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Kailash Mansarovar Holidays

The Kailash Mansarovar pilgrimage is considered by many as the journey of a lifetime. These spaces are revered as the spiritual center of the universe by five religions and are subjects of innumerable legends.
Kailash is a mountain of knowledge and knowing in Grace. An imposing 21,778-feet tall, the magnificent and majestic Mount Kailash is more than just a mountain. It’s a legend. Located in the Himalayan mountain ranges of the remote Southwestern corner of Tibet, Kailash is not just one of the highest parts of the world and the source of four mighty rivers of Asia — the Brahmaputra, the Sutlej, Ganges and the Indus — but it’s also one of the most significant spiritual spots in the world, revered by millions of people from different religions across the world.
“Manasarovar” means “Lake of Consciousness”, and is considered the most sacred lake in the world, attributed with healing properties. Situated at a height of 15,015 ft. and roughly 20 km away from Kailash, Manasarovar is believed to house the Kalpavriksha, the wish-fulfilling Divine Tree, and is considered to be the source of all Creation. Veena World’s Kailash Mansarovar tour packages are designed to give you a sacred experience.