I am the Queen

The new year truly jump started with tours, tours & more tours! From the month of January till date there have been 10 Women’s Special tours to various destinations like Goa, Hong Kong Macau Shenzhen, Mauritius, Dubai, Kashmir, Kerala, Nepal, Shimla Manali, Sri Lanka & Thailand.

It is always energizing to see the confidence and happiness that is evident on the faces of all the women who join the Women’s Special tours. All women, right from a 7 year old girl to a 70 year old lady impatiently await the next Women’s Special tour. Based on the motto-’I myself am the queen of my world’, the women’s special tour format is spreading like wild fire! So consider this as a warning to all the males, be careful! You will have to satisfy this queen’s desires, can’t help, the world is changing brother! Because if the queen is upset then all hell breaks loose! So better be prepared to make her happy!

We always think of something different to incorporate into each Women’s Special tour. The fashion show is the highlight of these tours. Almost everyone comes all decked up for the fashion show. Everyone is so engrossed in the ramp walk and have high hopes of winning that the atmosphere gets even more electric & enjoyable. Ultimately there would only be one ‘Miss Veena World’ and two runners up but even it is a very exciting occasion to experience. In the end the winner is announced amidst a thunderous applause.

The Women’s Special tours have grown by leaps and bounds with each passing day with positive influx of women who really harboured the self-confidence of winning the contest & that made us truly satiated. This fashion show is not limited to a mere glamorous event or an event about winning or losing, it is beyond all that. It is an occasion in which the highlight of the evening is the self-confidence and the independence of women. Veena World’s fashion show is trending and how! It’s a big hit now!

It is observed that a woman is not able to enjoy herself as freely as she can in the midst of family members, young and old alike. So even though she may be on a trip with her family, there is always a boundary in terms of enjoyment which lines her behaviour and life. She refrains from wearing casual clothes openly and neither does she wear a swimming costume in front of family members citing awkwardness or maybe even out of respect. In short she cannot freak out like the rest of the male members of the family usually do. So considering all these observations we devised a unique concept of organising Women’s Special tours wherein women can truly shed their inhibitions and enjoy themselves to the hilt. Now there were a few things we had to take care of before going ahead with this idea. Firstly to enable her to take a break from her usual daily routine whether in office or at home, secondly enabling her to get rid of the guilt of leaving her husband and kids at home while she enjoys or freaks out on the trip, just to help her to take time out for herself; thirdly it was about taking a woman who has never stepped out of her house, at least to a destination like Goa. For a woman who has not travelled outside Mumbai or Pune, it was about taking her to Shimla-Manali; for a woman who has never even dreamt of going to a foreign destination, making her apply for a passport so that she could at least visit an international destination like Thailand and for a woman who has begun travelling internationally then what better option than to visit Europe & America? Fourthly, regarding the attire she wore all her life-saris, salwar etc. enabling her to wear casual clothes, jeans & tops, one piece, shirts & skirts. The fifth objective was to take that woman and make her realise how beautiful she is and thus make her feel no less than a glamorous model who walks the ramp. High heel shoes or boots, swimming costumes, big goggles, dance etc. are few things which that woman used to run away from or did not possess the guts to exhibit that side of her personality but we wanted to change all that and the tour was a great way to do that.

After starting Veena World, the Women’s Special tours received impetus on account of the ‘Queens’. The rest of the factors which were responsible for its success were all external. There are so many facets to a woman-her dressing, her dancing, her walking, her talking, her laughter, her singing etc. and taking note of all these facets we chalked out 14 awards in celebration of womanhood. It was a form of recognition for women to retain and nurture their talents and be proud of who they are.

The inspiration queen is the one who braves her way against the tide or obstacles to emerge victorious. The enthusiasm queen is one whose excitement is contagious and motivates others to do their best. The style queen is one who dresses elegantly and carries herself in such a way that her way of life becomes an attractive fashion statement for the rest. The smile queen is the one who can translate the happiness she feels in her heart, on to her face. The dancing queen is the one who embraces the art of dancing as a yogi embraces meditation, she dances to her heart’s content and makes everyone else appreciate the art and join in to groove to the beat. The singing queen is the one whose voice is music to the ears. The catwalk queen is the one who walks her way to being an icon, whose every step symbolises determination and self-confidence. There are other queens as well, such as queen in yellow/pink/white/black and costume queen too. Colors are of significance, on the very first day of the trip, yellow colored clothes so that it’s easier to identify our group, then during the trip it’s either pink or a blue jeans/capri/ shorts paired with a white top. If there is the inclusion of a cruise in the tour then black party wear and for the fashion show western or traditional outfit is a must.

All those who have been a part of these tours are bound to get nostalgic after reading this write-up & the ones who have not experienced these tours yet, we have a number of tours for you to choose from. In the month of July Women’s Special tours are going to Leh Ladakh, in August to America, in September to Goa & Dubai & after that to the Andamans-Rajasthan. Till the month of December our hands are full. In the midst of all this we have a surprise for all you women out there-a Women’s Special tour to Thailand on the 18th of July this year. This is a 5 day tour filled with awesome attractions, hotels, air-conditioned coaches to travel, delicious Thai cuisine and in addition to that dancing, singing, shopping, contests, Thai massage, the list seems endless. Veena PatiI will also be accompanying you along with our experienced tour managers in order to take care of you at all times. The cost of this 5 day-4 night, seven star tour is only Rs 40,900. For the ones who wish to shop more at Thailand’s Bangkok & Pattaya, then the cost is just Rs.44,900 for the 6 day tour. If you don’t have a passport then try to get one as soon as possible. Come on then. Get set, go!

Team Veena world