My Parents ( Mr. & Mrs. Awalegaonkar ) who are residing in Borivali, Mumbai went for the Keral Tour from 9th October 2016 to 16th October 2016. They were enjoyed the complete tour & they are extremely happy with the services and support provided by your Tour Manager & his team. Especially, a small get-together organized by Veena world for my father's birthday on 15th October evening. It was the remarkable & unforgettable moments for both of them. And they informed me to convey these feeling to you.

All hotels & hotel rooms provided by Veena World were marvelous, food was delicious & qualitative and most important is that Tour was organized & conducted by the your "Professional Tour Manager".
We are extremely thankful to your Tour Manager Mr. Nilesh Ghosalkar who was very much supportive, prompt in action & very well organized. As well as we are thankful to all your Sales and support team who were providing the information promptly.

As we are NRIs & maintaining the professionalism in our work, we are also expecting the same from the tourism industries like your organization. We are also feeling proud that one of our Maharastrian and Indian tourist company organizing it as per International Standards and it happens because of excellent leadership. Please keep it up in future. Our best wishes are always with Veena World.
Anyway, once again thank you very much to complete team of Veena World. We will definitely travel with Veena World in future.

Vasudeo Avalegaonkar KLJW 09 October 2016

Namaskar !!!

I m very happy to give my feedback for above said trip with Veena World.

It was great experience with you. i took some fond memories out of this Trip.

Hotel - was very excellent and as per my expectation

Food - was very good througout the trip including break fast

Travelling - bus was vey clean and in good condition

Veena World Staff - Both Mr Bhavesh & Samir were good in nature. adjusted in all group.
both were very helpful. given complete info. about the trip day by day. they too enjoyed with us. Will definitely miss both of them. i will suggest all my frnds and relatives to consider veena world as first travel company for any kind of trips

Mr. Ravi Pardeshi KLHB 06 March 2016

I am Sunil S Kulkarni who toured to Kerala from the 7th to the 14th (KLJW) along with my family.

I would like to mention that I along with my family thoroughly enjoyed the tour. I appreciate the planning and organizing skills of the senior management of Veena World team. This was very much evident in the itinerary that comprised of this tour where in each day was filled with enjoyment, fun, experience and learning. The organizing skills were reflected in the selection of the hotels, buses, food and other logistics arrangements.
However, all this was topped up by your excellent travel Manager (Tushar Shinde) and his team (Sohail and Anil). They executed the ???????customer experience?????? in its pristine beauty. Throughout the tour they were humble, warm and radiated care for one and all. Ours was a unique batch of 47 members, where in the mix was diverse ???????? Senior citizens (age above 72 years the highest being 82 Years), middle aged (> 45 yrs to 60 years), young couples having children aged 5 years and newly married couples. The deliverables and the expectation were different and yet the trio delivered excellently on the same.

The trio under the leadership of Tushar displayed certain quick thinking in changing the timings and plan as per the situation, e.g. when were late to reach Cochin, they schedule the lunch first and then we went for sightseeing. Tushar demonstrated leader ship qualities wherein he allowed his team members Sohail and Anil to take charge of the group and pitched in where necessary. He gave the entire credit of success of the tour to his team members and to the travellers. I really liked it.

Sohail, to me, is a tour manager in making in the immediate future. Anil was full of energy and enthusiasm and demonstrated care and love for all travellers. They are fully aware that they are the face of Veena World and to my mind they have kept the same radiating and shinning, I wish them all the best.

I also wish to travel with Veena World in future and would like to be associated with the Veena family.

Sunil S Kulkarni KLJW 07 March 2016

This letter is to express our profound appreciation for the wonderful service provided to us by the tour guide Mr. Tushar Shinde / Mr Sohail Shaikh / Mr Anil Ambhore.
We had our tour to Trivandrum on 07th, 08th & 09th March 2016, then 01 night ie 10th March to Parambikulam, the experience in parambikulam was pretty bad. The accommodation provided was below standard and service pathetic; highly recommend not putting up any of your tourist in such accommodation as this will let down your travel agency.
The other stay for 02nights for 11th & 12th at Munnar & 01night at Cochin was all pleasing.
We all learnt so much from your guide ,, historical sites, society, economy and facts and figures about Kerala detailed and intellectual explanations gave us a major insight into the historical perspective of Kerala and its importance for humanity.

Your guide has kept us hooked to the explanations and gave details which opened up our minds. Your vast knowledge in/of theology, ecology and archaeology made them a perfect Guide. When you add on your sense of humour our trip became, for most of us (and especially for me and my wife), the most important we have made in our lives.

We also fondly remember the driver who's quiet and disciplined character as well as his dedication and commitment to his work and safe driving made us so happy. Please convey our warm greetings to them all.

Mr. Vishwas Manerikar KLJW (I) 07 March 2016

I just wanted to highlight the fact, that we had an awesome tour with Veena World -.Our tour code was KLJW (Kerala Jewels) which started on 13th August . The whole experience was made even better by our tour managers (Sachin Mandgaonkar and Tejas Dnyane) - sincere thanks to them for their tremendous co-ordination.

Abhijit Mhase KLJW 13 August 2016

We (Me and my parents) had traveled with Veena world to Kerala on 28th feb to 6th march 2016 .It was awesome experience.All things were well planned.All things had went as per scheduled but there were no such bustle.Tour guides were well mannered and cheerful.So, thanks to Viraj Desai and Yadnesh Vaidya.You both were made our journey so beautiful that we all tour members never forgot.Especially the food management was very good.

Ms. Nivedita Pande KLJW (I) 28 February 2016

This is our first tour with Veena World and the way the tour managers handled the tour and all the guests was beyond our expectations. We enjoyed the tour a lot. We never had to worry about the programme of the tour as the tour managers explained the procedure of the tour very nicely at the right time. We never felt tired or bored by the travel during the tour as the tour was very well planned and executed. Also the buses arrived on time every day and they were very comfortable. We also never felt hungry during the tour as the lunch, snacks and drinks were provided at the right time. The tour managers gave us information of the places which we visited and the various places which we could see while travelling which resulted in some level of understanding Kerala. Our heavy luggage was efficiently handled by the tour managers. Also the hotels which were chosen were excellent and the food quality was also very good. The tour managers made us feel as if we were at our home during the tour. The various programmes conducted by the tour managers in the bus, in the hotel and DVD facility in the bus entertained us. This tour was worth the money which we paid and also our best tour till date.

We would like to thank Veena world and the tour managers from the bottom of our hearts and in future we would like to be associated with Veena World.

Prasanna Bartakke KLJW 19 March 2016

This is amit khatu and mamata khatu from pune . we want to share our wonderful experience which we have on our honeymoon tour of gods city kerala KLHB21022016 on 21/2/2016 to 26/2/2016 with veenaworld.

We visited munnar , periyaar (tekkadi) , cochin during tour , hotels of all three places are excellent , i have to mention Elysium gardun at munnar , at perriyaar we stayed at wood n spices(tekkadi) , at cochin we are at abad plaza superb place , ambiance was excellent. and we got a very good service at all three places.

In our journey we have very good bus service , bus was very clean , good condition , n driver n cleaner was also good.

About food..... hmmm... we have very testy , healthy n delicious food in all places .. from breakfast to dinner food was excellent .. veg - non veg, spl the traditional fish dishes was very testy.

veenaworlds management was excellent during the total tour. from hotels to bus service , food , all the places we visited was very good, we found new friends during this tour.

and last but not least our tour managers... bhavesh vichare and sameer jadhav.... thair management was excellent during tour, both are very helpful caring . because of them we enjoyed our tour,
we had a great time with them.... bhavesh sir n sameer sir ... thanks a lot ..
for our next tour we definitely think about veenaworld.

Amit Khatu KLHB 21 February 2016

This was my and my wife's 1st tour with VEENAWORLD, which was well organised and due to that we enjoyed lot and decided to move with only and only with VEENAWORLD. Thanks to VEENA MADAM & TEAM.

Very good efforts taken by our tour guides/representative Mr. Ajay and Mr. Rahul. All credit goes to them and team beyod curtain for such a well organised tour. The behaviour, punctuality and presence of mind was excellent of Mr. Ajay and Rahul. Attending all 30 participents with cool mind, it's not that easy; which they were doing every day. Hats off to both.

we missed some points i.e. Raja Ravi Verma Art Gallery and Museum; due to festival time. A suggestion to take maximum efforts while scheduling the each and every tour.

Except this matter, all hotels, bus and other services were excellent.

The idea of giving books as gift/award is very good and to be continued.

I pray to GOD for best wishes/support to VEENA WORLD & TEAM.



We enjoyed your tour a lot. It was an amazing experience with all new n jolly people . A special thank you to your tour manager Mr. Nilesh Ghosalkar and their assistant Mr. Santosh and Mr. Sumit who were very kind and cooperative to us. They managed tour in a systemic manner and like to visit with them frequently. We enjoyed the tour Kerela Jewels a lot and like to join another tour with #VENNA WORLD.

Mr. Anilkumar Chandak KLJW (I) 24 December 2015

Hi team I was on your Kerala Jewels, tour from 16th to 23rd Feb. Our tour guides were Nilesh Joglekar/ Mandar Bhave.

My feedback
1. The entire trip was well planned.
2. There was enough spare time every day to relax and make use of hotel facilities.
3. All the hotels were very clean & comfortable. Pepper Vine was the best.
4. All the spots for sightseeing were carefully selected.
5. Tour guides were exceptionally helpful, knowledgeable and entertaining (we were particularly thrilled with Nilesh way of giving info of next day programme; he stressed on what not to do!)
6. Mandar is very sweet and I hope he rises in whichever field he chooses.
7. The best of the best: a) home food in Allepy.
b) lunch at hotel Vista.
c)Best snack : daal wada & mirchi pakoda.
d) best moment: speed boat ride & Padmanabh statue darshan. e) best shopping Kalyan Silks and Goodwill costume jewellery shops at Cochin.
8. The snack hamper wAS excellent & more than sufficient; so too the travel bag and handbag are well designed!
9. we have shared a few suggestions with your team, please have a look

LAST BUT NOT THE LEAST: your staff respect & love Ms Veena Patil and never fail to praise Veena world. This is her single handed devotion and perseverance that has given VW the confidence to stand up among so many travel companies!!Thanks for the experience!

Mr. Abhay Temurnikar KLJW (Ifly) 16 February 2016

It was our pleasure to have travelled with 'Veena World'. Veena Would ensured that our trip to Kerala was an extremely memorable experience. We enjoyed it a lot. The tour managers Mr Nilesh Ghosalkar & Mr Mandar Bhave were extremely humble and courteous, they made sure that all of our needs were looked after. Looking forward to have many more such awesome tours with you guys!

Pankaj Lanjewar KLJW 08 February 2016

This was my first trip with Veena World and that was Women's Special Kerala. I had a very good experience. My tour Managers both Ulka Patwardhan & Jigar Vora have been extremely cooperative. I salute both of them for their sincere work. Veena World has taken care of all our basic needs. In future if I plan to go for a trip my first preference will be Veena World. Three cheers to Veena World & lots of love to all the tour Managers, especially to Ulka & Jigar.

Varsha Hegde KLWA (I Fly) 08 January 2016

Me & my wife had went with your Kerala Honeymoon Special Trip. We had enjoyed lot ,our tour manger Mr. Akshay Gaikwad was very kind person and he helped us many times and also very punctual. Whenever we have to go for trip we will definitely give the preference to Veena World.

Vikrant Kanchan KLHB (I Fly) 31 January 2016

I would like to thank you Veena world for such an amazing Honeymoon trip and special thanks to Mr. Akshay for hosting and managing this trip.
The whole management during trip,hotels, sightseeing everything was perfect. On our entire tour Mr. Akshay never let down our enthusiasm, during entire journey he was fun.
Special credits goes to him. My wife was not feeling well in Periyar due to motion sickness, when I told him, he immediately reached to hotel management in just few minutes he arranged car, We showed to doctor and everything went well from that night, otherwise I was really tensed what if she gets really sick , but everything went well. Thanks again from me and my wife , for this memorable trip. I have already started planning to go Andaman , and for sure I will book this via Veena World only.

Vishal Dudhal KLHB 31 January 2016

Thanks to all of you for making the tour memorable. Thanks to take care as Parents. Thanks to provide us a chance to perform. Thanks to join 33 different families as one Pariwar. Thanks to Veenatai for joining us for a full day & encouraging us to feel as young . Hope the God will provide us another chance to join the Tour organised by your "Veena World Team" Thank you all of you once again

Shobha & Prakash Kedia KLZA 07 January 2016

I and my wife Dr. Arundhati Behere thank you very much for our memorable tour of Kerala. It was a wonderful experience for us. Our group was full of senior citizens but we didn't face any problem throughout the tour. The tour leaders Rohit Nilekar and Rohit Burse looked after us very well. They did their job sincerely and with a personal touch. All of us enjoyed the trip. We did Kashmir Tour with you in April 2013 as founder member and now looking forward to another tour with you in near future. Thanks a lot again!

Dr. Upendra Behere KGRL 26 January 2016

I am writing to you to express our profound appreciation for the wonderful service you provided on the Kerala tour, which was handled by Harshal Pansare, Rohit Burse, Mangesh Mane. We also fondly remember the driver and JOJi ( cleaner ) whose quiet and disciplined character as well as his dedication and commitment to his work and safe driving made us so happy. Please convey our warm greetings to him.

We all enjoy so much. I am pleased to share our feedback for the above tour enjoyed by us.
1. Excellent tour management skills and totally committed to each and every individual to ensure that every moment of the tour is taken care of well.
2. Took personal pains to see that every guest is comfortable and feels at home.
3. Ensured that not a single moment of the tour was a dull one and they front ended the Veena World name very efficiently.
4. The group interactions and games/entertainment programs were very well managed by them and all we guests felt very much at home to participate open heartedly in every such occasion.
5. They ensured that the whole group became bonded as a single family and that further added to the deep involvement and participation in the tour.
6. Our conclusion for the tour managers: Excellent interpersonal and management skills; and everything that is required to make a tour successful. Our wish is that we would be ready to go with any tour in future where these 3 managers are there.
7. Our rating and score for the tour managers: 100+/100.
We still smile when we remember your jokes, wakeup calls ,games, all sightseeng.

Thank you and may Veena World get all success in future.

Rohit Kadoo KLHB 10 January 2016

We are glad to convey our sincere thanks to the whole team of VEENA WORLD for making our trip a wonderful and memorable one. The real reason for such a wonderful and memorable trip goes to your co-operative TOUR MANAGERS (Mr. Harshal Pansare, Mr. Mangesh Mane & Mr. Rohit Burse). They kept note of every single requirement of each member of the group. These peoples sincere and continues efforts since the beginning of the tour till the last good-bye call were appreciable. Despite of being Tour Managers they soon mingled up with the group and stayed like friends with us which not only made us comfortable but the trip was more enjoyable than expectation. Looking forward to many more trips with VEENA WORLD in future.

Farhaad Jiwani KLHB 03 January 2016

I with my mother and brother just had a Kerala tour. It was our first tour with Veena World and we are so happy to say that experience of the tour was fantastic. There are many things which we can't be forgotten and the most remembered moments of the tour were Darshan of Kanyakumari Mata and Padmanabhswami Temple, Fun at Kovalam beach, lunch at the lakeside at Alleppey and Mattupetty Dam Speed Boat Ride. The tour has become so memorable because of the fun loving, entertaining and caring Tour Managers Mahesh Katke, Mandar Bhave and Prashant Tirlotkar. We still in those memories that we are physically at home but mentally still in Kerala. We have already started planning for a next tour with Veena World. And I wish such success to all your tours.

Thank you Veena World

Harshada Joglekar KLJW 15 January 2016

We had been guest in your Kerala Tour. Our tour managers were - Mahesh , Mandar & Prashant. They have taken maximum efforts & care for the success of tour. Mr Mahesh Katke is excellent tour manager. Mr Mandar & Prashant have also taken lot of efforts. Thanks to Veena World and best wishes for further progress.

B M Bhosale KLJW 15 January 2016

Just a quick note to say thank you. We had a fabulous time in Kerala. I can really appreciate all your efforts for making it such a great holiday. The hotels,food, service including the wake up calls and authentic food of the place etc were just exceptional and the amount of little touches the hotel did to make our stay special since it was new year eve. Both the tour managers Mandar and Sumeet took great efforts for organizing. It's been only two weeks but we are still drowned in those memories. We had a lot of fun with all the tour members , we are all now a family. We'll surely recommend our friends and relatives and we all will be back real soon. Thanks again for the awesome holiday.

Yashshree Mahurkar KLJW 26 December 2015

We are very very happy & satisfied with our Kerala tour. We have traveled with many different tour companies and customized tours now we have been extremely satisfied with Veena World. This tour experience was exceptional. The tour Manager is a key to a wonderful experiences and our manager was one of the best that we have ever had and our tour became successful because of our tour managers namely, Tour Manger - Sachin Mangaonkar , Rohit Nilekar & Rahul Gorge. These people made our tour more unique and comfortable. We were with them for 10 days but they never give chance to remind our home as they care of us as family members and feeling was really like 'Home away from home'. We don't have words to say to them. qualities of them is very co-operative, too much caring of guest , need always and any time ready to do help at any time, perfect information of the places and time management. Even I am from hospitality & tourism background and working on a passenger cruise line but comparing to our cruises ,an awesome Hospitality shown by this team. Thanks a lot for the wonderful arrangements done by you. We had a great stay and the BLD was good too. The vehicle was comfortable and the driver was very cooperative and friendly. Excellent location, warm hospitality, courteous staff & VIP darshans much more. it was really hard to say goodbye to our group and managers. All-round trip was memorable and my entire family has asked me to convey their thanks to you.Thanks a lot once again to Veena Tai, Sachin Mangawkar, Rohit Nilekar & Rahul Gorge.

We hope that Rahul Gorge* could be a tour manager soon. Best of luck in the future to all. Thanks for all the laughs. Hope to see you all soon. Keep in touch.

5 of 5 stars*****

Ninad Kudoo KLGR 06 January 2016

Recently I came back from the Kerala Honeymoon special tour with Veena World. Me & my wife had a very pleasant experience with your team Praveen More & Upendra sawant. Everything was well organized, well planned. The tour mangers had created a homely environment throughout the tour, also the games & special surprises were really excellent. I really appreciate the efforts taken by tour Managers Praveen Patil & Upendra Sawant.

Ajinkya More KLHB 30 December 2015

I and my wife Rutuja, we had a booking of honeymoon tour of Kerala with Veena World. And I am glad to tell you, the experience we had with the team was superb. Me and my wife are so happy with the service you provide to us. We were with Mr. Harshal Pansare , Mr. Mangesh and Mr. Rohit, and they have taken care of us like a family member. So calm people, and energetic, with lots of enthusiasm. Me and my wife enjoyed the tour a lot. From my side and from my wife all the best to you for your future project. keep going on . make the moments happiest ever as you made our holiday special.

Rohan Patil KLHB (I Fly) 10 January 2016

I am glad I chose Veena World for our Kerala Tour. Overall it was an excellent experience, all the passengers were very well taken care of . The Team Manager Roopesh and his colleague Prasad made sure that we didn't face any problem during the entire tour. Their coordination and management was excellent. Both were very lively and offered all assistance/information we needed. We were also happy about the kit provided at the start of the journey, the items provided were very thoughtfully selected. I have some suggestions which I have shared with your team. Once again, it was an excellent tour and an experience to remember for life time. I was also very surprised and very happy that Veena World's team remembered the birthday of my wife and celebrated it with cake etc. My wife and I were both very happy. I also appreciate the great planning and efforts from Veena team at all levels that has gone in the entire tour program.

I will prefer to travel through Veena World for our future tours.

Milind Kulkarni KLGR (I Fly ) 26 December 2015

This was our first trip with Veena World and indeed the best we ever had. We have travelled entire North, North eastern and North western India. But, the best trip was Kerala Jewels, due to the special efforts by your team - Mr. Nikhil Surve and Mr. Jeetendra - to arrange wonderful and memorable trip for us. We would specially like to mention Jitu's name whose friendly and positive attitude made the tour a fantastic experience. He truly maintained Veena World's policy of 'guest first'. He even travelled in bus cabin to accommodate few guests' prioritized seating arrangements. Whenever we plan our next trip, we are positive that Veena World would give us similar good experience.

Archana and Abhijit Lotlikar KLJW 29 December 2015

Thank you to all of you for wonderful tour. It was a great tour, I travelled first time with Veena World and I really happy on the management. Basically the tour managers are very polite and Co-operative. They are doing very hard job, they are working 14 to 16 hours in a day for us. I really appreciate the assistance tour manager he is very helpful, polite and the most important he is very hard working.

Rupesh Shinge KLJW 30 December 2015

I want to say a few words about about the tour manager, Mr. Jitendra who was our tour manager has done his job very sincerely. In our tour, each and every guest was satisfied with his work There were no complaints at all. We all enjoyed the tour a lot. We had lots of fun.. We all were like a family...He is really a perfect tour manager ..and he deserves it......He did whatever he can do..tried his best at all times. We also played games...We played antakshari .. and that to 5 hrs.. and according told him it was a record of playing antakshari..we also had a party at Munnar..Dj party..we enjoyed a lot...And the arrangements of 31decwas awesum...really excellent...we had lots of masti fun ...n there were gifts for all woh participated...n the gifts were really nice..we celebrated Marriage anniversary of 2 couples... he arranged the cake..n made them feel special..they were very happieee.... really jitendra (jitu)deserves to be a part of Veena World..n every guest gets a tour manager like Mr.Jitendra Mhashilkar..
THANK YOU VEENA WORLD FOR SUCH A LOVELY TOUR...I HAVE VERY SWEET MEMORIES OF KERALA. It was my first tour with Veena World.. and i am heartily satisfied with your tour...and my every tour will be with Veena world ..and i wish that i get jitendra as my tour manager in my next tour. Once again THANKUU?????????????????????

Sonika Yadav KLGR 24 December 2015

I had been to Kerala through your company. The tour managers were Mr.Akshay, Mr.Jitesh and Mr.Santosh. The hotel arrangement, food quality, transport and everything else was excellent. We all really enjoyed the Kerala Tour. Above mentioned your tour leaders are very nice and taking care of all our comfort to be maintained during the trip. We really appreciate your tour managers dedication for our comfort, your professionalism and hospitability.
Thanks again.

Shailendra Vaidya KLMG (I Fly) 20 November 2015

Me and my wife Priya would like to take this opportunity to share our feedback on our Kerala Honeymoon tour. On the day one when we reached Mumbai domestic airport, your airport representative Mr. Mandar Joshi was already present to greet us who handed over the flight tickets and Veena World dry snacks. He greeted us very well. When we reached Kochi airport, Mr. Sahil Patil and Durvesh were already present to receive us. The entire tour experience was very good. Special thanks to Sahil and Durvesh the way they managed the entire tour. We were very impressed by the way these guys managed the entire day time. In the entire tour we did not felt any stress in terms of waking up too early or un necessarily stretching the day too long. We enjoyed the group activities and couple games conducted by Sahil and Durvesh to the fullest. Also ample of time was given for shopping as well as sightseeing. Food quality was good though there is the chance of improvement in the variety of veg food and deserts. Last but not least, the entire tour experience was really very good and I think all the credit goes to Sahil and Durvesh and the entire Veena world family for making the tour successful and would like to have more such tours with you. Thank you once again for making us part of the Veena World Family.

Abhishek Nakhate KLHB (I Fly) 12 December 2015

It was a wonderful experience for me and my wife Shweta to be a part of your excellently organised and managed Honeymoon tour of Kerala. A big thanks to our tour guides Tushar Shinde and Anil Ambhore for looking after us and our group and showing us the wonderful and amazing side of God's own Country. Keep up the wonderful attitude and good work.
Looking forward to be a part of next adventure in near future.

Amol Sawant KLHB (I Fly) 10 December 2015

It's been only a day that the trip has ended and we miss it already! Kerala is so scenic with its diverse culture and modernization at the same time. I'd like to thank Veena World for giving me and my family the best week of our lives and countless memories to hold on to forever. This trip was enjoyable from the moment we stepped in to the buses at the Trivandrum Airport till we got down at Kochin Airport. The trip wouldn't have been the same without the excellent planning by Veena World and the accurate execution by Sachin Dada and Rahul Dada.

Every hotel we checked in at was amazing with every facility we needed. Accommodation was perfect and left no place for critique. Right from the rooms, proximity to the city, the welcoming staff. We left every hotel with a smiling face. Our bus was so comfortable and it made the long ghat journeys easier, thanks to our amazing driver CB!

Where do I start? It was delicious at every point and every hotel we visited. We've tasted everything, Kerala paratha, rassam, pongal rice, appams, fish and chicken curries, payasam! Thank you for the lovely Veena World Treats which included local snacks like banana chips and coconut water, Dal Wada! They were all perfect! The best part was the local lunch at Alleppey Backwaters! The best fish fry ever! The most essential elements of a holiday, transportation, accommodations and food were all spot on!

Activities :
The elephant ride in Periyar was the highlight of this trip. No regrets for being unable to visit the wildlife sanctuary as this was much more fun! Spice Garden was very informative. Eravikulam National Park was a nice walk in a lovely weather. Backwater ride was fun too!

Tour Managers :
Our tour managers, Sachin Dada and Rahul Dada, are the best! They helped us whenever we asked and also made us laugh all day. Sachin dada kept us on our heels and made sure everything happened on time, making sure we didn't clash with a large crowd while sightseeing, which is why we enjoyed them to the fullest. Both of them also made sure we know every bit of information that there is about the state. Right from its history, economy to something as small as 'why do they attach plastic bags to rubber trees' or 'which lake is this' which we saw on our way to Munnar. They showed us Kerala with so much dedication like it's their own home! They always made sure all our doubts were answered. They were also very patient and encouraging when we cringed at the thought of waking up at 6am. It was really nice of Rahul dada to get down with Pande kaka and recover the bag he left behind at Neriyamangalam even when we had come so far away and almost reached Kochi. Sachin Dada helped my sister tackle her hydrophobia. They make an excellent team! Thank you for the cake too! :P They also took care of all the Ajjis and became kids with the Baccha Party at the same time. Handling such a diverse age group is tough and they did it perfectly. The group games were awesome! I have learned a lot from them and they're truly inspiring. They are 'waaaaaaaao'

Coming home with one extra bag of shopping, a thousand pictures and countless happy memories. My first experience with Veena World has been so much fun. I have now travelled with new people, explored new places and celebrated 'life' in its truest sense. Thank you for keeping up to your tagline of 'Travel, Explore, Celebrate' Looking forward to more trips with Veena World and if possible our Dadas, too!

Suggestions : I'd like to suggest a little free time for shopping, as the traveling is hectic sometimes, although we understand that's because of the time duration. Attached a few photos from the trip. :)

Amruta Pawar KLJW 17 November 2015

First of all many thanks to you and your team for such great experience we had during our Kerala Magic Tour. It was our first professionally managed tour as well as first tour with Veena World. Start from the reception at Mumbai Airport till departure from Cochin Airport , it was full of satisfaction and enjoyment with your service. Both Tour managers - Jayesh Khot and Sumeetkumar Desai were so friendly and good with all of us that we felt very sad to get send-off from them at Cochin Airport. Both managed very well throughout the tour and taken every care of everything & everyone. Both enjoyed and engaged our children so well that both became Dada of all children. We wish great career and all success to both Jayesh Khot and Sumeetkumar Desai. We wish to have both of them as our Tour managers for next Tour with Veena World. We were so engaged and satisfied with entire Tour planning that we totally forgotten our family at native. Superb planning and management by Veena World Team. Keep it Up !!! Only one suggestion- make color of cap as Yellow ( this will suit to Veena World logo as well as reduce sun heat due to black color)

Pravin Bobhate and family KLMG 16 November 2015

Celebrated life! Celebrated life! Celebrated life!
We were part of the Veena World's Kerala tour. I am writing this mail on behalf of our group of 7 members (Save, Sanzgiri and Patki families).Relationship with Veena World started with enquiry and booking in the last month and got very good co-operation from Ms. Sunita from call centre and Ms. Karishma Gomate for completing enrolment formalities. Our tour was hosted by Mr. Aniket Patne and Mr.Viraj Desai. The trip was well organized and disciplined. So there was no wastage of time and we could cover all the site seeing as per schedule. Aniket and Viraj are very cooperative, respectful to elders and friendly with everybody. We had lot of fun. Selection of hotels and travelling arrangements were very comfortable. Overall experience was fantastic and we really celebrated life to our fullest extent. Just one suggestion that the caps should be of grey or off-white in colour with the Veena World logo as black caps absorbs more heat in the sunlight and then it becomes troublesome. It would be great if we could get one more day for shopping.

Aarti Save KLGR (I Fly) 28 November 2015

Just read Veena Tai's two articles in the newspaper. One about Nepal. it's a great motivating article. The other article about SINGLES is d best. We 2 sisters r single. And we just returned from Veena World's Kerala trip with my married sister, brother in law n niece. Though all others were family, we 2 sisters enjoyed a lot. And thank God nobody asked us any questions. Our group members accepted us, we all became friends. We played antakshri,dumb charades and really enjoyed the trip. It was unexpected. It was a well-managed trip. Great dedication ,efforts by Mangesh, Ajay and Durgesh. Thanks Veenatai. It was our first trip with Veena world. And we????????ll be surely be with you in future.

Deepali Pore KLJW 09 November 15

This was my first time with Veena World. Your tour manager Sahil Patil and his associates team members namely Siddesh and other two members have very good knowledge and very nice arrangement. Hotel and dinner is very good service is very good.

Shriram Bhosale KLJW 22 November 2015

The tour was amazing, outstanding... and Nikhil and Tanmay were very nice, co-operative and managed everything very well... The days passed so quick that we dint even realize when did our tour come to an end. Had a great time and we will surely look forward to go with Veena World only, for our further tours. Veena World, Nikhil and Tanmay gave us good memories packed in a box which vl be stored with us for lifetime. Thank you once again.

Shamlee Gholap KLJW (I Fly) 18 November 2015

We are at Cochin airport, the TM Jayesh Khot & Sumit Kumar Desai were too good. The hospitality was superb, we got more than expected, food quality, stay arrangements were superb. Jayesh & Sumit were like family members only. We enjoyed the tour very much. It was a very first experience for us to have tour with professional tour planners & the same was very encouraging & delightful. Pl keep us inform about your Forthcoming plans. Suggestion: Since you have provided packed breakfast at airport on day 1, it should be mentioned in the itinerary so that guest should not carry extra food unnecessarily.

Bipin Joshi KLMG (I Fly) 16 November 2015

We just finished our Kerala tour today. It was our first tour with Veena World. We had an amazing experience with you. first of all we would like to thank our tour managers Mr. Rahul Patil And Mr. Sachin Mangoankar. They overall managed tour quiet well. They made us feel like home with care and attention. They made our Diwali a true happening and memorable. We did not miss any site seeing. I had come as a family of 4 members and now going back as family of 33. you will bring families together ,this is what i like about your of my family members birthday was there and the celebration done by your tour managers was too good, thank you so much for that. Also we enjoyed your treats like snacks packet, coconut water, dal wada, mirchi pakoda ,banana chips. The idea of giving books to the winner was very nice, only suggestion is that you put Veena World stamp on the book we can remember it for the lifetime :) All the hotels were excellent .The only thing i want to mention that the Woods N spice - sterling holidays tekkady the staff of this hotel is not supportive and services provided was not proper .Our experience of this hotel was not good. otherwise the trip was just awesome .Had a great time on tour . We will surely do more tours with Veena World. Thanking you for lovely experience.

Vidita Patil KLGR 07 November 2015

This was our first time with Veena World & our experience was too good. Tour manager & assistant entertain us in all tour. Tour managers management was very good. The service provided was very nice. Our Diwali celebration good. Fire crackers, games & enjoy lot. Veena World hospitality good. Tour manager Nikhil Surve, Assistant Yadnesh Vaidya.

Shamrao Dhavalikar KLMG (I) 08 November 2015

I am thankful to you and your team for organising a magical Kerala tour Cochin to Cochin.It was very well organised. It was very difficult to express our feelings for this wonderful trip and wonderful experience.
though this trip was organised during Diwali vacation but Swapnil Kadam, Sagar and Rohit took so much care that we never felt that we are away from our home. Diwali Rangoli in front of our rooms, diyas, utane, diwali sweets etc was beyond our imagination. we were delighted with this was beyond our expectations. Entire tour was very well organised. Hotel accommodation, food, bus service, bus cleanliness and everything was very well organised by your cochin team. Hats off to them and their dedicated service. We never felt out of place. A very special mention about bus driver *sajjee*and his assistance. He was a very skilful driver, we always felt comfortable, there was zero tension in spite of road conditions/steep/narrow roads and u bends etc. I have travelled so much but i am yet to come across such a disciplined driver. he needs special treatment from Veena World. We did a small gesture from our side. Special mention about Swapnil Kadam. He took excellent care of we senior citizens. Taking minute to minute care about wake up call, breakfast, food ,washroom stops etc. We felt so comfortable during the entire trip that we are missing the entire trip and the atmosphere ,even after coming back to our homes. We are looking forward to many more trips with veena world.. Rajasthan, Mauritius ,Leh Ladakh, Sri Lanka/ Maldives.

Ashok Morey KLMG (I Fly) 06 November 2015

Thanks we enjoyed too much, this trip we miss each and every min, there are no words of happiness of this trip, This trip we will never never forget, We enjoyed every minute, It was full of fun + we saw all the places, Food was very good but it was too-much, We enjoyed Diwali & New Year, This all enjoy meant we had was just just because of Sachin & Rahul, Sachin & Rahul are the BEST, They are so active & loving that we did not miss our kids, As a mother I remember my kids all the time but with Sachin & Rahul I forgot my kids even ,they are so loving,Veena world is very lucky to have Suchin & Rahul,Thank you very much for all you did for us, mainly we all thank Sachin & Rahul for looking after us ,we miss you two much

Geeta Patel KLGR (I Fly)07 November 2015

We are happy with our Kerala experience with Veena World this month. The arrangements were very well done and it was a wonderful, enjoyable time for us. We would like to mention specially about the tour managers Jayesh and Yogesh. They were very helpful, knowledgeable and took extra care of all our arrangements. We would like to continue with the relationship that we have formed with Veena World. Thanking you for a lovely experience.

Dr. Jayant Wable KLJW (I Fly) 08 October 2015

I would like to bring to your notice that the services provided by VEENA world on my trip to Kerala for 9 days. were extremely amazing .From hotels to food and sight-seeing everything was up to the mark. As it was my 1st experience travelling with Veena World .It was amazing all together. The tour managers basically made the trip more amazing .I would like to appreciate Mr. Rupesh Gawade for making the trip more wonderful and amazing .He made each one of us more comfortable during the journey .All the arrangements were properly done with great enthusiasm .I wish Veena world and Mr.Rupesh Gawade all the best for the future. Looking forward again for trip somewhere through Veena world.

Sonika Nayak KLGR 10 October 2015

KERALA JEWELS was our first tour with VEENA WORLD. Tour of KERALA JEWELS was really a wonderful & memorable one. We were in different world for eight days. Our stay, food & travel was loaded with many pluses except for stay in Thrisangu Heven, Periyar to mention. The approach & caring nature of Tour manager Yogesh Nichite & Jayesh Khot from start to end was EXCEPTIONALLY VERY GOOD. It is difficult to say that, we are family members of VEENA WORLD or VEENA WORLD is part of our life. Looking forward to join next exciting tour in near future.

Shobha & Dinkar Save KLJW 08 October 2015

We are very happy and proud to be a part of your family for a tour to Kerala. The best services are being provided by you and your officials since booking for the tour till departure and so also till date. During the trip we were so comfortable and satisfactory with the services given by your three representatives i.e Mr. Sumeet, Mr. Sohail and Mr. Aniket that we never thought we are away from our family as on each and every moment all of them were taking care of each members personally. Also, they have devoted their services very thoroughly, promptly and sincerely for which we are very much glad and obliged to all three. We are very thankful for your entire team for making our tour one of the memorable tour in our life and by bottom of heart we pray for your prosperous future and success of Veena World and its entire team. And now last but not least that our second tour will be definitely with Veena World.

Adv. Nirmala Bhosale KLJW (I Fly) 30 September 2015

We were greatly delighted on this first tour with Veena World. The destination Hotel stay was excellent, the quality of Rooms and Service provided by their staff was prompt and so also the coordination of your Tour Managers and Assistants namely Sumit Jadhav, Sohail Shaikh, Aniket Patne. The punctuality was upto the mark and we did not miss any site seeing. The food quality and arrangements were handled properly and we enjoyed every moment. Please consider the following points as wish list: In the fish abundant state like Kerala Hotels should be able to provide really good , fresh fish like "Pomfret, Halwa, Surmai, Bangda, Prawns rather than a fish like 'King Fish' which maharstrians don't enjoy at all. Your guests from Pune Kolhapur, Indore would definitely love that.

Geeta and Dattatray Prabhudesai KLJW (I Fly) 30 September 2015

Thanks to Veena World and their team for very nice arrangements(Food, breakfast, Rooms internal travelling etc...) and the hospitality shown by Nilesh, Prasad and Rupesh it was very wonderful experience. We were 23 to 24 families and the end of the tour we became one family of 56 peoples the credit definitely goes to Nilesh, Prasad and Rupesh. Of course I know that to make this type of arrangements certainly number of peoples must be working behind the curtain credit also goes to them for such nice arrangements. I had a carried Ipad with me and had taken lot of pics I really surprise that out of 23 to 25 families 19 families had shared their mail id and cell no. with me, so that I can share some pics and we can have further Veena World Tours together at least once in a year. So my social circle definitely increased because of Veena World.Once again a BIG THANK YOU.

Rajan Parulkar KLJW (I Fly) 22 September 2015

Hi ! this is your recent guest at the Kerala jewels tour .Our experience with you was fantastic ! Stays were given at good hotels. Food was good especially ,the breakfast.
And the most important n impressive thing was your tour managers!!! Kudos to them !!! There were 2 people of age 75 .they took every care to make them feel at home and comfortable.
There was a 2yr old baby and her parents too mentioned on the last day that her milk and food arrangements were very well looked after. Hats off to your managers !
Rupesh n Prasad both were very good n helpful .NILESH !! He is perfect host n superb manager .At time some people used to be irritated at small things but he managed fantastically ! True professional !!
Keep it up . We will be looking forward for next tour with u all.

Dr. Smita Nakod KLJW 22 September 2015

I & my parents were part of your 8 Days Kerala tour. This was our first tour with Veena World. Thank you so much for making this such a memorable time of our life. Veena World's tag line - Travel, Explore & Celebrate. You really mean that. I would like to appreciate the way your Tour Managers Mr. Nilesh Ghosalkar, Mr. Prasad Chavan & Mr. Rupesh Gawade conducted this tour. All three are so enthusiastic, lively, passionate, caring and patient. They made this entire tour marvellous. Actually just few days before the tour my mother had a little fracture on her leg. So we were bit worry that how we will do this tour. But the way Nilesh, Prasad & Rupesh helped us is tremendous. Thank you so much. I would like to mention that during this entire tour, the hotel stay, food & site seeing was very nice. Also we enjoyed your special treats like Snacks packets at starting of the tour, every day one drinking water bottle, Dal vada, Coconut water, Banana chips. The idea of gifting books during games is very amazing (I also won one good book).
In future for any tour, definitely without any doubt we will consider Veena World only & also recommend to others. Thanks a ton!!! I think The Veena World's real Assets are their entire staff. They will definitely take you to the top of the Tourism world. Keep up the Good work. All the Very Best!!! Three cheers for Veena Wold??????????????Hip Hip Hurray!! Hip Hip Hurray!!! Hip Hip Hurray!!!!

Trupti Nilakh KLJW 22 September 2015

We wish to convey our appreciation for the overall management of the tour. It was our first experience with Veena World having travelled with no other travel agency previously. On our own we have visited some places earlier. We enjoyed the tour which was comfortable, convenient and luxurious, credit for which goes to special efforts taken by the team of Mahesh Katke , Rahul Patil and Rohit Yewale. The well-thought snack packet was a pleasant surprise and was like a feather in the cap.
Looking forward to similar experience with you. Best wishes to all of you.

Ujwala and Sham Amdekar KLJW 03 September 2015

We are very much pleased to inform you that the Kerala Jewels. It was successful as expected by us. Your services right from the airport were excellent. Your tour managers Mr. Mahesh Katke and Jitendra Mashelkar had a personal touch with each one of our group of 18 members. Our group had more number of senior citizens and one member was above 70 having little health problem. Your tour managers have helped him to the full extent so that he could enjoy all sightseeing. Your team managers had good knowledge of all sites covered and they briefed the significance of all locations. Overall experience throughout the tour was very good and memorable.

Pranjali and Pratap Surve KLJW(I Fly) 26 August 2015

First of all we would like to thank you for the awesome tour and letting us have a wonderful experience. We were travelling with you first time and your hospitality was always above our expectations . We enjoyed your tour from beginning till the end . We also liked your arrangements from travelling to hotels etc. each and every arrangement was good .we especially liked the flag hosting ceremony also like to mention good support from tour managers Mahesh Katke and Jitendra Mahshilkar.Thanks for providing us a wonderful trip.

Dhruv Vaswani KLJW 10 August 2015

I was a part of the tour for Kerala. It was my first trip as a group, and the experience has been one of the best. We were three girls traveling without our parents so safety was a major concern for us.
The tour leaders Mr. Mahesh Katke and Mr. Jitendra Mhashilkar had always taken care of that and they handled the tour in a perfect way making sure we never had to wait in lines for sightseeing, nor did we have to wait long for check ins. In all, if I had to rate the tour for guest satisfaction, food quality, hotels, and also the special Veena World treats, and the way the tour managers care about the guests, it's going to be a 10/10. Looking forward for my next trip with Veena World very soon.

Disha Jagad KLJW 18 August 2015

We just finished Kerala Jewels tour. It was delighting and most enjoyable tour.Congratulations to Veena World. Best wishes.I am happy to inform you your Mahesh Katke, Jitendra Mashelkar and Meghna have done excellent work. They are great asset to Veena World.Thanks again.

Umesh Upasani KLJW 18 August 2015

Me and my Mother were on Kerala tour with Veena World. We experienced excellent jobs in every department. This was my second tour and my mother first tour with veena world and it was the most pleasurable experience. Our tour manager Mr.Mahesh Katke is a perfect guy. He and his colleague Mr. Jitendra Mhashilkar was handled everything perfectly. They did the good job. Hats off to them. We never felt boring during bus travel because antakshari and sharing information.The food quality very were good & tasty. They also arranged special food for Upwas for my mother. Bus service, hotel arrangements, site seeing everything was perfect. Thanks to our tour managers courtesy & perfect organization. And the last two days group game & group get together was cherry on a cake!!!!!
So thanks once again to team Veena World. We are now looking forward to book another tour with Veena World. Once again thank you so much.

Chaitali & Purnima Vaidya KLJW (I Fly) 10 August 2015

I am writing in regard with our recent Kerala Jewels tour. Overall trip was well organised and managed by tour guides Mr Mahesh Katke and Mr Jitendra Mashelkar. We are very much pleased with the cooperation and friendliness that both tour guides showed throughout the trip. The only suggestion we would like to provide is that, if you could follow the seating by rotation system so that everyone gets fair chance to sit at the front of the coach to get better views.

Dr. Sayali Patil KLJW (I Fly) 10 August 2015

I went on a trip with Veena World this past March and I recently came back to Canada from India. I wanted to provide some positive feedback!The trip was an incredible adventure. Some of the places we went too, were just breath taking. The variety of food that was offered was really tasty and the hotels were really comforting.We covered everything possible in the itinerary as mentioned and we had a lovely time with the folks traveling with us. Most of all, the tour manager and assistants (Mahashe, Anitka, Chigar) were amazing. I am sorry if I spelled their name wrong. They went the extra mile to take care of us as we were foreign tourists and made us feel at home.I would recommend traveling with Veena World to anyone who is visiting India and with these 3 tour leaders in particular, they were fantastic.Thank you for a wonderful journey to Kerala, India - Veena World.

Maitreya Sawant KLJW (I Fly) 01 March 2015

We had very great experience on the tour organized by Veena World & we enjoyed lot. Your all Hotels , A/C buses as well Drivers, food & most important tour guides were very very good. Your Upendra Sawant tour Manager has made everybody comfortable & he already has experience but his assistants Mr Prasad & Mr Jitendra also picked up the good communication skills & affection for all age group people. One minus point to note about Kochin stay is the visit to church & Police Museum & also so called Dutch Palace was of no use. It was just killing time. Church was under renovation & Museum was very ordinary.It would have been better if you would have planned visit to Guru ayur Temple.

Sanjay Balel KLJW 22 March 2015

Myself and my two friends Neela and Archana went on the Kerala tour with you and enjoyed a lot. We appreciate the hospitality from your group. We never required to face any kind of trouble. The staff Mr. Upendra, Mr. Jitendra and Mr. Prasad were particularly were very caring and co-operative nature. They helped and cared about all the group. It was a pleasure to have a tour with Veena World. Thanking you.

Sunita Dighe KLJW (I Fly) 08 March 2015

This is to share my wonderful experience during Kerala tour.The tour was well organised covering all important sights and it was equally well executed by the able team manager Mr Upendra Sawant with the help of Mr. Jitendra and Mr. Prasad. All three were ever so polite yet firm when required. They were particularly helpful to my 83 year old mother Mrs. Sunita Ajgaonkar who at times needed to be actually lifted into the boat or bus. My father Mr. Manohar Ajgaonkar also 83 year old has peculiar food requirements due to health issues. Without fail his requirements were taken care of at all locations, thanks to the team managers. My parents were treated by all three of them like grandparents. To sum it up I will say... wonderful stay with good food, good sightseeing. A professional job with a personal touch.

Uma Dhuria KLJW (I Fly) 22 March 2015

Kerala - Our first tour with Veena World. The tour was wonderful and enjoyed by both of us. The tour managers Upendra, Jitendra & Prasad were very nice, disciplined and caring. The hotels were very comfortable and food met taste of all the tourists. The timing was maintained properly and transport system was excellent. In short all our expectations were met.

Sai & Shripad Lele KLJW(I Fly)22 March 2015

We travelled with your Kerala tour last week. We had a great experience. The group leaders were very cooperative and good in nature. We enjoyed the trip very much. Thanks to Veena World and the team with us.

Anjali Chincholkar KLJW 22 March 2015

Our Kerala tour was really awesome.... we had lots of fun... :) tour was managed efficiently by tour leaders Upendra Sawant, Jitendra, Prasad.... arrangement was very good.... Hotels were very good.... journey was comfortable....we r looking forward for future tours with Veena World :)

Anjali Deodhar KLJW (I Fly) 22 March 2015

It became a very happy and memorable tour to Kerala. All tour managers and especially Prasad & Upendra cooperated with us very friendly. All hotels and meals were very good.

Ganesh Wagh KLJW 22 March 2015

I wanted to thank you for the wonderful Kerala tour you organised - food quality and hotel stay were both up to the expectations. Every penny spent it was worth it. The tour was great as I and my wife Pratibha got many new friends. The tour manager Nikhil and Sohail were very co-operative and fun to be with. They supported us in all the crazy things we did. I must say they have a lot of patience as well, true assets to the hospitality industry both of them. Looking forward to my next trip with Veena World?????. One suggestion ???????? the stay in Cochin can be reduced to one night. I felt a night more in Munnar will be better considering the weather, besides there is nothing much to do in Cochin (except the Kathakali show).

Anup Joshi KLHB (I) 07 March 2015

I am grateful to Veena World for giving me opportunity to travel with your tour to Kerala. Sorry for late feedback. We really enjoyed the Kerala Tour. It was great, wonderful & happy experience for us. The hotels & food were very good & having many choices for breakfast & lunch/dinner. The bus service was also good. Special appreciation to your tour manager Mr. Mahesh Katke & his Assistants Mr.Aniket & Mr.Jigar. They took very good care of all of us. They were very helpful, smiling always & soft talking.
Our group was of different age ranging from 7 years old to 78 years old. It was very difficult task for your Tour manager & assistance to look after such a wide age difference group. But they did the good job. Hats off to them. We never felt boring during travelling with these boys sharing information, jokes songs etc. My special thanks to these boys.
Your tour was excellent in covering important site seeing, sufficient time to visit Temples, Museum, backwater places. Sea shore, Boating etc. I appreciate your special gesture for Women's Day.
A very good message, small gifts to all ladies & group photo of ladies. We enjoyed this tour & assure that this experience with Veena World has encouraged us to have many such tours with you.

Sadashiv Pandit KLJW-(I Fly )01 March 2015

We had booked Kerala Jewels I Fly tour , we were three of us, me and my two children. This was our first Veena World Tour and it was the most pleasurable experience, beyond words can describe!! Everything perfectly planned and executed also. This feedback would be incomplete if I do not mention anything about Mr.Jitendra, our guide. It was our best luck to have Mr. Jitendra Mhashilkar as our tour guide. Very cooperative and responsible. He was always there to help every single person, everywhere ,at beach, at the Padmanabh Swami Temple, at the boats while getting in and getting out, till the final airport dropping at Cochin. Also during long journey to Periyar, he calmly responded to all questions about journey time. His people management skills and decision making capacities are excellent.
We had many memorable precious moments and fun time which was a gift to us from Veena World and their capable tour guides. We are now looking forward to book another tour with Veena World as and when time permits.

Harshada Thomre KLJW (I Fly) 15 March 2015

We have done Veena World's Kerala tour last week. We wish to inform that our entire experience has been excellent. Our special thanks are due the tour managers Upendra , Jitendra & Prasad. They were very active, efficient & helpful throughout the tour.

Anant Shinde KLJW (I Fly) 15 March 2015

My Kerala tour was a great experience!!! My kids, wife and parents were so happy and we enjoyed the tour. I can say battery full charged with enthusiasm. The hotels, bus for side seeing and most important , meal was so excellent. The tour coordinator team was excellent. good manners, well dressed, humble care taker. Luckily our group was having different variety of people who made tour memorable. Music, fun, acting and knowledge sharing and so many things. We got new friends. All group was like one family. Thanks veena ,I got this happy moments under the roof of Veena World. Waiting for next holidays to join you again and again.

Anant Shinde KLJW (I Fly) 15 March 2015

I recently completed Kerala tour with Veena World. This was my second tour with Veena World and I must say you guys don't seem to stop in making us delightfully impressed with your hospitality each and every single time. The three tour managers Mahesh Katke, Jigar Vora and Aniket Patne have thoroughly impressed us with their superb hospitality and understanding shown towards all the guests ranging in all age groups from 7 to 80 years. The efforts taken by them to get all the guests out of their comfort zone by playing various fun games was just too good. Celebration of Rang Panchami was a cherry on the cake. The tour mangers made sure we had a blast even though we were away from Mumbai and family(I personally played Rang Panchmi after 7 years all thanks to you all). Their perseverance in catering to every guest????????s need by going to each table and making sure everything was proper are commendable. Hoping to travel more and more places with you.

Neha Shanbhag KLJW 01 March 2015

Recently I had been to Kerala with Veena World. The tour was excellent. It was my first time with Veena World and the service was really great. The tour managers Mahesh Katke, Jigar Vora and Aniket Patne handled everything expertly. All three of them were very cooperative. We all were like a big, happy family. Thanks to the tour managers and the team Veena World, the Kerala tour was truly unforgettable. I would definitely like to come with Veena World on some other tour. All the best for your future.

Priya Agnihotri KLJW (I Fly) 22 February 2015

Firstly, wish you a very Happy Women's Day and thank you very much for the souvenir and your inspirational letter to all of us on this occasion.We have just completed the Kerala tour managed by Mahesh Katke, Jigar Vora and Aniket. I am glad to share with you that we had a fantastic time during last eight days. All three tour managers took extremely good care of us and kept us entertained throughout. It is really amazing how the three of them managed the entire tour without we even realising the tremendous efforts they have put it to ensure our hassle free tour. I would specifically like to mention the games organised during the get together where Mahesh made people of every age participate and laugh out loud :) He not only has the ability to engage people but also has tremendous patience to deal with the whims and fancies of people. Jigar and Aniket never let us get bored even during long travel, with their good humour and games. We were pleasantly surprised to receive a call from Aniket when we came late for dinner one of the days, which demonstrates the care taken by the tour managers. I would like to congratulate Veena world for the high quality hotels and facilities provided throughout the tour. Thanks to the excellent administration we enjoyed the tour and had lots of fun without any worries. I look forward to having more tours with Veena World, especially the ladies special tour in near future.Thank you for making this tour a wonderful experience in my life!

Savita Nayak KLJW 10 March 2015

Back from Kerala tour. We have been fortunate in our travels to have had some excellent guides as Mahesh, Aniket & Jigar. You rate up there with your energy, enthusiasm and good humour. It was an excellent itinerary and it will leave us with many memories not the least of which will be with you and your team.
We would like to thank you and your team for the excellent services provided and guiding us and making the tour enjoyable. Our Best wishes for you and your team.

Dhanwanti Shetty Family KLJW 22 February 2015

We came back from your Kerala tour on last Sunday with sweet memories. We enjoyed the entire tour thanks to your excellent tour staff. Mahesh is a great tour manager, he made sure our every moment was enjoyable. Your hotel selection was very good. We enjoyed the food as well, including the tea-snacks. The buses were very comfortable. It is commendable that Veena Patil managed to build this from ground up in just one and a half year, very impressive indeed. I wish you all the best for the future. She is an inspiration, I would like to meet her in person sometime!

Arti Gupte KLJW 22 February 2015

I would like to express my deep gratitude to Veena World for giving me a lifetime experience. I had been there with my friend Ms. Reena Banpel & her mother and I must say, we had a tour worth cherishing. We spent seven days in Kerala, truly described as GOD'S OWN COUNTRY??????. There were various sightseeing tours that defined the diverse and rich culture of our country. It was very much fun with the whole group. We all were like a family. This credit goes to our Tour Manager, Mahesh Katke and his fellow colleagues, Jigar and Aniket. They really added joy to our trip. My special thanks to Mahesh, the tour manager for organizing the trip so well that it went off just perfectly. Whatever was promised was delivered and the tour was easy, comfortable and hassle-free. Proper timings for departure, proper guidance, no handling of heavy luggage, all queries addressed properly. I wish Veena World all the very best for their future endeavors! U guys rock! Looking forward for more tours with Veena World???????

Charusheela Polekar KLJW 22 February 2015

It was my first tour, at beginning there was some doubt about the success but it was wonderful. I feel the key factor of tour success is your team i.e. Tour Manager Mr. Mahesh & his two colleauges Mr. Jigar & Mr. Aniket. From first day they came very close to each other, just like our family member staying in Kerala & came to meet us. From Younger to Older every one follow schedule as directed by your team. Good! Wonderful! Excellent! See You Soon.

S. R. Gavali KLJW 22 February 2015

It was wonderful lifetime experience...Kerala...deserves to be God's Own Country. Specially places like Munnar, Periyar, Speed Boat Ride, Kanyakumari, Swami Viveknand Smarak. Lots of lifetime memories are with me now. I had been there with my Mom. (64 year old) having Knee joints problem. I wanted to specially mentioned one thing mam, on speed boat ride , I was little bit scared about my mom, that whether she could ride or not. so I suggested my mom not to ride on boat. But our Tour Manger Mr. Mahesh Katke told me that nothing doing, I will help her out. I will take care of her. Mahesh has arranged the things..& she enjoyed speed boat ride & gave her wonderful experience. Which we clearly make out from her face. Now she wanted to go with Veena World for every six months. "Mazyi Aai Cha Anand baghun I am Top of the World MAM" Special mention for your team Mr. Mahesh Katake, Aniket Patnekar & Jigar Vora. They treated us like family & gave us a lifetime experience. They have involved us in each activity they have conducted whether its sightseeing or games or get together. Total 52 members were on tour along with 3 tour leaders. Now we are family with 55 members & credit goes to Mr Mahesh Katke for making one family. Thanks again for special moments. Hope many more come in future as well with you all people.

Reena Banpel KLJW(I Fly) 22 February 2015

My wife and I had taken Veena World's Honeymoon Tour package to Kerala. We both are really happy with the Veena World experience. The overall tour management, hotels, itinerary, touring spots, snack packages, travel buses, tour managers, wake-up calls concept and the overall atmosphere during the tour were fantastic. We were accompanied by 3 representatives from Veena World Sandeep Patil, Tanmay Naik , Mandar Bhave. All of them managed the tour really well and particularly handled some tricky situations with courage. They made sure that we all form a bigger single group instead of 28 individual, isolated honeymooners. I would like to congratulate Team Veena and the 3 tour managers for conducting this wonderful Honeymoon tour

Gaurav Govardhan KLHB 07 February 2015

Our Honeymoon Special tour to Kerala was wonderful. Sandeep, Tanmay and Mandar created such atmosphere that we became a group. So thanks to them. Also thanks to Veena World group for such a great service throughout the tour. In future will definitely think for a next tour with Veena World.

Pravin A.Nirmal KLHB 07 February 2015

Currently I am having tour travel with Veena world (kerala tour - Tour code KLHB14022015 ) and having a great experiance.
I must say Veena World has provided good exposure to Kerala India. Mahesh Katke and Jigar Vora managed the tour well. I appreciate their efforts on Customer satisfaction, Attitude ,Tour management,Attending individual person and their interest and Tour guidance on places.Thanking Veena World for such wonderful tour arrangements and tour managers. Best Wishes for future roadways of Veena World expansion.We faced some hospitality issues at Periyar and Cochin Hotels and informed tour managers as suggestions.

Chinar Patil KLHB 14 February 2015

Thank you so much for making our honeymoon special. It was excellently arranged tour by Veena World. Tour Managers , Mr. Mahesh and Mr. Jigar were very cooperative and made our tour comfortable with lots of fun. We appreciate them. We would like to suggest few things. One is , few more spots must be added for sightseeing as we feel that on min. two days full afternoon time was free and secondly While booking air tickets Kindly do block adjacent seats for couple. On to and fro journey, in our group some couples didn't get the adjacent seats. Also thanks for arranging first and last day lunch which was not mentioned in Itinerary.

Shubhangi & Bhushan Vakale KLHB (I Fly) 14 February 2015

This is the feedback about our honeymoon tour with Veena World. Everything was well scheduled and properly planned. We enjoyed each and every moment that we spent in Kerala, those moments will remain fresh forever in our memories. Mahesh Katke and Jigar Vora made these moments happen to us while we were in Kerala (Games, Dj, solo dance performance etc). Though they were our tour guides, they were very friendly and sorted out all our difficulties with ease. Three cheers for this two chaps. May they have great success ahead. Nevertheless, Thanks Veena world for giving us such wonderful memories.

Gauri & Varun Karnik KLHB 14 February 2015

I was part of tour of Kerala Honeymoon tour. The trip was awesome we had lots of fun. The tour manager Mr. Mahesh Katke and his assistant Mr. Jigar Vora attended us at Cochin airport. They lead the group giving us information of all the places where we visited. They handled the whole group very sweetly. I??????ll give 10 out of 10 to this two guys. The hotel we stayed is awesome is specially 'Dunes'. We enjoyed the local Kerala food and I'll give 10 out of 10 to whole trip. I want to stay in touch with Veena World I am really happy. Hari Om.

Guruprasad Sankhe KLHB 14 February 2015

My Jijaji suggested me to go for Veena World for my honeymoon trip. It was my first trip with Veena World for Honeymoon Special Kerala and it was very memorable trip.We enjoyed lot in that tour. We were 25 couples on that tour and also made so many new friends. Munnar, Periyar and Cochin hotels facilities, services, food and other things were very good. Our team leader Mr. Sandeep Patil, Mr. Tanmay Naik & Mr. Mandar Bhave really added joy to our trip. The team had excellent management skills. The special things I observed from this three gentlemen's as...... Mr. Sandeep Patil's Special word was " couples Lakshayt theva"
Mr. " Chinmay Naik " ... ohhh sorry Tanmay Naik his awesome and cheerful smile. :-)) Mr. Mandar Bhave... his great great Dance performance on the song was "Jhalla Mera Ashiqu...Walla Mera Ashiqu"
And in the end of the last day of the tour that prize distribution to the winners who won the game during we played the so many games. and some surprised gift like cheerful couple and best wedding story etc.......
We are very happy to hear that our wedding story was awarded as a best wedding story and we got a gift voucher from Veena World. Now we are eagerly waiting for our next tour with Veena World. Thanks to Veena World to make our honeymoon very Special.

Jayshree & Pradip Bachchhay KLHB 31 January 2015

We have just concluded the Kerala trip. It was the most memorable trip. Especially the tour managers were very friendly and enthusiastic.
The facilities like bus, hotel refreshments were awesome.
Thank you Veena World!

Mr. & Mrs. Patil KLHB 31 January 2015

I would like to mention that the tour was well planned and executed. As a couple we enjoyed a lot as all itinerary and food arrangement were taken care by our tour managers.
Talking about the tour managers Sandeep Patil, Mandar Bhave and Tanmay Naik, they are very good in what they are doing. They love their job and they live with it which help to get great result as a final product. Last but not least thank you to Veena World for arranging the good tour. Thank you.

Arvind Kulkarni KLHB 31 January 2015

There are rare occasions when you fall short of words to describe someone's hospitality. My first experience with Veena World was just fantastic & the persons responsible for this are Sandeep Patil, Mandar Bhave & Tanmay Naik (SMT- sahi manse tumhi). Hope ki Veena Patil ni rachle le he navin vishva (Veena World) asech changle aso.

Urmisha Mhadnak KLHB 31 January 2015

Excellently organised trip and very well managed by Viraj and Tejas and supported by Biju and Riyaz the bus Team. All the places we visited the stay and food was good. Looking at time constraints, booking for places like Periyar early morning ferry booking needed to be done to sight animals and places like wax museum to view could be avoided & instead some offbeat stops having excellent views and good photography locations can be added.

Phadke Family KLGR 03 Feburary 2015

We had very good time with our Kerala trip. It was very much fun with the whole group. We all were like a family. This credit goes to two people, our trip coordinators Viraj and Tejas. They were very good in organizing the whole trip and very helpful. In short the trip was very successful and we enjoyed it.

Vasudha & Shashi Shinde KLGR 03 February 2015

We are very thankful for making our honeymoon very special and memorable. Me and my wife travelled to Kerala for our honeymoon special tour. We never thought that we will enjoy our honeymoon with so much fun and excitement. Thank you very much. My special thanks to Sandeep Patil (A perfectionist) without his managing skills it wouldn't be possible to complete the tour without any hastes, Tanmay Naik (An Entertainer) he is full of fun and a complete entertainer. Because of him we never found journey hectic. He always came up with several ideas of entertainment, and Mandar Bhave (The Stud) combo of both A manager and An entertainer. A very skilled photographer. He is full of information, has very good knowledge about the area...and very good dancer also.We will really like to travel again with Veena world.. and it will be real fun if this trio is around ..

Nisha & Nitin Bane KLHB 31 January 2015

We enjoyed the tour thoroughly in its true sense! We appreciate off and on the stage efforts of your team - Office team and on tour team Akshay, Jayesh and Rahul. They made the tour really comfortable and memorable. We would love to take up future tours through Veena world. It is also worth mentioning the support provided by your franchise Mr. Jhanwar from Jalgaon.
Wish you all the best!

Vandana & Pramod Mehta KLJW 01 February 2015

It was great memory we had with Veena World Group on our Honeymoon special Kerala tour. This was a first experience with Veena world & it was amazing. We both enjoyed a every moment in Kerala & we will never forgot this tour ever. Thanks to all Veena World group to make my honeymoon very special. There was one thing I never expected on this tour i.e. my wife's birthday celebration. It was a surprise gift from Veena world, thanks to all for giving so much of happiness within 7 days. Special Thanks to Sandeep Patil, Tanmay Naik & Mandar Bhave for entertaining to all of us within our travel. I would like to come with Veena World only for my next tour plan.

Once again thanks to all.

Bhushan Parab KLHB (I Fly) 31 January 2015

My Silver jubilee team member family enjoyed a very nice Kerala Trip and this trip was planned very nicely . Our tour manager Nilesh Ghosalkar, Mangesh Mane and Sachin Patil were very cooperative team. Thanks Angha and all Veena World team and my best wishes for your journey...

Santosh Jagtap MIKL 01 February 2015

I take this moment to personally thank you for organizing such a wonderful tour - Kerala Jewels. I would like to appreciably mention our tour guides Sumit, Santosh & Siddharth for taking utmost care & making us feel comfortable throughout the entire tour. Generally the food quality, accommodation & travel was excellent. Since our tour code was joining & leaving, we surprisingly received food packets at Kochi airport which gave us the feel of Veena Tai's renowned hospitality management.
Mr. Sarvesh Risbud (Pune office) a kind and gentle human being is doing exceptionally well who convincingly explains and satisfies customers to the fullest. Overall it was indeed an impeccable experience travelling with Veena World again! Hoping for further strengthening of our bonds in this manner in near future as well.

Mahendra Jagtap KLJW 18 January 2015

It was very good experience & marvelous tour of Kerala Jewels. It was our second tour with Veena World. Last time we visited Rajasthan-Mewad in November 2013.
As usual stay in all Hotels were EXCELLENT. We experienced very very tasty food in breakfast, lunch & dinner. We enjoyed different types of chicken & fish recipe every day. We experienced very good & safe travel in entire tour. Bus was in very good condition. Driver was very good as he was driving very calm & quiet. Our Team manager Mr. Satish Jadhav & Mandar Bhave were very excellent. They have guided us very well with knowledgeable experience. Mr. Satish Jadhav gave us lot of information
about cities & places where we visited. Both Satish Jadhav & Mandar Bhave are of very co-operative nature. They treated us as like their FAMILY MEMBER. We would like to go our next tour with Mr. Satish & Mandar. And definitely our ALL NEXT TOURS will be with VEENA WORLD means with YOU.

Nita & Kishor Shirudkar KLJW 20 January 2015

My family returned to Mumbai yesterday. Their stay during tour of Kerala spend our was truly enjoyable. Entire program was well planned and effectively coordinated. I am confident Veena World under your dynamic leadership may scale new high in the near future.

A.N. Choksey KLGR (I Fly) 24 January 2015

We four, me, my wife and daughters Aditi and Aryaa have experienced special Veena World touch to our Kerala tour. It was very special for us as it was first tour with Veena World. A lot of site seeing , decent accommodation, well planned program. Very pleasant and playful tour coordinators took care of old persons and children. We are also planning for Leh Ladakh tour in May/June 2015 through Veena World.! One suggestion???????.. there was a non-Marathi family of 7-8 members for which all instructions were in Hindi as they could not understand Marathi. You are requested to have a separate tour program for non-Marathi.

Madan Sangle KLJW 25 January 2015

I, would like to first thank you on behalf of my family for the hospitality we received on Kerala Tour.The program was very well planned and executed by your team in Kerala. Special thanks to Akshay Gaikwad, Rahul Patil and Jayesh Khot who took special care of each of us on the tour. They were supportive and helping us to enjoy every moment of it. Apart from that the food and stay were excellent. One suggestion i would like to place here is, we didn't get the flavour of traditional Kerala events like bharatnatyam that would have made the trip complete and more memorable. I would like to again appreciate your and your team efforts for making this trip successful despite the strike in Kerala and very well planned in the eleventh hour and saved our one day. I would like to wish Veena World Team All the Best. I have become a part of your family. I hope to explore the whole world via Veena World.

Aniruddha S. Sawant KLJW 25 January 2015

It was a fantastic experience with Veena World to Kerala. We had a wonderful journey with lot of entertainment. We are very much content with the way tour managers Sandeep and Tanmay managed all the things throughout the tour. Special thanks to both of them for taking efforts for Jain food. Unfortunately there was one day strike during our tour but the way Sandeep and Tanmay managed the things was really appreciable. We couldn't figure out how the day was passed, moreover we didn't skip a single sightseeing. Will surely have more tours with Veena World in future. Thank you.

Varsha & Ashish Kokate KLHB 24 January 2015

We enjoyed your honeymoon package of Kerala. Specially thanks to tour manager Sandeep Patil and tour guide Tanmay Naik.They gave us proper information of all sightseeing places. They managed our all hospitality properly. We are satisfied of your package. Once again thanks to sandeep and tanmay. I hope your service will be same in future.

Vikrant Thakur KLHB (I Fly) 24 January 2015

Our honeymoon tour of Kerala was very nice. Our tour managers Sandeep & Tanmay managed the tour very well. Tanmay was like a friend so we could enjoy the tour with his assistance. On one of the days, there was a strike in entire Kerala but he managed it very smartly. All sites were covered a day before and on the day of strike he had organised for massage which was very relaxing. Tanmay's nature is very jolly and entertaining which is very much suitable for his job. All hotels, food, management and selection of sites were as per our expectation. Snacks provided by Veena World an added advantage which was unexpected. Group photo, gifts and paper dance organised by tour managers will be a part of our memory forever... Overall management of tour was too good. We will surely visit again.All our good wishes to Tanmay, Sandeep and Veena World group...

Vrushali & Gaurav Chiplunkar KLHB (I Fly) 24 January 2015

My parents, Mr.Vasant Kadu and Mrs. Sharada Kadu who are senior citizens were part of Kerala Tour arranged. I would like to inform you that the tour was arranged well and it was nice experience for my parents as your organizers and tour managers Satish Jadhav and Mandar Bhave took good care of them. I would like to highlight one good experience of their hospitality. The return flight of my parents was at 10:00 pm in the night however the tour was completed in the morning. Though the tour was completed in the morning, the tour managers arranged for accommodation and food for my parents and also arranged taxi from hotel to Cochin airport at 6:00pm in the evening. Please note, there was a strike in Kerala on that day and my parents were under tension about their reaching to airport. Your tour managers gave them confidence and arranged everything to their comfort.

Thanks to your tour managers and you for maintaining good culture of respecting and caring for people.

Rakesh Kadu KLJW 20 January 2015

Recently we returned from our honeymoon tour to Kerala. Our experience with Veena World was awesome. Hospitality provided by you guys was so homely. We got all the comfort that was expected. Our tour managers Tanmay Naik and Sandeep Patil were so up to date in all aspects. Both of them took care of every small thing right from our food to arranging for sightseeing. Thanks for being so awesome.

Kadambari and Ganesh Kardile KLHB (I Fly) 24 January 2015

This was my first tour with Veena World to Kerala. Though I was the only Gujarati in the entire Marathi crowd, I never felt out of the place & completely got mixed up with them. It was an awesome experience. It's amazing that eight days of togetherness has resulted into wonderful friendships. We were in the real safe hands. I would like to thank specially to our tour managers Sumit, Siddharth and Santosh for making my trip memorable & wonderful. I really appreciate their friendly approach, care taking nature & the sense of responsibilities. Hats off to these guys for their incredible job. Food quality can be improved (Daily I can't have Veg. sweet corn soup). Repetitive food items should be avoided. You can add items like chaat, pav bhaji etc.
I hope Veena World is providing the same facilities to the tour managers as it is provided to the tourist. If not pleassssssss provide the same as they deserve it. Looking forward for another wonderful tour with Veena World

Payal Patel KLJW (I Fly) 18 January 2015

First of all I want to say thank you for the wonderful service Veena World team provided. We were part of Kerala Jewels tour. This was our first experience with the Veena World and it was amazing. Right from booking the tickets, regular updates via e-mails as well as mobile messages, providing bags, receiving us from railway station till last drop, everything was perfect. Overall hotel service was well arranged and food was also delicious (Keys hotel food was best). Water bottle, Breakfast to dinner everything was perfect, well arranged and was on time. Our tour managers Mr. Satish Jadhav and Mr. Mandar Bhave were very polite, enthusiastic, informative, punctual and simply the best. Because of Veena World we enjoyed this trip to Gods Own Country.
I would like to arrange my next trip with Veena World ONLY.

Priya Neurgaonkar KLJW 20 January 2015

We four, me, my wife and daughters Aditi and Aryaa have experienced special Veena World touch to our Kerala tour. It was very special for us as it was first tour with Veena World. A lot of site seeing , decent accommodation, well planned program. Very pleasant and playful tour coordinators took care of old persons and children. We are also planning for Leh Ladakh tour in May/June 2015 through Veena World. ! One suggestion... there was a non-Marathi family of 7-8 members for which all instructions were in Hindi as they could not understand Marathi. You are requested to have a separate tour program for non-Marathi.

Madan Sangle KLJW 25 January 2015

We were with you for Honeymoon trip to Kerala. Our tour Manager was Sachin Mangaonkar. We enjoyed a lot. A trip arrangements, hotels & food was excellent. Sachin is very good, funny & friendly nature person. We liked your tour. All the best for your further tours.

Siddhesh Rahate KLHB (I Fly) 08 December 2014

I was on tour to Kerala with Veena World and it was a wonderful and cherishing experience. We were treated as family and could visit all the places mentioned in the itinerary. Food/Hotels were excellent. All the buses and other commuting vehicles were comfortable. Well planned day-to day agenda, as no time was wasted. Good entertainment and fun activities which could include all the age group members. My personal appreciation to Veena world team who accompanied us. Sumit Jadhav, Siddarth Kore, Santosh Ardalkar who conducted the tour so well, looked after needs of each and everyone and took extra efforts to make it such a wonderful experience.
Thanks Veena World. I would love to explore many more destinations with you.

Tanvi Wagle KLJW (I Fly) 18 January 2015

My friend Payal and me have recently been to Kerala with Veena World and it was an amaaaaaaaaaaazing experience. 8 days completely filled with fun, joy and happy memories from first to last day. Good hotels, perfect time management (though I didn't like the early morning wake-up calls!!!!!) and god's own country made it a perfect holiday for us. And the real credit of this goes to S3 (Sumit, Siddharth & Santosh).........our tour managers. It was their energy, enthusiasm and concern for everyone which made it a good trip. Thank you rocked!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope tour managers also get the equal facilities like the tourists as it is the real efforts of the tour managers and their team work which make every tour of VW a success. It was our first tour with Veena World and we want to make another tour with VW at the earliest. Last but the not the least ???????? the food quality can be improved and one thing I could not get in entire Kerala tour was.............genuine filter coffee.
Keep travelling & smiling!

Manisha Tople KLJW (I Fly) 18 January 2015

Very very happy and satisfied. Loved to travel ... Loved the arrangements.. The guides were very hardworking n calm and friendly all through the tour...
I had missed my flight... But they made the alternate arrangement in Kochi for Kochi to Munnar...the hotels were good too.

The only request I have is probably have a choice for bathtub on honeymoon tours. May be charge extra for that. If possible.... Rest all amazing.. I'll definitely recommend it to others

Selab Thakur KLHB (I) 17 January 2015

My parents Mr. Ramkrishna & Pratibha Sawant travelled with you for their Kerala tour for 7 nights and 8 days. They had a wonderful experience.The service was good & during the travelling tour manager Mr.Mahesh Katake & his two asst. Mr.Bharat & Mr.Nikhil were very helpful & more they were caring too. During the tour they never faced any inconvenience in terms of food quality, hotel they stayed in & the overall tour management of Veena World. So in future they look for tours with the Veena World.

Kamlesh Sawant KLJW 29 December 2014

We have enjoyed Veena World trip for the first time. We are really satisfied with the services provided by Veena World and the team. Th team is very cooperative and the experience was awesome. Food and daily transport provided was very good and really great trip we had to Kerala. We are happy and are looking forward to have more and more trips in future.

Archana Anant Shinde KLGR 14 January 2015

It was a marvelous 10 days tour to Kerala. We enjoyed every moment of it & were thrilled by the spots which we were visited. It was our first tour with Veena World and really we experienced a very good hotel stay, travel by bus & tasty food. Your tour managers Satish Jadhav & Mandar Bhave guided us very well with knowledgeable experience and a lot of memories of joy to remembered. Thanks Once Again.

Manohar Sabnis KLGR 23 December 2014

We would like to thank you and Veena World for planning such a wonderful Kerala trip for us. Everything was well planned and perfect. We did not face any problem with bookings anywhere. The Innova Car was comfortable and driver too was very helpful. I would like to specially mention about Munnar's Hotel - Chandy's Windy Woods. It was one of the best hotel we have stayed in. It has an artificial forest too built in, which gives a 'WOW' factor to the hotel. So thanks for recommending it to us.
Overall the trip was awesome. Thanks again for making our Kerala trip so much memorable.

Amruta Shenoy Walwaikar Signature Holidays Kerala

My husband Mr. Sachin Solanki & I had booked a Kerala honeymoon tour with Veena World of 3rd jan to 9th jan. This trip was very special because when we got married on 01.01.01, due to some financial problems, we couldn't go on a honeymoon then. So after 14 years of married life here we were going on our honeymoon. This tour was a surprise gift from my husband and although I was very happy & excited, I was a little apprehensive as well. I wasn????????t sure how the other couples would treat us or how would we adjust with them since we were no newly-weds. To cut the story short, it was the best tour ever.
We are Jains. We have specific food requirements but the tour managers Sagar Bhosale, Santosh & Rohit took care of everything. They are simply superb. They managed everything excellently. We very much enjoyed this tour. Those were the best 6 days of my life. Our best wishes to VEENA WORLD.

Jayesh Patil KLHB (I Fly) 10 January 2015

We have been to Kerala with Veena World's Kerala honeymoon tour package. My wife & I, we both really enjoyed the tour. Special thanks to the tour managers, Sagar Bhosale & Rohit for bringing all couples together as one big family. Veena mam's idea of handing out books as a gift to winners of the on tour games was simply superb. We would like to thank team Veena World for making our tour special and also thanks once again Sagar Bhosale & Rohit.

Jayesh Patil KLHB (I Fly) 10 January 2015

I have just finished my Honeymoon tour with your team. My experience was awesome. Great management. Hats off. I have a suggestion, if you can arrange flight tickets from Pune also for other tours, most of the people from our group were from Pune and we faced hectic schedule for coming to Mumbai and going back. Thank you.

Vikrant Arun Mahajan KLHB (I Fly ) 10 January 2015

My wife Preeti and i had an opportunity to be on the tour to Kerala. We were about to miss the tour because of some personal reasons and could not join at Mumbai and boarded the scheduled flight. We joined the tour group directly at Trivandrum from Pune, reaching at nearly the same time as the other group. The tour manager, Nilesh Ghosalkar (we took liberty to call him Nilesh after a couple of days), was constantly in touch with us over phone till we reached the hotel at Trivandrum and guided us how to reach the hotel also. The purpose of the tour was to change the routine and rejuvenate ourselves after hectic family functions & office work. We enjoyed every moment of the seven nights & eight days tour. Nilesh was the pivot in bringing together as a family all the group consisting members of all ages ( from 3 yr. old Bela to 70 years Pandeyji). The stay arrangements were excellent and the food was good everywhere. Though at times I personally would have loved more homely/ dhaba food intermediately. The arrangements for site seeing were precise so that no time was wasted. Nilesh and his assistant Vinod were all the time eager to help anyone and everyone. A remark by a second time traveler with Veena World that he enjoyed the trip more than Kashmir tour done by him earlier said it all. We would like to travel again with Veena World when time and money permits. Excellent tour package. Thanks.

Pramod Savant KLJW-(I) 25 November 2014

At the outset I would like to express my immense satisfaction with your entire group tour arranged.Overall arrangements, quality of hotels, transport etc were excellent and I shall certainly recommend to my relatives and friends. Your tour operators Nilesh and Vinod were truly professional and very courteous.One suggestion - Travelling by bus from Kochi to Thiruvananthapuram is quite tedious and should be dispensed with. Pl consider alternates. Wishing you all the best.

Shirish Khanwalkar KLJW-(I) 25 November 2014

Our Kerala tour experience was amazing. Also the tour manager Nilesh Ghosalkar and the guide Vinod was very friendly, informative and enthusiastic. He has inspired us to go for the next tours with only Veena World. Thank you !!!

Nilesh Ghotgekar KLJW 18 November 2014

I take this opportunity to congratulate and give best wishes to Veena World. I am sure Veena World will rise to be the " BEST ORGANIZATION IN WORLD"

I am Proud : a Maharashtrian can do wonders. Veena World is on the way. It was indeed a real pleasure visiting Kerala with Veena World. Right from the first Introduction day till last departing day, it was filled with joy and happiness. Everything was managed properly, on time and with affection.Utmost care was taken to make a tour cheerful and successful. Tour Manager - Mr. Satish Jadhav and Mr. Siddhartha Kore were helpful and caring. Games were played during travel and in hotel to eliminate the fatigue.
I am sure i will refer and travel with Veena World. ALL THE BEST TO YOU ALL !

Sunil Deshpande KLJW 16 November 2014

I am one of the member your tour to Kerala. The experience of the tour was very good. We enjoyed the tour very much. Our tour manager Mr. Nilesh/ Mr. Vinod were very much cooperative. The food we experienced was delicious and also the hotels were very nice. We were all comfortable and didn't have any bad experience. Both the tour managers were interactive and made us comfortable. They encouraged us and made us laugh. All the sightseeing were covered. It was appreciable regarding the first aid, get together, entertainment programs and cooperation. It was very good experience.

Pratik Misal KLJW 18 November 2014

Just to give an update and feedback about my Kerala tour, it was really great experience. I would especially like to give my thanks to Satish Jadhav & Sidharth Kore for creating a wonderful experience and memorable event in our life. The situation I would like to mention here is my flight was cancelled on the 16th but somehow I reached Trivandrum early in the morning by another flight ,but Satish arranged the early check in for me and arranged the food for lunch even though it was not included in the itinerary. It was a great help because I was travelling with my 2 year old kid and 60 year old mother. Thanks to Satish for that. I remember the same situation had happened in my case with other hotels in Dubai but they refused for early check in and breakfast too. Just to mention that I am a frequent traveler but got the good option now in terms of Veena World .So definitely looking for another trip from Veena World in future.

Harshad Deshmukh KLJW 16 November 2014

Kerala Jewels tour was just fantastic. The entire management on tour was fantastic. The food, travelling and site seeing was great. I am very thankful to you for giving me wonderful information and solving all my queries. The entire office of Ratnagiri is wonderful wish you all the best.

Narendra Athavale KLJW 09 November 2014

I am very happy with our Kerala tour. It was very nice and pleasant . The tour managers Nilesh & Vinod took utmost care for our comfortable stay. Success of tour depends on planners, tour manager, comfortable stay with good food & not last but very important factor i.e. the driver of the coach We are very happy for the Kerala tour & we are very very thankful to you . All the best for your every wish & work.

Lata Dongre KLJW (I) 11 November 2014

With huge curiosity in mind for first experience of Veena World, we flew from Mumbai to Thiruvananthapuram for Kerala Trip which was our one of our dreams.

We received a warm welcome by the tour managers Sahil Patil and Rupesh Gawade. A luxury bus was booked throughout the 8 days journey. Bus started with Ghoshana "Ganpati Bappa Moraya,Mangal Murti Moraya. Undir Mama ki jay." and from that moment itself our trip was started.

First day get-together was very good initiative to bring tour people together and introduce each other. Hotel room services and food quality were really to be appreciated. Even after all good facilities, Sahil and Rupesh were always there for help. We enjoyed visit to Kanyakumari and all places in Thiruvananthapuram. Everywhere Guide was available to provide historical information. We enjoyed every moment to the fullest at Periyar and Munnar. Took pleasure of Kerala special food while backwaters ride. Speed boat ride was superb. Every time all tickets were available well in advance by Veena World, so no waiting was needed. Bus driver was very cautious about his driving, who drove the narrow roads of Munnar excellently. We are grateful to Veena World for dazzling Diwali arrangements. We loved the idea of gifting books for game winners.

Coming to Sahil and Rupesh, these people are amazing. They rock all the time. Their best part is that they enjoy their responsibility to the fullest which keeps others very cheerful. They are very friendly, people loving, very caring, full to dhamal kind of :). Sahil is spontaneous and polite guy. They provided proper historical information about the places we visited. Both took special care of my father as he was eldest person in the trip and had asthma problem. Whenever possible they made auto rickshaw available for him to avoid trouble. We had lot of fun by playing antakshari and different funny games. Presence of Sahil and Rupesh was like a beautiful rainbow, which will always be there in our Kerala trip memories.

Thank you Veena Tai and entire management team for so much of love and care!! We wish good luck for all your future endeavors. Looking forward to next trip to Kullu- Manali, leh and ladakh..:)

Parimala R Sambhapur KLJW 16 October 2014

Just yesterday we returned back from Kerala tour. I would like to give special thanks to the tour managers Bavesh Vichare & Tanmay Naik for safe execution of our tour according to the plan & itinerary given by Veena World management. In these 10 days of tour, they made 8 different families a one big family with a friendly caring approach, polite behaviour, skill of dealing with members from infant to aged travellers, dedication about work & company. Thanks to Veena World for awesome tour & appointing such type of tour managers to make our tour memorable.

Rita & Rajan Mahant KLGR-(I) 28 October 2014

My parents have just come yesterday from an extremely wonderful and enjoyable experience in Kerala with Veena World and they are so much happy that they have already started to plan more trips with you. We thank you very much for introducing us to this tour.

They were very excited to tell us about your TOP CLASS Arrangements, the perfect planning, the great food, the beautiful group that got formed and finally the emotional see-off...They were highly appreciative about your tour managers, Amit, Sohail and Upendra...who are very very cooperative and nice people...Hats Off to your Hospitality...This was our first experience with Veena World and we rate you as the best travel companion that anyone could ever have....Hope we have a long time association with Veena World....

Thank you very very much....

Sanjay B. Nogaja KLJW-(I) 28 September 2014

Me and Mrs. Luktuke travelled by Veena World for the first time. Both of us had a memorable trip and have fond everlasting memories which we will cherish throughout our lives. On the first day of our tour , my I phone-5s, charger was out of order. Our family members were very worried since we two ladies were travelling alone for 7 more days. Our tour leaders Sohail and Upendra Sawant were very helpful and one of the hotel staff went out of the way to search and take us to the shop. It was otherwise very difficult to find I phone charger in Trivandrum. The staff member of the hotel mentioned that Veena World's guests are like our family members. We covered all the parts of Kerala in 8 days, which was otherwise impossible if we had visited on our own. The tour guides were very cooperative and went out of their way to make every one very comfortable, food was awesome, hotels were excellent, buses were luxurious with efficient and safe drivers. We had literally no extra expense except our individual shopping. Our guides gave us exact tips of do's and dont's. I recommend everyone to experience this tour first hand . We have become permanent members of Veena World family and would like to travel with them at our choicest destinations. Best of luck to Mrs. Veena Patil and her team. May Veena World search for new destinations for avid travellers like us.

Ms. Shubhada Ruikar KLJW-(I) 14 September 2014

Firstly, Congratulations on the remarkable success of the Veena World Group within first three months of its launch and best wishes for the future endeavors. Starting with the introduction, I, Shivangi Kulkarni, came in contact with the Veena World through one of the recent tours I booked with you and would like to share my experience I had with you . I had booked Kerala Jewels(KLJW) which commenced on 18 th November,2013 for 8 days along with my mother Mrs.Supriya Kulkarni and family friends Mr & Mrs. Surve. To begin with, the entire tour was really well planned, managed and executed. We all could enjoy each and every destination thoroughly to our heart's content. The food , stay and travel was probably the best that could be offered. Even the arrangements of tickets to visit a particular place was done well in advance. We never had to wait in long queues.
The tour managers Mr.Mahesh Katke and Sachin Mutatkar were really supportive and co-operative since day one. They were always readily available to help everyone especially senior citizens. In fact Mr Surve being on the higher side of age and physically challenged needed help while walking. Mahesh was always there by his side. He took special attention regarding food preparation for people who demanded jain food. Right from the wake up calls to wrapping up from a particular place for next destination was well handled by Mahesh and Sachin. Mahesh has really excellent time management skills.He always had a fixed plan and stuck to it through the trip. He had to hear a lot of criticism from everyone regarding his stringent time lines and less amount of time given for shopping but he took everything in his stride and kept his cool.He handled everyone very patiently. All credits to Mahesh regarding time management!! To sum it all, the experience was really awesome and worth cherishing. We really made some fond memories of the trip. In fact, we have decided to travel with Veena World once every year and suggesting the same to my friends and relatives too. Hoping to TRAVEL.. EXPLORE...& CELEBRATE with Veena World soon!!!

Shivangi Kulkarni KLJW 18 November 2013

I went to Kerala with Veena World between 20thNov to 29thNov 2013. Veena World was a new company but I had watched Veena Patil's interview on Doordarshan and also read about her in newspapers. I was so impressed with her personality and the tour programme that she had arranged that without any delay I booked the tour. It was my first tour, I had heard a lot about Veena Patil and the hospitality that is offered by her team and I experienced all that on the tour. The on-tour arrangement was excellent. The tour managers Harshal Pansare and Swapneel Kadam were very friendly and supportive. We were a group of 16 people on tour. We all had so much fun that it was very difficult to miss home. We returned home on 29th after 8 days of super fun. The memories that we have accumulated on this tour will be with us always. After returning from this tour of Kerala, I booked another tour with Veena World, Kashmir-Vaishnodevi. I have decided to book at least a couple of tours with Veena World every year.
I wish Veena Patil good luck for her new venture.

Dilip A. Chaukwale KLGR 20 November 2013

My mother and I have just completed our Kerala tour. I have some kind of physical problem so I never do such group tours . I always felt that it will be an inconvenience to others so I never dared to book with any travel company. But this year we read about Veena World and I saw also Veena tai\'s interview\'s on the television and I desperately wished to book a tour with Veena World.Finally , I booked Kerala Tour and I spent a wonderful time . It was always a memorable tour in my life. I am so happy that now we are part of Veena World family. I would like to thank you Veena World for giving such wonderful experience and warmth and care just like family members. Both the tour managers Nilesh Ghosalkar and Bhavesh Vichare treated me as normal person (never felt like a handicapped ) and gave me confidence that to cover every sightseeing. The management , hotel choices , food quality and food selection was awesome . Tour managers are very nice by nature and good communication .We never felt lonely or homesick throughout the tour. I enjoyed a lot . Thank you so much and best wishes to Veena World .I am so lucky that now I am a part of Veena World Family ,in its foundation year.
In future I would like to travel with Veena World.

Dr. Aparna K. Kulkarni KLJW 27 November 2013

We went to Kerala Grandeur tour Code KLGR02112013 and we enjoyed the tour to the fullest. It gave us many fond memories for lifetime.

All the tour leaders were co-operative and nice. The food served and hotels were of good quality.

I am attaching one photo of my family with your tour leaders taken at Echo Point, Munnar.

We wish Veena World best of luck for future and would like to travel again with you.

Mr. Rakesh Patil KLGR 02 Nov 2013

We completed our Kerala tour and we all enjoyed a lot. Our tour completed with planning from start to finish. Mr. Viraj Desai was our tour manager. He is very sincere and a hard worker. During strike, he tried his level best to cover maximum sightseeing possible. He handled the situation very smoothly , courageously & managed cleverly. Many thanks to your team.

Shashikant Sawant KLJW 16 November 2013

We are very happy to say that the tour was very good and well managed by Viraj Desai & Jayesh Khot. Good Hotels, good food and excellent transportation.Jab fool khilate hai to khusbu ati hai,
Jab tour pe janeka dil karata hai to VEENA WORLD ki yad ati hai.

Prakash Hinge KLJW 25 November 2013

We traveled to Kerala with Veena World. There was a strike by CPIM in Munnar, many times people gathered & stopped our vehicle but the tour managers Viraj Desai and Jayesh handled the situation very carefully. We did not miss a single sightseeing due to efforts of your tour managers. Thanks for the warm service.

Shilpa Omprakash Shete KLJW

This tour was a great experience for both of us, we enjoyed a lot. The food and hotel arrangements were great. The three guys Mahesh, Sachin and Jagdish took great care of us. We look forward for the next time we meet.

Laxman & Nivedita Thakur KLJW 13 Dec 2013

KLGR021113 may be a tour code for Veena World. But for me, it turned out to be the code of happiness, a memorable trip with parents, an experience to be cherished for longtime in life and of course, the most happening Diwali .Just had been to Kerala with parents and daughter (wished, husband was also with us), by Veena World.Kerala, God's own country, the most beautiful, clean and 100% literate place in India. Being to Kerala is anytime a pleasure and delight. Team Veena World added comfort and happiness to it, for us. I prominently realized one thing, while speaking to everyone about the trip, am talking about Veena World, its managers, their perfection as much as talking about Kerala. With every photo clicked by me, I have memories about the place and something for sure about team Veena World. It could be, the wonderful hotel booked for us, eatable offered by them (throughout the tour, we were literally bombarded with variety of crunchy delights.), important information/instructions given by them. I always think my all emotions are extreme and strong. I am a proud Marathi, a proud working woman and hence respect Veena Patil a lot for being a successful, Marathi woman running her business successfully. I always had complaint for staying very close to parent's house. As I think, this keeps me from enjoying a true ???????Maherpan????????. My father combined these things, my emotion and complaint very intelligently, which resulted in me joining them the trip by Veena World. Got me both, the quality time with them along with me favorite ???????The Veena brand??????. This was the most happening Diwali for me, as I stayed with my parents for more than 10 days for the first time, after my marriage. It was triple dhamaka for me, it was not only Kerala trip but with parents and well organized, by team Veena World. I am thankful to you for bringing this happiness to me. My regards & thanks to your tour managers,Nilesh Ghosalkar, Sachin Mangaonkar and Bhavesh Vichare, the true converters of Veena World's vision and plans into action.

Rajyashree Pawar KLGR 02 Nov 2013

I am writing this mail to appreciate the tour arranged by your team. We were travelers in your Kerala Jewels tour. I would like to share the great memorable experience we had during these 7 days. The tour was arranged optimally good. After reaching there we came to know a political strike for 2 days and we were bit disappointed since these two days were covering the most famous spots in Kerala i.e. Munnar and Periyar. However tour managers Viraj Desai and Jayesh Khot did an excellent job in making backup arrangements for transport and thankfully we were able to cover most of the site seeing. The instructions given in the tour were very specific and of very good clarity. Hotel stay at Cochin and Trivandrum (Hotel Hycinth) were outstanding. Food offered during back water ride was also delicious. Game prizes, group photo, Surprise food packs were good. However I have would like put few suggestions which may help you to improvise your services towards customers, Kerala\'s SPA and Massage are very famous, but no time slots were allotted for this and hence we did miss that. Though hotel stay was pleasant, however food taste was not remarkable and food items were repetitive every day. There are better hotels in Munnar than the one arranged for us. Office Co ordination had lapses in providing accurate information during the booking process and there after. No proactive responses were observed.

Yogesh Kelkar KLJW 16 Nov 2013

I am Tejas Vaidya from Alibag, writing this on behalf of my family. I have been a part of Kerala Jewels tour 26th Oct to 2nd Nov Oct with my family and i am very happy to say that we enjoyed this tour to the fullest.We thought being the foundation year of your company, we should not expect more but we were wrong , as we arrived at Trivandram Airport our tour manager Nilesh gave us a very warm welcome.

From day one Nilesh , Schin , Jagdish, and Bhavesh were friendly with each one in the group. wonderful arrangements they made during the tour. My family is very happy with your service like; snacks, accommodation and the volvo buses . The Van-Bhojan in backwater was outstanding, I enjoyed that local food a lot. My birthday was celebrated by the entire group with a nice birthday cake . A big thanks for sending a ??????Diwali Faral ???????to everyone.
Thanks for all the support from the back office, tour mangers and the entire team of Veena world.
I wish all of you the best and I wish that the Veena World does better and better In future.
It will be my pleasure to travel again with you...

Tejas Vaidya KLJW 26 Oct 2013

I had an excellent opportunity to enjoy Kerala with Veena World group. I express my sincere thanks to the management of Veena World for making nice arrangement for hotels, food,vehicles and tour managers. However I would like to share my views about small modifications in the itinerary. The stay at cochin be reduced to one day and instead the religious places like Guruvayur be included specially for Sr citizens. The visit to the national park at Munnar be dropped as there is nothing to see. We have also missed the visit to Periyar wildlife sanctuary by boat because of strike as stated by the tour manager and whole day has been washed out. It was really interesting to see Kathakali dance and Kairali shows.

R.K.Sonawane KLGR 03 Jan 2014

First of all I would like to thank you for wonderful holidays we spent with Veena World in Kerala. All the arrangement was excellent and we never felt bored in this entire trip.

When we reached Kerala our tour manager Viraj Desai told us that there is strike in Kerala on 18th and 19th November. We were worried that we are going to lose 2 main days of tour because Munnar and Periyar was scheduled during this time. But Viraj saved us from two boring days by organizing sightseeing in jeep. I would really like to thank him for managing such a wonderful trip.

We really enjoyed our holiday with Veena World and looking forward to spend more holidays with Veena World.

Akshay N Nalawade KLJW 16th Nov 2013