Vivid - Sydney's Festival of Lights

Ever witnessed anything cooler than seeing the famous Sydney Opera House sparkling at night in shades of blue, pink, green, red, orange? Seeing it come to life as an animated giant butterfly flashing beautiful colours is truly mesmerising! Welcome to Sydney’s festival of lights- the ‘Vivid Sydney Festival’, one of the city’s most keenly anticipated annual festivals. Transforming Sydney into an amazing and breathtaking canvas of lights, music and ideas, this year the Vivid Sydney Festival will take place from May 22 -- June 8, 2015.

Locals and visitors to Sydney never cease to be impressed by the colour, inspiration and innovation that Vivid brings. Buildings, sights and places that are so familiar take on a new life as incredible lighting effects change the ways they are seen and offer expression in the most creative ways.

The pinnacle of Vivid Sydney
There are many wonderful sights at the Vivid Sydney festival. However, it is the lighting effects projected onto the majestic sails of the Sydney Opera House -- the ‘Lighting of the Sails’ -- that truly epitomises the brilliance of the event. The Sydney Opera House is of course spectacular at any time and one of the most iconic and important of all of Sydney’s landmarks, but when its sails are lit during Vivid Sydney, they take on even more special significance.

There are many ways and places from which to witness the beauty of the Opera House during the Vivid festival, but because of the Opera House’s prominent position on Sydney Harbour, it is from the water that the most breathtaking and memorable views can be seen.

Sydney Harbour cruises that sail at night time offer a wonderful experience and vantage point from which to see the creatively illuminated Sydney Opera House. Better still, a Sydney Harbour dinner cruise allows you to experience a wonderful evening, capture many amazing photographs and fill your mind with incredible memories, all while enjoying a fine quality meal aboard a great ship. These cruises can put you in the most enviable positions for seeing such sights and provide you with a fabulous experience that you will confidently recommend to others.

What else does Vivid Sydney include?
Vivid Sydney involves many other iconic and special parts of the city being lit in creative, interesting and inspiring ways. In fact, the large scale multi-media outdoor exhibition of interactive light sculptures and projections can be seen for free at various locations around the harbour precinct. For example, many people are drawn to some of Macquarie Street’s most historic buildings, which look just amazing lit in creative and changing ways.

Vivid LIVE
Vivid LIVE complements the broader Vivid Sydney festival with its celebration of music and performance. Local and international musicians perform at various locations, but most notably at the Sydney Opera House.

The festival also includes a smorgasbord of artistic collaborations, debates and other public talks that draw creative thinkers from many parts of the world. In essence, this is a fitting celebration that marks Sydney as the creative centre of the Asia-Pacific region.

Some facts about Vivid Sydney
Vivid Sydney first took place in 2009 and, ever since, has gained recognition as the city’s major winter festival.

For the Vivid LIVE component of the festival, every year a different artist or individual is invited to curate a program of events to be held in and around the Sydney Opera House.

The centrepiece of Vivid Sydney is definitely the ‘Lighting of the Sails’. Using digital projector technology, every year a Vivid LIVE artist is asked to transform the sails of one of Sydney’s most iconic landmarks, the Sydney Opera House.

Hundreds of thousands of people have experienced the Vivid Sydney festival and enjoyed seeing different parts of the city -- including Circular Quay, The Rocks and, of course, the Opera House -- illuminated after 6pm. With its timing in winter, Vivid Sydney has proven to be an effective drawcard for getting people out, about and enjoying the city. So get ready to witness Sydney’s festival of lights this year.

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