Zeroing down the French Riviera!

Honeymoon… the very first holiday together after marriage that every couple looks forward to. My husband Akhil and I had started discussing about our honeymoon long before our wedding dates had been finalized. Sitting over a cup of coffee at a café, on our 3rd date (ahem…yes you read it right, 3th date!) He asked me “Which place in the world would you like to go?” and I said “All around the world with you”. Well yes, that’s how it all started. Of course we had to zero down to one destination when it came to our honeymoon. He quickly said “Cities”, I said “No! Beaches” and we both were clearly disappointed after knowing each other’s minds. He having lived in the U.S for good 4 years was clearly in love with the idea of big cities so he came up with a few destinations ( again cities!) but with the love for travel since childhood, I had already (thankfully :p) visited most of them. So, in short nothing seemed to click for us. We started doing our individual R&D by reading blogs, talking to our family and friends but nothing fruitful happened. We just had one thing clear in our minds – Cities (him), Beaches (me). We both secretly started thinking of ideas to convince each other about our choices but we were both very adamant on our choices. I suggested “let’s talk to Sunila she’s the best person to help us come out with something that makes both of us happy “

When we sat down with Sunila to discuss about our honeymoon ideas, she listened to both of us with a wide smile and bang came her solution – “You are doing the French Riviera with Paris!” We looked at each other and wondered how simple the solution could be. This is how perfect it could get… the best of both worlds. She took us through the select places we could visit and suggested us some great experiences since we are not the kinds to just sit and relax on a vacation. We wanted to taste the culture of the places we were visiting. So we enquired about the activities, transports, food… we browsed through image gallery of some beautiful pictures of Nice, Monaco, Cannes, Eze and we made up our mind on this amazing suggestion – The French Riviera with Paris.

Our experience at Nice will be followed in my next blog, stay tuned...

Manjiri Nirgudkar
(Team Veena World)