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Founder & CEO Veena Patil

Veena Patil

Founder & CEO

We all know her as the founder and managing director of Veena World, a pioneer of speciality travel concepts and a renowned name in the travel industry with her enriching travel experience of 35 years. But a heartfelt conversation with Veena Patil, is enough to make anyone realize that she is much more than just that! A dreamer who believed in taking risks, pushing the envelope and achieving her ‘Lakshya’ through sheer courage, hard work and innovation. Richard Branson’s famous quote, ‘A business has to be involving, it has to be fun, and it has to exercise your creative instincts’ perfectly matches her ideology and resonates the exact thoughts she has about her organization and way of working. No wonder she considers Richard Branson to be one of her inspirations in life! She firmly believes that one’s work must always speak for oneself rather than awards and recognition.

Her love for interior decoration & designing reflects her own style, creativity and persona; simple and elegant, yet speaking volumes about her journey. Even today, her family turns to her for advice about interior decorating, designing and she’s more than happy to contribute with her ideas. Every morning, for at least 1 hour, she makes it a point to listen to inspiring and thoughtful speeches by successful people from different fields. Through these speeches, she aims to imbibe constructive ideas, useful techniques and practical qualities that would prove to be useful in her day-to-day life and help her in the long run. She believes life is meant for learning and self-development is a continuous process! Her way of thinking is simple; when technology is so easily available and accessible these days, why not put it to good use? Her morning routine also consists of 40 minutes daily exercise, which she follows religiously for personal fitness and some much wanted ‘me-time’! She calls it her moment of solitude wherein she is able to think clearly, plan and organize her thoughts and actions in order to have a productive and fruitful day. Being organized and clean are extremely important virtues according to her and they are not only essential at home or office but also in way of thought and style of working. She practices what she preaches when she says, ‘A clean and organized mind leads to clean thoughts which translates into clean actions that go on to become clean habits and finally transcend into a clean and healthy lifestyle’.

Travel is …
The limitless ‘Ocean’! It represents a world of endless opportunities.
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Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj
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If Not Travel …
Interior Designing

Our Leadership Team

Founder & Chief Product Officer Sunila Patil
Sunila Patil
Founder & Chief Product Officer
Founder & Chairperson Sudhir Patil
Sudhir Patil
Founder & Chairperson
Founder, CTO and COO Neil Patil
Neil Patil
Founder, CTO and COO
Director Abhijit Gore
Abhijit Gore
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