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Seniors' Special Gujarat with Statue of UnityGTZU

10 Days - 0 Country | 0 City

Package Includes

  • Hotels
  • Flights*
  • Transport
  • All Meals
  • Sightseeing
*Except for joining and leaving option, airfare is included for all departure city options.

Departure Dates

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No departures

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Tour Information

  • To and Fro economy class air ticket (Ex-Mumbai) with current airport taxes
  • Baggage Allowance as per the airline policy
  • Travel by comfortable A/C or non A/C small cars or Tempo Travellers or Mini Buses or big buses depending on the respective tour group size
  • Accommodation in comfortable hotels on twin/triple/Single sharing basis
  • All Meals – Morning tea/coffee, breakfast, lunch, evening tea/coffee with cookies/snacks, dinner and Water Bottle (1 Litre) per person per day
  • Guide & driver tips, hotel & restaurants tips
  • Permits/ entrance fees of all sightseeing places which is to be visited from inside
  • Accompanied local guide/s services wherever require
  • Veena World Tour Manager Services from Day 01 Meeting point till the dropping point on last day



Air Travel:

  • Mumbai - Ahmedabad // Ahmedabad - Mumbai

Coach Tavel

  • A/C Vehicle Type - depends upon group size

Documents Required for Travel

  • ADULT: Voters ID / Passport / Aadhar Card / Driving Licence
  • CHILD : Passport / Aadhar Card / School ID
  • INFANT: Aadhar Card/ Birth certificate
  • ID card, ID card type and ID card number is mandatory at time of booking, kindly carry the same ID card on tour.
  • For NRI and Foreign National Guests alongwith Passport, Valid Indian Visa/ OCI Card/ PIO Card is mandatory.
  • Carry one passport size photo.
Cancellation received no. of days prior to departure
Cancellation fee applicable on Net Tour Price (per person)
D - 0 to 5
D - 6 to 15
D - 16 to 30
D - 31 to 45
D - 46 to 60
D - 61 to 90
D - 91 to 120
D - 121 to 900

Payment Terms

Guest can pay by Cheque/ Demand Draft/ Debit card / Credit card/ NEFT/ RTGS/ IMPS. For Debit / Credit card payment additional 1.8 % convenience charge will be applicable Cheque / Demand draft should be in favour of "Veena Patil Hospitality Pvt ltd"


  • All meals are provided by Veena World in case the flight reaches the stipulated destination early morning or leaves destination late in the evening.
  • The tour price varies for NRI’s or foreign nationals, for more details kindly contact your travel advisor
  • NRIs and Foreign nationals please ensure proper identity is conveyed to booking executive at the time of booking and all details along with passport copies are handed over to the booking executive.
  • Standard Check-in and check-out time of hotels in India is generally 1.30 PM and 10 AM respectively.

Our trips have touched hearts globally

what our happy travelers are saying

Seniors' Special Gujarat with Statue of Unity

Tour Code:_ GTZU190122/A : With Warm Regards, I am writing about my experience of My above Tour. It was well arranged, well manage with warmth of Your Tour Manager Prashant Ramraje & Vinay kolge. They were always with Smiling Face with utmost respect and cooperative and helping all your in every aspect. We bonded with them with love like my own Sons. We all particularly me will always miss them. With Veena World, This was 7th Tour and 2 more in February & March 22. Veena World is Professional with excellent Guests services. I wish Veena World as well as Tour Managers Very Best in Future. God Bless you. MR.Abdul M. Bagban
19 January 2022
Seniors' Special Gujarat with Statue of Unity

Tour code :- GTZU190122 : We enjoyed the 10 days Gujarat tour immensely. It was possible mainly due to the efforts, help and cooperation from the two tour managers... Prashant and Vinay. Not only they were highly efficient, professional and totally focussed on the job, but they maintained a sincerely cordial and friendly relationship with the guests individually. I and my wife thoroughly enjoyed the trip and thank Veena World for the same. We wish the organization lot of success in the future. Shankar & Arundhati Mukherjee. Kolkata.
19 January 2022
Seniors' Special Gujarat with Statue of Unity

Tour code GTZU190122 : Is it senior citizen tour ? No no its life enjoyment tour Really best tour by tour manager Mr.Prashant and Vinay. Both very very good tour Manager no no they are good persons also. Every thing in there mind and body. Co-operative, humble,best persons and lot.Prasant is good singer also.and vonays food Antakshari was nice. I feel further any Veena World tour they both should be with us. God bless them and your tour company. Thanks Veena madam......Suresh Sondkar Borivali, Mumbai.
19 January 2022
Seniors' Special Gujarat with Statue of Unity

1st. Citizens tour Gujrath 01/12/21 : सन 2019 च्या डिसेंबर मधे अंदमानची ट्रिप केली. आणि अवघ्या 3च महिन्यात करोनाने समस्त मानवजात घरात कोंडली गेली! 2021 उजाडल ,थोडा मोकळा श्वास घेता येईल अशी आशा निर्माण झाली पण कसच काय ,आशेवर पडल पाणी दुसर्या लाटेच्या तडाख्यात सगळ्या जगात आणीबाणी! अडथळ्यांची शर्यत पार करून ठरवली गुजराथची ट्रीप सर्वांसाठीच होती ही अनोखी ट्रीट ! पहिल्याच दिवशी पावसाची दमदार हजेरी कसे होणार स्थल दर्शन आशंकेने सर्वांची मने घेरली ! भगवान श्रीकृष्ण सखा होता आपल्या पाठीशी त्याच्याच भूमीत तो कसा ठेवेल स्थल दर्शनापासून उपाशी ! भारत एकसंघ ठेवण्याची सरदार पटेलांची कामगीरी फारच मोलाची. पुढील पिढीपर्य॔त हे कार्य पोचविण्याची जबाबदारी तुम्हा आम्हा सर्वांची! सरदारांच्या पुतळ्याची उंची जगात एक नंबर. भारतीयांच्या बुद्धी वैभवापुढे थीटे पडे अंबर ! कॅक्टस गार्डन,बटरफ्लाय गार्डन, व्हॅली ऑफ फ्लाॅवर्स, पक्षी निरिक्षणाचा अनोखा नजारा. हवा आहे कशाला मग परदेशांचा तोरा! अक्षरधाम मंदिरातील लाईट & साऊंडने बहार आणली. अध्यात्मिक कथेशी सगळ्यांची नाळ जोडली ! गीरची जंगल सफारी, ऊंटावरची सवारी , क्रूझ बोटीवरील सफर वा बेट द्वारकेचा प्रवास. वीणा वर्ल्डच्या टीम वर्कमुळे झाले सारे विनासायास ! सोमनाथाच्या दर्शनाचा मनावर विशेष ठसा. भारतीयांच्या अस्मितेचा तो हुंकारच जसा ! कोठे मथूरा, कोठे द्वारिका , देवालाही नाही चुकले स्थलांतर . गीता हे सार जीवनाचे तिने घडवावे आपल्यात स्थित्यंतर ! मोटेराचे सूर्य मंदिर आणि पाटणची राणी की बाव , उत्कृष्ट नमुना शिल्पकलेचा. युनेस्कोच्या वर्ल्ड हेरिटेजमधे स्थान मिळवून वारसा जपला देशाच्या सांस्कृतीचा ! एक एक दिवस जसा पुढे सरकत होता , सहप्रवाशांतील जवळीक वाढली. ट्रिपच्या आनंदात त्याने दिवसागणिक भरच पडली ! आजचा टप्पा साबरमतीचा, त्यानंतर क्षण येईल निरोपाचा ! दृष्टीहीन दुनियेचा डोळस अनुभव घेऊ. झगडण्याच्या त्यांच्या जिद्दिचा सन्मान करू! श्रीकृष्णाच्या या भूमीत उस्तादजी आपल्यासाठी आहेत चक्रधर. ते आणि भैरवसींगमुळे आपला सारा प्रवास झाला सुखकर ! बालाजी व प्रणीत बद्दल बोलणार काय. त्यांच्या सुनियोजनामुळे आपण ट्रिप केली एंन्जाॅय ! आता भरल्या अंतःकरणाने निरोप घेऊ एकमेकांचा. ठेऊन मनात आशा पुन्शःच लाभेल सहवास परस्परांचा ! सौ.अंजली बापट बाणेर,पुणे Sent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.
01 December 2021
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