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Dinesh Bandiwadekar

Dinesh has 17 years of rich experience in the tourism industry and he deftly handles SEA, Sri Lanka Maldives, Vietnam- Cambodia-Philippines, USE, Australia -New Zealand, USA with Bahama and Europe sectors. He is adept at handling emergencies. He has good knowledge of visas. He is a matured person who can be relied on for full filling responsibilities. He is articulate, well groomed & has good product knowledge. We are proud to have him as a part of the teamVeena World.

Kamlesh Sawant

Kamlesh is an expert tour manager with a rich experience of 16 years. He conducts tours to USA, Europe, South East Asia and Dubai. His hardworking and sincere nature coupled with an outstanding knowledge of history makes him a very Successful tour manager. Also, he is physically fit and therefore agile, always enthusiastic and very active on tours.

Amol Salgar

Amol Salgar has been in the tourism industry from the past 7 years. He started off with event management but his passion to travel and the god gifted talent of entertaining others pulled him to the on tour profile. He has conducted tours all over the world- from Kashmir to Japan China to Europe to America. He loves interacting with people. His tours are filled with fun. To add to it he presents himself very well, is a good dancer and photographer. He finds Veena World a great place to work and fulfil his dreams.

Sandeep Joshi

Cheerful, concerned, enthusiastic and good sense of humor is what best describes Sandeep. His product knowledge is par excellence. A favourite with guests, he possesses excellent communication skills. He is an excellent tour manager whom the guests just cannot get enough of. He is also responsible for the training & counselling of the team, and providing inputs for Smooth Functioning of Tours

Atmaran Lad

Atmaram is a seasoned tour manager with 13 years of vast experience. He conducts tours to USA, Europe, South East Asia and Dubai. He is smart and resourceful and therefore is a tour manager to reckon upon. He is a good entertainer and ensures that his tour is lively at all times. He has a flair for modelling and a personality to go with it.

Vivek Kochrekar

Any number of words fall short to describe Vivek our most celebrated Tour Manager. Being a tour manager is much more than a career for him, it's something he is passionate about. He loves to take people around the world and adds a magic personal touch to all that he does. Guests who have travelled with him feel like they have been with someone they have known for years. With an experience of 15 years, his knowledge is unparalleled. His forte is Europe and he can take you through the locations as if he were a map. His knowledge of Europe and other sectors has developed through first hand travel experience and constant self-study. His communication and oratory skills are noteworthy. These coupled with his knowledge make him an excellent trainer and a concrete support to the various departments of Veena World.


Hello The Veena World team. Our American Holiday was a wonderful experience. Our Tour Manager Mr. Sandeep Joshi was very efficient good time management & prompt decisions. Very cordial & tactful handling of all guests in the tour. Very patient &Composed a perfect tour manager. Thnx for Good Hotels, Good travel coach, Good Indian food. Veena World we would love to be your guests for our future vacations. Shubha Kekare AMEP 02 June 2017

USA tour was well planned, nice smart management by tour leader Mr. Bhushan Gupte. Mr Bhushan is well mannered, knowledgeable, has skill of all type of people with cheerful nature. Thanks for such a wonderful experience. Special credit n thanks to Bhushan as a manager.

Chandrashekhar Chitale AMMG 29 May 2017

This is Tejas A. Ranade from Kurla East Mumbai. I am writing this letter in absolute Appreciation for Ms. Asawari Joshi from your Ghatkopar Branch. My parents, Dr. Anirudha C Ranade & Mrs. Sunanda Ranade, have been travellers with Veena World for a while now & have enjoyed multiple vacations with you. Recently, they were a part of the USA West Coast tour in May 2017, on joining leaving basis. Just wish to make a special mention that Ms. Asawari Joshi has been an excellent professional, in terms of assistance in booking, follow ups & also with regards to the number of queries I have had as a concerned Son, with regards to my parents travel arrangements. She is a valuable resource & indeed an asset for the Veena World Family & hope she keeps up the good work ! Anirudha Ranade AMWC 21 May 2017

Honestly, I don't like travelling but travelling with veena world was much fun. Especially many people had the problem of what to eat and you all managed that well by providing Indian meal. Probably! As a student there was so much to learn in USA.
Actually I had this thing called fear of water. I literally couldn't even step on boats in past few years but in this tour there were many site seeing which were related with water. So to see them you need to step on boat and i did that!! I can now proudly say that I could overcome this fear because of this tour. Obviously this is a great thing for me which I will remember for lifetime. Thanks to Veena world.

And of course at that beautiful place our journey got more beautiful under the guidance of chetan. He is simply amazing. I am fan of his patience as well as his excitement and information about each and every places, every day as we explored different places. Special thanks to him.
Thank you team for a wonderful tour! Sanjana Mundada AMJW 06 May 2017

Loved the entire tour, the range of sightseeing, climates, photography and Niagara was immensely rewarding. The tour was very well planned, and the opportunity to see quite a lot of the countries. Enjoyed seeing Niagara and Golden Gate Bridge, Kennedy Space Centre in city of Orlando, Beautiful Architecture of Chicago !! Just returned on 23rd May 2017 from the most memorable tour AMJW (American Jewels) with my husband and daughter. This is our 3rd tour with Veena World. The splendid experience that began at the time of entering your office at Thane, and ending to say Good Bye to the group with tearful eyes, back at Mumbai airport. "Thank You"... Just two little words will be less to express our sincere gratitude to** Mr. Chetan Surve**, Tour Manager for making our American Jewels(AMJW) tour a super and cherishable one. Even though Veena World arranged the entire tour, it was Mr. Chetan Surve who made the difference. He is excellent, hardworking tour leader and took care of our every need taking into account minute details of our requirements, explaining and guiding us through the entire tour comprising of various countries. He has a wide experience and knowledge in other areas, a constant source of information and very pleasing personality as well. Overall Veena World have lived with their promise of sweet memories and enchanting experience. The hotels, the travel modes, the team and the food provided during the whole tour is worth applause. Thank you very much for making this a special tour and would not hesitate to recommend Veena World to others. Let me express my gratitude towards your company for fulfilling our dream of America Trip without any hassle. Avani Joshi AMJW 06 May 2017

I take this opportunity to express my deep sense of gratitude for the grace, dignity and pains taking concern by our tour leader, Mr. Kamlesh Sawant, for all the tour members during our recent tour to America.
As a privileged member of the group I was truly baffled by his immense patience (inspite of n number of occasions to break it by some members.) And his loving tender care so graciously bestowed by him on all the tour members from the youngest to the oldest.

He helped us to extract the maximum mileage specially during our visits to EPCOT, MAGIC KINGDOM, UNIVERSAL STUDIO, NIAGARA FALLS. A leader in true sense of the term he displayed all rare qualities of genuine leadership coupled with compassion. As a person who had travelled with Veena World on three occasions viz namely Far East, Europe and America, my belief in Veena World has been reinforced by his sterling qualities and I’m sure I’m echoing the sentiments of almost all the members of the group when I state this. Veena tai, Kamlesh Sawant is another embellishment to your wonderful group of tour leaders and I wonder what is the secret of your training imparted to them to make them true embodiments of emulation.
Expressing my gratitude once again. Mahesh Kotian AMDM 3 May 2017

Dear Mrs. Veena,
My congratulations & heartfelt gratitude to you for showing us the very best of South America.

I am Roshan Chindhy just returned from the South America tour. I write just a few words of my sincere appreciation of the meticulous arrangements, and personal care by your tour leader Mr. Dinesh Bandiwadker. Though the tour was extremely hectic and exhausting, your planning enabled us to see the very best and in utmost detail all the magnificent sites of our wonderful world. No one could have done a better job in planning than your good-self. I greatly appreciate the choice of hotels, food arrangements, and all other minor and major details that just came naturally to us through the strenuous efforts of Mr. Dinesh. My gratitude and sincere thanks for making it a wonderful holiday never to be forgotten. With renewed thanks, Sincerely Roshan & Kat Roshen Chindhy AMSA 10 February 2017

First time Veena World had organised a dream destination tour to Antarctica, which is seventh remote continent of the world. This beautiful voyage was scheduled in first fortnight of December 2016.

# First of all thanks to Ms Veena Madam for organising this awesome tour for Indian tourist and giving us wonderful heavenly experience before leaving this world for heaven. A special surprise treat of Doha sightseeing organised at no extra cost has delighted us during the transit halt at Qatar. Special thanks once again. # Secondly I want to thank our tour manager Mr Vivek Kochrekar, who was taking our care like a family head. We both had a lovely feeling as if, Mr Vivek was holding our hands throughout the tour / voyage for caring us. We experienced this feeling right from starting of the tour at Mumbai till then we were back until collected our cargo luggage on the belt at Mumbai.
# Thirdly I want to thank Mr Deepak Jadhav who suggested this beautiful voyage and offered an affordable package of this wonderful tour of seventh continent to both of us. # Then I want to thank Ms Karishma Gomate & her team for completing all the formalities / documentation of Antarctica tour for both of us. # And lastly I want to thank all the airport staff members of Veena World, who are working round the clock day and night in all the seasons to ensure the success of each and every tour.

A world class tour organisation was done for this wonderful voyage, which will definitely set an example for other tour operators of our country and abroad. For cent percent success of the tour with many veterans in the group, Veena World had decided to educate all the members with actual facts of Antarctica and preparedness to be done by an individual to over come every hurdle of extreme conditions of nature for sure success of this tour. So workshops were organised for all the Antarctica touring members, one at Mumbai and second one at Pune to know everything of Antarctica tour. This was a fantastic idea and has given rewarding results as every individual was well prepared on all the fronts on very first starting day of this tour. All the formalities of VISAS, booking of tickets, hotels etc. for the tour were completed well in advance. The dream tour started with 22.0 hours of air journey from Mumbai to Buenos Aires which is the capital of Argentina. After completing one day sightseeing of Buenos Aires, we proceeded to Ushuaia, the last southern most city of earth closest to south pole & capital of Tierra del Fueggo archipelago. From Ushuaia the actual Antarctica expedition started with well equipped cruise for 10 days beautiful dream voyage. The weather conditions in Antarctica are always extreme i.e. very cold temperatures, dry air, cool and speedy wind and white glacier and ice every where around the cruise. Quarks Expeditions is the best company among the many of the tour operators operating the expeditions in Antarctic Peninsula & Arctic regions with one of the most advanced ice breaking cruise containers ensuring utmost safety of container cruise and voyaging members. @ The first day of voyage started from Ushuaia through Beagal Channel towards Drake Passage. With warm welcome to all on board, we were introduced to the expedition staff followed with mandatory safety lifeboat drill and issue of parka and boots.
The cruise doctor has advised about health related problems during voyage & issued the tables to everyone to overcome all the seasickness problems at large. @ Second day was voyage through Drake Passage and presentations on sea birds, mandatory briefing to kayakers, skiers and climbers on board. Today we could see some whales along the cruise in sea during dinner time.

@ Third day approached to South Shetland Islands and presentations on Penguins and crystal desert with briefing to kayakers and climbers on board. Today also we could see whales and Penguins in the sea water.
@ Fourth day was landing and zodiac cruising on Neko Harbour Island enjoyed calving glasier. Today we visited penguin colony. We were most luckiest to see the huge ice burge sliding in front of us with a big thundering like sounds during ice walking on the shore. This was amazing and made us stand still and astonished. This rare achievement will be locked in best memories of life time for ever till the last day of my life.

@ Fifth day was zodiac cruise to Pleneau Bay & Port Charcot. Also enjoyed the polar plunge in zero degree sea water. A all together different heart beating experience.
@ Sixth day was zodiac cruise to Portal Point & Graham Passage. We have seen whale very closely with zodiac cruise. An amazing experience.
@ Seventh day was expedition through Moon Island and watching Whales. We were lucky enough to see a group of whales in action at night time.
@ Eighth and nineth day was return journey through Drake Passage to Ushuaia.
We enjoyed a wonderful get-together organised by Veena World on the cruise. The tourists of other countries on the cruise were astonished and looking at our zeal and tempo during the dance performances on hindi and marathi songs.
And to our surprise many foreigners have joined us and performed on their own and enjoyed to their fullest satisfaction. Thanks to Mr. Vivek for this beautiful idea and wonderful memories.

@ Tenth day was sightseeing of Ushuaia city and visited national park.
From eleventh day we started our back air journey to Mumbai. And reached safely with all the belongings.
Due to experienced, knowledgeable & well trained crue members of container cruise the best itinerary and locations were set for ice and glacier lovers to watch Penguins, Whales & Seals along with other options of zodiac rides, kayaking, walking on ice, mounting, polar plunge jumping in ice cold water and over night camping on ice shore etc.
Veena World had hired the services of Quarks Expeditions to give the best to their customers to make Antarctica tour a life remembering event.
Some of the special Indian dishes were also organised in cafeteria of cruise by Veena World with a special request and advance negotiations / agreement with Quarks management. This has really delighted Veena World group along with tourists of other countries on cruise.

Veena World has many well trained, experienced, knowledgeable yet down to earth tour managers. Veena World is the mine of such real GEMS. And without any doubt this is the major asset of Veena World, which is building and shaping it's future goal of to be the best tourism company worldwide.

One of the hero of all the GEMS was our Antarctica tour manager Mr. Vivek Kochrekar ( sirf naam hi kaafi hai ). He is very experienced, knowledgeable, disciplined, yet very cool & down to earth person. The best culture of Veena World is inculcated by this person in his every activity involved in tour, which gives mind blowing results of immense happiness and satisfaction to every tour member. I will never forget his personal morning calls and timely knocks at the door of my cell in the cruise before every activity we performed in the cruise and also on the shore. As I experienced on the cruise, Mr. Kochrekar was the key person behind every success of this Antarctica tour on all the fronts. Majority of the world tourist have a dream of reaching Antarctica once in life time. Which is proved in this tour by a Veena World staff member. To my surprise one of the tour managers of Veena World, namely Mr. Manveer Talekar had joined this expidition as a normal tour member with a special permission from Ms. Veena Patil. Hat's off to the touring enthusiasm of Mr. Manveer Talekar.

Mr. Manveer is a very calm and action oriented dedicated person. And the best culture of Veena World inculcated in his blood has put him in to action & made him to assist Mr. Kochrekar throughout the tour. He was also a part and parcel of success of this great Antarctica tour.
The best example of how to encash an opportunity was set in this tour by Veena World.
The return air journey was of 22 hours by Qatar Airways from Buenos Aires to Mumbai with a transit halt at Doha of Qatar. Since a connecting plane was not available on the same day a transit stay of 20 hours was given to us with two options.
1. Stay within the airport area in airport authority rooms.

2. Secondly stay outside of airport area in hotel in city with a single day VISA through airport authority. With preplan and special request, Mr. Kochrekar had organised the transit stay of complete group in the city hotel. We reached Doha at 20.00 hours. Our cargo luggage was retained by airport authority. A VISA was issued and everybody was dropped at the hotel late at night. We could enjoy the colourful lighting of the streets and on buildings of Doha city on the way to hotel by bus at night. It was just awesome and heavenly. Next day we got up in the morning, had breakfast and enjoyed the sightseeing of beautiful Doha city with local taxi. The city is just beautiful. We had lunch at transit hotel and returned to airport by bus in the evening.

In a nutshell we enjoyed the beauty of night lighting beauty of Doha city and day time sightseeing of Doha by making fruitful use of transit period at cost of Qatar Airways. This was the best treat for us by Mr. Kochrekar. Only because of him we could enjoy and update sightseeing of one new country of Qatar in our world touring records. The Antarctica tour was successful on all the fronts and the cherry on the cake was beautiful sightseeing of Ushuaia, Buenos Aires and Doha city of Qatar. Organising tour in seventh continent is the best example of accepting extreme challenges by Veena World. And mind blowing success of this tour has proved, how Veena World group is experienced and hard working with proper planning. The whole team is action oriented with positive foresight to give the best to their customers with minimum / affordable cost. These qualities of out of the box thinking is finally resulting in to the outstanding success every time. And this proves that the Veena World is the best tourism company on all the fronts within India and abroad world wide. Digambar Amruskar AMAT 02 December 2016

We choose a first foreign tour from Veena Wold, a great memories for life time. Our U.S.A. tour is so nice and comfortable. Especially punctual in time schedule is very appreciate. Our tour manager Mr. Dinesh is very co-operative and lively person. His guidance was made us more comfortable. We all members of tour including tour manager were enjoying so much and lived together as a whole family. In U.S.A. we have had so delicious Indian food in Indian Restaurant. We have also enjoyed Veena worlds snacks. In U.S.A Hotels in which we stayed through our journey are so neat & clean and comfortable.

Thanks to tour manager Mr. Dinesh & Thanks to Veena world Dixa Trivedi AMMG 31 October 2016

I travelled with your Women's Special USA - 24th July 2016 trip. This was my first trip with Veena World and had high expectations from it. Initially, when my Canada Visa was rejected, i thought not enough was done. But when the actual trip happened, i returned to India with lot of satisfaction about the trip and the whole organisation and planning of it.

Each day we were briefed well in advance and with clarity about the plan for the day. And all of it was accomplished by the end of the day. Trip had lots to do as per the itenary but it was all done keeping in mind the requirements of the passengers. Here i would like to specially mention the name of our tour operators - Atmaram Lad & Ashwini Jogdund, for there excellent implementation of the trip.

A small suggestion, as you arrange special trip for Women & senior citizens, you can also arrange a trip for Grand Children / Grand Parents.
To sum it up, it was excellently planned and implemented trip.
Thank you for this wonderful trip. Shilpa Padhye AMWA 24 July 2016

We had a great time during the tour and it was an experience like no other. Especially the hotel and food facility catered to us was splendid and completely worth it.We look forward to yet another trip with Veena world to some new destination around the world soon. Also, we highly recommend Veena world to all our colleagues and friends who are planning for a international vacation. Ajit Vadake AMZA 22 July 2016

I and my family were a part of a splendid experience for American Magic Tour AMMG270616M/A.

I would like to congratulate Whole Veena World team for conceptualizing such an USA tour for 12 days duration which covered very unique destinations within US and also making it a reality for everyone on board. Special Thanks to our Tour Manager Mr Amol Madhukar Salgar for being patient and at the same time being stringent about the golden numbers 6, 7, 8 :) He is a very knowledgeable guy and was a key to a successful tour. His knowledge about the tour, destinations, his experiences are commendable.

I, on behalf of entire Purohit family would like to wish Amol all the very best, and congratulations to entire Veena World team!!! Mukul Purohit AMMG 27 June 2016

First of all many thanks for making our dream true and successful.
This was our first tour with Veena World. Both myself and my wife enjoyed this experience to maximum.
The tour was well managed & conducted by our tour manager Bhushan Gupte who is well experienced, good communicator, care taker and excellent conductor. Also thanks to Vinayak Nayak - Sales Office Dombivli for his full support.
Within short period the group became a Veena World family. Pleasure to mention that we have covered complete itinerary as per plan. It was unforgettable & amazing experience to view Niagara Falls from USA & Canada side. Visit to Skylon tower deck was cherry on the cake. Also enjoyed at Orlando -Resort Celebration, Disney, Epcot and NASA.
Each city has its unique speciality. No doubt, we cannot explain all these in words but only can be experienced by visiting these sites in person. Vijay Mehendale & Vrushali Mehendale AMJW 21 June 2016

I along with 3 of my college friends was one of the group members who traveled to the US East Coast from 30th May to 5 th June. The whole program was very well organised and was excellently handled by our group leader Samir Narkar.

There was not a single incident which created any sort of tension during the entire trip. Credit for this surely goes to Samir who has a very good temperament and a knack of conveying messages to group members especially late comers, who don't feel offended.

Towards the end we had become like one family and looked for being together for more no.of days. We look forward to being part of many more tours with Veena World and would like to congratulate you and your team for making commendable progress in such a short span. This was my first tour with Veena World.

Ruchika Tendolkar AMEC 30 May 2016

This is Abhay & Vaishali Wibhandik . We reside in San Jose, CA, U.S. We joined the AMEC tour at New York on 25th July near central park. The tour manager was Mr. Kamlesh Sawant. We are very happy with the overall experience of the tour. The choice of hotels and travel arrangements was excellent. Dinner provided by Suma foods on day 1 was very good quality.

We very much enjoyed the way Mr. Kamlesh conducted the entire tour. His pleasant personality and skillful interaction with guests was very impressive. The introduction session that he undertook during the Washington to Niagara journey was very enjoyable and we got to know other families on board better. He added much fun to the overall experience by his humorous nature.
We made quite a few friends and have gathered lots of sweet memories. We definitely look forward to more such tours with Veena World in future.

Abhay & Vaishali Wibhandik. AMEC 25 July 2016

I along with 3 of my college friends was one of the group members who traveled to the US East Coast from 30th May to 5 th June. The whole program was very well organised and was excellently handled by our group leader Samir Narkar.

There was not a single incident which created any sort of tension during the entire trip. Credit for this surely goes to Samir who has a very good temperament and a knack of conveying messages to group members especially late comers, who don't feel offended.

Towards the end we had become like one family and looked for being together for more no.of days. We look forward to being part of many more tours with Veena World and would like to congratulate you and your team for making commendable progress in such a short span. This was my first tour with Veena World.

Thanks for great planning and execution,

Shrikant Patankar AMMG 27 June 2016

We, Anuradha Shanbhag & Laxmi Rao reached Dellas today and settled down there now, so the delay to send our feedback regarding the experience of our tour of USA East Coast AMEC Trip-30/05/2016

We enjoyed the tour very much. The tour was awesome. Well arrangement and good management of Veena World made our trip memorable one.
Mr. Sameer Narkar was friendly (even though most of us are senior citizens) and helpful throughout our trip from Mumbai airport to Chicago. We were so relaxed during whole trip because of Sameer.

We never forget Mr Amit Soman, Team leader of our Europe trip and Mr Sameer Narkar, Team leader of our USA East coast trip.
Our special thanks to Ms. Lata Salgaonkar, Team Manager, Thane branch and Mr. Vinayak Naik, Team Manager, Dombivli Branch, for their cooperation & best service. Thanks to Veena World Team, for giving a memorable tour.

Anuradha Shanbhag & Laxmi Rao AMEC 30 May 2016

Right from the beginning I had a very good experience. The entire staff at Thane Office was very co-operative & helpful.
Swetha was clear in explaining the itinerary. She answered all our queries & was always there whenever needed. We had called her many times, for the smallest doubt, but she was always eager to answer & took care of the problem that we had.
Jagdish was very efficient in his work & did all that was required. He had called me twice or thrice when my Canada visa, required additional documents.

I was very fortunate to get an efficient & cooperative staff at Thane office. I am generally out of station many times & whenever I had called In case of doubt, Jagdish or Swetha, had always cooperated wholeheartedly.They never kept my call waiting, or they would always revert back if busy.
During the tour we had a very good Tour Manager Mr. Ashok Pednekar. He was caring & handled things very well. He guided us properly & conducted the tour efficiently. All of us very very happy,to have such an efficient tour leader.

We returned back on Monday. I had traveled with my wife, two kids & my parents. We have enjoyed the entire tour & have carried pleasant memories with us.
I congratulate Veena World, to have such an efficient, caring & friendly staff especially Swetha, Jadgish & Ashok
Looking forward for further tours with Veena World

Dr. Pradeep Pawar AMJW 07 May 2016

It was pre-decided to travel with your company and hence the early booking was made for this America Tour for us (me, my wife and my sister) I must say, we were not wrong in making our judgment. The cooperation of your front office , the Sales team ( specially to mention about Ms Neeraja Kulkarni) were very encouraging and all help came timely. The entire itinerary is planned very well, along with the detailed execution by your tour Manager. This time, Mr Amol Salgar, who accompanied us, must be mentioned for his high pitch energy with matching the pace of the group and developing most cordial relationship with one and all, was just superb. Special thanks to him. We hope and look forward to travel more destinations with you, keep our cordial relationship and enjoy traveling the World. Thanks for great planning and execution,

Shrikant Patankar AMMG 27 June 2016

I am Vijaykumar Divekar traveled 15days Europe Tour with Tour Manager Deepap Jadhav James of the persons.He has Managed /arranged the tour excellently .He is asset to the company.
Las but not the least Smt Veena has composed the programme very efficiently.

Every aspect of the tour is designed properly and care of the guest sinior citizens to Kids is taken properly.Our Salute to her and her colleagues.
We wish her every success in future projects.

Mukul Purohit AMMG 27 June 2016

We had our very first tour - USA East Coast , with Veenaworld. It was a very good and very enjoyable experience for me and my wife. Everything was well planned and well arranged.

Communication and various information sharing was good from the day of booking the tour. All site seeing was as per plan and great pleasure, hotels and food arrangements were good. Our tour manager Kamlesh Sawant guided and managed the tour very well. Very memorable experience.

Vivek Mainker AMEC 24 July 2016

We recently carried out the above mentioned USA tour which was started from 11th July to 23rd july and got a wonderful experience. We have fully satisfed with the services rendered by you. Your tour manager Mr. Chetan Surve has guided us very nicely. He is a very good person and amazing guide.Due to him we could explore America very nicely.

Abhay Kale AMMG 11 July 2016

We recently carried out the above mentioned USA tour which was started from 11th July to 23rd july and got a wonderful experience. We have fully satisfed with the services rendered by you. Your tour manager Mr. Chetan Surve has guided us very nicely. He is a very good person and amazing guide.Due to him we could explore America very nicely.

Abhay Kale AMMG 11 July 2016

First time I along with my wife booked above tour at Sayali Enterprise Thane. Since beginning of booking I received Very good and co-ordeal response.
This tour managed/implemented by Tour Manager Shri Chetan Survey was in a very systematic way. With detailed information of each site before visit, nice accommodation, good food, this tour was comfortable and memorable. The selections of placed/sites is done thoughtfully. The total journey was worth enjoyable. Looking forward for further tours

Ashok Yadav AMMG 11 July 2016

I am writing this letter to appreciate the dedication of Mr. Chetan Surve to make this trip an amazing experience for us. Mr. Chetan's efforts in organizing this trip has impressed us all.

He took special care to make every individual feel at home. He managed the timings quite well without ever having to use a higher tone. Not only was he extremely professional, punctual and particular with his work, he was a great company to have to us all. He was well informed and knew about the places that we visited in detail. He was particular and gave detailed instructions and announced the schedules everyday.
He maintied his professional appearance through out. And always had a bright and smiling aura about him. We would love to travel with him again for sure.

Mohan Karve AMJW 17 Sept 2016

It is indeed a bit late to write this to you about the American Jewels tour we took with Veena World from 15 July till 31 July. It was a wonderful experience, kind of dream come true. The management was excellent. The tour manager Amol Salgar was exceptionally good. His concern for each and every one in our group was very commendable. We all found in him a wonderful friend, a really knowledgeable , ever obliging , ever active, tremendously enthusiastic, young man who went more often than not, out of his way to solve our difficulties.

There were two occasions he showed his metal as a leader . One, at Chicago Airport where he achieved something impossible. How he managed to get all of us on the flight to Orlando was unimaginable, Second incidence was at Disney Land where he tracked all but lost Mr Raikar. Both these may appear unbelievable.
To say the least, we all fell in love with him!! Please forward this to Mrs. Veena Patil

Mukund Kulkarni AMJW 16 July 2016

Since I was traveling alone I was bit nervous initially. But I was looked after by you wholeheartedly and I had a great time during the tour. The people in the group were very good. I thought that I was traveling with my own family. The information provided by you from time to time during the tour was impressive and very useful, due to which the sight seeing was great experience. You looked after all of us Gently. I will be happy to travel with Veena World in the group having you as a tour guide/manager in future. Wish you all the best.

Rajashree Ajinkya AMER 17 Sept 2016

My self Mr. Sunil Kulkarni and My wife Mrs. Neeta Kulkarni had a V W Eastern America tour started on 17th Sep. 2016 with Veena world... We had great experience with our tour Manger Mr. Amol Salgar..
He is taking good care of every one , looking for our needs , he share lots of information with us . He had good knowledge of tour... we enjoyed the tour very well....
We would like to go for another tour with Veena World .... And specifically with Mr. Amol Salger

Sunil Kulkarni AMEP 17 Sept 2016


It is certainly very difficult to describe the tour experience in one word. Tour was Wonderful, Memorable, Beyond Expectations and what not. After the tour when we reflected on our experience, we felt utmost satisfaction. " Paisa Vasool! "

Both the important aspects of the tour namely planning and execution were near perfection. Be it selection of hotels or selection of eating joints or planning of the daily schedule. Generally the food was good while at some places it was very good. Kudos to Veenaworld planning and execution teams. Special kudos to our tour manager Mr. Dinesh Bandivadekar. His time management and people management was Excellent! Tips, suggestions and information given by him throughout the tour was the key to success.
Our special thanks to Veenaworld and Mr. Dinesh Bandivadekar.

Dattatray Sathe & Vidya Sathe AMJW ??? 18 June 2016

Starting from Anand Travels Bibwewadi pune Veena world booking,with Meena&Surekhamadam cooperation & experience was excellent.Canada visa predeviation booking, tickets $ collection ( I.e exchange)sending group tickets on mail to U.S. Service was very satisfactorily. Within trip New York to Chicago hotels were excellent.Tour leader Sameer Narkar is very enthusiastic & humble Overall trip was very nice

Vijay Dange AMEC 30 May 2016

We had a wonderful trip of east coast of america. Arrangements were excellent. We really appreciate the efforts and knowledge of our tour coordinator Shri Atmaram Lad. He had made our stay and tour really comfortable and enjoyable.
Thanks and regards

Mr. Vilas Oak AMEC 02 May 2016

Very first tour with Veena World. Fantastic experience and well managed by Rajesh who is not only manager but best guide, dancer, good communicator, better convincer with all & all.

Chandrakant Kulkarni AMEC 24 August 2015

Our group leader Mr.Rajesh Gracias was very genius .He was very helpful friendly. Mr.Rajesh has covered all spots as per itinerary. We all are very much thankful to Veena World especially Mr.Rajesh. Wish him best luck and very good days to Veena World. Thanks

Minakshi Malwade AMMG 24 August 2015

I went on U.S. tour with Veena World. The tour was amazing we did lot of fun & enjoyed it very much .Our T.M. Mr. Rajesh Gracias is the very good. He took great care of everyone. He is very good human being & very down to earth person. Tour was planned very well. I like it very much. Thanking you.

Seema Saraf AMMG 24 August 2015

Myself and my wife were part of recent tour of USA west coast. We had great experience on tour. It was very well organised and enjoyable tour. Our tour manager Rajesh was very knowledgeable and experienced and he made us very comfortable. Selection of hotels and restaurants was very good. Thanks for providing such a wonderful experience.

Susmita and Padmakar Velankar AMWC 30 August 2015

I was a part of Veena World's Women's Special America tour dt. 31st July. The tour was worth every penny paid. Our tour manager, Dinesh Bandivadekar, was a gem. He handled everything beautifully. It was his 50th tour as a tour manager and I would like to congratulate him for this achievement. Niagara Falls was breathtaking and so was Grand Canyon. It was only because of you that we could see these wonders at this age. All in all, it was an unforgettable tour.

Shubhada Shende AMWA 21 July 2015

We wanted to let you know that our tour of American Jewels . It was a lifetime experience for us. We will always cherish all the memories. Right from the planning to booking to traveling our Dombivli branch was very helpful and courteous. Specially Vinayak, Sneha , Aditya and their team. Our tour manager Amol took very good care of us and got all of us like one big family.
Everything was explained very well during sightseeing.

Lalita Chhedda AMJW 15 August 2015

It was my very first tour with Veena World and it was a fantastic experience at America. Well managed by Rajesh who is not only manager but best guide ,dancer, good communicator better convincer with all & all. Thank you.

Rohini Kulkarni AMEC 24 August 2015

We would like to express our sincere thanks to Veena World and specially to tour managers Rajesh Gracias and Vivek Kochrekar for making my 83 year old mother's trip to USA not only comfortable but memorable in every sense. She travelled alone on the trip which was a Seniors Special tour. Both these gentlemen took great pains to ensure that all necessary arrangements were executed flawlessly. My mother has traveled to China and Europe last year through different travel companies but there is no comparison with the outstanding support and care provided by Veena World team at every stage of the trip. Veena World is strongly recommended, I can say, especially for senior citizens. Our special thanks and best wishes to Veena Team.

Sudhir Otiv AMZA 04 August 2015

This was my first tour with Veena World, though I have travelled a lot with almost all known travel agents in India. Let me Congratulate you and your team for excellent tour . Both myself and my wife have enjoyed this experience to the maximum. Our experience with you was out of world. At every stage we got help/advice from your team. I also appreciate that you conducted the tour with my insistence probably with less no of guests. During the tour we had no problem at all as the programme was drafted nicely .In addition weather god was also kind when intentions are nice god also helps. Even captain of the ship mentioned that this weather he had experienced after long. What to say about Kamlesh ji our tour Manager...Thoroughly dedicated humble and who knows his job with precision. Last but not the least we enjoyed thoroughly till last minute. Thanks and convey the same to staff as well. Now you have given the taste I am not going to leave you. One suggestion. You may arrange tickets from Bangalore and we could join the group mid-way. Wish Veena World all the best

Wg Cdr (Retd) Ashok Kumar Saraf AMCA 27 July 2015

Fantastically arranged tour to USA! Superb & able Leadership by Mr .Nimesh Lad.We Enjoyed A Lot.
Thanks to You All

Mr. & Mrs Shete AMJW 18 July 2015

We would like to congratulate you on your success for Veena World. This was our second international tour with you. We have had a wonderful experience on this tour. Our tour manager Atmaram Lad has managed the tour excellently and we highly appreciate his efforts. The tour was well planned and managed throughout the tenure of the tour. Hotels and food was upto our expectations. Sightseeing also was well managed with maximum area coverage of the tour. In spite of 3 airline problems faced at Orlando, Denver and Abu Dhabi the tour manager handled the situation impressively.We wish to travel with Veena World in the future also for Australia New Zealand. We also thank you for such a nice well planned experience for both tours- SA Kenya Zimbabwe and American Jewels.

Sneha and Subhash Kenkre AMJW 18 July 2015

We just completed the AMERICA east coast tour with your company .I am happy to say that it was an excellent tour i ever had .Good management good food, very good hotel stay ,good ac coach for internal travel. Being senior citizens we both I myself & my wife enjoyed the tour very much. Special thanks to our tour manager Mr Dinesh Bandiwadekar.

Gurunath Mhapsekar AMEC 13 July 2015