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Ganpatipule Tour Packages

Away from the crowds & chaos, this coastal gem in the Ratnagiri district of Maharashtra, also known as home to the renowned Swayambhu Ganpati Temple, is the perfect place to retreat into serenity & connect with the divine.

Ganpatipule is a coastal town situated in the Ratnagiri district of Maharashtra, India. The town is popular among Hindu pilgrims and tourists because of its 400-year-old Ganpati Mandir. This ancient self-manifested sculpture has earned Ganpatipule renown as one of the revered "Ashta Ganapatis," or eight Ganeshas, of India. With its peaceful seaside setting, ancient Hindu temple, and aura of unspoiled natural beauty, Ganpatipule offers visitors a slice of paradise on the western shores of the subcontinent. Known for its stunning stretch of untouched golden sands and sparkling blue waters, Ganpatipule can be your next vacation destination.

Based on your travel plans, you can check out a plethora of Ganpati tour packages at Veena World. Further, our team has specifically curated the packages to meet the choices of all kinds of travellers and budgets. If you plan to visit Ganpatipule, you can opt for a couple package by Veena World. This package will give you complete control over every aspect of your holiday, including the places you want to visit, the type of accommodation you prefer, and even the itinerary for your day-to-day sightseeing activities. Leave all worries behind when planning the perfect trip. Just pick from Veena World's all-inclusive Ganpatipule travel packages, and we will take care of everything so you can have a great time with your dear ones.

Ganpatipule Travel Packages

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The Great Indian Peninsula Road Trip50 Days₹2,90,000

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About Ganpatipule

Visit Ganpatipule Beach if you're searching for a relaxing beach vacation with Ganpatipule beach hotels, a touch of culture, and some adventure. It is well known for its flawless white sand, sparkling sea, and breathtaking Arabian Sea vistas. What sets Ganpatipule shore apart from other beaches is the 400-year-old Swayambhu Ganpati Temple, which is situated right on the shore. The Ganpatipule mandir, a prominent attraction for both locals and tourists, is considered to house one of the few self-originated (Swayambhu) Ganesh statues worldwide.

When you are out sightseeing in Ganpatipule, your itinerary can take you to places from where you can enjoy other attractions like, Ganpatipule beaches, Jaigad Fort, Malgund, and Velneshwar Spellbinding landscapes, and much more. Explore all that this small town has to offer with cost-effectively priced Ganpatipule tour packages from Veena World, or if you're looking for a more personalised experience, you can choose a Customised Holiday by Veena World, where you can be in charge of every aspect of your Ganpatipule holiday package!

The Experience

Visiting Ganpatipule promises a rejuvenating experience, unlike any other beach town in Maharashtra. The first thing that strikes you is the serene atmosphere and fresh coastal air permeating the entire village. The beach stretches for miles with golden sands, bright blue waters, and swaying palms greeting you at every turn. Exploring the shoreline early in the morning when the sun's rays light up the beach is an unforgettable highlight. The beach stays uncrowded through the day, allowing you to leisurely take in the views or take a dip in the relaxing waters. Make sure to check out the unique Ganpatipule Swayambhu Ganesh temple, perched right on the seaside, where devotees seek blessings.

Best Places for Sightseeing

Dapoli -  Nestled in the Ratnagiri district just 98 km from Ganpatipule, Dapoli is a charming hill station that draws visitors year-round with its pleasant climate reminiscent of Mahabaleshwar. Nicknamed "mini-Mahabaleshwar," this popular Konkan destination caters to all types of travellers seeking a relaxing coastal getaway or an adventure in the hills.

Chiplun - Situated amidst mango and cashew trees along the tranquil Vashishti River, the town of Chiplun offers a peaceful respite from the bustle of city life. Located in the Ratnagiri district of Maharashtra, far removed from major urban centres, Chiplun is best known for its pristine white sand beaches, abundant fruit orchards, and the serene Vashishti lake. Chiplun provides the perfect escape to reconnect with nature and enjoy the simple pleasures of small-town living. 

Guhagar Beach - Guhagar Beach is renowned for its unspoiled stretch of golden sand and sparkling blue waters. The 6 km long beach is lined with swaying coconut palms and lush foliage. Since the beach is relatively secluded and not commercialised like some other beaches. This allows you to enjoy a peaceful atmosphere without disruptions. The area is known for its refreshing Ayurvedic therapies and massages. You can pamper yourself at the local centres. Guhagar Beach gives you a taste of the Konkan coastline in its natural form, away from tourist crowds and pollution. It's a perfect place to experience unspoiled coastal Maharashtra.

Velneshwar - Velneshwar is home to a beautiful crescent-shaped sandy beach with clear waters perfect for swimming and sunbathing. The small, peaceful village provides a laidback and relaxing getaway with its sleepy setting. It's a quiet alternative to busier beach towns. Moreover, the ancient temple dedicated to Lord Shiva has great religious significance and draws pilgrims year-round, especially for Maha Shivratri celebrations. Local Konkani seafood and coastal delicacies are a highlight of the village's offerings.

Bhandarpule Beach - Nestled between lush hills along the Konkan coast, Bhandarpule Beach offers a serene and scenic getaway unlike anywhere else in Maharashtra. As one of the most pristine beaches in the Ganpatipule area, it remains blissfully untouched by hordes of tourists and commercialization. The raw natural beauty of the beach is reason enough to visit. Walking barefoot on its soft sands, gazing out at the blue expanse of the Arabian Sea hugging the shoreline, and breathing in the fresh salty air creates an enchanting experience. The sight of casuarina and Suru trees swaying over the sands adds to the beach's allure. While the rough surf makes it unsafe for swimming, the lack of crowds means you can spend a day at the beach soaking in the peaceful vibes. 

Aare Beach - Aare Beach is a natural paradise showcasing Maharashtra's beauty. The clean and tranquil beach provides perfect swimming conditions in an idyllic setting. Its pristine shores and vibrant environment create a serene coastal getaway untouched by crowds and commercialization. Aare Beach is a perfect destination for appreciating Konkan's natural splendour and swimming in the region's cleanest waters. It is a must-include in your Ganpatipule holiday package.

Jaigad Fort - The 16th-century Jaigad Fort, also called the Fort of Victory, sits on a cliff overlooking the convergence of the Jaigad Creek and Arabian Sea in Maharashtra's Ratnagiri district. Spanning 13 acres near Jaigad Village and 20 km northwest of Ganpatipule, the remains of this seaside fortress stand as an engineering marvel. Its strategic coastal location and magnificent structure continue to amaze visitors today. The must-see Jaigad Lighthouse was built near the fort.

Book The Best Ganpatitule Tour Packages at Veena World

Veena World offers a range of specially curated Ganpatipule packages to suit all preferences and budgets. You can explore our range and plan the perfect tour to Ganpatipule based on the sightseeing itinerary. If you are looking for a more personalised experience, Veena World’s Customised Ganpatipule sightseeing packages may just be the answer you are looking for. You have complete control when you choose to book a Ganpatipule tour package, where the sightseeing itinerary, accommodations to be booked, number of days, places to visit, etc., will all be decided by you.

So why wait? Find the perfect itinerary for sightseeing in Ganpatipule with a cost-effectively priced tour package from Veena World and prepare for an exciting vacation! 

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