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Chile Tour Packages

A cradle of human civilization and one of the most geographically diverse countries in the world, Chile is a myriad of contrasts.

Few countries can boast of topography as diverse as that of Chile. From the hot and sweltering Atacama Desert to the vast expanse of the Pacific Ocean, from volcanoes to glaciers, from the Andes Mountains to the never-ending wilderness, Chile tours have them all. This country is sometimes called the longest country in the world and its breadth never crosses 180 km. Chile is an up and coming tourist destination as tourists are gradually discovering Chile sightseeing. It gives tough competition to its famous neighbours - Argentina and Peru as far as Chile tour packages go.

A Chile tour package from India would mean exploring and experiencing a country that has remained largely untouched by incessant tourist activities. And if you are one who loves to expect the unexpected, Veena World is just the partner you want. Check out the many Chile travel packages, Chile tour packages and Chile vacation packages available online at best prices. Book the one that best fits your cost/price criteria and your Chile sightseeing ideas conveniently online. Get your bags ready as a trip of a lifetime awaits you.

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Chile Frequently Asked Questions

We help you prepare for your trip and ensure an effortless and enjoyable travel experience.

Stretching over 4,300 km from north to south, Chile, the longest country in the world, is also known for its natural and cultural diversity. Not surprisingly, the country has a plethora of options when it comes to tourist destinations. From the world-famous Atacama Desert to Easter Island, Santiago to the Chilean Lake District, and Cape Horn to Chiloé Island; there is a lot to cover. To help you make the most of your trip[AJ1]  without leaving any important places, Veena World offers well-designed Chile travel packages from India. Explore all the options and choose the one that suits you the most!

The best way to plan a hassle-free vacation to this beautiful country is to book an all-inclusive Chile tour package with Veena World. All our holiday packages come with inclusions such as to-and-fro air travel, accommodation, etc. If you want some additional help with things like visa arrangements, you can reach out to our team. One of our visa executives will assist you in preparing visa documents and guide you throughout the process.

Due to its large geographic area, Chile experiences completely different weather in different regions. So, the best time to visit Chile completely depends on the specific region of the country you’ll be travelling to. For example, if you are planning to visit a place in South Chile, it is best to plan a tour between October to March. These months are the warmest and most suitable for sightseeing and other outdoor activities. However, there are a number of places that you can visit at any time of the year, such as Santiago, the Central Valley, the Atacama Desert, etc. So whether you are planning a family vacation, an all-friends tour, or want to book a honeymoon package to Chile, these are the places that you can cover at any time of the year.

Yes. With a lower rate of crimes recorded against tourists or in general, Chile is one of the safest countries in South America. However, it is always best to take some basic travel-related precautions to ensure safety. While heading out for sightseeing or other outdoor activities, you should avoid carrying any valuables or large amounts of cash with you. Other than this, it is also not recommended to go to secluded places alone or at odd hours. When you choose one of the Chile sightseeing tours offered by Veena World, you also get the assurance of 24x7 support. You can reach out to our team at any time in case of an emergency.

Being a country with a rich cultural heritage and glorious history, Chile is home to a large number of cultural and historical attractions. These iconic landmarks will give you a chance to take a closer look at what this country is all about. Some of the must-visit places include the Cementerio General de Santiago, Easter Island, Pukará de Quitor, Fuerte Bulnes, and the Museum of Memory and Human Rights. To make sure that you don’t miss any major tourist attractions, book an all-inclusive Chile tour package from India with Veena World. With well-crafted travel itineraries, we ensure that you get to explore the country in the best way possible.

Travelling to Chile is certainly an exciting idea. This region is a favourite destination for many travellers of all ages due to its diverse tourist attractions. If you're planning to go to Chile, the following are the few things that you must pack.

•    Comfortable clothing and footwear

•    Medicines 

•    Important documents 

•    Extra cash/ cards

•    Sun Protection

•    Backpack or daypack

Just focus on versatile, packable layers and essentials to fully experience Chile's vibrant culture with our Chile tour packages. 

Yes, Chile is absolutely worth visiting! With its incredible natural wonders, world-class wine regions, rich culture, and vibrant cities, a Chile travel package allows you to experience the best of this captivating country. From stargazing in the Atacama Desert to hiking Torres del Paine National Park to discovering Santiago's food scene, Chile offers amazing diversity. With so many stunning, varied landscapes and cultures packed into one destination, Chile certainly merits a spot on your travel list. 

It completely depends on the Chile tour package that you opt for. At Veena World, we offer several Chile packages from India that have a good number of days in the itinerary. Still, 4-5 days are enough to travel and cover diverse sightseeing spots.  Undoubtedly, Chile has a lot to offer for every type of traveller. Whether looking for a quick getaway or an extensive tour around different regions, Veena World has got you covered.  

Yes, we absolutely provide customized holiday packages to Chile. Our travel experts can help craft the perfect Chile itinerary based on your personal interests, timeframe, and budget. Whether you want to focus on outdoor adventures, wine tastings, culture, and history, or a mix, we will tailor the accommodations, activities, transportation, and pacing to match your preferences. Speak to our travel experts today to start customising your dream holiday in this diverse and magnificent country.

Yes, a group tour to Chile is one of the best options. If you enjoy the company of travellers from different regions, consider taking a Chile group tour. Veena World’s professional tour managers ensure that the tours are well-defined and convenient for the travellers, so they can cover all the places while enjoying the group's company. Additionally, when you book a Chile group tour with Veena World, our team will guarantee top-notch hospitality throughout your journey. Veena World tours include all the meals, hotels, flight tickets, and the list goes on.

Get to know more about Chile before booking your tour packages

Officially called the Republic of Chile, Chile is nestled between the Andes Mountain on the east and the Pacific Ocean on the west. It borders Peru to the north, Bolivia to the northeast, Argentina to the east, and the Drake Passage in the far south. Santiago is both the largest city and the capital of Chile.

It is believed that the name Chile is derived from the Incan name for the Aconcagua valley - Chili. The region that is now Chile’s Monte Verde Valley was frequented by pre-historic human ancestors. Many centuries later, the renowned navigator Ferdinand Magellan became the first non-native settler of this country. The country was later colonized by the Spanish. After a long and tenuous struggle with their Spanish masters, Chile gained independence from colonial rule on September 18, 1810.

Due to the presence of a heterogeneous topography, the flora and fauna of this country represent this diversity. This is also the reason for a variety of climates in Chile. The northern part experiences a desert climate whereas the central region has a Mediterranean climate. Owing to the tundra region and the glaciers in the east and south, these regions experience an oceanic climate.

A majority of the population in Chile is of indigenous ancestry as settlers from other parts of the world didn’t consider it a great destination due to its remote location. But of late, Chile has become quite popular for settlers, especially from neighboring countries.

Experience Chile

A major part of the charms and attractions of this country comes from its geography. Chile has of late, become a magnet for tourists with tour companies coming up with many Chile holiday packages and Chile sightseeing tours. If you wish to experience the true essence of Chile, Veena World has some great Chile travel packages from India as well as Chile honeymoon packages that can be conveniently booked online.

The miles and miles of undulating sand dunes of the Atacama Desert and in stark contrast the fjords and glaciers of the far south, from the wildlife and national parks to the mysterious Easter Island statues, from the cosmopolitan culture in Santiago to the barren slopes of the Andes, Veena World’s Chile tour packages are a perfect way to experience this unique country. Chile travel packages and Chile honeymoon packages showcase the spectacular wooden churches, colourful palafitos (stilt houses) of Chiloé Island and also why Chile is known as the land of poets.

Things to Do in Chile

The beauty of this country is that its many Chile sightseeing attractions cannot be wrapped up in linear Chile sightseeing tours. However, Veena World’s made-to-order online Chile vacation packages and Chile holiday packages will make your vacation worth remembering for a lifetime.

Here are a few destinations worthy of a visit that you may consider for a memorable trip to Chile:

• Santiago:

The capital city of Santiago has all the makings of a lively and cosmopolitan metro city. This city is usually the first stop for tourists coming to Chile. But Santiago is not be mistaken for a concrete jungle as it has a lively cultural scene and a happening nightlife, all against the backdrop of the majestic mountains. Delve into the culture, heritage, and history of the place with Santiago’s fine museums, admire both local and international masters at the many art galleries or dine at an upscale restaurant with fantastic local wines keeping your spirits high.

• Easter Island & Rapa Nui National Park:

It is perhaps the most sought after destination in an online Chile tour package from India as people love a good mystery and intrigue. Easter Island is an isolated island located in the southeastern Pacific Ocean. Although the island has beautiful sandy beaches and volcanic craters, people are drawn to the Moai structures. The Moai structures are a series of 887 monumental statues that were built many centuries ago by the early Rapa Nui people. The region was earlier occupied by Polynesians. The island has earned the status of a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the statues are protected by the Rapa Nui National Park. The Ahu Tongariki collection is the most impressive collection of 15 of these statues. Rapa Nui is also the location of one of Chile’s best beaches, and is a great spot for honeymooners and can be included in a Chile honeymoon package.

• Lauca National Park:

The Lauca National Park is located in the Andean mountain range. One of the world’s highest lakes - Lago Chungara - is a spectacular sight. Towering over the lake are the twin dormant volcanoes of Volcan Parinacota and Volcan Pomerape.

• Pucon:

Pucon may be a small town but the activities and scenic beauty it offers make it a great tourist destination in Chile tours. There are many activities such as water skiing, snow skiing, white water rafting, kayaking, and horseback riding for the action seekers. But if you would rather enjoy a relaxing time, a dip in the many natural springs will leave you rejuvenated and refreshed.

• Torres del Paine:

Chile has so many contrasts to celebrate and the Torres del Paine National Park is just that. Located in the extreme southern region of Patagonia, it offers incredible sights of glaciers, lakes, and snow-clad mountains. While here, do not miss the three Towers of Paine, which are striking granite peaks shaped by the forces of glacial ice.

• Valle de la Luna:

People who haven’t seen the Atacama Desert will have a hard time believing that a desert could be so beautiful. Dry and unforgiving winds lashing the desert for centuries have given birth to Valle de la Luna. This valley, with its sand dunes and natural stone formations, looks like the lunar surface and hence the name Valle de la Luna. This place is a great addition to Chile holiday packages.

• Chiloe Churches:

The beauty of Christianity is that it embraces the country or region and adapts itself to local beliefs and culture. And the Chiloe Churches are a great example of that. The Chiloe Churches are a group of uniquely built churches based on the Chilota architectural style and are located on the Chiloe archipelago. Many of these ruined wooden churches have been restored to their original glory and now are a major part of many Chile tours which are offered at cost-effective prices by many travel companies.

Best Time to Visit Chile

Chile is such a diverse country and due to its many climate zones, the best time to visit would depend on the region you are planning to visit. October to March are the warmest and most accessible months for visitors planning on visiting the Patagonia region in the south. However, if you are planning to visit the Central Valleys and the Atacama Desert, September to November and March to May are the best times to visit.

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